I was wrong about Edward Snowden

After a whole lot of thought and some mind blowung revelations about he underheaded nature of the NSA domestic ‘data gathering’ have convinced me that someone needed to blow the whistle.

The Data collection program needed to be exposed and Snowden should be pardoned and allowed to return.

Some of my other assertions about Snowde though, may still be valid. For example I pointed out he had top sexret clearance with an underachivers resume and seemed too young and inexperienced for the sort of security clearance he had. Its fortunate he decided to use this access to do good rather than personally enrich himelf. He lost everything when he exposed the program. He seems to have been convinced it was important Americans knew what their gvernement was doing, which was essentially spying on everyone all the time. Its actually quite patriotic. While thats cool it does show he was a bad hire for it, as bad as Chelsea Manning.

I had speculated the Russians may have thrown a hot chic at him or otherwise tried to manpulate him. That also still may be true, but he I really dont think he should be viewed as an enemy agent. Putin certainly enjoyed the complte embarrassment the Snowden leak caused the United States.

In the end though its much like the Pentagon Papers, we needed to know and were actually being harmed every moment we spent in the dark while the government digitally profiled us.

So while its still cool with most everyone that you would tap a criminals phone, the idea there needs to be a legal procedure that justifies it with a warrant and some sort of date in the next couple of years to become public information is now seen as the minmum standard.

So to the man who shares my birthday I say- I’m sorry and Thanks.

“Chemo & Cannabis” Why Getting High Helps With More Than Just Chemo


Pot….it’s what’s for dinner …or just smoke it, not utilizing this medicine is a legacy of J Edgar Hoover, what’s that tell ya?

Originally posted on The Rain City Cannabist:


I recently was diagnosed with stage 4 lung and bone cancer. Besides the pain and chemo side effects which are beating me like a 70’s circus monkey, cancer is also isolating. Most people know that cannabis helps with all the nasty side effects of cancer treatment from the seemingly endless nausea, the fucked up Neuropathy which leaves me and other only able to type or walk for short periods without my digits catching nerve pain fire and the actual in my case endless bone pain which feels like invisible assholes are breaking my bones. For this I smoke, vape, dab, and eat as much cannabis as I can. From super heavy Indica strains like , Muerte, El Heffe and all the beautiful kushes. Fuck if it is a heavy hitting indica I will get as much of it in me as possible short of hooping it up my ass.


Some days…

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The Barry Fiasco 3 Years Later


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Well my post about the scam that is Barry School of law started out as just a rant and to make myself feel better.  I was shocked it drew so much reaction. The first push back was the removal from youtube of some pretty unflattering MP3’s they strong armed the provider into taking down. people heard it, mission accomplished.

Then the post here that started out simple and brief and grew into a montser with links and undeniable facts as i weathered an onslaught of attacks from the people still there mortgaging their financial futures forever, in a poor state, in the belief they would prevail. Some surely will, but nowhere near enough and most for reasons that have nothing to do with Barry at all, in fact it would be in spite of going there.

Do am Image Search for Barry Law School. They know not to show you too much of their campus and that their buildings look best from a distance

Do am Image Search for Barry Law School. They know not to show you too much of their campus and that their buildings look best from a distance

I liked most of my colleagues. Sadly, the odds are against them.My group graduated in increments over the sprng and summer. One very sweet girl is now working for a DA’s office and i couldn’t be happier for her. She was already in the field for a whhile as a legal secretary and had in state legal connections. Shes also quite bright. She  will be fine and is definitely a perfect person to go to a place like Barry because she merely needed that certification. She aready knew legal writing. Way to go!

One other friend is inheriting some work and a partnership and is also the best kind of person too go there, he had in state connections too. He also would have prospered anywhere.

This concludes the list of gainfully employed grads about 3 months out. The rest? Well even those who hate me (and you can see the comments on the original posts that some surely do) have my best wishes. Its early yet, i suppose, but those loans are 8 months away.

maybe when the loans come due those who were the most vocal in the comments will have an ugly realization. That maybe they should be mad the school under reported the level of debt they will be saddled with. 800 bucks a month sounds about right if they are going with a middle of the road repayment plan. I fucking hate when that bill comes. I walk around my shitty neighborhood and wish i had 300 more to spend on my place. I go out a lot less. Its not awful but its an impact. I had to put off buying madden 15 for a while and that hurt.  At least I live in New York City and have a police force I am not afraid of and some safety. In Florida it would surely be worse. The idea you would get to live on Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando or beautiful Sanford, known for its vigilantism and intolerance is just a fucking downer! I would never leave my apartment, which would be cool in a way because I would be that fucking broke. I am not wishing this on anyone, i am just being sort of realistic. Theres no way its not gonna happen to someone. You can FORGET that new car and probabnly even kids. Its no longer a possibility if you end up like the average Barry Grad, which is to say NOT practicing law in any meaningful way.

I escaped after Summer School plus one semester, so it only cost about the price of 3 new cars. One day it may even be paid off! I would suppose they are in for about 6 times more.

The Barry Class of 2014 will probably not have many people making much more than i do in the legal field ($0). Then they probably will be forced to admit that the school hides the graduates salaries for a reason. Its gonna suck for many. Theres just no way it wont.

As far as the school? Reports i get are mixed. the new buildings are a step up from the welded iron trailers, but only the fact its florida allows people to occupy them. To be sure substandard materials and the use of convict labor will rear their ugly heads soon enough. Look for a never admitted sick building syndrome problem down the road.

The new Students? Well it was the biggest class ever last year and from all reports there were quite a few flakes including a security incident in the Library where some freaked out and had a meltdown. Thank God they weren’t violent. Hey, my car got keyed there, it already wasn’t all that genteel.

Googling “For Profit Law Schools Reviews” will bring back sobering results for those who are already chained to their debt, debt they can never go bankrupt on. debt that will keep them from getting into the better apartments and communities. If your still on the fence, maybe think again. If you are determined to make a go of it you need to be really in the top of the class to have much chance because the schools reputation is sullied and will take years to unfuck after they lied to the Wall Street Journal and US News & World Report to the tune of a 300% understatement on their costs. They never retracted this, they had to be called out. This is what you get with Barry.

20,000 hits later the original post remains a thorn in their side that they will always have to deal with and look what that says about their fragile rep. I would hope that some people escaped their clutches early with minimal damage. Thats all i ever tried to do when the post went from catharsis to a piece of real journalism I am quite proud of. It is 100% accurate, links to reputable sites to prove all points and is a godsend to anyone who is offered their crazy double secret probation deals. Not one person that was offered to (about a dozen) survived that devils bargain.

Surely Pope Francis would be mortified to see how petty, dishonest, vain, arrogant and avaricious his servants at the most holy Roman Catholic Law School across from Home Depot do business in his name.

All You Need to Know About the So-Called “Food Babe”


i hate people who push pseudo science. The Food Babe is a huge phony and this great post is an awesome take down

Originally posted on Illuminati, Lizard People & Pharma Shills:

The story of the year (as far as American readers are concerned, thankfully she hasn’t invaded Europe yet) is Vani Hari, the so-called “Food Babe”. She has taken the internet by storm, posting selfies – and lots of them – in her endless quest to get practically everything banned that she can’t pronounce.

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Y’all Want This Party Started Now? The Tea Party Starts to Defect- Will GOP Return to Reason?


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The Tea Party is going solo in some states, and more and more will follow suit quickly. Believe it.

Last night i decided to weigh in on the Mississippi Senate Republican Primary Between Whacked out Chris McDaniel and and a suddenly moderate populist incarnation of what was once Senator Thad Cochran. I didn’t realize it would be huge! Specifically in the McDaniel post failure meltdown.

I mentioned Tea Bagger Maniac McDaniel had refused to concede.

The Tea Party's Ozzy Osbourne-Madman Chris McDaniel

The Tea Party’s Ozzy Osbourne-Madman Chris McDaniel

Its just not something they do, its too graceful and dignified. No Tea Bagger ever concedes in the conventional sense. They freak out and claim fraud no matter how crushing the vote tally. So, like Herman Cain before him and Joe Miller before him McDaniel went on a wild scorched earth rant about the underhanded and UnAmerican nature of his opponent/vanquisher, which was another republican this time; Thad Cochran and the GOP itself. With theatrics and insanity that seemed headed towards some theatrical pyro and maybe biting the head off a bat, McDaniel openly and full throatedly questioned the GOP’s Conservative legitimacy. He did more than imply that a third party was needed. Typical Bagger shit, right? Yes but this time soooo much more!

When the Loser of the Night took up the microphone at his Beer Hall Putsch-like Campaign gathering all Hell broke lose! (Cue Metal Guitar Chord Chunking!!)

A screaming McDaniel was incensed at what he thought was the most unAmerican and UnConservative aspects of Cochran’s strategy- first off-Inclusiveness. The idea that his states primaries were open to voters of either party disgusted McDaniel and he falsely called it illegal.  Next he attacked Cochran’s governing philosophy-Mainly the fact that Cochran had told the people in one of America’s poorest states that he would work within the framework of the existing system to bring home the money the state so desperately needed. The McDaniel philosophy and promise was to bring back Nothing to his state so that they could be Free… from money I guess. Why so many Republicans were so stoked about McDaniel’s vision is hard to say.  It had been assumed he would win going away. Instead he loses by 4000 votes.

Captain Cave-Man Thad Cochran, Newly Minted "Moderate"

Captain Cave-Man Thad Cochran, Newly Minted “Moderate”

On its own it was hilarious and fulfilling to see a tea billy hater so worked up and pissed he couldn’t be Coolest Kid in the Playground. He’s threatening to sue people today. Good Luck. Hey, maybe he will stick around long enough as an Independent Bagger Third Party kinda rebel Candidate and deal ol’ Thad a killing stroke out of spite and putting the Democrat in, whoever the Hell that is, into the seat Cochran has held since the Civil War (like 36 years).

Enter Snowbilly Grifter Sarah Palin, a woman without a soul or a real source of income outside her own big mouth. She seized on McDaniels comments and made a demand, semi Patrick Henry-like, of ‘Give Me a Conservative Republican Party or Give That Party Death!’ Rush Limbaugh, who also needs to blow a lot of hot air to stay rich, went full tilt on the third party option, that being the Tea Party. Hannity was on the same page, except of course when he said it he sounded like Sylvester Pussycat.

I’m Gonna Say It Now & Ya Heard It Here First–The Tea Party is going solo in some states, and more and more will follow suit quickly. Believe it.

Whats this say for the Republicans? they have birthed a monster to be sure. Their maladjusted latchkey kid Tea Party is a paranoid gun nut who hates his parents as much as anything else. The little bastard is going to take a chunk out of them.

In the short term the GOP is going to end up suffering serious setbacks, but they will always shill hard for big business and so they will survive. In the long term they need a new outlook. Thad Cochran ran toward the middle and won like that. Other old school republicans may just follow suit. It saved Cochran’s ass when he was considered dead and buried.  If they choose to take a similar approach, which included a healthy dose of Federalism, they will need to drop some other extreme ideas too, but this may actually help.

The Venn Diagram of the Tea Party/GOP has been in motion since McDaniels meltdown (way to perpetuate the Irish stereotype of ungoverned anger, dick) and I think will remain so for the foreseeable future

COCHRAN WINS….Unless someone breaks into the ballot boxes….again….


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Lets face it, the candidates in the Mississippi GOP Senate Race are total jerks with zero appeal. That said the GOP nom will be the guy to likely win the job at the end of the day.  McDaniel is just a disgrace to the Irish but hey, way to fucking go breaking into a nursing home to get political dirt!

Cochran, the “Non Tea Bagger” Republican is a knuckle dragging cro mag who would not be near the front of any Darwinian Line. Good thing he’s a Creationist!

So, just two dicks dicking it out for the poorest state in America, right? No, not really. This was a big time shit show.

The whole campaign has been like a * huge * hit of crack for political junkies like me. Google some of the exploits in this race. This is the run off. Stage 1 ended with some erstwhile McDaniel Campaign workers getting locked inside the local courthouse with all the ballots. How embarrassing! Maybe tonight’s flop is a sign they weren’t just lost?

McDaniel ran a brazen campaign where he promised to do NOTHING for the people of his hard to spell state. This would make him the only person to ever lose an election but still accomplish all their legislative goals!

Bottom Line Tea Bagger Down!

UPDATE 6-25-17 6:04 am EDT- Cochrans lead is up to 6000 votes. McDaniel disgraced himself as he kept up the Tea Party Tradition of never conceding and claiming voter fraud every time they lose. These guys are so opposed to being civil and pander to such an angry base they would likely lose credibility if they just behaved like a normal pol in a loss.

With 96% of the vote counted its Cochran actually finally walking fully erect and out in front by 3995 votes. Who knew this many people would even care?

America’s Top 3 Most Useless Wars


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We love to go to War here in the USA and we’re fucking awesome at blowing shit up. Sometimes, like when the Brits fucked with us or the Japanese attacked, its pretty righteous. Then there’s the Wars of Choice that we never needed to get involved in. Some were more justified than others.  Here’s some Pro’s & Con’s where I try to divine the most unnecessary or pointless from 3 to 1.

#3- Vietnam-

Tale of the Tape- We fought hard for a bunch of dicks running a corrupt democracy with no love from their own people. We also had no true reason to go. In fact even at no point during the war did the Viet Cong attack inside the US or anywhere really outside the theater of operations. Sure, they would take a quick shortcut through Cambodia or whatever, but they just didn’t try anything here.

Positives- Almost 20 years of War Weariness that kept World War 3 from going down, several Great War Movies (Full Metal Jacket being the best)

Honors/Accolades- Best Soundtrack of American War, Widespread Distrust of the Government and popularization of recreational drugs

Notable Negatives- America takes an ass kicking from a bunch of stone age commies with AK-47’s, the political career of John McCain, a generation of Domestic Terrorists, a generation of neglected homeless Vets making up the majority of Homeless Populations in every major city becomes National Disgrace for 2 decades, The ME Generation, War revealed to be a 10 Year Long Racist Atrocity Party where we basically attacked the shit out of the civilians too and many bad maudlin movies trying in vain to put the war in perspective.


#2- Desert Storm

Tale of the Tape- One despot invades the land of another. The United States decides to split hairs and make a global power play for oil by calling one worse than the other

Positives- None

Honors/Accolades- Dubbed “The Nintendo War”, very few combat losses, scared the fuck out the rest of the world for a decade with terrifying Gun Camera pics presented by Norman Schwartzkopf’ CNN becomes major provider of news with newly enhanced reputation

Notable Negatives- We poisoned 100,000 American soldiers by exposing everyone to massive amounts of radioactive ordinance, subjecting many to a chemical hell in Kuwait and Southern Iraq as they dealt with an environmental attack by Sadaam when he blew up as many oil wells as he could to cover his retreat. New Found American Arrogance would lead to future conflicts by creating stupid fiction that we could fight anyone painlessly, by remote control whenever we felt like it. A new Generation of Domestic Terrorists (Timothy McVeigh) Not to be forgotten- Motivating one Osama bin Laden to attack the United States with unprecedented Success on 9-11.

#1 Operation Iraqi Freedom

Tale of the Tape- All for Nothing. No WMD’s. Lots of casualties. Americans turned on and hated their leader, Dick Cheney and his enabler George W Bush. A new generation of Fucked Up Vets who will need a lot of help. Destruction of Americas World Reputation, Mass Brutalization of American Troops, Pointless attempts to unify what WILL be THREE COUNTRIES soon- Kurdistan, Iraq and Western Iran. Pouring Billions of Dollars into a black hole of non accountability. Currently under Re-Branding by Bush Apologists remaking it as a war to free the Iraqi People from Tyrant. The Office of President of the United States forever tarnished by yet another Bush having yet another pointless war against Iraq

Positives- Americans turned on and began hating their leader, Dick Cheney, and his enabler George W Bush. “Mission Accomplished” shows stage management at its worst and most obvious,  War Weariness that seems to be forcing an end to the Afghan Debacle as well. Proves that Life can be better and safer for the populace at large under a brutal dictator than after a US “Liberation” which may deter future pointless wars

Honors/Accolades- Most Obscure War since 1898 due to conscious ambivalence by the public and willful deception by the government. “Embedding” journalists with Military Units ensures complete vacuum of information In fact we’re still waiting to see more than 15 minutes worth of footage from this war. What war coverage there was was thanks mostly to Chelsea Manning releasing videos like the infamous video of a BBC crew being accidentally blown away by a US Attack Helicopter complete with “we kill people all day” commentary from the crew and ground control. No Welcom Home Parade of Consequence.

Negatives- A new generation of completely fucked up Vets who will need help for decades. “Mission Accomplished”. A lasting distrust of the Government so extreme that it has spawned the Conspiracy Industry (like Truthing and Info Wars). America revealed as Worlds Brutal Corrupt Policeman beating confessions out of our captured enemies, a new generation of Domestic Terrorists (like the scumbag Tsarnaev Boys)

What do you think our most pointless war was? The polls are open and comments are enabled!


Truthing Ibragim Todashev; Alleged Tsarnaev Accomplice in Triple Murder


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Renewed Interest in the case today, 3-25-2014, in the form of an excellent follow up on The Rachel Maddow Show, keeping this story alive. Maddow showed the FBI’s ‘evidence’ ‘justifying’ the shooting; including a signed confession by Todashev (redacted) and audio (withheld) where he incriminates himself. She correctly points out how preposterous this is! Please take the poll at the end of the article!

Originally posted on The Real McTeag:

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT -The Boston Bombing investigation took a turn for the bizarre when police and/or FBI shot and killed Ibragim Todashev; a young man with ties to Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

As for the facts, the Atlantic Wire story on this ran them down well-

“The facts: Todashev (pronounced TOE-duh-shev) was a 27-year-old ethnic Chechen who hung out with the elder Tsarnaev in Boston and moved to Florida two years ago. He was shot dead after apparently lunging at an officer after walking away from questioning at his condo near Universal Studios in Orlando. What spilled out in the immediate aftermath were reports that 1) Todashev was about to complete his written confession, perhaps strengthening the case against Tsarnaev; and 2) Todashev pulled a knife on investigators, prompting them to kill one of the only men in America who have known when Tsarnaev turned for the worse. Both of those claims seem a…

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