America’s Top 3 Most Useless Wars


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We love to go to War here in the USA and we’re fucking awesome at blowing shit up. Sometimes, like when the Brits fucked with us or the Japanese attacked, its pretty righteous. Then there’s the Wars of Choice that we never needed to get involved in. Some were more justified than others.  Here’s some Pro’s & Con’s where I try to divine the most unnecessary or pointless from 3 to 1.

#3- Vietnam-

Tale of the Tape- We fought hard for a bunch of dicks running a corrupt democracy with no love from their own people. We also had no true reason to go. In fact even at no point during the war did the Viet Cong attack inside the US or anywhere really outside the theater of operations. Sure, they would take a quick shortcut through Cambodia or whatever, but they just didn’t try anything here.

Positives- Almost 20 years of War Weariness that kept World War 3 from going down, several Great War Movies (Full Metal Jacket being the best)

Honors/Accolades- Best Soundtrack of American War, Widespread Distrust of the Government and popularization of recreational drugs

Notable Negatives- America takes an ass kicking from a bunch of stone age commies with AK-47′s, the political career of John McCain, a generation of Domestic Terrorists, a generation of neglected homeless Vets making up the majority of Homeless Populations in every major city becomes National Disgrace for 2 decades, The ME Generation, War revealed to be a 10 Year Long Racist Atrocity Party where we basically attacked the shit out of the civilians too and many bad maudlin movies trying in vain to put the war in perspective.


#2- Desert Storm

Tale of the Tape- One despot invades the land of another. The United States decides to split hairs and make a global power play for oil by calling one worse than the other

Positives- None

Honors/Accolades- Dubbed “The Nintendo War”, very few combat losses, scared the fuck out the rest of the world for a decade with terrifying Gun Camera pics presented by Norman Schwartzkopf’ CNN becomes major provider of news with newly enhanced reputation

Notable Negatives- We poisoned 100,000 American soldiers by exposing everyone to massive amounts of radioactive ordinance, subjecting many to a chemical hell in Kuwait and Southern Iraq as they dealt with an environmental attack by Sadaam when he blew up as many oil wells as he could to cover his retreat. New Found American Arrogance would lead to future conflicts by creating stupid fiction that we could fight anyone painlessly, by remote control whenever we felt like it. A new Generation of Domestic Terrorists (Timothy McVeigh) Not to be forgotten- Motivating one Osama bin Laden to attack the United States with unprecedented Success on 9-11.

#1 Operation Iraqi Freedom

Tale of the Tape- All for Nothing. No WMD’s. Lots of casualties. Americans turned on and hated their leader, Dick Cheney and his enabler George W Bush. A new generation of Fucked Up Vets who will need a lot of help. Destruction of Americas World Reputation, Mass Brutalization of American Troops, Pointless attempts to unify what WILL be THREE COUNTRIES soon- Kurdistan, Iraq and Western Iran. Pouring Billions of Dollars into a black hole of non accountability. Currently under Re-Branding by Bush Apologists remaking it as a war to free the Iraqi People from Tyrant. The Office of President of the United States forever tarnished by yet another Bush having yet another pointless war against Iraq

Positives- Americans turned on and began hating their leader, Dick Cheney, and his enabler George W Bush. “Mission Accomplished” shows stage management at its worst and most obvious,  War Weariness that seems to be forcing an end to the Afghan Debacle as well. Proves that Life can be better and safer for the populace at large under a brutal dictator than after a US “Liberation” which may deter future pointless wars

Honors/Accolades- Most Obscure War since 1898 due to conscious ambivalence by the public and willful deception by the government. “Embedding” journalists with Military Units ensures complete vacuum of information In fact we’re still waiting to see more than 15 minutes worth of footage from this war. What war coverage there was was thanks mostly to Chelsea Manning releasing videos like the infamous video of a BBC crew being accidentally blown away by a US Attack Helicopter complete with “we kill people all day” commentary from the crew and ground control. No Welcom Home Parade of Consequence.

Negatives- A new generation of completely fucked up Vets who will need help for decades. “Mission Accomplished”. A lasting distrust of the Government so extreme that it has spawned the Conspiracy Industry (like Truthing and Info Wars). America revealed as Worlds Brutal Corrupt Policeman beating confessions out of our captured enemies, a new generation of Domestic Terrorists (like the scumbag Tsarnaev Boys)

What do you think our most pointless war was? The polls are open and comments are enabled!


Truthing Ibragim Todashev; Alleged Tsarnaev Accomplice in Triple Murder


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Renewed Interest in the case today, 3-25-2014, in the form of an excellent follow up on The Rachel Maddow Show, keeping this story alive. Maddow showed the FBI’s ‘evidence’ ‘justifying’ the shooting; including a signed confession by Todashev (redacted) and audio (withheld) where he incriminates himself. She correctly points out how preposterous this is! Please take the poll at the end of the article!

Originally posted on The Real McTeag:

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT -The Boston Bombing investigation took a turn for the bizarre when police and/or FBI shot and killed Ibragim Todashev; a young man with ties to Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

As for the facts, the Atlantic Wire story on this ran them down well-

“The facts: Todashev (pronounced TOE-duh-shev) was a 27-year-old ethnic Chechen who hung out with the elder Tsarnaev in Boston and moved to Florida two years ago. He was shot dead after apparently lunging at an officer after walking away from questioning at his condo near Universal Studios in Orlando. What spilled out in the immediate aftermath were reports that 1) Todashev was about to complete his written confession, perhaps strengthening the case against Tsarnaev; and 2) Todashev pulled a knife on investigators, prompting them to kill one of the only men in America who have known when Tsarnaev turned for the worse. Both of those claims seem a…

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The Most Annoying Least Ironic Bus Shelter Ad in All of New York City


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The Most Annoying Least Ironic Bus Shelter Ad in All of New York City

Caption? You Write the Caption! Comments are enabled. The winning comment gets a free Box of Fine Gourmet Chocolates from …..FUCK SNOW!

Why Philip Seymour Hoffman was ALWAYS going to OD


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Lets face it, people love to get high and Philip Seymour Hoffman was no exception. Now he’s a cautionary tale and little more. Yes, he left behind a huge body of great work but he threw it all away for  about 70 bags of heroin.

Did anyone seee it coming? Well some are now trying to say Hoffman was seen a couple of times walking around looking mightily stoned. Others are

The Late Philip Seymour Hoffman looking every bit the junkie

The Late Philip Seymour Hoffman looking every bit the junkie

claiming he thought he was flirting with an Over Dose, even to the point of having something of a Death Wish. Why was he so doomed? The simple truth hits harder than steel- Demon Heroin kills all it entraps.

Once a junkie always a junkie? YES. Living in the New York City area I have seen a disturbing rise in the amount of junkies i see as well as the wakes and funerals for young users who weren’t lucky enough to make 46.  I have known many junkies and only one has quit. How he did it I will never really know. He lives in fear of a relapse and maintains his sobriety only by fully engaging in Narcotics Anonymous. Thats a heavy burden most couldn’t handle.

Philip Seymour Hoffman danced with the Devil as a young man. MOst people say he’s been sober as the day is long for nearly two decades. You almost DON’T want this to be true because it means there’s NO ESCAPE and time doesn’t assuage the wounds and longing,

Its the sad truth. For once “Just Say No” is probably the only way to avoid this evil drug taking your life.

LaGuardia Airport Evacuated Live Blog


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12:35 PM EST – Per CNN

Currently Terminal C of LaGuardia Airport in Queens New York has been evacuated due to a smoldering piece of checked luggage that is giving off smoke. Updates to follow

UPDATE 3:44 p, EST- No reporting on this incident at all since CNN mentioned it hours ago

A Bridge Too Far- Why Chris Christie can NEVER be President


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We all know the deal, Jersey governor Chris Christie decided to close the busiest bridge in the world with a punitive traffic jam loosely described as traffic survey. He had a million reasons NOT to do this, but it can’t be undone now.

Chris Christie has lost a great deal in the last few weeks. The angry Bully of Trenton is an image that just doesn’t translate into President of the United States. His image is in complete tatters.

Dishonest, petty, out of touch and bad manager are the terms being used to describe Christie, who is known for his bluster. That bluster can NEVER show its face again.

Like Rumple Stiltskin when he becomes angry he breaks himself in half. This leads to a Bi-Polar public image to say the least. In the last few moths Christie has stomped his feet a great deal, and he’s more divided against himself than ever.  Here’s a brief summary of how things have changed for Christie.

- From District Attorney to Racketeer-

Chris Christie could easily be charged under RICO laws for running a protection racket.

Here’s how Christie extorted payments- He sold “Protection” from a threat he himself created and enriched himself with the Political Endorsements he demanded. This is what they call “An Ongoing Criminal Enterprise” or in lay mans terms “Organized Crime”.

Making accusations that Christie is a gangster of poor character and worse judgement will surely rattle his cage but now are legitimate assertions.

- From Tough Talking Executive to Out of Touch Bully-

Christie would have you believe he knew nothing of the political retribution his minions were exacting. In fact taking Christie at his word is a great case AGAINST voting for him. If Christie is to be believed he can no longer portray himself as a Hands On leader. He merely sets things in motion that he should know are better left alone. Once a project begins Christie intentionally disassociates himself completely so that his people can go Off the Reservation in a way that provides him with “Plausible Deniability”.

Basically Christie’s self description is that he is removed and distant from his completely unsupervised aids. Imagine what this guy would do withe the FBI?

-From Hero to Glory Hounding Fame Addict-

Chris Chistie is his own biggest fan. He LOVED being on TV until about a week ago. Now he is saddled with his greatest accomplishment, managing Sandy Recovery, being seen as nothing but self important chest thumping.

The Hero of Sandy in his own mind Christie has failed to disburse much of the money. He also manipulated the ad campaign to promote post Sandy tourism into airing what amounted to Reelect Chris Christie ads. Production costs were more than doubled so the governor could punish everyone with the ear scalding “Stronger than the Storm” commercials featuring the Christies frolicking on the beach like so many confused belugas.

Like Rudy Guiliani continually patting himself on the back as the Hero of 9-11, its become laughable. Christie comes across as self important now when discussing Sandy.

-His Starters are off the Field-

They’re all gone. In this case “They” are the members of Christie’s Inner Circle. Christie BODY SLAMMED the people he fired. These were his first choices for key positions. They can be replaced in name but will the replacements be team players like the ones he just destroyed professionally? More likely they will be selfish transient players looking to pad their numbers and avoid injury.

The Original Inner Circle are never going to be able to really help him much again. They are also ruined and may decide to get a little payback once they snap out of the cult mentality Christie has cultivated… or are they afraid? Its an open question given the governors angry bluster.

Who will break legs for him now? He has a newly acquired bad reputation and is sacrificing his minions. Who wants to be the last person to die in a pointless war? Right now most Christie aides are wishing for the simpler days of analog when a few strategic burning and shredding orgies could have killed this scandal in the womb.

-Brand New Mr Nice Guy-

The Damage Control, if he is even capable of any, amounted to taking his starting team off the field of play. His relationship with his staff and caustic nature need to change. THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, or if it does it will be short lived.

Christie is an Anger Addict. There’s so much video of Christie blowing up at citizens asking completely acceptable questions. He is incapable of ever coming across as rational again if he shows any hint of the scathing and mean tempered nature that has made him notable in the first place.

Eviscerated,self abused and hurting, Chris Christie will eventually revert to the brash and horrible traits that dominate him. He is controlled by his emotions and can easily be unhorsed by simply making him angry.

Washington Residents Smoke Way More Weed Than Officials Thought


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Originally posted on U.S.:

Knowing how much marijuana people consume is now a very important statistic for officials in Washington and Colorado. That number can help them make sound decisions about how to regulate the supply side of the country’s first recreational marijuana markets. And on Wednesday a non-profit think tank released a report showing that Washington residents consume far more weed than the state initially thought.

In 2012, the Washington Office of Financial Management estimated that residents were consuming about 85 metric tons of marijuana. The RAND Corporation now estimates that the number is closer to 175 metric tons. That’s very roughly the difference between about 25 and 50 joints per resident each year. “You need to have a good idea about consumption to make decisions about licensing, how many distributors to allow, how many retail shops,” says Beau Kilmer, the lead researcher on the project. “And it’s important to have this…

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“My ELF Weapon” Defined


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NBC News has verified that “My ELF Weapon” stands for ‘Extremely Low Frequency’, a theory that we explored here days ago. He described the ‘attacks’ on him as lasting 3 months and that extremely low frequency broadcasts were used to somehow harm him.

What Did the Inscriptions on Aaron Alexis’ Weapon Mean?


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CNN and everyone else reported a strange pair of inscriptions on Navy Yard Killer Aaron Alexis’ weapon, presumably the shotgun he began the attack with. Why did he carve strange phrases into his rifle?

Without saying where on the guns the inscriptions were it was revealed what they said-

“Better Off This Way” and the second read “My ELF Weapon”.

What Does it Mean?

In Alexis’ mind you would have to imagine this was an important statement. “Better off this Way” seems pretty self explanatory. He had determined to become a mass killer and his only exit plan was suicide by cop.  This would certainly reflect a fatalist mindset (No big surprise there).

“My ELF Weapon”  is more cryptic by far. What was this guy trying to say?

Possibility 1- It’s from Online Gaming

My gut feeling is he may have been manifesting his online video game obsession. Could he have been doing this with the same outlook which lead our ancestors to etch their swords?

“My ELF Weapon” was reported with the same case emphasis on all networks with ELF in all caps. This was too consistent to be a mistake in reporting. Assuming it is fact and not some mass mistake i am pretty sure he was trying to empower his weapon the same way a Warcraft or similar online gamer’s avatars would somehow obtain or create a bonus weapon or ‘level up’ to a more powerful weapon. I think my ELF weapon may be just what it sounds like. He thought he was either some sort of Warrior Elf (I know how it sounds but hey, he WAS crazy) or ELF is an acronym for some real or imagined organization.

Possibility 2- It Describes the Weapons Abilities as Alexis Saw Them

It could be an acronym for something in head. However; here’s 2 possibilities

Extremely Low Frequency – This turned out to be the correct theory. Perhaps he was distinguishing it from other weapons or thought it could kill people/distort signals from the microwave emitters he expressed concern about to Police in Rhode Island during a prolonged instance of delusional behavior where he himself had called police. Alexis had called authorities to complain about hearing voices. (In the future I will address how the HELL the Navy managed to somehow ignore a warning from the Police who dealt with Alexis).

While it may not exactly be “Extremely Low Frequency”; his reasoning to get the ELF acronym, if an acronym it in fact is, may lay along these lines.

Earth Liberation Front-  Yes, there was in fact a Terrorist Group called ELF. Their hey-day was the mid to late 1990′s.

The ELF Terrorists, who were not really violent, burned real estate developments and committed other acts of vandalism in a misguided attempt to avenge Nature against the wrongs of society as they saw it. They were barely terrorists and seemingly are long defunct. Highly Unlikely.

Possibly, it may be some group of activists or soldiers who existed only in Alexis diseased mind.

Executable and Linkable Format- Alexis programmed computers. He may have been using this or another similar term of art from the IT field. I’m not saying this one was, but maybe the phrase has some technical meaning in some obscure field.

This is DAY 1 of speculation on the new information regarding the inscriptions. Hopefully we can learn more in the near future to clarify this aspect of this tragic affair.

Dear Readers-

if you think you have some insight as to what “My ELF Weapon may mean please, leave a comment!


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