The Space Force Farce


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For the first time since 1948 we have a new branch of the Military- Space Force! But what is it, really?



At the very least its a pure Work Around to avoid the real scientists and pacifists at NASA, who probably balked at some crazy plan months ago and triggered this whack idea. John F Kennedy’s NASA Mission was supposed to be peaceful and non military.

If this was 1942 Germany they’d call this concept the NASAWaffen , or  “Weaponized NASA”, or the SpaceWaffe, which is what this nonsense is aspiring to be.

Department of Redundancies Department

What exactly was wrong with NASA and the conventional military coordinating? Weve had navy missile destroyer’s blow up bad satellites on a treacherous re-entry path, we’ve put a bunch of people on the moon. We ran a largely successful shuttle program for decades. There’s a real record of achievement there.

Throw in the fact that every branch of the military has space assets and Space Force is more than just arguably unneeded. It’s outright redundant.

Starfleet Command was Taken

Oh yeah, they’re going to use Naval ranks like Star Trek!  So “Space Ranger Rick” will sadly never be a reality. Oh well, at least the idea of an actual spacefaring Captain Kirk is alive and well!

Space Force is the most blatant and stupid attempt to wag the dog in history, don’t get too distracted by it. There’s daily criminality from the Trump Administration,  which has certainly surpassed two incompetently corrupt terms of Grant in less than 2 years.

Its a Black Hole for Cash for Corruption and Contracts to Gift Up Defense Contractors.  

Come on, whatever money Trump can get his hands on for this will first find its way into the Cabinets and his own pockets. Next they will stash some away to fund dirty tricks and bribe people. Finally they will try to get some sort of contracts approved for people like Northrop Grumman.

There’s not much more than that to this dysfunctional administration.




The Treason of the Green Party


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Last nights special election in Ohio if not for the Green Party’s whacked out candidate, Joe Manchik. I watched  video of the guy and it was like an Un-Funny Seth Rogen Bit. He definitely owns a dry herb vaporizer and is the most stoned person currently on earth if you’ve seen him try to express himself. Useless as a politician, but probably an unwitting pawn of Putin. i say unwitting because I think Putin’s too professional to let this fake know anything.  I mean- look at the guy! He claims to speak 19 languages including Esperanto and Sheet Music! COME ON! If you voted for this guy its time to think over your views. Did you see him at all? He’s nuts.

In an official campaign skype conference with some sort of ‘media’ in a supposed bid to be a congressman? This HAS to be Putin Punk-ing us!


Unwitting Kremlin asset Joe Manchik

The Ohio 12th Congressional, ruby-red for all but 4 years since 1935, is too close to call a full day out. The Republican guy, Balderson, ran as a Trumpist and even said some stupid stuff about the character of people from a part of his own district.  One of the most disturbing Trump rallies yet was even in play to help Balderson out but he couldn’t put it away.  He currently has a lead about 1,700 votes over my fellow Irish American Democrat, Danny O’Connor.

Quick cultural note-  Dont look for O’Connor to back off on a recount.  When Irish people get angry or lose in a competition we feel slighted in; we fight back, hard. The pipes havent played for Danny Boy O’Connor yet. He may still prevail. 

The Green Party- Sketchy Spoilers

Unqualified Green Party weird Joe Manchik picked up 1,127 votes

In a race separated so the few votes siphoned off by the Green Party are probably gonna end up determining what happens, really hurting the Left again. It’s a consistent pattern since they gave us George W Bush, the loser of the actual election and started to make this dangerous stuff look normal. It’s not normal. The Green candidate proves that in this election more than ever.

We Can’t allow these flakey likely traitors play spoiler anymore. I’ve rescued one Green already. He’s happy with The Working Families Party and doesn’t miss sketchy Jill Stein’s weird ideas.

The Green Party’s been looking sketch for some time. I think they’re probably as bad for America as the NRA.

To those still voting Green I say- What The Hell? This party has lost its way long ago and is most likely a Left Wing arm of Putin’s campaign to divide America. Please, you need to just stop blowing up elections and getting half assed semi illegitimate presidents elected by splitting the Left

To all on the political Left I urge you- vote Democrat in 2018 and we’ll run these fascists out of out government and impeach Trump

As evidence I have only the entirety of everything Jill Stein says, seemingly purposely divisive. She’s only hanging out with what we can call a pretty much admitted Kremlin spy, Flynn , at the infamous dinner where Flynn led the standing ovation, in his general’s uniform, for Putin.

Jill Stein is possibly a Russian asset and a traitor. It’s hard for me to believe anything else, really

Oh and seriously, don’t donate any money to these clowns. It’s basically like giving it to Putin. Another alternative Left party with some better ideas, like the Social Democrats or the Working Families Party, which seem much more authentic, will fill the void.  They also play much nicer and work with the actual Democrats, pulling the whole party in a progressive direction. The Greens just want to pull us apart.

We don’t need these sketchy maybe traitors stirring the pot anymore.  Personally I agree with the German Film Look Who’s Back in the assertion that were Hitler to somehow come back he’d like the Green Party right off the bat.


The Single Biggest Flaw Killing Star Trek Discovery


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Star Trek’s disappointing Discovery is revving up for a second Star Trek Hating season of unworthy rubbish. While the special effects are impressive and the title sequence is fine, there’s nothing else to like about the show.

Don’t blame the cast! It’s the stories! Specifically – the uncreative and lazy over use of a single plot device to drive most episodes. Basically what’s on the line in almost every episode is nothing less then – THE END OF ALL THINGS!!

The Stakes Are Too Damn High!

While the acting isn’t a problem and the production values at most points are high the story just isn’t there. The show’s Trope-y and unrealistically high staked at all times. Worst of all it’s unnecessarily disrespectful to the original characters they needlessly entangle in the hot mess of contradictions that is every episode of Discovery, but I digress…


Star Trek Discovery has simply left behind the concept of saving a few cast members, or an entire ship, or a planet in any given episode or story arc.

By episode 8 we’re talking about saving the universe and by the end of the season we were looking at “saving all life everywhere across the entire multi-verse of universes.” It was preposterous and unrelatible.

They also just will not go to a planet and just explore or make contact. The one time they consent to do this we get the only watchable episode.  In that episode only a couple of characters were at risk and there was a  limited “Away Mission” that was familiar and fun.

Rather than learn from this the show’s next episode takes a turn for the too serious again and we find ourselves saving several universes in every show.

It’s a little like Babylon 5 that way. While there were some good things about the show it also suffered the stakes always being far too high.

As far as Discovery goes, well its just too much. You can only stretch a rubber band almost to the breaking point so many times before it stops snapping back into shape again. It’s tedious and fatiguing to always be at the edge of the universe ending. If the way the avoid the universe ending is sort of bland or a little too convenient it just makes the whole thing that much less entertaining.

Lets see just the ship and crew in danger around a strange planet a little more often as a starting point for fixing this very flawed show. The good old days of a possible warp core breach or a good old hide n seek with some bad guys wouldn’t be some kind of step backwards, but it seems the current writers feel that way. They’re making the classic mistake- fixing the parts of Star Trek that weren’t broken.

Dare I suggest some exploring in the Final Frontier? Maybe meet an analogous species that relates to some current societal problem? You know, Star Trek stuff.


Prediction – Trump Will Nullify the Midterm Elections if They Don’t Go His Way


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It’s like this – Trump’s just said the election WILL BE HACKED IN FAVOR OF THE DEMOCRATS. It’s NOT true, the Hackers are the Russians who want him to win. While I think he and Putin discussed a second coordinated election hack to again help him and the unpopular Right Wing Agenda in Helsinki, the Russians haven’t revealed that yet and of course Trump’s Administration is not telling the American People a damn thing 8 days later. We have Putin’s own words from just days ago to show us he loves Trump as US President and has NO buyers remorse about his puppet-boy POTUS.

As Reuters points out Trump offers no proof the Russians will hack the election. Its also a real stretch to believe Putin’s changed his mind about Trump in the 8 days since they connived in Finland.

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin

One thing you can be sure of is that in the over 2 hour one on one with no American’s present to tell us what really went down the two dictators discussed the strategy of misinformation and lies they would use to Nullify the Midterm Elections should either Trump or Putin not like the results.

Sit back and wait, and STILL VOTE, but be ready for Benedict Donald to try to Nullify the 2018 midterm election results. I think that would probably count as a coup and certainly it would be time to take to the streets with pitchforks and torches


Maria Butina’s “Boyfriend” Paul Allen Erickson AKA US Person 1


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Well, I guess a guy who looks remarkably like the boss character from the Dilbert cartoons doesn’t think too hard about just HOW he landed a girlfriend half his age. Fortunately, we don’t need to read Paul Allen Erickson or Maria Butina’s minds. We have their words and deeds to go on.



As far as words; well who the Hell writes a hypothetical note to themselves (in their own hand) “How to Respond to FSB offer of Employment” ? Well  that would be Erickson, who everyone is pretty sure is the only person to fit the description of  the Butina Spy Ring member legally identified only as “US Person 1”

Just to catch you up Butina’s in jail, Erickson’s missing (and presumed alive) but sadly, they aren’t together anymore.  Turns out loathing him was just too big a hurdle for Butina. Im guessing this is recent as Erickson was part of her story about moving to live with him again. The Fed’s have this crazy idea it wasn’t love and she was more likely going to split to Russia and there’s lots of reasons to believe they are right.

In Update news the July 25 Rachel Maddow show featured bombshell facts like that Butina had been approached in March about cooperating in an investigation into US Person 1 himself, our pal Erickson.

Erickson, 56 years young, would have us believe he’s a simple kind of guy who sincerely hopes that bankruptcy court lets him keep his 1992 Ford Mustang in the face of a looming $37,000 judgment on his Platinum Delta Skymiles Card. That’s a lot of fraud right there on just one credit card.

How does a South Dakotan whose hoopty has a “RTWING” vanity plate and is maybe being repossessed get into the position to even have 37,000 dollars in credit to begin with? Well turns out if court papers and things like legal judgments are any indication he simply lied.


Spinning yarns of an Incredible Medical Invention, specifically a Super Wheelchair; which was bringing back returns of 75%, (or roughly 300% what Bernie Maddoff claimed to be able to deliver) was just what his Right Wing friends loved to hear. He was a salt of the earth middle america guy who was outperforming the East Coast Elites at their own game! So of course they threw their money to him! At least that’s what he claimed when he took 30,000 smackeroo’s off a father-son business team which the court very much thinks he needs to return. I’m assuming he parked in back so they wouldn’t have the quandary of ‘why would a millionaire drive an 800 dollar quarter century old car?’ to shock them into reality. Or maybe Butina helped them see it his way? She does trade in sex.

The 30k he just took of course turd-blossomed into a court case. So when this happened of course Erickson got a lawyer. And when that lawyer never got paid and quit Erickson got himself another (who also quit due to non-payment). It’s unclear if he’s currently represented. So it’s likely all he has for a lawyer going in is a Public Defender…..against the Mueller Team. So in other words we will have an In Court recreation of the On the Court performance of the 1993 USA Olympic Basketball Dream Team  vs China. In other words, a horrible legal slaughter featuring dizzying running up of the score to the point Erickson may never walk free again.

So, being hard up against the prospect of living in public park somewhere in Sioux Falls once that mustang gets seized by Marshals is one of the charming aspects of this handsome fellow who has a 28-year-old Live-In girlfriend (that apparently he wasn’t allowed to call ‘girlfriend’ in public).  Her leading traits? She loved Putin and guns in that order. She also magically had just enough difference making cash whenever it needed to appear. I wonder why those cynics at the FBI don’t think this is love?

In some ways Erickson is sort of for real. He was almost a part of the Transition. We know now that means he was totally a part of the Transition and talked informally to Trump all the time. His assessment of the picks as bad and the rejects as worse seems to verify he had knowledge. Just ask the neighbor he boasted to for 5 years in the building Erickson’s been in since he was only a few years older than Butina is now. The neighbor told CNN all sorts of stuff. Like that Butina was always pining to go back to Russia.

When he did work it was as a Right Wing dirty tricks guy (per the same CNN article and other sources). His specialty? Well that just happens to be Negative Information on Democrats. Wonder who was feeding him that?

He also had a stellar rep with and emerging ties to, of course, the NRA. That helped his Right Wing Hater Rep and enabled him to steal even more.

The preposterous nature of this guys crazy grifting somehow made him an influential guy and pals with Trump and his buddies. In a way it makes sense.  Erickson used the Trump University model to get his money. He lied to people about having a Golden Goose and a way to clone it for yourself.

Aside from a talent to spend money he didn’t have and lie this guy doesn’t seen to have anything going for him. He’s just one of those people who get a few years of fun out of conning people and then spends forever paying for it.

For Erickson being a chump and a loser whose spy girlfriend just wanted away from him is the first dose of ComeUppance. Theres sure to be many more before this guy ultimately goes to a Supermax forever.

A Facebook message to Erickson has not been returned (kidding)


Maria Butina – Russian Spy, Right Wing Agitator


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UPDATED – Thought by her Kremlin masters to be just unattractive enough to not be seen as a honeypot we have 29 year old soviet style FSB semi-sleeper Russian Agent Maria Butina. She’s been at the peripheral of the right wings worst ideas, notably the NRA and it’s constant push for expanded gun rights and a no Background checks.


Posing in some accounts as a grad student writing a thesis in whatever she was sort of a eyepiece for the Kremlin as it looked for Americans who were inclined towards or already on a treasonous path. So of COURSE groups like Evangelicals, CPAC and the NRA caught her attention and were passed up the FSB food chain where Putin and his guys can work them over into useful Quislings or worse.

How powerful a spy is she? Well we cant be sure but she had a powerful Spymaster controlling her, one Alexander Torshin. Consider him an FSB Oligarch in the service of Putin. Torshin garnered hapless congressman Dana Rohrbacher as a pal and even punked John Bolton into going to Russia to encourage a (fictional) gun rights movement for a fistful of dubious cash Bolton all too naively took. (The idea Russia would let its citizens own guns is outright ridiculous as its a complete autocracy that has long been killing journalists. Like they would want those journalists to be able to shoot back? Come now!)

The “Foreign Policy Expert” comes off like a complete idiot in the video, and the fake russian group has NOT taken it down, so you can see it HERE – its a real LOL actually

So no two ways about it, Butina is a big deal. She could pick winners and losers via dirty tricks, she could funnel money and information. She was a full blown spy. It was most likely either her or Torshin who bagged over or arranged some kind of crypto-currency exchange of 30 MILLION DOLLARS to the NRA, much earmarked for Pro-Trump (and virulently Anti-Hillary) ads. She was somewhat ubiquitous in attending Right Wing Functions like Gun Shows and CPAC. An image search brings back dozens of pictures of her gun totting and bible thumping with the dumbest of them.

UPDATE- Butina seems to have legitimately had a 5 grand a month contract with the Outdoor Channel. Why? It’s pretty hard to say but it was reported as verified on the July 25 Rachel Maddow Show. I’m pretty sure the NRA figures in to this too. So the Spy is doing better than her fake boyfriend.

She got caught up in some ‘gun totter on the streets’ interviews the NRA put together for the internet. More bizarrely, she was suddenly a press corps member whose strange question about US – Russian Sanctions to Trump at an NRA Friendly right wing forum on July 11, 2015 scared the shit out of Steve Bannon (per Fire & Fury and other sources). Butina came off like a spy to Bannon, proving that even bigots can have moments of clarity.

The NRA- Ready-made Traitors

If your goal is dividing America and taking it apart the NRA is a great place to start. Disdain for law enforcement, constant sympathy for armed Open Carry lunatics and introducing Conspiracy Theories at the moment any Gun Massacre occurs are the methods of the NRA. They are right out of the old Soviet Playbook that Russian Intelligence works off of. Its EASY to make a case the NRA is a Russian Front Organization.


Not Hiding in plain sight

The NRA is such a treasonous, unAmerican Organization that you don’t need to be all that smart to see it ripe for sowing sedition in it’s rhetoric. As far back as the early 90’s the NRA had called US Federal Agents acting on a duly sworn warrant  “Jackbooted Thugs”, a statement that so pissed off former president George HW Bush he uttered a few profanities while quitting and then condemning the organization.

While I’m no fan, Bannon allegedly was smart enough and savvy enough to immediately be struck by Butina’s question and stunned enough to think it over and judge it strange as fuck. Bannon, for all his bile, racism and bad ideas policy-wise, was perhaps the most tgahdButina.pngintelligent Trumpist and he was totally right on this one.

Butina was a plant and the question was written by the Kremlin. Why Trump, who hates the media, indulged her for a question also seemed weird to Bannon (and he was right to think that). So we’re not talking subtlety here. Borderline Brazen is a better term.

Butina had claimed some strange privileges in the past. Like saying she had a Diplomatic Passport and could spirit people in and out of Russia in a boasting session to an FBI Agent. So like I said, this wasn’t all that subtle.

UPDATE- in the July 18 installment of CNN with Don Lemon, Juliette Kayem said theres some indications the NRA actually sponsored Butina’s student visa, meaning she’s a planned plant and the NRA is an ongoing treasonous enterprise.

Big Boo-TAY in Custody

Now sitting in jail and unlikely to get out barring some kind of spy exchange, Big Butina is probably going to clam up and wait for her government to go ahead and catch someone worthy of exchanging for her (unlikely). She has no chance of getting bail. She will rot in jail until some kind of trial, which will probably be the End of the NRA and maybe her sugar daddy congressman buddy, Dana Rohrbacher, a guy fellow GOP Rep Kevin McCarthy has described as “taking money right from Putin

Butina’s charges aren’t sealed. This makes her somewhat unique among Mueller Probe Catches. She will be a valuable window for the general public to see some of the machinations of the Mueller Probe, which to this point looks effective and inexorable.

Butina was certainly sizing up options for the Kremlin. The indictment against her includes statements to known FSB sources as daming as “I await further orders.” She wasn’t selling stuff on consignment to Pottery Barn, so you don’t have to be  genius to know what that meant.

Final thought – Maybe Jessica Chastain for the movie? Jessica’s much prettier, but on the other hand, she’s familiar with spy roles.


Treason Summit Fallout


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UPDATED- No one thought the Trump- Putin Summit in Helsinki was a good idea. People were even a little more sure Trump should NOT meet alone with Putin. No one got what they wanted. Trump defiantly went to the Summit in spite of a series of actions by Special Counsel Mueller that showed deep Russian interference with the 2016 US Election and continuing “meddling” (apparently Meddle is the new word for “Attack”) in this nations elections.


Walking out to meet the world press it was obvious the threats and promises of destruction should Trump get out of line from Putin had deeply effected Trump.

Whether Putin pulled out his cellphone and showed Trump some humiliating video, mentioned that the Election results had been tampered with (which is more and more likely) or any number of other possible compromising acts that deflated the usually puffed up and animated Trump, is anyones guess.  One things for sure Trump looked like guy who was just shook down Mafia style.

The only things that were the same as always were his insincere tone, frequent lies and distracted delivery. A fidgeting, fumbling mess who we know now was admittedly tongue-tied by Putin’s “brilliance” he stood before the world, a fat man in a billowing suit covered with orange body paint just babbling. Lurching awkwardly from attacking Hillary and Obama to agreeing out of hand with Putin’s denials, it was a Trump Shit Show like no other. No disparaging words for Putin at all as Trump blamed ‘both countries” in a Charlotesville-style “Have it both ways” Bullshit line.

At the podium Trump sounded deflated and outright beaten while Putin was in his glory, feeding lines to the American president he had created and compromised. Like a sign language chimp who lacked subtlety or nuance, Trump trashed America to please his master. Right up to the moment he literally played ball with Putin (with  world cup soccer ball) Trump showed he would totally PLAY BALL in every way with his Master. To make it a little worse-as far as the soccer ball; who gives a gift from a poisoner to their son? But i digress.

Perhaps in the moment of deepest insanity trump suggested Mueller go to Russia and listen in on the FSB ‘questioning’ the people indicted the day before and, more fantastically, praised a suggestion by Putin that his investigators come here and look over Mueller’s files. The man sounded like a naive idiot and a Traitor.  So much for Trumps repeated boasting he doesn’t need to prepare for meetings.

In stark contrast; Putin stood before the world as its most ruthless super criminal and the greatest blackmailer in all of History.  If it was a boxing match it was Mike Tyson versus Peter Hurricane McNeeley. Trump should have sold advertising on the soles of his shoes the way he went down and sucked carpet in his glass-jawed confrontation with Putin. The one time boxing promoter all but threw in the towel. This was no WWE fake fight, even if the ending was pre-ordained. Trump got his ass kicked.



The numbers were already bad for Trump, who in most polls has over 50% of Americans disapproving of his actions. In most polls he has about 35-40% approval on his best day. Thats WITH an irresponsibly high tax cut bribing people every pay day. In other words- people really hate president Trump.

Today, in one of his show “Cabinet Meetings, the “president” tried reading a script of  poorly crafted lies in disinterested fashion.  He mentioned that he has simply misspoke and was actually tearing in to Putin and we all just missed it. It wasn’t the least bit believable and left dozens of other terrible statements from Helsinki unaddressed.  It may have made things even worse.

In a bizarre dissertation to the media, which included a brief blackout in the room whih provided some strange images for a moment; no questions from press and ended with an extra harsh “Its over! GET OUT!” from the White House Communications staff the moment it concluded. They have learned that the president will blow up his own cause on his own with the ‘throw away added on lines” that have so marked his presidency. It was already too late. Trump went off script in his ‘correction’ and repeated the disproven notion that ‘it could have been anyone” who hacked the election in an ad lib tacked to the end of the very same sentence in which he said he accepted it was in fact just the Russians.


during the bizarre blackout

Trump has still not ever addressed the American People in any kind of fireside chat or Oval Office address. He has not held a Q & A with the media since February 2017 when he defended General Flynn (who has since admitted to treason) as ‘a nice guy’ and a ‘victim’.

This was a big deal. The last 24 hours have seen the Trump presidency’s unsustainable trajectory finally starting to erode.

Weeks later, at the end of June one thing the two “leaders” seemed to have spoken of was an awful idea to have Putin come to DC in time to be around to gloat when I guess they figure on hacking the Midterms. Watch this angle

Since coming home he sounds like he has been talking to Putin every day and the Kremlin and White House have identical messages. Trump hasn’t seen fit to tell anyone what the two discussed. It’s creepy and UnAmerican.

Whispers of some terrible concessions by Trump have leaked out, from the Russians of course, who always Punk Trump. He hasnt gotten at all upset about that, like say when he blew up at Justin Trudeau (on twitter of course, no way Trump has any backbone in person) for no real reason over some kind of betrayal of trust about their meetings thats likely all in Trumps head.

Is this the End of the Beginning or the Beginning of the End?


The NRA Den of Treason – Traitors with Guns for Hire


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Since the inception of this blog I have referred to the NRA as a Russian Front. I have called Putin the ‘actual leader’ of the NRA and I have pointed out that their rhetoric is Anti-American. Yesterday I got a whole lot of backup on that in the form of Maria Butina, a Russian spy and weirdo who you may have noticed on the peripheral of right wing activism.


The National Rifle Association has been on a Treasonous Path at least since the Ruby Ridge Incident in 1992. Thats when then NRA Wayne LaPierre called the government agents acting on a duly sworn search warrant “Jack Booted Thugs”. This was so out of line then president George HW Bush purportedly said “Who the Hell is Wayne LaPierre anyway?” and quit the organization out of disgust.

And its been easy to connect the dots since then. If they weren’t already getting money to undermine the government at that point they had started broadcasting a desire for it.

How to Train Your Traitor

Essentially the world is full of horrible people who will do anything for money. The more money you throw in the mix the more horrible people are willing to act. Its McTeag’s Law.

Wayne LaPierre got over 15 MILLION DOLLARS for 3 years helming the NRA before treasonous loser Ollie North replaced him in May of 2018.  Where’s that kind of money come from? Looks to me like it’s coming from Putin and his oligarch’s.

Loathsome Dana Loesch, enigmatic Colion Noir and North are part of a three headed treasonous monster fed by the Kremlin and controlled by Putin directly.  They eat Bitcoin and Putin feeds them well. Why else would they hatefully attack schoolchildren for having the temerity to survive an Active Shooter? The shady secret all the NRA ‘faces’ have in common is that they care nothing for their nation or their fellow citizens, not even the children. Just listen to a few seconds of anything Ted Nugent says and its clear these people are NOT about America at all.

All for money.  RT aka Russia TV and NRA-TV have the same message all the time. Its a pro Kremlin Message that is hateful and UnAmerican. The uniformity of the messages is undeniable.
There’s other Gun Rights Groups out there if you just cant live without being part of a gun agitation group. The National Rifle Association doesnt need your money and doesnt care what you think. They’re pawns of Putin and an extension of the Kremlin

Russian Spy and Right Wing darling Maria Butina has been down with them for 4 years and has rated them ripe for mobilization as a Treasonous Organization for the Kremlin. They were already completely against America and Civility. They just needed an injection of cash, which the Kremlin was happy to provide.  They also threw in a few style tips that culminate in the guise of NRA TV’s crazy messages and propaganda. The real question is if the NRA was in with the Russians before all this. My guess is- Probably.  The Anti-Government and Anti-Law Enforcement Statements have been their true north for more than a decade (at least).

Trump and the NRA were a natural match. It was like setting up two people with the same strain of herpes. They were already toxic and a breeding ground for new diseases. The NRA ploughed MILLIONS of dollars into pro-Trump, Anti-Hillary Ads. In an election as fluke-ish as 2016 it was enough to be one of several reasons Trump overcame the odds and somehow won.

Resist the NRA. They are in fact nothing more than a Treasonous Terrorist Anti-Police Organization.


Is Scott Pruitt Maybe Just Mentally Ill?


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Corrupt and inept EPA Commissioner Scott Pruitt is finally a former Cabinet Member. It only took 14 probes Federal Probes steadily bearing fruit to end him. Here’s the original post as written just hours before penultimate Trump Survivor Pruitt went down! (Or in this case, had his resignation accepted)

We’ve heard a new tale about Scott Pruitt’s outright bizarre behavior at the EPA every week, or occasionally, a couple of times a day.  The hits have literally kept coming. There’s no less than 14 Federal Corruption probes right now per CNN.

Today he was FINALLY canned with no real reason given aside from the media being blamed for reporting all his antics. He was called an excellent guy and with no apology the adventures of Baron Pruitt von Munchausen in DC came to an end.

But we can STILL wonder if he’s crazy, especially since, in Trump’s world, stocked with exactly NO friends, people keep returning. Watch for Pruitt to join Shadow Secretary of State Hannity soon in Trump’s Shadow Cabinet of Un-Approvable Security Clearance-proof deplorables. Probably as Shadow Attorney General.

Pruitt’s Craziness

A Cone of Silence, Pruitt’s weird assertions about him and god, a bullet proof desk and a bunch of high living scandals. Throw in some naked old fashioned corruption, like trying to get his wife a franchise from Chik-fil-a.  Today it was crazy half baked idea to give him Jeff Sessions job as the nations Attorney General. It all adds up to non stop crazy!


Maybe we should stop and ask ourselves- are these the actions of a sane person? With a crazily bloated security staff and some petty love of driving around with the sirens on blowing lights in a too big motorcade like a Stalin Era Commissar? Going out to the best places every night to dine then retiring to sleep on a used Trump Hotel mattress in a plush but near free crash pad in DC he gets right from a lobbyist?

You dont have to be a rocket scientist to point at the moon and you dont need a psych degree to say Pruitt does a bunch of really crazy things! 

I’m wondering if Pruitt maybe is just mentally ill. How is it now being discussed on CNN? It’s time for one of the people on the panels discussing him to include some kind of clinical psychiatrist.  OCD maybe explains some. Schizophrenia maybe some more. I dont know.

Of course I’m not a doctor; but you dont have to be a rocket scientist to point at the moon and you dont need a psych degree to say Pruitt does a bunch of really crazy things!  The proof is all over the place.

Think about the things we know are true alone. Even then, its too crazy! As far as speculation?  I think he’s using that Cone of Silence to ‘talk to god’ because he thinks god’s talking back!  And he possibly hears other voices too.

This is not the way a sane person, even a corrupt sane person, acts. It’s too off the wall (to use a clinical term).

Trump’s Rudolf Hess.

Wonder who will distinguish themselves now that Pruitt’s out of there? Ryan Zeinke is a walking human meltdown, maybe he rides that horse of his into some trouble next. Outside Betsy DeVos and Pence-y no one is more hated (well, maybe Elaine Chow for giving comfort to turtle boy mcconnell)

The Real View on Alexandria Ocasio Cortez from NY’s 14th District, WOODSIDE


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It was last winter I first encountered people looking to get me to vote for Social Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I’m pretty sure I signed the petition to allow her run in the first place last fall. While I ended up supporting her until the numbers were shown on CNN i never thought she’d unseat Joe Crowley. As it turned out she easily defeated the re-districted 10 term incumbent.


How’d she do it? Simple, she was in the district every day campaigning. Her people were at the Woodside Train Station daily talking to anyone who would listen about Ocasio-Cortez and her even further than Crowley Left Views.  Adding to the confusion, Woodside was about the only neighborhood left in Crowley’s re-drawn District. He was a bit of a stranger looking for his secnd term with the new boundaries. He failed to adjust.

For me, when the Ocasio-Cortez door-knocker came by he told me the impeachment of Trump was something his candidate was all for and looking to even perhaps initiate. That was it for me. Crowley hates Trump but he wasn’t looking to Impeach. I just detest Trump and think Impeachment is the way to go, especially if it starts with the Rep’s from Queens, where the bigot is from.

Throw in she’s got more or less the same views a Bernie Sanders and that’s how she won. Free public college or vocational school, Housing as a Right, Medicare for All.  She has all the right ideas that resonate in THIS neighborhood. The abolition of ICE should not be underestimated as a plank in her platform. I liked the sound of it, even if it may not happen its a worthy goal.

Im pretty sure we were all okay with Joe Crowley, but where was he? Did he sleep on this challenge? While he was in the local neighborhood papers for a guitar playing gig at a local pub and burger joint and was in a couple of civic parades I never saw him out shaking hands. It wouldnt have killed him to be outside CitiField begging for votes, Cortez did it.


Photo Mural at Woodside 7 Train & Long Island Railroad staion

In the end it was possibly simple laziness and lack of connection to the district that ended Crowley. He’s still well liked. No one says anything bad about him but Ocasio-Cortez just outflanked him on the left and leaves me living in a town everyone is America is talking about.

Im thinking this is a sign more strong very left women will be winning their races. Woodside and the Mighty 14th District is where the End of Trump begins.


my actual Ocasio-Cortez handbill that changed my mind


Trump’s GOP Cargo Cult


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Recently Republican Senator Bob Corker finally said what we all know- The Modern GOP is a Cult, specifically a Cargo Cult.  It’s latest incarnation sees Trump starting to eclipse Reagan as the demi-god and the introduction of some elements of the “Prosperity Minister” cultism.

Roughly 6 years after I first blogged about this in one of my earliest posts its time to look at the GOP Cargo Cult Now

The Cargo Cult- 

The classic historical Cargo Cult refers to a phenomenon that arose on the isolated pacific islands various military’s built bases on during the Second World War. Looking back it seems likely the earliest Cargo Cults probably revolved around people like Captain Cook and other colonial sea captains and political figures. I guess it’s probably worth noting that the Imperial Japanese, who were fascists, simply tried to ‘genocide’ anyone on islands they occupied and inspired guerrilla resistance rather than obsessive imitation. There are no known Imperial Japanese Cargo Cults, likely due to cruelty.

It’s only in the wake of World War II that sociology and modern psychological thinking have advanced enough for the Cargo Cults to be studied or understood.

The native islanders in places like Papua, New Guinea had not had much contact with the outside world.  They were isolated from the modernized humans who just had little need to go to their little part of the world until the cataclysm of the Second World War.

After the war began in the Pacific the native islanders were subject to massive culture shock.  21st Century humans are probably more mentally prepared for an Alien Invasion than these Un-contacted Tribes were for the 1940’s just erupting onto their neolithic islands. Literally overnight and literally out of the sky in the form of shiny silver airplanes (as well as great iron beasts from the sea) came the mid-20th century. They had NO context for this.

None of the previous limited contacts with outsiders provided a frame of reference for what transpired on their islands, which was the entirety of their very world, over the weeks following arrival of troops. Thousands of years of norms were simply obliterated.

I can’t stress the shock these people felt enough. To these isolated natives the idea that an internal combustion engine would spin gears and operate pistons to spin a propeller to power a vehicle capable of carrying goods or people was inconceivable. To the natives the planes were not machines at all.  They were great beasts akin to hollow metal dragons. The dragons insides were full of ‘Eggs”; or as we would call it, cargo containers. When cracked open there was magical treasure, like coca cola, or candy or whatever inside. They traded with the soldiers on the bases too.

These were near stone age societies. They barely had boats, so they just couldn’t wrap their minds around mechanized flight. It had to be magic! They were convinced that they were seeing people whose gods were simply stronger. It’s the same reaction the Romans would have had if a nuclear aircraft carrier with a squadron of jets showed up in the Mediterranean! So don’t tell yourselves primitive European’s would have handled it better. This was like a Star Trek episode happening to these poor people!

To explain what they saw they looked to the natural world and their own supernatural tales. For instance they saw what we would call “Air Traffic Control” as a magical ritual rather than technical exercise. It’s kind of easy to see how. And they extrapolated conclusions from what they actually “knew”.

The way they saw it the dragons were summoned from the sky by rituals at a holy temple, or as we would call it, a Military Airfield. The “rituals” were the day to day operations of the base. Mundane military stuff like waving in incoming planes with flags and lighting runways seemed ritualistic to them. For obvious reasons, it all really impressed them. Seemed to them the rituals were directly related to the cargo.  Sure seemed like a magical or religious ceremony to them. Viewed as a magic ritual it’s isn’t too far from some ways many peoples had tried to appease their gods. Lots of religions have ritual motions, including Catholicism and most other christian religions.

The difference was their rituals werent as reliable as this at all!  This, it seemed,  never failed! After all, a plane always showed up, so it was just a matter of doing it right. It’s not that hard to see how they developed the misconception. They LOVED the Cargo.

Just as quickly the war ends and the bases were mostly abandoned and life, for the natives, returned to ‘normal’. But things were forever changed.

They had become accustomed to the gleaming aluminum dragons. They missed the Cargo. No longer were the great beasts from the air and sea disgorging the amazing things they now desired. Gone was the supply of canned goods, cigarette lighters, flashlights and coca cola along with all other pieces of 20th century luxury and technology.

They felt that being thrown back 2000 years was  punishment from the Cargo gods and the wanted to reverse that.
In a turn of events still being studied by sociologists and historians, the Cargo Cults emerged.

The Biggest one is called “John Frum”, sometimes spelled “John Frumm” It means “John from America” and theres a lot of images of him. He’s an African American US Navy Seabee.

Tom Richards, Vanuatu, Tanna, John Frum 2016 -9169-M.jpg

A John Frum Cultist (credit Tom Richards)

It happened like this;

Some of the natives eventually found their way to the abandoned bases and imitated the base personnel. Coconuts were fashioned into radio headsets, bamboo control towers were created. ‘Uniformly’ dressed men ‘marched’ in an attempt to summon the cargo Dragons back.

cargo cult_3.jpg

A Bamboo Airplane constructed by John Frum members

While this didn’t work the behavior has persisted. John Frum is alive and well as a belief system today. In fact, every once in a while a really charismatic John Frum Cult Leader emerges and the whole cycle starts again. To most though, these days hes more like Santa Claus and its just about fun. John Frum is undeniably a part of the fabric of New Guinea society though.

Its should be noted that the cult mindset survives attempts by outside sociologists to dispel it as nonsense. The remaining true adherents are inoculated against the truth by the Cult leaders.

Inoculation Against the Truth ( while also telling people to only believe you), is a trait of most cults. It’s one of the strongest parallels between the MAGA Cult and the Cargo Cults.

In the Trump Cult it’s blatantly about blaming people (like immigrants) for ones own life not magically being better and eating up Trump’s bullshit. Just picture the Bull Headed MAGA hat guy who believes whatever Trump says despite evidence it’s a lie. Now you know why, he somehow has become convinced he’s going to get something out of it. Or, think of Roseanne. She was so wrapped up in it, she felt so strongly about expressing fealty to the Cult she lost her show.

Trump and the GOP Cargo Cult 
How does this apply to early 21st century American Conservatism? The Republican Party is now packed with under qualified ideologues, who espouse an unrealistic image of a worry free past, in this case, the Go Go 80’s, which were sort of a result of idealizing the 50’s.

The Original Cargo Cult Republicans were those whose behavior and beliefs had devolved into a quasi-religious mindset towards Modern American Conservatism revolving around the 1980’s and Ronald Reagan in an idealized, ritualized and unrealistic way.

It seems that the whole idea is sort of tied to a feeling that in the past things were better. Movies were better, music was better. Its purely reactionary. It’s probably something to do with the fact people live longer now and there’s just more people pining for the past in general.

Then there’s a more sinister aspect where a lot of (white) people take it a little further and get into real trouble by extending the analogy too far. It ends up being: “In the past things were better because women and blacks knew their place.” This is sort of insane thing to think but somehow sort of popular. Just ask Tomi Lahren or other people in the White Grievance Political field.  Tomi’s making money talking about pure paranoia all day.

Now the GOP is selling white people on some idea that they’re an oppressed minority. Then they imply (or overtly say) that everyone would be rich if we crack down on Immigration and build a useless Wall in the desert. There’s more spokes of intolerance but that’s the essence of Trumpism. Its very close to classic fascism.

We’ve all heard the term ‘Cult 45″ for the president and his Political Jonestown of Deplorables. The Right seems to be sort of prone to Cult thinking. At this point we’re at least 2 generations deep in a desire to return to the past. This generation specifically wanting to go to the 80’s like their parents wanted to go back to the 50’s. So this would be the third time around we have looked to the 1950s for an ideal and conveninetly forgotten that it was an unjust time with rampant racism and a bad interventionist foreign policy for Uncle Sam.

The members of a Cult do not heed signs they are wrong. Instead they strive to out-do eachother.

The leader tends to jerk the leash regularly to let the followers know who’s boss.  Demonizing anyone not part of the Cult is also textbook cult behavior.

Denouncing people is big. Inside the cult theres a purity test and people like Mark Sanford just can’t pass anymore. The doctrine of Trumps Dangerous Ad Hocracy rules the day.




Trump, who was most successful in the 80s, when a rising tide lifted all ships,  played right to this idea and still does. The Cults alive and well. Just ask Bob Corker.

The images of John Frum are replaced with some dirt cheap overpriced red MAGA hats. Trump compared himself to Reagan in a series of falsehoods about his election.

Like the Cargo Cults of the Pacific in the Trump-Reagan Cult values form above results. They could care less that theres a rational explanation or a practical way to do things, they have their coconut phony radios and their MAGA hats.

The “Ritual” these days includes stuff like Xenophobia, Open Carry, Pro Assault Weapon policy, Intolerance and UnAmerican rhetoric. Delivered already are the Tax Cuts, which were done in the face of real statistics and facts that indicated it was reckless and bound to boomerang on us. Trickle Down Economic is a scam. It’s failed under 3 presidents. This is a big part of why it’s a cult.


Outright Cruelty is also now part of the Cargo. Hating Snowflakes and Libtards is the GOP gospel. So every Travel Ban, every child we kidnap from its parents and every sick person denied care is a reward to the Republican. So they’re getting some of the cargo, the part that’s free, right now. They’re probably pretty sure that they will al be very rich any minute. When that doesn’t happen they will blame who Trump tells them to.  Right now its democrats and immigrant children, but we’ve seen everyone including the pope and the our allies leaders has been hatefully bashed to whip up the greed and hate that motivate a political cargo cult.


Found this on youtube. It’s not my opinion but theres a lot of visuals.  The pundit is pretty scathing and I do not endorse all of his assertions, especially his condescending attitude; but at least you can see some of these things for yourself.


This is the third dive into Cargo Cults here, I’ve covered the Reagan Cargo Cult Mitt Romney tried floating (the time wasnt right) and my post on the Star Trek episode “A Piece of the Action” which involves an alien race that is highly impressionable and prone to “follower” behavior.

Outspoken Trump & Putin Critic Anthony Bourdain Dies Mysteriously


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Outspoken Trump and Putin critic Anthony Bourdain has died under mysterious circumstances in Europe.

While Bourdain had a troubled past and could have lost a battle with addiction or depression, there’s been no mention of a note.

Bourdain had called out Putin, among other things, as a murderer.

The former Chef turned free-range CNN world correspondent also seemed to fine recently on camera and none of his coworkers seem to have seen this coming. He leaves behind an 11 year old daughter. It would seem he had everything to live for.


Putin is exactly the kind of person who would kill someone he disliked and try to make it look like a suicide. He was in France, well within the established Putin Killing Zone for anyone he feels like off-ing.

I for one am glad its in the hands of French rather than American authorities.

Meanwhile the world has lost an ambassador for tolerance and a voice of resistance to the Trump – Putin Criminality that.s currently holding the us all hostage.

Its not impossible or maybe even unlikely Anthony Bourdain simply took his own life, but the idea Putin would just kill him needs to be analyzed by law enforcement. Again, I’m glad its not in the hands of American authorities because for this I trust the French a lot more.

Here he is allowing an anti Putin dissident to use his show as a platform. Putin is just as vain as Trump but far more ruthless and effective. We know he loves killing off his critics. This is the sort the thing he would hold a deadly grudge about for sure.  The man in the interview, Boris Nemtsov, died in a hail of gunfire weeks later. Now, mysteriously, Bourdain is dead as well.