Does “Cobra Kai” Justify Paying for YouTube Red ?


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If you’re on the fence about YouTube Red here’s my advice- try it for a month if for no other reason than to see Cobra Kai, an amazing series based on, of all things, the Karate Kid movie franchise from the 1980s.

Bottom line- the show exceeds the movies. It’s brilliant, actually. The return of the key original cast members and a superb cast of young adults turn in great performances in this well written comic drama with moments of fun karate, There’s also lots of inspiring and even emotional moments of unconventional (but effective) mentoring by the one time bad Guy, Johnny Lawrence.

So far, if you watched the free episodes you know it’s not important to have really been a huge fan of the movie. In fact if you sort of didn’t like the movie the writers sort of relate to that and write towards it. Its one of the strange dynamics that makes the show work.

The beauty of Cobra Kai is that the plot is inverted from that of the Original Karate Kid movie. Daniel-San (Ralph Macchio) now has an awesome life and ex-rival Johnny Lawrence is a somewhat racist and alcoholic, loser.

There’s also an evolving Anti-Bullying and Anti-Cyber Bullying statements in the show. Instead of bullies this time the students of the Cobra-Kai Dojo are from the bottom of the social order at the local high school. The question of when fighting back becomes reverse bullying starts to emerge in later episodes.

The show is filled with believable and well done Heel Turns and Face Turns and it just has a lot  of charm. I HAD to see the whole series.


Jamming hair metal in his vintage (and worn out) Firebird, Johnny Lawrence bumbles through an average day dogged by the ever-present karate themed ad campaigns for teen rival Daniel LaRusso’s mega successful string of luxury car dealerships.

A series of bad breaks and a visit from the great Ed Asner had me squarely in Johnny’s corner as he re-discovers karate and starts teaching his lone student as he struggles of open his own Dojo.

The show just gets better from there. Johnny Lawrence is now the rogue sensei with just one student and Daniel is a sort of an unlikable jerk.

When episode 2 ends you have a decision to make- do I pay for the next 8 episodes? I did and I couldn’t be happier.

No Spoilers but the show simply gets better and better and ends on an ominous high that had me eager for next season. Its well done, its fun and its very self aware. Again, no spoiler, but watch the collar on Johnny’s denim jacket mirror his mood. When he’s really feeling good he’s got it full 80’s popped up. The lower he goes emotionally the lower the collar. Sort of represents his self worth at any given moment

So GO! Watch this excellent show and take the rest of YouTube Red’s well worth it deal. The free Google Music alone was once 9.99. as far as the other aspects of YouTube? It definitely is enhanced by Red. I personally started listening to books on tape and watching a lot of documentaries.

So Dump Netflix til they build up some more new shows and get with YouTube Red for one of the best entertainment deals out there!

I’m buying a Cobra Kai T-Shirt, that’s how much I liked it.


New NRA President Oliver North; Disgraced Marine, Liar and Illegal Weapons Dealer


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When Oliver North was announced as the new president of the National Rifle Association there were two things that went through my mind.

The first was- he has some previous experience in freelancing at espionage in something of a treasonous way and the second – a couple of strong parallels to the political rise of Hitler early on.

The disgraced former Marine Colonel was kicked out of the military for lying, being a jerk and basically not walking away from an ongoing series of related underhanded unsanctioned crazy mid to late 80’s CIA dark money scams to fund illegal weapons trade to people who were definitely not supposed to have them. Technically it was lying and taking at least one bribe that ends his military career (in front of a disgusted nation).

Now, poised to take the over Putin’s Favorite Anti-Government Organization theres an argument to be made Oliver North is one of the most influential people in all of America and indeed the world.


a totally accurate early Anti-North Meme

Ollie was born October 7, 1943, a birthday he shares with Cuban baseball hero Jose Cardenal. The city where he leapt, gun in hand, from his mothers womb was Gun lovin’ San Antonio Texas; a town best known for the amazing Mexican Military Victory against illegal aliens and anti-government forces in the Battle of the Alamo.

Pretty much immediately after Ollies born the North’ move north to liberal New York. Actually, to a non Metropolitan part of New York State the city people refer to as “Upstate”. It’s probably more like central Ohio than your vision of New York. It’s usually pretty Republican. But dont worry, you can be sure he’s gonna play that thar Texas thing up in his new gig.

Growing up you’d have to imagine that “The Rifleman” was young ollies favorite show, but “Gunsmoke” is probably in the mix too.

Young Oliver North took to going by Ollie. When High School rolled around he graduates from Ockawamick Central High School in 1961. He competes with double justified manslaughterer and Superbowl XXXV MVP Ray Lewis of the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens for most famous alumni. I’m sure North would not have much sympathy for Lewis though,


Ray Lewis

despite the killings being deemed justified (self-defense). This is because not only is Lewis african american, but he used a knife. North would just frown on any missed opportunity to use a gun to kill someone legally. Fortunately they graduate decades apart so no shot of an awkward moment at the Class Reunion.

For the record Lewis seems to have regret for what happened and has made some positive contributions to society after his troubled phase. What I’m saying is he’s at this point a much better person than someone like North. He’s also a good NFL analyst.

Anyway he sort of briefly attends SUNY Brockport, which is not exactly Stony Brook or  Buff State as far as competitiveness. In other words he went to an okay but by no means great college.  He never graduates from there anyway. For some reason after two years at Brockport he went to some Marine Corps event at Quantico and caught the military bug.

He ends up graduating Annapolis in 1968. While he’s there he ends up boxing Jim Webb, the future War Hero and US Senator. Im guessing Webb won, he’s kind of an intimidating guy. He also marries wife Betsy in 1967. Thats right, during the Summer of Free Love and Peace Ollies getting hitched and heading for War. So he’s just not typical of his generation that way.

Unlike Draft Dodger Wayne LaPierre , North has a full resume of medals for all sorts of stuff while he was deployed in Vietnam. In fact had he not broken his oath not to be underhanded he’d be an inspirational figure to a point. He is free from Wayne LaPierre’s Achilles heel of Draft Dodging. Ollie North is a combat veteran with an impressive record.

North Vietnam photo 5 Resize 2

Ollie North in Vietnam

It seems Ollie North really liked being a combat Marine and he was good at it, no two ways about it. Like Hitler he was wounded twice and volunteered twice. Both were at home in war. Wikipedia says he’s a platoon commander, so assume he probably goes from lieutenant to captain. Im still researching the dates of his promotions. By around 1971 the wars winding down and Ollie is doing other stuff for the Corps. North ends up training people in Japan. He was probably okay at this too.

Then he spends the rest of the 70s and early 80s doing various stateside jobs including a stint studying at the prestigious Naval War College where he graduates in 1981.

At this point hes so qualified he ends up on the National Security Council, which is the principal means by which the United States president communicates and controls the US Military. Its a very important job and a feather in North’s cap. To complete the triumph he becomes a lieutenant colonel.

Who knows how many extremely uncool and possibly illegal things Ollie North is up to while he’s basically working for military intelligence? He seems to have excelled at “Bag Man.”

Whether it be cutting shady deals with Pineapple Face Noriega or his more sinister involvement with the Iran – Contra Affair, Ollie North was ready to jump right in there and take care of it. Sort of a Military Michael Cohen.

Wining and dining on yachts with aspiring Bond Villains and various El Presidente’s is sort of what North is up to at this point. He’s like a CIA Goon with some real power. He can broker you an air corridor for your cocaine. He can maybe call off the US Coast Guard for a moment, or at least tell you where they wont be. He can get the US Ambassador to listen to you a bit more and he probably can negotiate you a sweet deal on US weapons. He must have felt like a Spy from some kind of movie. He probably is hearing his own staccato guitar theme music when he walks around.

At some point he accepts something that gets deemed a bribe and it probably was just that. Whether it was a scat of cash, a luxury vacation or a gold plated ak-47 is something I’m still running down, but he was smart enough to know better.

The Iran-Contra Affair is a whole blog post, long story short – it was about the CIA, Military Intelligence and members of the Executive Branch of the US Government using money obtained by illegally selling arms to Embargoed and Sanctioned Iran (which was all sorts of Illegal and maybe a bit treasonous) and using the profits to fund Nicaraguan Anti-Government (but Pro US) Guerillas. The Contra’s were truly terrible guys and I guess today we’d call them Narco-Terrorists.

Closer to home- there was a not so crazy perception the CIA had in a proxy way dealt drugs to the American people. Somewhat more immoral; it then used the drug money to basically fund BOTH sides of a war! Remember we’re DOWN with Saddam’s Iraq at that point and they’re getting military aid from us. Then we turned around and sold weapons to the Iranians to resist him with (when he attacked them with the weapons we gave him).

It was wrong. It was obviously deeply immoral and its the sort of task he could and should have walked away from. Hey, other people absolutely did. Does the US Government need a Bag Man? Maybe, but is that Bag Man then supposed to be able to turn around and be a spokesman for our way of life? Seems a bit perverse, huh?

The Bag Man role had him enabling all the wrong people to do all the worst things. The most disturbing charge that could be levied against Oliver North of course has to be helping the US to arm both sides in a war. It’s profoundly evil. Truthfully; Oliver North is the stuff Black Sabbath lyrics.

Hey, in the 80’s we did some foul shit no doubt. Ollie North knew or helped out in a considerable percentage of it. He’s not the kind of guy who should have a big podium in our national Discourse.  Sadly he’s now got just that.

You would think espionage work would make in very cautious, that’s not the case here though. North was kind of a sloppy spy. He was only just so capable. I mean, sure,  he did have a hot secretary he almost definitely bangs but after that he’s really no James Bond.

He’s arming enemies of America Allies (and who knows who else), and then giving that money to what amounts to murderous South American anarchists on their best day.  His spy career ends with him getting caught and disgraced. Money, Sex, Cocaine, Anarchy. That was the 80s.


North’s Secretary Faun Hall

North ended up in front of Congress in July of 1987 in the Reagan administrations primary scandal ; The aforementioned Iran Contra Affair. North lies about a bunch of stuff and comes off like mafioso in a military uniform. In other words; he was the worst ever image of a professional American Warrior.

Iran-Contra was toxic. It almost ends George HW Bush on the spot; but the administration was popular, so they make it.

Tom Clancy’s book and movie “Clear and Present Danger” is loosely based on the scandal.

In an ironic side note; George HW Bush is a notable critic of the NRA and has been known to talk smack about the UnAmerican rantings of the organization. When former NRA President Wayne LaPierre called US Government Agents “Jack Booted Thugs” over the tragic mistakes of the Ruby Ridge Fiasco the combat veteran former president had had enough. Frequently criticized for an apparent lack of zeal, the understated Bush had no problem issuing a scathing dismissal of the now former NRA president;”Who the Hell IS Wayne LaPierre anyway?!” He then quit his membership in the organization with a terse letter. Bravo for HW on this one.

Back to North’s disasterous summer of 87-

Congress was angry as Hell at the Reagan administration and they were gonna nail someone.

Scrutiny fell on North. He’d done more than enough shady things and was a slam dunk to be tossed out of the military, so they torched him a little on national TV. It’s not like he was sympathetic.

He sat there in his Marine uniform and was, well, less than candid. Too vain to admit he cheated on his wife he had a bunch of silly sounding explanations for bizarre stuff. At one point he tries to explain away a trip to a Victoria Secret like women’s store (Parklane Hoisery) as innocent gifts for his daughters. No way was his secretary maybe only committing a bunch of crimes because she was involved with him and wanted to help him out shredding a bunch of stuff! It just looked that way and made the most sense. Not a great showing for Ollie on that one.  I remember thinking he was just a liar at the time. It was a bit pathetic.

Charged with SIXTEEN felonies he initially goes down for 3 of them- accepting an illegal gratuity, aiding and abetting in the obstruction of that congressional inquiry I mentioned, and most damning ; ordering the destruction of documents. This is totally incompatible with the kind of things your supposed to do when you’re a Marine Officer, so that goes away in a disgraceful manner. Essentially for lying to Congress, but they had other grounds too. Lying to Congress, sure, destroying evidence. Thais kind of dishonorable. Throw in cheating on his wife, while he might have gotten away with just that, it was part of an avalanche of burning garbage and nobody was about to take a bullet for Bag Man.

Life was never the same after that for Ollie. He was the Marine who lied to Congress about drugs and worse. Frustrating any personal redemption was that North had a Nuremburg-like defense about his actions. He was simply following orders. No one really bought it though.


Lying his way out of the Military in front of Congress

While his excuse was technically true he was an American Marine Corps Officer and he had the freedom to walk away and let someone else be the US Bag Man for what amounts to Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. No one would have court marshalled him for saying he just didn’t feel right about doing something underhanded. And he would have remained in his beloved Marine Corps.

So the bottom line- Ollie North is out there with no job and unable to really capitalize on the most interesting aspect of his life- meeting Bond Villains and hearing their insane Bond Villain plans (with no personal jeopardy).

Like all true crooked egomaniacs Ollie’s True North was politics. In 1994 he loses a bid to be Senator from Virginia as a Republican. While North never made it out of the primary for some reason the documentary movie about it is called “The Perfect Candidate”. I would think it refers to the guy who beat him? Because Ollie North stumbled into this one with a ‘Congressionally Certified Liar’ label and ‘disgraced tossed out ex military’ status as baggage and would seem more a Nightmare Candidate to anyone not on meth.

Consider the 1994 Congressional run his Beer Hall Putsch. It’s a disaster but he declares victory and moves on.

Bouncing around as a speaker he must have been super relieved in 1996 when Fox News starts. Im not sure when he gets wrapped up with them but he’s hosting a third-rate military History show on the network by 2002. I love military documentaries, but rah-rah ‘War Stories with Oliver North” sucked. “Spy Stories with Oliver North” on the other hand, probably would have been pretty good. But the problem was that being a spy, the coolest thing he really did despite being a dick about it, was something he still kind of wouldn’t admit.


Early 2000’s – Fox News Warrior

To bolster his show and his rep he starts messing around on Fox as a pundit on whatever they threw at him. He responds by giving the Fox people what they want. He espouses seriously right-wing views and learns how to be a fire-breathing right wing nut when called upon to do so.

Which brings us to now and the second Hitler parallel. Having once been a War Hero North jumps the shark by joining a Super Right Wing Anti-Government Group. The Fascist National Rifle Association.

These days Ollie North is the new NRA President. We can expect the usual UnAmerican rantings his platform is known for. So in other words- Long anti-Government and anti-Police rants. A lot of Xenophobia, frequent allusions to Nazi Germany especially regarding Goverbment Law Enforcemnt. He will suggest that more guns answers all questions. We know he will absolutely get very rich. For comparison Wayne LaPierre pulled down 5 million a year in his tenure.

As the leader of America’s most influential Putin-Backed Anti-Government Group he’s a long way from that brave combat Marine of the early 70s. He’s a shadowy image of that now. A Liar and soon to be making all the predictable NRA Anti-American statements. Its his job now and it pays awesome!

He’ll imply the police are incompetent and hesitant to act. He will imply being unarmed is UnAmerican. He’s gonna have to go out there and join Dana Loesch and Colion Noir as one of the Reverse Superheroes that are the NRA Victim Mocking Goon Squad. He will call FBI Agents and Federal Law Enforcement Agents stormtroopers or otherwise liken them to Nazis or Stalin’s guys. If he hasn’t done all these things in the next 12 months I’ll amend this post, but we all know I wont have to.


I guess the previous semi-Treasonous experience makes him a great pick.

Talking smack about massacre survivors and pushing anti government conspiracies is a dream job if you’re a bad-hearted liar. So it seems North has found his niche.



Oliver  & Betsy North


Why I Have a Good Feeling about the ‘Solo’ Movie (and you should too!)


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With under just days to go until I sit down in my local theater (with my cell phone turned OFF) I’m EXCITED for the Solo movie! While the current 70-ish% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes isn’t the greatest, its still the mark of a pretty decent movie.

I predict the Solo movie will be good, or at least better than some of the scathing haters are saying. It’s not really an Abrams production for one thing. So thankfully we don’t have to worry about his fixation on Tropes and the fact his movies are merely strong beginnings that disintegrate to self important nonsense. The Star Trek franchise turned in its most enjoyable movie by far (Star Trek:Beyond) the moment Abrams was out of the ‘creative’ loop.

And we wont have to worry about Abrams unbreakable pattern of treating original characters as mostly comic relief with zero respect towards the sentiment of the fans. It looks like the Han Solo in the movie is someone you’d have a beer (or Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster) with.

The success of Rogue 1 is big source of hope for SOLO.  Like Rogue 1 it wont have The First Order or Kylo Ren, so thats great right there. There could be a cameo from almost anyone, but maybe Obi-Wan makes the most sense as there’s probably some time spent on Tattooine in this movie.

The way it looks now the Solo Movie is worth risking the 15 bucks.

Every Trailer was good. So theres that. The director is Ron Howard, so we can take some confidence in that too. Donald Glover looks perfect as Lando and it seems we’ve got the good ol’ Millenium Falcon in the mix.

The Falcon looks a bit different in this movie. Here’s some conjecture –  the Falcon seems to feature a ‘connected’ leading edge thats no longer the same when we see the ship in Episode 4. Could it be some sort of ejectable cargo bay? This would explain why its not there when Jabba is routing Solo for dumping his cargo.  Or it could just be before “a lot of special modifications” Han mentions in “A New Hope” that he and Chewie added on themselves. In other words they re-built the thing before Episode 4.

{Is it worth mentioning the ship has the gap in the leading edge seen from in Episode 4 on in the cameo’s it has in the prequels, as far away and tiny as it is? Probably not but hey I have to get something out of listening to the director, writer and special effects peoples commentary for the prequels!}


the Solo Movie’s Falcon

The new Han Solo, Alden Ehrenreich, very much looks the part and seemed appropriately breezy and loose in the trailer. While he doesn’t quite have Harrison Ford’s voice it’s still acceptable.  He sounds enough like Harrison for it not to be jarring.

Woody Harrelson is of some concern, but after his recent Planet of the Apes Bad Guy turn he seems like a decent Sci-Fi actor. The Apes character wasn’t all that great and he still pulled it off, a good sign. If you want to throw in decent performances playing not so great characters you’ve got the Hunger Games movies too. So Woody shouldn’t be an issue as a Sci-Fi actor. We’ve got some evidence he can adjust his acting style out of the very serious roles we’re more accustomed to and deliver in Sci-Fi roles.

Wild prediction – A Kessel Run movie would be great and could leave us at the moment Solo enters A New Hope the Creature Cantina. While this would e great it would sort of rule out any more Solo movies so maybe they go further back. The trailer seems to indicate it revolves around meeting Lando and obtaining ownership of an apparently slightly different looking Falcon.

Last Point – As Han Solo makes a few statements about not believing in the Force in A New Hope this should be a relatively Force-free movie. I mean if Han sees someone levitate or shoot lightning out of their hands we’ve got continuity issues.

Here’s the latest Trailer I could find-


Truman and the Bomb-The Illusion of Choice


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We all know the story, on a day in August the Atomic Age began when a lone B-29 Superfortress named the Enola Gay destroyed most of the city of Hiroshima with a single bomb.

Tibbets And His Crew

The man who ordered the strike, new United States President Harry S Truman, had little choice. The war in the Pacific had started bad and gotten worse. While his predecessor, Franklin Roosevelt had put the country in a position where it couldn’t lose, it was not quite ready to win yet either.

Truman, a Great War Artillery Soldier, probably had heard of the theory of an atomic bomb but to find out the US had a few functioning ones was surely a mind blowing revelation. After a couple of days wrapping his mind around the concept he had to consider a bunch of other thorny issues too.

The idea that the bomb would be dropped on a city that was mostly military in nature was the idea, but lets face it a city is a city. Cities are full of women and children and all manner of non combatants.  So it was going to be a punishing and cruel strike.

That the Americans couldn’t lose the war was pretty obvious to the Imperial Japanese. Theyd bitten off more than they could chew and after stunning initial success the US had pounded them into near submission. Still, they were game to keep fighting. They were never going to win but they weren’t as close to the brink of defeat as some historians like to say. They could have held out for a couple of more years at the expense of their civilians if their own crazy plans are any indication. And just because they were now less of a threat we weren’t about to just walk away with a simple apology. Too much had happened. This was WAR!

How could a Japanese nation shattered by years of total war still be in the game? The Empire had become ruthless even to it’s own. There were soldiers, child soldiers, suicide soldiers, child suicide soldiers and everything in between.

Some historians have argued that the dropping of the Atomic Bomb was an unnecessary slaughter. While it’s a compelling argument the facts are Truman’s hands were tied and cuffed on this. The reasons Truman had no choice but to drop the Bomb range from the mundane to the sublime and only really made sense in 1945.

Here’s a few of the hard facts the Anti-Truman Anti-Bomb Historians are overlooking.

Several Paths to a Bomb

Dropping the bomb is viewed as the biggest decision of 1945, the truth is dropping the bomb was the biggest decision of every year from the moment the war starts.

Everyone is aware we had two bombs, Fat Man and Little Boy. What gets lost is that these bombs, and the third path Germany follows for a while using Heavy Water, required completely different teams and parallel facilities. Even better, no one can say for sure in 1941 that any of them would actually work. Early on it looked like the German method seems best, probably because they had something of a head start.

Here’s where the German’s really squander their Human Capital with Racist Theories. The Heavy Water guys were just the ones who passed racial muster. The rest of the people working on atomic power in Germany were jewish or just hated the Nazi’s and split. There’s a whole book in how Hitler lost the war just by chasing away the geniuses who would produce the American Bomb (with much notable help).

Franklin Roosevelt shows amazing judgement and immense resolve. Hearing of the possibilities and potential of an Atomic Bomb he first tosses the Heavy Water method away out of hand. He then greenlights TWO development projects; one for each remaining bomb making method. He couldn’t care less about the costs; he was scared of the Germans making one first! So like a shrewd gambler he split his hand and doubled down. It worked, but only after years of money sucking trials and work. Not everyone loved this idea, but FDR was a badass. He put the Manhattan Project in motion.

War Bonds, War Bonds, War Bonds

The Manhattan Project cost no less than 2 BILLION dollars in 1945. This would be about 27 Trillion dollars according to the inflation calculator I found.

What does this mean? Well we would never have been short of things like advanced landing craft for the Pacific Island Hopping campaigns. A not that small convoy of aircraft carriers covered with attack planes, or literally many hundreds of destroyers!

Maybe the only reason so much money was spent on one project was simply because more money wouldn’t have cranked anything out any faster. Industrial capacity was pretty well maximized.

Japan’s Last Gambit Backfires

Fortune favors to the brave, or so the Imperial Japanese thought. The sheer bravery, gallantry isn’t the word, of the Japanese in the closing months of the war was on the upswing despite the situation. As the US waged its planned penultimate invasion, in Okinawa, the Empire pulled out all the stops.

The thinking of the Imperial Military High Command and the Emperor was that a decisive engagement was needed before negotiations could begin or Japan would get terrible terms. So they threw the kitchen sink at the Americans.

Okinawa made Normandy look easy. Unmitigated slaughter pretty much covers it.  You’re chances of surviving Normandy were also a whole lot better no matter where or when you landed. Instead of a Longest Day many Interminable Weeks passed.

The Imperial Japanese shocked the already hardcore Americans with savage waves of kamikaze attacks. While not new the scale increased dramatically. The Japanese fought like there was no tomorrow because in fact there wasn’t any. Their desperate hope- to scare the Americans into generous peace terms by warring harder than ever, is as crazy and doomed as it sounds.

On the island the landings were initially unopposed, that soon changed as casualties began to mount. The Imperial Navy joined in the kamikaze spirit and suffered incredible losses.


The USS Bunker Hill after being hit by  2 Kamikazes in 30 seconds

Any decent documentary on Okinawa provides plenty of oral histories from American and Japanese survivors attesting to the savagery of the battle. Most accounts speak of a blurring of the lines between civilians and soldiers that sounds more like Vietnam horror stories than anything from World War Two. Civilians had been militarized and that included the children I mentioned earlier. It was estimated about 150,000 citizens would participate in resistance. Having seen the child soldiers in Europe no one was in the mood for that again.


Japanese Civilians geeting pathetic but serious training

The Americans found nothing but unsettling things on Okinawa. Death ran rampant among the US ranks, taking even noted war journalist Ernie Pyle during the operation.  A mass of civilian suicides was witnessed by many Americans. One man suicide subs and other crazy last resort weapons turned up and had their desired effect without being used- they scared the Hell out of the American brass.

The endless storm of kamikaze’s cant be understated. In one engagement 2 hit the carrier Bunker Hill in 30 seconds. It was only saved by the sheer heroism of her crew.  And many other ships fared much worse.  At times the Navy was in danger of not being able to fully support the landings. Expectations had to be scaled back as the Japanese gut punched and groin kicked America over and over, putting the giant on the ropes but never knocking him out. Finally, punched out and exhausted the Americans summoned and dealt a knock out blow then took a breath.

Despite ultimately achieving victory, between Okinawa’s D-Day on April 1st til they finally ‘won’ on June 22nd the Americans (and their Allies such as their were) suffered 50,000 casualties. The Japanese lost 100,000 in military deaths alone.

The Japanese High Command had achieved what they wanted. The Americans couldn’t have been more scared. That much they predicted correctly, how the Americans would handle it was something they didn’t do quite so good a job at predicting from their foe.

Firestorms From The Sky

The Air War against Japan benefitted from a new invention in 1945, napalm.  This coincided with the Japanese decentralizing their war manufacturing across entire cities. So we burned those cities to ash. The civilian casualties in these raids was astronomical. We had done stuff as bad in Europe, but only a couple of times. We sort of went crazy on the Japanese. Hey, we thought we were going to invade! The firebomb attacks produce staggering civilian casualty levels, some higher than the atomic attacks. Despite this their High Command and Cabinet were still looking for terms.


B-29’s Firebombing Tokyo

By the middle of 1945 the US had Air Superiority if not Air Supremacy all over the islands of Japan and the surrounding waters. The city buster campaign was highly successful. It didn’t, however, stop the Japanese from fighting back as best they could and it definitely wasn’t getting them to feel bad enough for their own people to surrender.

With Okinawa fallen rather than make a realistic peace-offering the Japanese war cabinet was thinking about terms as insane as trying their own war criminals. They don’t have what they once had but they could still keep the Kamikaze’s coming and other crazy and scary attack methods as doomed as they were novel. From the US perspective things had just gotten worse. The writing was on the wall; we had to take the home islands to end this thing.

So don’t let anyone tell you they were trying in good faith to get things we ultimately gave them. This was a society fracturing. It’s cities are in ruins, everyone knows someone whose died. The government was getting by on sheer patriotism and the peoples fear and hatred of the Americans (who were actually destroying their cities all the time).

And then there was the way the war against Japan was sold to the American people.


 US Homefront Propaganda and Mindset

The two biggest things bought to the surface by the War were America’s festering racism problem that coexisted with a general sense of shared sacrifice.

Throughout the war the United States Government had asked the people of America to sacrifice. People were getting by better than in Europe and probably better than during the Depression, but there was privation. Add to this the non stop Patriotic propaganda they were subjected to no matter what movie they went to. The average American felt like they had a stake in the war even if no one they really knew was fighting (unlikely).

Meanwhile FDR was a great president who will forever wear the shame of locking up a bunch of Americans (the west coast Japanese) for the way they were born. And he set the tone. Racism was in the air as our segregated military went out to fight even bigger racists.

While we ended up winning, World War Two can best be described as a total fucking disaster where the brutality was unprecedented. The US is only in for three and a half years, but its a bloodbath every minute. It strained the institutions. While mostly benevolent FDR serving four terms alone shows how strained things were in America. Closer to home, telegrams from the War Department informing of the loss of a friend or loved one were a feared but daily reality.

By 1945 people in America are simply pissed.  Everyone remembered December 7th 1941, when it seemed like it we were definitely going to lose and fast! Cautious optimism was budding, but fear the Japanese had a few more tricks up their sleeve or could turn the tables again were real and rampant.

Starting from the ineptitude of Pearl Harbor and MacArthur’s initial inaction blowing up on him the war in the Pacific was complicated by outright racism of the kind usually ascribed to 19th century British Colonial Commands. They just did not respect the enemy like they did the Germans. The Germans were shown as a bunch of crazy hostile people. The Japanese were shown as a bunch of crazy hostile ANIMALS.


The America of 1945 had to be lived in to truly comprehend, but it was a world with very little air conditioning. Heat could be a problem too. The three biggest bargains (aside from booze) was vaudeville, a baseball game (if you lived in the right city) or the movies. All cost about the same and lasted several hours. The theaters were heated and air conditioned. And you bought a ticket to watch movies all day sometimes, especially on the weekends.

From the cartoons in at the beginning to the newsreels that presaged our modern TV news the War and anti-Enemy propaganda was there. Imagine a day like this- about 11 you hit the movie theater. They show a Bugs Bunny or Disney cartoon themed to the war, sometimes its racist as all Hell. Thats a half hour of fun. Then perhaps a brief recruiting film. Then there would be a newsreel showing American winning but dying and suffering none the less. The an episode of “Why We Fight”, perhaps  the most sophisticated piece of American Homefront Propaganda. Then you might see “Back to Bataan” or any number of mediocre patriotic wallet openers for the pitch for War Bonds. Then a second movie, hopefully escapist, though its still going to feature the war as a trying but just cause. Think “It’s a Wonderful Life” or even “Mr Lucky”, which is a guilt trip to motivate slick guys and semi criminals to change their ways and join the military for the big win. Hollywood went to war too.

Harry Truman doesn’t seem to massively disagree with what Hollywood put out there, though he was sort of less racist than say Trump is now in his speeches and interviews for sure. He probably largely agreed with Hollywood’s image of the Japanese but had the perspective of knowing we’re not going to lose from the moment he takes office. He also knows Japan just isn’t quite done and isn’t really on the brink of defeat short of a costly invasion.

He couldn’t escape the problem of how differently the two wars were sold. For one thing the Germans were shown as the greater threat. Americans were wondering “FDR had beat the formidable Nazi evil geniuses and their army of Supermen; what was taking Truman so long with the second rate Japanese? They can’t see well and are no match physically for the average American anyway!” (per the military and Hollywood).  Their image of being strange with crazy religious beliefs was just the way it was by the end of the war.

And they were also shown as vicious. It was a different world. I’m not saying it was right but hey, there was a national paranoia from the beginning of the war where it looks like we will likely lose!

Then there’s the real atrocities. Its a different blog post for another time. The bottom line is with few exceptions the Imperial Japanese were very bit as mean and murderous as the Nazis. They were had initially sort of modeled their government on 19th century Britain but they had imposed fascism onto it.

In fact if you think of the Japanese as modelling themselves on the British around World War Two its a great fit. They had an island nation so the analogy worked. They model their navy on the British to a point and definitely their foreign policy. So they run around Asia for like 13 years just massacring and oppressing people.

The bad treatment as we all know extended to torturing and killing US prisoners they had taken. Some escaped with harrowing tales. Proof had surfaced in the States and the brutality of the Japanese is well documented. It wasn’t really a delusion. Their own War Crimes Trials show they were heartless murderers who couldnt be bothered to control their thug soldiers.

So if you were sitting in Yankee Stadium or Ebbets Field that August you would see countless servicemen. You were hit up for War Bonds on the way in I’m sure. The guy next to you shared a few sips of booze while you flagged down the beer guy (in American League  Stadiuns only!) and you talked about the war between batters. And everyone hated the Japanese and wanted it over tomorrow. And every person in that stadium agreed that it was better to kill 200 thousand “Japs” than lose even one more American. It was a lot like right after 9-11 when we would have preferred peace but since we had been attacked  we were all like ‘fuck them’ for awhile.

Truman’s Stark Reality – Impeachment 

In Washington new American president Truman found out about the Manhattan Project when FDR dies. From all accounts he struggled to understand it at first and basically spent the time it took to figure out he didnt really need to know how it worked to use it.


Truman in 1945

Then he got hit with a price tag so huge that figuring out the Bomb was childs play compared to justifying the Manhattan Project to the country! With the Germans beyond the brink of collapse the opportunity to use it in Europe was a razor thin series of weeks where the Germans are so finished it was judged unneccessary, and cruel by Eisenhower. It was a non issue.

Japan however, well they were unleashing the sort of tactics the Germans had fallen to at the very end, suicidal child soldiers, and worse. The war in Europe was much worse in the East, but the US had taken a beating from the Nazis and their allies all the same. No one was going to think that trillions of dollars more in conventional equipment wouldnt have saved lives. To be fair we probably could have unleashed so much tactical air support on Normandy  every unit on the ground could have had a squadron of P-51 Mustangs tasked right to it with the kind of money we’re talking about. So there’s that – it’s the Biggest Single Project the US Government would attempt until the Moon Landing but bigger, costlier and much faster.  And deadlier.

Had he not dropped the bomb he surely would have been impeached. It would have been after a likely horrible and costly invasion of Japan and a much different Occupation than that which came to pass. It could have taken years to pacify!

Truman was following a legend as president, but he himself had some image problems when it came to his apparent intelligence not seen again til George W Bush.  Following Hendrix at Woodstock would have been easier. Congress would have ruminated on the Decision not to drop the Bomb and history would be different.  Truman would have been the first American President Impeached and maybe even locked up! There’s no way this doesn’t go through Truman’s head.

And then there’s the Russians. The Red Scare hasnt started quite yet but he’s found out he’s got Russian spies in the mix. After watching Stalin waste hundreds of thousands of lives in the final months of the war, when victory was in hand (but the Germans werent quite ready to lose!) Truman was seeing Stalin as a crazy butcher. The Battle of Berlin alone is a slaughter that shocks the Western Allies.

So Truman at this point views Stalin as a guy who doesn’t even care about his own people, and he’s getting a little frisky in the aftermath of the European war. Truman didnt know Stalin was aware of the bomb, but he knew news of the bomb, used or not would get out. He was probably afraid that if he seemed too compassionate Stalin would literally jerk him around and maybe act more aggressively than he already was. So that was it, he was gonna drop that bomb and show Stalin he was no loser while maybe dusting off the Japanese once and for all. If he tried and the Japanese still wouldn’t give up the public wouldn’t blame him.

He didn’t know yet he would become the president with the very lowest approval ratings in Gallup History, but he surely knew his hold on power was tenuous.  While not power mad Truman had plans to win an election his own down the road (which he does).

Getting Impeached for fucking up the end of a War people felt was all but won and just wanted over didn’t figure in to Truman’s plans.

The Scrapped Invasion

Crazy MacArthur was keen to invade the Japanese mainland. He probably was pissed when the Bomb makes the invasion unnecessary. There’s some evidence he was looking to use a whole bunch of bombs to sock his way through the island nation. He already had a careless attitude towards WMD’s that would cost him his job in Korea (after another failure to defend properly despite intelligence).

Theres been so much written about the Invasion, and the outright fear of doing it, that I’m not going to talk about it much. The term half million men lost has been thrown around. Lets say we got off easy and it was only 100 thousand, thats your backdrop to the Truman Impeachment Hearing that absolutely happens if he tries this without using the Bomb first.

So he picked up the phone and said “Dammit, drop that thing that blows the fuck out of a city on the rotten bastards!” (or something close to that)

After the Bomb


The Japanese War Cabinet still can’t get it together enough to surrender. They had to be hit again with another bomb and see their society cracking right in front of them before they just finally give up. Thats sort of the final spoke in any argument about the bomb. It says a lot.











What the Fuck is Palantir Technolgies?


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Mark Zuckerberg’s simulacra spoke to congress today. It was tasked with explaining how 80 million Facebook users data was misappropriated and weaponized to help elect Trump and other disturbing ends via use of Military Predictive Software on civilians. Aside from making everyone misty about Tom from MySpace he essentially came off like a prototype for Star Trek’s Mr Data.

Oh yeah and we might have seen the birth and documentation of some new form or War Crime against all of us with Facebook used as a carrier for nematode-like data-mining. Metamorphizing when activated by someone who wants to know what their Jedi name would be (or any number of other stupid quiz topics) it finds and weaponizes every little thing that Palantir wants to know.

One thing that came up in an ominous way, and something Zuckerberg lied about not knowing about, was a Tech Data Company using the Tolkien term Palantir as its name. So who the Fuck are these Palantir Technologies people?


Saruman using his Palantir in movie Fellowship of the Ring

Something of a “Cambridge Analytica” in its own right the company name is from the Lord of the Rings. The Palantir are several magical bowling bowl sized stone orbs that allow the holders to speak from distance provided they have the Right and the Will to use the them. If you’re not that worthy or willful you can be twisted and changed by using it to contact someone who has more power than you. In the books it’s the downfall of a one time good guy when he uses one to try to deal with the ultimate bad guy, Sauron. After a couple of conversations with Sauron the good guy, Saruman, is broken and becomes an agent of Evil. So they basically named themselves after a malignant form of communication that undermines ones individuality. So at least false advertising not a claim we can put against them, right?

That Zuckerberg was unaware of Palantir is sort of hard to believe considering it was the property of Pay-Pal Co-Founder, Facebook investor and Trump-Lovin’ MAGA Hat owner, Peter Thiel (Billionaire!). Now that I have some idea what they’re all about I would have denied it too.

Peter Thiel at the Oxford Union, Britain - 30 Apr 2015

Peter Thiel

Founded in 2004 seems they start out selling their services to the US Military to predict terrorist and insurgent behavior. Apparently they had enough success at this that by 2013 they manage to sell these same services to the Los Angeles Police Department to predict crime.

In a moment of true perception the The Guardian published an article that compared them to the Powerful but Flawed Pre-Crime Computers from the Philip K Dick science fiction tale “Minority Report”. The writer referenced the movie several times. Truth is the people from Palantir look good when they can identify crime hot spots, but they start playing god by unscrupulously re-selling the data to the highest bidder, or it seems, to any bidder.

A company so secretive that in 2013 they had no office, just something in Palo Alto called a SCIF. Consider it a situation room for aspiring Bond Villains as the Palantir people start to dive deeper and deeper into murky corners of our data footprints that speak to its algorithms.

It’s time to consider that people have been killed or thrown in jail by data and predictions from the Palantir people. Maybe they all deserved it. Certainly the jailed individuals had their day in court but the point is Palantir isn’t involved in small stakes operations. They will take money to make predictions that will then have a direct effect on things like where Military or Police resources get allocated. Thats a big deal.

So next Palantir is using methods gleaned from the occupation of Iraq and in West Coast US Law Enforcement to predict and shape behavior with a bunch of innocuous looking quizzes that you or your friends might be tempted to take on Facebook.

Trojan Horse doesnt begin to cover it (and has a tech connotation all its own anyway) but through a series of deceptive underhanded moves enabled by the allegedly naive Facebook people they decide they have enough to determine the outcome of an election. In it purely for the money they probably broke a bunch of laws in spirit as well as substance.

This being a mercantilist society the Palantir people did what the machine gun people did. They looked for new markets for their military product. Dressed up as the same sort of lucky break that improved all video games the moment the Cold War ends and frees tech minds from military tasks the Palantir people cynically dove in to any platform they could exploit.


Zuckerberg (or his Replicant)

So they turned to Facebook. Facebook was focused on all the wrong threats, like denial of service attacks and to their credit it seems theyve never fallen victim to one of consequence. Rather than a fake profile Trolling approach the Palantir people simply break in and take everything they want by exploiting ambiguities in the Facebook user agreement and vulnerabilities in the Facebook code. Since they were throwing Russian money at Zuckerberg with a snowshovel, possibly through shell corporations, he didn’t think too hard or look too deeply at what the Palantir people were doing. Now, if we’re to believe Mr Data, he’s sorry he was so naive.

Had Palantir acquired the information with binoculars through a window looking at your desk no cop would take “But the drapes were open” as an excuse for fraud and being a Peeping Tom. Thats the Gray Area in a nutshell. Since theres no Internet Law Enforcement Agency they just went ahead and did it. It’s probably going to end up being something illegal in the future, once our lawmakers learn to use smartphones!

Will they be stopped? If they are it wont be soon, and theres already lots of damage. The Palantir peoples model may not be perfect, theres a lot yet to be found out about them, but they had enough insight to be part of the 10 for 10 in Toss Up states record Trump had on election night.

The micro-targeting and emotional manipulation they unleashed on Facebook users may have been enough to change things. If it changed eve one state it made Trump President.

The people from Palantir are not unlike Saruman, the once good Wizard who abuses the eponymous magic Palantir in Lord of the Rings. They were able to put on a pleasing voice and seduce people into clicking away their data (and that of their friends). At the end of the final book Saruman meets his end at the hands of one of his henchmen after nearly destroying the once pristine homeland of the Hobbits, which he turned into a Middle Earth version of the Warsaw Ghetto.

The Real World Palantir Corporation may just be done in by congress for wrecking America and it’s still to be determined the level of damage they have done and what the Fuck they are up to now.

John Bolton Could be Fired Before He Even Starts


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While John Bolton might be the worst influence possible on the new truly unrestrained Trump there’s still 48 hours before he starts. In that time he has a couple of mountains to climb. The whole thing so far has been about as stable and well thought out as a Meth Binge. So what’s hanging over Bolton’s head?


For starters? Cambridge Analytica. This perfect storm of “the story is breaking now” and “Every day Bolton seems to have been more deeply involved” is still intensifying.

The Cambridge Analytica people were apparently crazy low lives running their own “For Hire” political punking operation. And every day that goes by it looks a little more like Bolton knew that and loved it when he hires them.

The Cambridge Analytica story is not controllable by anyone at this point. Most of the investigating is being done by the British, who are pissed as could be at the Cambridge people. Throw in that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg will be testifying before congress later this month about how Cambridge punked Facebook out of 80 million peoples data and counting (thats not gonna go well at all)  the story becomes a bunch of flaming bags of shit that have to be stomped on over and over. The latest development was last night when  Rachel Maddow reported Cambridge Analytica is coming up as an issue with getting Bolton the security clearance he needs to get this job. This probably won’t get better

The next issue? People are justifiably SCARED of John Bolton’s ideas. Yes, the fact he’s probably crazy is not even the biggest problem. Truth is he’s a complete hawk on everything. You can just google it. A Pre-Emptive war against North Korea (or Iran) is just one crazy idea. Lets face it, it doesn’t sound good. You can’t hear it and think “This guy should be in the president’s ear.”

Then there’s the fact that John Bolton has been an Anti-Russia Hawk too. There’s no problem finding info that backs that up either. I just can’t see Trump liking this once someone finally tells him.


Plus after about a decade on TV puffing about this and that he’s on the record with ideas that are better suited to Fox News Zombies than any sort of National Security Adviser role.  His past fire-breathing statements are going to come up and will just be one more thing Sarah Huckabee Sanders will have to get irritated over when she answers questions over it with lies.

Last but not least Trump’s less resolute than ever. He just hired and let go of a pair of Mueller Probe Defense lawyers before their start date ( though they’re on Fox News of late saying they’re still on the case). And of course we all remember Anthony Scaramucci never making it to his start date.

No two ways about it Bolton’s no sure thing…. and I never even bought up that mustache they say Trump hates. If he does get hired he will shave it off right before he gets fired. Trump wont miss the chance to humiliate him and tell him he’ll keep him if he shaves it then fire him on Twitter.


Don’t Tell a Soul! Confessions of a Replacements Fan


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THANK YOU to the Replacements for your self sabotaging hatred of fame! The record company LOVED this album when they heard it! they loved it so much they printed a million copies! it was like investing in orange juice futures! It was a sure thing! When they told the band they had the next “Pyromania” on their hands the members get angry and rebel! They then spin off a bunch of terrible press appearances and some shows where they would only play KISS covers. They basically boycott themselves! Whats more fucked up then that?                                dtas
Welcome to the self-hating world of being a Replacements fan! Now your marked for life and can’t Un-Hear this haunting record. The best part of it? they AREN’T motley crue! they sound nothing like guns n roses! This is the age of MTV and heavy rotation of the same videos over and over.
Youre a rock n roll outcast and LOVE it. The entire catalog is in the bargain bin!
You find yourself buying plaid suits at the thrift store and cutting your own hair because now YOURE rebelling against everything Glam too!
There are no T-shirts, T-shirts are for bands that aren’t in danger of breaking up or losing their contract every minute! No one will invest in creating the merchandise because no one believes they will make it through the tour!  the fans simply wear plaid all the time.
This will now forever be the band you put on when you drink too much alone (because everyone else hated them until 2014!). You will cry to their music when your girlfriend splits (you listening to the replacements will be part of why she leaves).
Like an Addicted Gambler you sit at the table squandering everyones patience because dammit, Matts fans are BORN not MADE. You refuse to Let It Be a Secret Shame and start talking about them all the time and wear your fandom as a Badge of Rock n Roll Honor.
The records great start to finish. theres no weak song. I think Paul Westerberg got so drunk he forgot he hates his own band and accidentally wrote songs that anyone replacements-dont-tell-lp-backcould enjoy (rather than eccentric but brilliant stuff with a narrow appeal). Their first ever ‘written for radio’ album has their first ever pure single and if you haven’t found “I’ll Be You” to be super compelling and haunting your in the wrong Rock n Roll place! The album is where all things come together and meet their Opposites. It’s Disorganized yet brilliant, impactful yet shy, angry yet regretful, passionate but inhibited. It reminds me of Beggars Banquet!
And its an exclusive club. No one else likes the Replacements. Their Kryptonite to girlfriends. its just INCOMPREHENSIBLE to most women. It just proves Winona Ryder is fuckin crazy because thats the ONLY chick who likes them! 



Even Winona has had only one Replacements T Shirt for the last 25 years 

Who the Fuck is Colion Noir of the NRA?


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Recent weeks have seen the emergence of a new toxic NRA talking head calling himself Colion Noir.

Like all NRA spokespeople he never misses a chance to undermine faith in the police and puff about armed citizenry being the only REAL law enforcement. He’s sort of good at weaving anti-law enforcement themes and anti-media screeds. He also knows how to talk to any one group of people and have them walk away more unhappy, divided and intolerant of other peoples ideas then they were before he started.

I guess the first thing we ever hear in the non Gun Nut world is back in 2016 when he throws out some crazy thoughts that are hard to figure out about Law Enforcement and of course, the media.

When a black Minnesota Police officer shot and killed a black guy named Philando Castile right in front of his girlfriend and her 4 year old daughter Noir uncorked a wild but inventive example of stream of consciousness real-time Gaslighting and blameshifting. He was quick defend the guns involved. In fact, if Noir is to be believed, the problem wasn’t that Castile was armed; or that the voluntary revelation of Castile being armed freaked the cop out so badly he kills the guy in a cold panic; it was the media.

Here’s his insane quote-

“because of the negative stereotype reinforced in the media about black men and guns, it wouldn’t completely surprise me if Yanez (the officer) felt more threatened by Philando because he was black.”

So in other words, Black people have been conditioned to fear black people? Does anyone want to really throw a blanket statement of such ignorance an entire race? (hint- Collins Iyare Idehen Jr. does!) Extra points for insincerely using the victims first name to seem more genuine.

For context- heres how a Long Island, New York news broadcast covered the story

All I can say about the terrible Castile tragedy is Officer Yanez was far too high strung to be a cop. If thats not at least manslaughter the local PD has to justify their methods AND their Psych-Eval. I’m truly sorry for his family. Maybe I’m crazy but i think it’s a horrible thing to use as a wedge to divide people. It’s even worse to just go and cash in off it. Its shifty and hurts society.

Im just gonna say it- Colion Noir seems like he is some sort self hating black guy and he plays the role well. Whether he’s a method actor who somehow believes it when he’s saying what plays well to the NRA crowd or just totally putting everyone on for some easy bucks is anyone’s guess.

Love him or hate him lets all appreciate the Golden Fuckin Thing Noir’s holding on to- he’s getting paid to make a pretty insane case; That more guns is the answer. That guns can’t possibly be bad and Professional Law Enforcement is never good. It’s a terrible set of beliefs and all of them are sort of UnAmerican, really. But it PAYS!

The last NRA President,Wayne LaPierre routinely pulls down 5 million bucks a year, Oliver North is surely getting more. Colion is doing well with this sweet new snake oil gig, his blood money salary will come out sooner or later (and I’ll update the post when it does) . Noir’s a very useful Quisling for the NRA as well as their youngest face, just 33 OR 34 years old (Wikipedia is unsure),

Colion Noirs job for the NRA is to basically back up radical right wing conspiracies as best he can. Simultaneously he’s every white bigots imaginary black friend who validates their crazy ideas; like what he said about Philando Castile’s race being legitimately concerning to the cops who shot him. I would say that quakifies him as particularly dangerous. A pretty good dissembler with a distaste for children and a great nom d’ plume he’s as toxic as Loathsome Dana Loesch

The Russians

That the Russians love and back the NRA is a future blogpost of its own, but Colion Noir and the rest of them are sort of Putin’s Ring Wraiths, to borrow a term from Tolkien. They’re tied to Putins will as the sweet Russin money theyre getting to talk treason all day makes for easy livin’ if you dont care anout your country. And no NRA spokesperson does. Theyre Agents of the Kremlin. Its unlikely they don’t know this, but they probably have made sure not to think about it too much one way or the other.


Heres some quick facts –

  • born in Houston, Texas in 1983 or 84. Wikipedia’s just not sure. (lets see the birth certificate! j/k!)
  • birth name – Collins Iyare Idehen Jr.
  • He’s got a JD from Thurgood Marshall School of Law
  • So obviously he’s an attorney
  • Starts off as an internet flake talking and shooting guns on Youtube to 600k plus thinking-averse subscribers
  • his parents only child
  • Seems to be favoring an Armed Citizenry and I guess posses instead of having regular cops
  • Fond of fitted baseball caps
  • Wants teachers to pack heat
  • Never served in the military despite always being photographed holding an assault rifle
  • Parents immigrated from Nigeria
  • Part of the 3 Headed NRA Hydra of Lies along with Dana Loesch and now Oliver North.
  • apparently hates the Stoneman Douglas Survivors
  • Makes his money bashing children
  • A personality on “I don’t wanna watch it but I’m gonna have to to blog it” NRA TV
  • Seems like Heavily Armed Anarchy is his preferred view of America’s future

Colion Noir gettin’ ready for one of his Guns N Teachers Shows

Mr Putin Goes to Washington


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Well we all knew that Trump was gonna keep on sucking up to Putin but inviting Vlad the Poisoner come to the White House is just a slap in the face to the American People.

I guess he needs to get instructions from his boss? Or Trump somehow beat out Netanyahu for Kremlin Employee of the Month? Or make a payment on the Pee-Pee Tapes?

Whatever the reason our wanna-be dictator will of course lie to us and then Putin will punk him hours later by releasing details of a meeting that will be misrepresented by this White House just like they misrepresent everything.

I think Trump just needs to talk to Putin to beg in person for help and hacks in the upcoming 2018 Midterm Elections.

Here’s some predictions- one prediction has come true already, hours ago the Russians let go that Trump had been the one to suggest the meeting take place at the White House, where he hasn’t been in 13 years.

  • The meeting will have Putin lounging in the Oval Office with his little bitch Trump
  • Trump will try to avoid the press and lie about the meetings and everything that is discussed
  • Putin WILL Punk Him like he Punks everyone. Probably by releasing some embarrassing pictures or audio to directly contradict what Trump’s assertions
  • Suddenly there will be a new strategy for re-election and the mid terms- Stick to your Guns and wait for the fix is the best description
  • Treason stays in season
  • The meeting will immediately begin a new erosion of Trumps numbers (if he doesn’t start it sooner with a whack statement). Its really offensive and was probably Putin’s idea.
  • When Trump’s impeachment goes down this meeting will be the source of at least one charge in the Indictment