Sympathy for the Donald


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Shut the fuck up while I introduce myself I’m a man of bigly wealth and taste

I think I look younger than I am and my clown hair is sprayed in place

I was round to watch when Roy Cohn had his moment of glory and fame

Made damn sure that Vladimir got away with his election game

Pleased to Meet Me, Don’t forget my fucking name

and whats puzzling you is my grammar is so lame

I walk around 5th Avenue where I could shoot someone and its okay

Fired Tillerson and all my cabinet ministers, Melania Screamed in pain!

I drove a truck and got mocked as fuck while Miller raged and Bannon Drank

Pleased to meet you, Have you Got My Bribe?! And whats puzzling you is how I’m still alive

Im soaked in pee while Putin films me But I had the bigly-est inauguration in History

Shouted out “Who Killed the Kennedy’s?” When after all it was Lyin’ Teds Dad and me!

I think every cop should act like a criminal but Robert Mueller is too clean

And Im president thanks to Guccifer so I’ve put Liberty under restraint

I dont drink or smoke, just chug diet cokes and have 2 scoops for your one

So if you meet me expect no courtesy, no sympathy and no grace

and All my poorly learned politics will lay America to Waste

Hey Baby, trump’s my name! hey Baby Putin’s to blame!


For anti-Melania Song Parody ‘Eleanor Bigly” click here    

this song parody is my fucking payback to scumbag Trump for destroying my enjoyment of ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’. He plays that one without permission and has really sort of misappropriated the meaning in a way that makes me fucking sick


OJ Simpson, Guilty AND Framed


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Last night on FOX and today on CNN OJ Simpson will confirm what we all know; He’s guilty. He was also framed.


He did It

It explains everything. The moment Fuhrman goes over the fence he planted the bloody glove. Don’t blame the jury!  It was amateur hour framing and he simply couldn’t be convicted. This one Phillips, Vannatter and Fuhrman. The LA Detectives who didn’t feel like going through the work they were paid to do- proving OJ did it IN AN HONEST WAY.

Since he almost goes down for it anyway its safe to blame the whole fiasco on the bad cops who didn’t do their jobs. I’m glad I don’t live in LA cause that police department sort of scares me. Bad rep for a long time. They might come frame ME!

Instead of work the case right they decided to make it a slam dunk and planted some evidence. They were simply lazy (not that this isn’t corruption too). Best Guess was they didn’t yet appreciate the intense media focus that would pretty much expose the cavalier and bad investigation, if not the framing. Hey, maybe they knew the fix was in and thats why they non chalanted it a little? The crime scene was proven to be pretty much contaminated, so what if the blood was real at that point? It had been tracked through etc. Also; DNA was too new to be trusted yet.


Vannatter, he framed him

Whats scary is they probably did it more than just this one time too. They were dishonest lazy bad cops.

Look no further than the cop who was holding on to the suspected murder weapon for fun if you think the LAPD was doing things right at this point.

So guilty, but framed. It’s the only theory that answers all the questions.

As a final thought- Judith Reagan’s a ghoul for wanting to ever do this book and interview she’s promoting. What good can come of it? There’s no way to lock him up for it anymore. Double Jeopardy applies.


Fuhrman, He helped with the Framing

Trump’s Very REAL Low Approval Ratings Explained


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Is Trump the least popular president ever? A simple”No” doesn’t cover it anymore. Now we can only respond; “Depends how you measure it.”


Underwater Yet Still Sinking

Trump started out below 50% on day one, back at the “Biggest Inauguration in History” where the protest marches outdrew his swearing in by a HUGE margin. In fact the one year anniversary protest marches against trump also did better so far as turnout as any Trump event of any kind yet.

The fact is Trump has only flirted with 50% briefly and distantly. Trump trashes the people who are opposed or turned off by him just like he trashed the girl who would didn’t fuck him in High School.  In other words- Suddenly its something you never wanted and no one would ever want? 2 minutes ago you thought she was hot.

This would probably be easier to accept if were more spectacular. Lets face it people NOT doing something can be hard to put a compelling picture up of. So the TV news doesn’t do cover it like they might if they had some juicy video.

The only poll that really has decades of history is Gallup. It may be flawed to a


In most ways our least popular ever president, Harry Truman.

degree, but it seemed to be about accurate on election day when votes were cast. FACT-Hillary got a lot more votes but lost due to our Arcane systems fatal Republican President Making Flaw known as The Electoral College.

The fact is- Gallup AND the Real Clear Politics Poll of Polls NEVER show the president at 50% or higher in popularity.

The Lowest For The Longest

If Trump’s NOT the lowest for the longest just give it time. Until now it was Harry S Truman holding the All Time Lowest Presidential Approval ratings.

Here’s some overview how that happened;

The beginning of Truman’s presidency is one of the worst days in presidential history as Franklin Delano Roosevelt has to die to cause it. Deep into a world war Americans were unfamiliar with their not so eloquent president. He made either President Bush seem very charismatic.

In Truman’s case dropping the atomic bombs on Japan starts him out looking like a brutal killer or a total wimp. Irony of ironies.  Half America resents the dropping of the bombs, the other half think he should have dropped more. So his first decision just divides everyone.

For Truman dropping the Bomb and following FDR are just too much to absorb for most.

Politics and use of military force in Korea further divided the public on Truman. The Korean War was a problem simply because we couldn’t will it to an end in a few weeks. Its also a questionable war. Truman feuded with the Theater Commander MacArthur and MacArthur took it public. Plus we’re starting to come to terms with the Segregation issue at home.

Harry Truman never caught a break publicity wise.

If you dislike Trump the Bad News is despite this Truman keeps getting elected.  The Good News? Trump will almost definitely NOT be able to replicate the level of personal engagement Truman gutted out in the extensive Whistle Stop Tour to get re-elected. It showed poise, control and determination. Truman just had more character than Trump.

Look at the gargantuan effort Truman put in-


The approximate route of Truman’s 1948 Whistle Stop Tour.


Truman gets by mostly on shoe leather, one of his re-election tours featured him doing whats been called whistle-stop tour. Basically he took a train to as many small towns as possible and formed a bond with enough average people to get around the bad polls and win. I don’t know if a Tweet or a series of tweets has the same effect.

The Numbers Now

Trump is sickening everyone by already campaigning for 2020 but he probably has to. The real question is how much of that is based on his craziness and need for approval? Like Hitler he seems to need to really kill it at a good rally to buoy his spirits

14 months in Trump is about 5% below what he had on Inauguration Day. 14 months below 50% has happened but below 46%? And constantly ‘bottoming out’ with dips into 30s?

It’s not as bad as ‘The Last Days of Bush” yet, but soon he will absolutely be the president who had the lowest approval for the longest time.

Screenshot 2018-03-11 at 2.42.06 PM

Real Clear Politics Aggregate Poll as of March 11, 2018

The Very Worst?

Again, Truman or George W Bush own the all time low approval, with low 20’s as the nation waited out the end of their careers. Viewed as term-limited lame ducks who pointlessly started wars of choice they were loathed at the end. That’s the big difference. They had been president for awhile and just wore out their welcome.

Trump’s White House Home Invasion is only 2 months into year 2.

How Could it Get Worse?

A war would probably be enough to drop Trump to very lowest ever, say in the mid teens approval wise sespite the apparent ‘staying power’ in the 30% range.

Frustrating many is the Trump Dysfunctional Ad Hoc approach to all governing. The lack of civility, the constant shit-talking and just plain sounding crazy all hurt Trump every day.

If the level of prosperity drops off or there’s trouble for any prolonged time with the Stock Market Trump’s number will tumble.

An irresponsibly done tax cut that was widely criticized only bought Trump a few weeks in the mid forties in approval.

The Mueller Probe could send Trump’s approval plummeting but not like screwing the pooch with a war or if he gets his Wall built.

The 30% core followers are members of Cult 45 and will not change their minds no matter how much proof Mueller comes up with. This may not be enough to save Trump from Impeachment and Jail, only another hacked election seems capable of stopping that.

Is This Historic Yet?

Yes. It’s too low for too long.

Trump definitely could rescue Harry Truman from “Least Popular President Ever”.

The slightest shifts in the situation in America or on the Korean Peninsula (or any number of other places) could devastate his approval ratings in mere hours.

By devastate we mean dip to say the mid to high twenties. And something like 70% disapproval. And it could go on for two or three years.

It’s not clear how he can govern at all with the increasing strain of NEVER having so much of America approve of him.

W Says Thanks

Already no longer the dumbest president ever, George W Bush must be relieved.

Trump’s approval rating is routinely in striking distance of the W Bush All Time Low of 31.9%. He Will Beat it sooner or later. Ditto for Trump’s proximity to Bush’s all time high DISAPPROVAL of 64.8% that same week in September 2008.

The big difference is George W Bush’s big fall comes as a lame duck playing out the string. Trump is only 14 months in.


When He’s Up it Temporary, when He’s Down it Stays

Probably the constant idiocy and fascist-like talk and tweets prevent trump from rising to 50% approval.

The problem is that the failure is now baked in. Trump looks foolish regularly. His ‘outreach’ to the other side politically is always a line in the sand. He can’t work towards a consensus. He has that 30% and if he does everything right and keeps quiet for a few days he sometimes rises close to 40 but that’s a hard ceiling.

With a lot more people disinterested in politics than in the past the disengagement of about 10% of everyone helps Trump a bit too.

Low to mid 30’s are probably going to be a fact of life for this president, for however long he lasts.

And just for score keeping – the most popular ever president is George H W Bush right after the Gulf War starts. Off the top of my head i think he makes it over 80% approval. He failed to be re-elected. So that makes his the hugest drop-off ever.

Trump can never expect to hit 50%.



Katy Perry Kills a Nun


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Well, I never thought I would say “Ozzy Osbourne would be proud” when talking about Katy Perry, but I was wrong.

Sister Catherine Rose Holzman, who was 89, dropped dead in court years into a legal battle over a one time LA convent the pop star bought from the Church.


Katy Perry gets the last laugh

It was simple greed, not some X-File or demonic force that had the old lady drop dead during the pointless court battle she shouldnt have bothered with in the first place. Pride Goeth Before the Fall! When I’m 89 I will want to be okay, but I dont know if I would insist that I only live in a mansion to the point it killed me anyway, but that’s me. I can’t speak for the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (though I may have seen them at MSG with the Jesus and Marychain in the early 90s.)

It would never have happened if the Archdiocese had let the nuns sell off the convent for 15 million bucks to some restaurant owner a couple of years back. But they stopped that in its tracks and at some point they sell it to Katy Perry.

So lets face it, the property is Katy Perry’s. They took her money.  The Church even wanted these old battleaxes to just drop it. I guess they’re exactly like the pissed off violent nuns at Our Lady Victory in the 80s when i did 8 of my Catholic school nightmare years.

This isn’t Katy Perry’s fault. It IS kind of hysterical though. Here’s this woman of god dropping dead fighting over a material possession she wasn’t willing to give up. Nice vow of charity.

At this point you gotta ask- what kind of lowlife lawyer would ever take these crazy old bats baseless property case?

I guess Sister Catherine got her wish. She only wanted to live in a 15 million dollar mansion convent and played the Jesus Card to no avail. She’s probably also pretty surprised that there’s no god and shes just dead.  Tough fucking day.

My advice for Katy Perry? Maybe see if the Osbourne’s want to buy that place OR take your music in an occult new direction. Either way, fuck it, this wasn’t your fault.

Sister Rita Callanan and one or two other unrealistic goddies are still looking to keep their sweet digs despite losing over and over. So maybe theres another nun dropping dead in court soon.

Well Played, Satan! File this X-File under LOL!


Sister Catherine Rose Holzman


Trump’s Moon, PA Death Rant


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In a spectacular display of gaslighting Trump’s just spent about 5 minutes insisting a drug dealer kills at least 5000 people in their lives and must be killed themselves.

In fact it was so crazy I started typing this immediately. We’re seeing a new low in style and delivery from trump. It’s all stuff we’ve seen before but perhaps more vitriolic than ever, unbelievably.

The speech was a disjointed mess as usual. I’ll try to keep like ideas together. Of course his delivery meandered as always.  It seemed off the cuff as usual too. The idea Trump freestyling without a qualified staff was on full display.

The drug dealer comments came after a long screed about the Wall that’s never getting built and impromptu imitations of other world leaders. He pulled out his applause line about the fantasy Mexico will pay fo the Wall for a couple of preposterous stories.

Trump also found time to make some pejorative racial cracks about Elizabeth Warren before lacing into repeated long stories about ICE and MS-13. It was pretty hard to figure out if the crowd was chanting ‘Build that Wall” or “Kill Them All”. I guess he’s lucky theres so few Native Americans in general, but its safe to say “racist against Native Americans” describes his comments best.

Later Trump helicoptered back to MS-13 yet again and compared the ICE raids on Long Island to the liberation of a city during war-time, a total misrepresentation. Then he scapegoated immigrants again as he called for penalties for sanctuary cities. Then on to chain migration and that Visa Lottery he hates for no apparent reason.

Then he praised the ICE agents as mean brutes, which is the way Trump wants all law enforcement to act (except Mueller, of course). All remarks on criminal justice revolved around the death penalty and 19th Century Opium War analogies which also were about the death penalty. He held up Singapore and China as paragons of justice.

As usual his overall tone could be called “Un-American”.

He didn’t seem scripted at all tonight. Maybe all the staff defections prevented anyone from putting together any kind of speech. It was just boasting and vitriol.

It was disturbing to have him use imprisonment, the death penalty and nuclear war as punch lines. Whatever.

The unbroken boiler plate technique of never reaching out to the other side endured.  In a particularly unhinged moment he bought up Rep Maxine Waters just to bash her intelligence. He also found time to talk about some sort of Secret Weakness of Oprah’s as he wished she’d run for president. Personally if another TV personality gets close to being the president its off to Canada for me. The point is Trump bashed 2 black women just for the fuck of it. Pretty despicable.

And for the first time Ronald Reagan started to take a beating. Trump portrayed himself as not the Snake Oil Salesman he is; but a better version of Old Dutch and then mentioned some out of context, sketchy or hard to believe stuff he claimed he did better than Reagan.

Then he called himself the most successful first term president in all American History. So Lincoln? Washington? all just a warmup for Trump? The idiots in the crowd bought it.

Political violence doesn’t seem like its far off when you see the way Trump irresponsibly manipulates the fools who cling to him still. I guess its tempting to live in a World where everyone but you and Trump are wrong.

And he found time to congratulate himself for solving unemployment for African Americans.

On to an attack on the Democrats. Is there any doubt he’ll launch a criminal probe of any opponent in the next General Election?

Hillary got bashed, Obama got bashed. Even George W Bush got trashed. The crowd loved it. Lets face it these people were members of Cult 45.

Frightening repeated calls for Isolationism concerning his Wall and some denigrating comments he half bought back about the president of Mexico were in there.

For awhile he was boasting about his tax plan. The he was using a theoretical nuclear attack on the Olympics as a laugh line. Then he took all the credit for the success of the Olympics themselves.

75 minutes in he’s again boasting of the size of the crowd he drew and criticizing how the media covers it, trying to floor direct the news coverage through sheer bullying.

Like Dana Loesch at CPAC and every other republican for the last 18 months he extolled the crowd by denigrating the media. Lots of Stalin Era terms like Fake News were used by the president in his fuhrer furor.

Over and over he stated that since he’s good news copy he’s a good president. This is about the stupidest justification for presidency ever including the platforms of everyone who ever lost including Eugene V Debs.

He bashed the press over and over. Tonight for whatever reason it was Chuck Todd who was he subject of the not so funny insult “Sleepy Eyes”. The guy has red hair, couldn’t Trump have done better? Whatever. This week he says he hates MSNBC more than CNN and especially hates Meet The Press. It was petty and small.

On to bashing Peggy Noonan and The “Failing New York Times. He claims he likes Noonan, he just hates that she dares to criticize him. I guess somehow that relates to the Reagan-bashing? She did work for him.

He then imitated himself as ‘a real politician.’ It was better than his serious comments to be honest. About 2 minutes of pantomiming here. Circus skills were on display from the president as he’s basically a clown anyway.

Throwing people in jail, arresting people and killing drug dealers come up over and over. It’s pretty damn scary thinking this is what’s floating around his mind all day.

Of course no mention of the chaos or Stormy Daniels as the most secretive least transparent president ever just basically kept puffin’ away with not so coded racism and one whack idea after another.

And he spent a lot of time interrupting himself as one thought pushed out another. Its hard not to notice the heavy no necked guy behind Trump on my TV’s left who looks seriously inbred next to the lone minorities, 2 people holding up shirts referring to China (Jared’s fans?) at the rally.

As always, the whole speech was disparate and weird. Using violent analogies as a crutch he wheeled from one idea to another.

We could tell two things-

-Donald Trump loves the Death Penalty

– Donald Trump is winging it all the time now and needs the crowds approval. As they go he goes, he stands for nothing.

Then of course it was back to election night and recounting his “Historic’ Russian influenced fluke victory.

Now as Trump moves you can see there is in fact one black person there. I guess good for her?

The whole story of election night has become like Hitler talking about World War 1, but with Bones Spurs.

And then an attack on CNN and more puffery about election night. The margin of victory was either razor slim or Historic from moment to moment.

He did whine about the idea he would be Impeached. Wonder why he thinks that? The he misrepresented his education again and claimed he went to Wharton. He went to the Wharton Campus and took Real Estate Programs (that didn’t last at the school). Maybe he took a management class that some actual Wharton students took. I’m sure the school is proud a man who went bankrupt 3 times attributes his success to them. I don’t think they’re ever going to be a “Trump Hall” at the school, unless its Sexual Assault Trauma Counseling Center.


Trump looking bored and out of it moments after he got done puffing. Saccone looks plain nuts.

And we all had to hear the Keep America Great slogan he’s already unveiled for 2020 re-election effort, which started November 9th 2016.

Then Militarism was up for a few boasts and lies where he talked about an incredible American weakness Kim Jong-Un must have loved hearing about. Someone needs to explain to him that they navy is smaller than world war two becuae 1- its more effective and 2- one third of the ships are no longer carrying coal behind the actual combat ships. His military misconceptions were stark and frightening.

And of course Trump thinks everyones all wrong to about how he’s pointlessly cozying up to horrible Dictator Kim Jong-Un. Kindred spirits maybe? Anyway turns out he’s sure that the North Koreans will love everything he says and do whatever he wants. He then derided the media for questioning why he would do something so extreme without getting a thing in return. He seemed so frustrated on this point that theres probably no way he reconsiders this unbelievably stupid move.

Finally, having spewed hate apparently off the top of his head for nearly 90 minutes, Trump finally started to introduce the keynote speaker, GOP Hater Rick Saccone, a man who sounded like he had just swallowed broken glass. And then mercifully the coverage ended.

Seriously this was pure Nazi brainwashing. Gaslighting, lies, exaggerations, some pure bullshitting about his popularity being at an all time high when its stagnant below 40 since weeks into his presidency.

It was a deep dive into a non reality in the guise of a campaign rally. In fact he barely mentioned the candidate at all. He seems to have moved on from dramatic tales of teachers needing guns and hypothetical tales of personal bravery that was part of his whole mishandling of America’s Gun Massacre Problem last week. Back to xenophobia and Them-ism with a vengeance.

As the misappropriated legally forbidden Rolling Stones song he wont stop playing sadly played to the collected losers and racists who showed up on a cold winter night to watch a madman it was about as disturbing as could be. Every box checked off on the “Tin  Pot Dictator Fascinated with Hitler” checklist.

Like all Trump speeches it was based largely on the first 5 minutes of 1970’s “Patton”  docu-drama about the hard charging World War Two general. He deeply misunderstands this movie, but his political style is pretty much wholly based on it.

In this terrible speech Trump hit on most of the themes assocuated with the start of Word War One and Two and especially Weimar and early Nazi Germany.

There was militarism and a call to strengthen the military. There was the blaming of a small section of society for every manner of problems. There was the Gaslighting that Drug Dealing is equal to thousands of murders. I guess its im[ortant to note he made no distinction between marijuana, crack or heroin.

Grim, Dystopian, dark and racist are all words you could apply to this shaeful display of menta weakness by the president.

Trump’s speech would have worked fine for the Kaiser or Hitler himself honestly.

Like a Nazi speaker from the scrapheap of history there was blame heaped on political opponents. It was repeatedly implied the media should be harmed to help America out.  There was an attack on our Allies as well as bellicose talk of the campaign against ISIS where the seemingly made up statistic of 98% of territory recovered from ‘the Caliphate’. Islamophobia and scorn towards immigrants were themes. Protectionism was in there when he touted the steel and aluminum tariffs that will be paid by American citizens in the end.

UPDATE- the presidents staff said there WAS a script for the rally, he simply didn’t use it. Hard to believe actually.

Oh by the way, Conor Lamb got some help too.


Why I Hate Sarah Huckabee Sanders (and hope she goes to jail)


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Like everyone else I’ve just had it with lying White Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the daily assault civility and reality that is her White House Press Conferences. ew.jpg

I admit it, I feel like Trump sends her out there for a bunch of reasons all of which are best summed up by just calling her “really hard to take”.

Unafraid to brazenly lie and shame any member of the press who dares to ask a relevant question. SHS is quick to blame reporters the disgusting nature of Trump’s behavior and the questions it begs in the person forced to ask it.

Never shy about adding several pejoratives to any statement she might have a high “Insult IQ” and an inexhaustible reservoir of bile and faux disgust. “I think the question’s offensive” she often slurs in her Old Confederacy accent.

Sean Spicer at least had some shame. Not Huckabee- Sanders. Lying, gaslighting, moving the goal posts and good old Nazi “Them-ism” are favorite tactics.

Does anyone really think her brisk angry nature, her lack of civility and the ease with which she insults reporters aren’t the very reason she as given this job? Let’s  be honest the SHS Presser is an assault on all senses.

Starting no less than 15 minutes late every day (as per Mein Kampf) usually there’s a ‘Special Guest’ who totally doesn’t need to be there. Usually a deputy cabinet minister


typical SHS outfit that just enhances every bad thing

who will jump right in to a very abstract but lengthy story of some sort of prosperity scheme, usually enabled through taking things away from the poorest most vulnerable Americans. This is like watching the trailer for a movie that never should have been made. In other words, it lowers expectations.

Then Sarah herself takes the stage. Its difficult not just to go after her in the way her boss Trump goes after women, because someone that crass could have a field day. She would deserve it for enabling Trump. I don’t need to go there.  Instead I’ll stick with the things she controls that make her horrible. Like lying.


You could easily see SHS in this exact outfit

Most days Sarah comes to the White House Press Room podium dressed like a villainness from an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. There’s no telling which dysfunctional planet she’ll be dressed like on any given day but certainly we’ve seen Klingon and Romulan inspired outfits. Sometimes she likes a short leather skirt and Go-Go boots with off the shoulder flowing black garments inspired by ancient Greece. Other times she’s dressed like the Quaker Oats guy’s daughter or something. Another recurring look is something along the lines of Glen Close from Guardians of the Galaxy.

We all know Sara is right-handed based on her completely asymmetric eyebrow tweezing. She looks like 2 different people depending when she turns profile one way or the other. This probably helps keep people’s expectations low as she verbally assaults the White House Press Corpse, belaboring a point like an angry grammar school ew_2principal scolding the wild kids in the lunchroom. “Fake News” and “Enemy of the State” are terms we’ve all heard her use again and again.

So at the end of the day if Trump is held legally accountable for all his dickish acts and criminality; will Sarah Huckabee Sanders end up in jail too? It’s not impossible.

With Hope Hicks appearing sort of prison-bound and gone from the White House Communications office what SHS says now is more on SHS that ever before. While Hope Hicks had her job she simply sat off to the side, phone in hand, glaring at Spicer and later Huckabee Sanders as they dealt with the press. Seemed like Hope Hicks was in very much in charge. Until we hear different it’s a safe bet that the job of ginning up that days lies is Sanders gig now. Sure it still all comes from Trump, but he has some very real problems of his own.

What kind of problems could SHS have? For starters she’s kind of slandered the 19 accusers who claim Trump sexually assaulted them. Yup, she said the words “They’re all lying.” She may have furthered some lies about Stormy Daniels aka Stephanie Clifford a few times in the couple of weeks.

And then there’s stuff much closer to Treason. Like when she knowingly deceives the American people on behalf of Trummp.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders accepts a tax payer paid salary to deliver lies on behalf of a criminal. possibly treasonous president. I for one hope when all this shakes out and people get tossed in jail we get to see SHS showing off the newest Trump fashion jewelry – HANDCUFFS.

We all know Trump is lying. Can anyone doubt Huckabee-Sanders knows that too? How hard could it be to convict her right now of furthering a criminal enterprise? And how much deeper is the hole she’s digging herself into going to be now that she’s that much more responsible for what she says?

I really hope she spends a few years in jail.

Lock her up.


A popular anti Sanders Meme right off Twitter

The Dysfunctional Trump Adhocracy


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Olympus Has Fallen

Welcome to start of year two of the abortion that is the Trump Presidency.  While we never had a lot of faith that Trump’s hiring prowess would pan out we at least thought he would get a core of mediocre people to mitigate the damage of his own bad impulses. If that was ever the case it’s a distant memory now.

Right now a confluence of events has us living with an Executive Branch too chaotic and arbitrary to be called anything but Ad-hoc.


This past week was more chaotic than most. It saw an overdue end to Temporary Security clearances for the dozens of White House staffers who couldn’t obtain  ACTUAL Top Secret Clearance.

Among the casualties are the presidents shady son-in-law Jared Kushner and maybe his wife Princess Ivanka too. In fact both the Kushner’s are almost daily the subject of more revelations of shifty deals and questionable ties.

The Kushner’s seemingly are now about on par with an army lieutenant in the kind of secret information they would be allowed to see. In other words- damn near nothing. CNN reported that even the White House Calligrapher now has higher security clearance than Kushner. That’s just humiliating and validates the litany of critics who have called him unfit to serve.

If theres any good news no one expected them to accomplish much. In Kushner’s case the idea he would share information with anyone for a few bucks figures deeply in. Good luck as Mideast Peace Envoy (with less clearance than your driver now) Jared.

The idea that Trump could just reverse himself and simply restore the security clearances of these risky people is in the mix too. And of course all of this is out the window if Trump’s Chief of Staff General Kelly quits or gets fired.

It’s that chaotic. And its not like this Administration ever enjoyed any kind of acceptance from the public.

The Birth of Dysfunctional Adhocracy

I’m calling whats going on right now A Dysfunctional Adhocracy. Rather than streamlined and tailored to handle any given crisis; this administration, through indifference and nepotism, ended up being a vain and incompetent soap opera of blameshifting lies and firings. Also- it’s governing by whim (and tantrum) and is more or less completely spur of the moment.  Right now America’s policies are unplanned assertions from the president and nothing more.

It’s Ad-Hoc in all the worst senses of the word.

Yet another, not to be forgotten, part of the chaos is a desperate Trump kicking the can one day at a time to stay head the Mueller Probe.

Nobody’s Home

The part where everyone keeps getting fired dovetails with an always laissez faire ( and often transactional) hiring policy that knew no urgency and started out behind.

Trump’s Campaign was perhaps the smallest (and shiftiest) in History.  For instance; their so-called ‘coffee boy’ was also a liasion to the governments of Australia and Greece. It relied on Force Enhancers like Dark Money and cyber crimes from sources like the NRA and the Russians. The smallest campaign bred the smallest transition. No urgency was ever felt by anyone to have a fully staffed White House that could hit the ground running. That gap was never addressed and the Trump White House always lagged behind and kept on fading.

There’s no one to review policy, there’s no one to write up talking points and there’s no larger discussions of hard facts by highly informed people (if that ever even happened). There’s just a random collection of people best described as ‘yet to be fired’.

Typical of the leftover weirdo survivors would be someone like crazed, angry bigot Stephen Miller. Unqualified and uninformed; they’re just manipulating a president who never really had any ideas, just angry inclinations.

Its ad-hoc and in no way thought out. It’s also dangerous as all Hell.

Which brings us to the precipice of doom otherwise referred to as ‘now’.

The result of all this outright chaos and havoc is that not only are they desperately short


Dum-dum DUMMM! It’s Captain Chaos!

handed. They also have had to shift people from job to job in dizzying fashion. Predictably, work didn’t get done. Look at a poorly thought out and immediately shredded bad idea like the first attempt at a Travel Ban as proof of this . And it happened in every way possible. Unqualified people like Betsy DeVos bought their way in and others still just plain old walked in and convinced Trump to hire them based on being early loyalists like General Flynn.  DeVos, the only one of the two not currently facing jail time, is the most unpopular secretary of education ever and the first to need a robust security detail. And she’s the success story.The cavalcade of defections, firings and resignations under a cloud has been unrelenting since General Flynn was forced out (and is now looking at jail time) after 24 days in his National Security Adviser gig. Right now it’s civilian hating General Kelly, HR Puffin’ Stuff McMaster, Jared, Ivanka, Ben Carson and Attorney General Sessions who are on the griddle or looking to flee.

In Kelly’s case he just can’t stop talking about how it was a fluke his closest adviser (and most important hire) was a serial wife beater (Rob Porter). It’s crazy but true that right now a really unqualified person or an outright racist who merely hasn’t committed any crimes that might embarrass the administration is a commodity, even if they’re also plain stupid. Miller again comes to mind.

Complicating everything is the Third Tier losers who were willing to work with Trump to begin with. Unsurprisingly most of them have led such shady lives that the idea they will ever be cleared to look at secret material on a permanent basis is not merely Utopian, its straight up delusional.


How troubled, unstable and incompetent are the president’s hand-picked staff? As I write this HUD Secretary and dim bulb brain slicer Ben Carson, is fighting off criticism of a 30 thousand dollar table and other hard to fathom wastes of cash. It’s actually a typical issue for “the Dumbest and the Dimmest” cabinet and department secretaries of this administration.  If Carson gets fired for it (or has to resign) he would be in good company among wife beaters, tax cheats, suspected foreign agents and luxury plane ride aficionado’s who’ve been chased from office already.

Winging It from Tantrum to Tantrum

So here’s how I see it right now – It’s Government by Ad Hoc Tantrums. What were once Frequent Ill Advised Comments have now degraded to Frequent Unadvised Comments. 

An isolated and irritable president bereft of staff and loathe to work is free-styling his way through every situation. NBC in particular provides a public service detailing some of his insanity in a great political blog post by Stephanie Ruhle and Peter Alexander you might just want to check out.


Since this went live – The Rachel Maddow Show chronicled the intense Human Resources disaster in a lengthy piece on March 6th and New York Senator Chuck Schumer just plain said there’s no Executive Branch staff to do even the most basic tasks in one of several stories on White House Chaos that aired or blogged by CNN the next day.

Whacked out statements that don’t consider anything beyond the immediate and the moment litter the recent weeks. The last two weeks have been perhaps the worst of his poorly regarded presidency as far as terribly ignorant statements. The presidents increasingly angry and bizarre behavior reaffirmed his lack of any decency, civility  or any character.

Among the low-lights; All over the map statements on gun control with only the unpopular and outright ridiculed Armed Teachers concept as his True North. Then there was a whimsical statement about wanting a trade war over metal imports; a hypothetical story of how he would have confronted a gunman and stopped a massacre were only he there to intercede. Then he pondered the Death Penalty for drug dealers. Throw in a bunch angry delusional tweets and caustic that were uninformed or untrue. All of this seems more desperate and angry than even similar outbursts in the recent past. He’s basically the guy who scared the Hell out of those poor Boy Scouts all the time now.

Americans took notice and Trump’s approval ratings, which had recently rallied up to 40% per Gallup, returned to the 35% he’s lived at from the very first months of his presidency.

It’s unclear if any president existed at approval ratings so low for so long. We’re talking End Time For Nixon level. Apparently the only way to run a country that way is to freak out and throw tantrums between delusional lies.

Storytime is Over

I’ve had a lot to say about Trumps repeated problems reading a teleprompter and other signs he can only sort of read. It’s not hard to find references to it in things like the Fire and Fury book or in comments from staffers, former employees and what friends he has. Trump was never big on reading and at 72 he’s not going to change now.

Many said the reading averse president depended on Hicks especially to read things to him (after she read and summarized them to bullet points). Kushner probably didn’t so much read to Trump as handle a bunch of stuff Trump didn’t want to read or hear about at all and just have happen (like Middle East peace).

For Hicks, if not Jared,  it seems the job also involved listening to or being the subject of the bosses rantings and tantrums over any gven topic at any given moment.

They’re not going to be able to provide that for him anymore.

You’d imagine losing Hope Hicks, a woman whose last 2


a furious Trump and his human voodoo doll Hicks

relationships have been with guys who verifiably rough up women, removes that last human punching bag he really has to blame and vent at.  I’m not sure what a 28 years old one time aspiring model adds to the president’s staff except maybe “designated person to get screamed at”, “messenger to be killed” and “Official Re-Assure-er”.

Is Trump taking in ANY information with the people who seem to have the job of reading for him iced out or gone?  Whose giving him bad news and lying for him now?

Maybe no one.

The crazy assertion about putting a protectionist tariff on metal imports was not part of a prepared set of remarks. Nor was it the result of research into the current situation in metal trade. Nor was it the result of something as cursory as checking out the guests at the trade forum where Trump blurted out the Tariff idea.

Was he influenced by someone? He does tend to agree with the last person he speaks to. Whatever caused him to just up and say it, the comment immediately sent the Stock Market plunging 500 points despite daylong efforts by whoever is left at the White House to defuse and / or walk back the remarks.

No One Can Be Fired

Which brings us to another problem;  right now no one can really be fired. Unleashing a round of firings to shake things up is actually a tried and true way to right a troubled presidency and we’ve seen guys pull it off in the past. That method is just not available when you’re also running the least transparent, most dishonest and secretive administration in history.

That’s right, the White House Human Resources merry-go-round has built up so much centrifugal force that its throwing people off every few days. It’s created an environment where the word Chaos is being used in every paragraph. Attorney General Sessions and Secretary of State Tillerson are just two people Trump absolutely despises who can’t be fired simply because there’s been nothing but tumult since day one. There’s so much staff upheaval that even firing openly frustrated serial Trump trasher Tillerson would just turbocharge the now constant “White House Down” stories that are further inhibiting an already foundering presidency.

And then there’s also the embarrassing racial component to the White House’s make-up. Overwhelmingly make and white. The fact is this administration shed half its African Americans just by firing Omarosa So Ben Carson may be safe no matter how many thirty thousand dollar furniture projects he undertakes. ANd he’s just one person they can’t fire.

What does all this say about Trump, a guy who sold himself as a great ‘Hiring Master” and excellent judge of business acumen? It sure looks like he is the kind of fool who would buy the Brooklyn Bridge from the same con man every few days thinking somehow this time would be different.

The weakness has not gone unnoticed by the rest of the world.

Crucial Everyday Tasks Neglected 

Looking weak because so many people had to be let go is a real issue but another problem, just as bad is complicating things even more. Simply put- There’s just no one to do any of the important jobs it takes to keep a president on point and out of useless rhetorical problems and fights.  Right now the White House is so understaffed and in such turmoil that the mundane has become potentially disastrous. Just a trade conference over metal imports kneecaps the stock market over what amounts to Trump spitballing ideas. This isn’t supposed to happen. A normal White House would have given him some safe talking points, vetted the people coming and maybe not have some of the wildest people at the meeting so they couldn’t influence “Stand for Nothing/ Fall for Everything” Trump to, for instance, blurt out a destructive comment someone fed to him, like a tariff on metal.

“Angry and Unglued” were the terms sources used to describe the president as he just up and said a bunch of damaging things on trade. NBC actually got deep into the nuts and bolts of how dysfunctional and understaffed the White House has become. It’s so bad that the day during the War of 1812 when a bunch of drunken Canadian’s torched the Executive Mansion is now a distant second (and fading) on the list of Awful Days at the White House.

A Dangerous Phase with No End in Sight

I’m not so sure this dangerous  phase ever ends. Trump may serve whatever time he has left just throwing ideas against the wall. This would be bad no matter who was White-House-burning.jpgdoing it, but this is Trump. He can’t admit he’s wrong. Just look at his now near daily insistence Gun Free School Zone be eliminated and Teachers armed. There’s literally no one outside the NRA (who were that last people he talked to before he started blurting out the Armed Teacher thing) who thinks this is a good idea. It would sell more guns and that’s all the NRA cares about. No matter the universal mockery of this moronic idea Trump wont back down. He said it once and therefore it has to be repeated and eventually some sort of Executive Order will get signed at his extra small correspondence desk at a photo-op.

Hold on tight, it’s gonna be bumpy.




Scot Peterson – The Good Guy With a Gun Who Wouldn’t Help at Stoneman-Douglas High School


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Scot Peterson of the Broward County Sheriff’s Department is the most infamous man in America after it was revealed he cowered in a defensive position outside as the Valentines Day Massacre unfolded in Stoneman-Douglas High School ultimately  taking the lives of 17 people.

Destroyed as a coward by both his boss and Trump there’s some details starting to emerge.

Faced with a disciplinary investigation he opted to retire. I’m guessing he moves soon too.

What was he thinking? Was he an under the radar Disgruntled Employee who never cared?

The comments from Peterson’s on Monday February 27,  lawyers he thought it was fireworks, is just beyond preposterous and I, for one, dismiss it as an outright, lie. Why would there be fireworks inside the building?  And if it were fireworks, isn’t that the sort of thing the cop assigned to the school should investigate? And why did he shelter from fireworks? If this is true Sheriff Israel lied when he said Peterson relayed information. I’m not Israel’s biggest  fan, but that would be a huge lie. For now the only person I’ll call a liar is Peterson.

He seemed to excel at his job but he did have an Achilles Heel at work. A not so well-regarded pet project he was willing to get in trouble for and would advocate for despite his admission he could not quantify it.

In 2015 an Internal Affairs review recommended counseling for Peterson over what amounts to an ill-considered and sort of insubordinate email to a superior about the merits of the ‘Resident on Campus Security Plan’ .

It sounds like he wants people to just take his word for it and continue something that couldn’t be justified in defending his beloved program.  “An audit report will never show how much we prevent.” Yeah, how about that? He kept the kids from stealing Snickers and sodas out of the vending machines. It didn’t buy protection, it seems to only provide a deterrent through Presence of Law Enforcement in a given area.

Sounds like this could have been all about getting as much overtime as possible.  They truly would have been better off using a fraction of Peterson’s 30k in overtime to buy some better security cameras (since we now know the ones they had were featuring a preposterous 20 minute delay in displaying the images.) Basically he saw his role as that of a Human ‘Ring Doorbell’.

Overtime was a substantial part of the now retired 33 year Broward  Sheriff’s Department veteran’s pay. Is that’s where his pet project figures in?

Whatever else he was, it seems that Deputy Peterson was Broward’s version of the Lethal Weapon movies Sgt Murtagh, close to retirement and “too old for this shit”. Then again, Murtagh was brave. Peterson will forever be the Broward Coward.

I’m speculating about what will likely not get investigated now that he’s opted to retire – his self-justification in those moments might just have to do with an ongoing wage dispute in the form of the Resident on Campus Security Plan. It was a project close to his heart and it got him in trouble in 2015 when he sent what seems like an insubordinate email about it.  It also put him in front of the school board in that same year trying to justify it. It would be interesting and probably enlightening to know just how much his pet project contributed to his total overtime.

Also; Did Peterson somehow influence the other Broward Deputies who then also failed to do their duty and cowered with him? His boss Sheriff Scott Israel seemed to think that way as he described Peterson’s actions on the February 25 broadcast of CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper. Israel claimed Peterson was relaying information on the radio and wondered out loud if Peterson had something to do with the lack of action by the other Broward Deputies seen cowering outside the school. The acts of cowardice were witnessed and reported by officers from other departments that responded, notably the Coral Springs Police Department.

UPDATE- Police Radio transmissions CONFIRM that Peterson told other officers to simply cower in fear at least 500 feet away from the building. Peterson sounds fairly composed. I think he more didn’t care than he was afraid. this was not what he signed up for. And while the radio transmission mentions it might be fireworks itrs NOT convincing and comes after of cowardly stuff about “Locking Down the Building” and way too much panic to be believed. It sounds like just the excuse of an uncaring cop who simply wanted to get paid and be called a hero. You can hear the radio transmissions here.

It’s hard to know how to assess anything Israel says right now.  He’s something of a Man on Fire and it’s hard to know yet if he’s shifting blame or honestly telling it how


The Embattled Broward Sheriff on CNN

it is. At this point they may be the same thing in Israel’s mind. The interview on CNN was after every Republican member of the Florida State Legislature called on Israel to resign. For reasons beyond the political Israel moving on is probably the way it has to be. I can’t imagine anyone could win back trust after the kind of complete failure we’ve just seen from the Broward Sheriff and his people.

In Israel’s favor?  I for one didn’t find his juvenile program as offensive as Jake Tapper did. It needed to be carefully applied, for sure. In the end though it’s never the best outcome to overly criminalize anyone, especially kids.

That said the Broward Sheriff’s Department looks just terrible right now.

A Justice Department Investigation would be inevitable under any other administration, with Sessions as Attorney General though we just can’t be sure of anything.

It’s eerily reminiscent of the questions raised after the Pulse Massacre in Orlando when many felt the police response lacked urgency and aggression in face of the ongoing massacre in Orlando.

So here we are, the second time a Florida Police Department is facing severe criticism over how their officers responded to a massacre.  Lets just say the NYPD’s Bravery on 9-11 was nowhere to be found in the Broward Sheriff’s Department. Not just Israel, but most of their hierarchy should probably be fired.

The people of Parkland will need plenty of time to regain their respect for their very reluctant guardians.

As far as Peterson? Everyone’s right. No amount of wall mounted plaques congratulating him for having his collar brass right every day was ever going to make him anything but a self-important bag of wind who never cared about the kids he was supposed to protect. He’s a coward and a disgrace to the badge he wore. He also has cast that badge into shame and splashed it with much more blood than there may need to have been. Something tells me he’s gonna find a way to be okay with all that though.

Here’s some quick facts about Peterson and his situation –

  • As of Friday his whereabouts are unknown
  • originally from Illinois.
  • 54 years old.
  • Had spoken of himself in the past as an intrepid self-sacrificing peace officer.
  • He’s been on the job with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office since 1985
  • Has a Criminal Justice degree from Florida International University, the second largest college in Florida.
  • had at least two encounters with the Killer
  • Ultimately was one of at least three (and counting) Broward police first responder’s under scrutiny for what amounts to freezing.
  • Aced his last two performance reviews.
  • Two years ago his salary was 77 thousand but with overtime its 101 thousand. This is also about the time where he’s getting in trouble and fighting to keep the Resident On campus Security Program.
  • It appears he was nominated for some awards at the same time he’s being told to get counseling. More details need to emerge but sire seems weird. Not sure what it says about the Department as a whole.
  • In 2015 Internal Affairs recommended Counseling for an ill considered email regarding his pet project, the ‘Resident on Campus Security Plan’ Peterson sent a superior. It seems the email may have been considered insubordinate.
  • He was nominated for Deputy of the Year and was School Resource Officer of the Year four years back. This is pretty chilling and really destroys the idea you can count on Good Guys With Gun.
  • Had spoken often in defense of his pet project; The Resident on Campus Security Program (which was what he sent that Insubordinate email over)
  • When speaking of the The Resident on Campus Security Program he put it like this- “An audit report will never show how much we prevent.” It looks like this may have been all about getting as much Overtime as possible and maybe people figured that out.
  • Has the same name as evil Wife Killing Christmas Fisherman Scot Peterson, currently on California’s Death Row.

Scot Peterson defending his Resident On Campus Security Program to the school board in 2015

Ex NFL Player Jonathon Martin is (Maybe) in a lot of Trouble with the LAPD


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Jonathon Martin, troubled former Miami Dolphin, was feeling pretty riled up Friday by NRA rhetoric or something. The one time rising star has some kind of chilling legal problems clouding his immediate future.

Basically the authorities are trying to figure out of he was threatening violence against his former High School.


Martin as a San Francisco 49’er in 2014

Whatever else may happen we know for sure the posting caused private Harvard-Westlake High School, which Martin graduated from in 2007, to be closed at some point Friday.  After you see the post you’ll probably agree they had to do it.

The LAPD is not technically detaining him, he is getting treated at a Los Angeles Hospital and not likely to go anywhere except court anytime soon. The lately much mentioned Baker Act, which allows for involuntary treatment at a Metal facility, seems to be in effect. That would mean maybe Monday he could be cleared to at least leave the hospital to face whatever charges are then pending. He doesn’t seem to have a lawyer right now.

So is he under arrest? Well the cops wont say.

It might be best if he simply gets help. At the end of the day it will probably end up being taken seriously and Martin just might end up at best on probation.  At least he didn’t threaten his college, Stanford, too. In fact when you see the posting Stanford is the only chapter of his life left out.

School Violence, Gun Rights and The Baker Act have been at the front of the national discussion since the Parkland Massacre just 2 weeks ago. Wayne LaPierre or Dana Loesch would probably have been proud of the unhinged and scary instagram posting.

The post itself is sort of confusing and shows some weapons with mentions of the school. It’s definitely disturbing and constitutes a real risk if not an outright threat.  The only chance he gets off lightly is if it’s a garbled cry for help. In his favor – the post doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Heres his post below.  It says “When you’re a bully victim & a coward, your options are suicide or revenge,”  It’s difficult to tell if the person who wrote this was in their right mind.


Some may remember Martin accusing then Dolphins teammate Richie Incognito of bullying him and there’s Incognito tagged in the post.

The So -Called Bullying Incident was Incognito disrespecting Martin and sending some gross and personal text messages where Incognito basically called him a feminine, submissive gay guy. The incident got Incognito a lengthy suspension and a settlement for Martin. The whole thing was just weird.

Now it looks like Martin may be more than just a prima donna athlete. He may be among Americas many mentally ill, or worse still, a criminal. It up in the air.

Martin, who was drafted in 2012 as a gifted Offensive Tackle, has long been dogged with accusations of bad behavior and being a cancer in the locker room.

Bullying, Gun Violence, frightening social media posts, Mental Illness, the rocky road after the game and the fear of CTE;  Jonathon Martin is in the middle of a lot of things and much of it in the front of America’s most difficult and pressing conversations.

Fueled by Hate – Loathsome Dana Loesch of the NRA


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Viewers of the recent CNN Town Hall for the Stoneman-Douglas High School Shooting Survivors and their families were introduced to Satan’s Personal Life Coach, Dana Loesch of the NRA.

With all the charm of an angry unqualified Substitute Teacher she alternately patronized, chided or even sort of scolded the students and upbraided the hosts while getting gigged for lying, making things up and not doing research. She blamed all her mistakes on Media DL4inaccuracies. I guess the fact she has deep ties to the Main Stream Media would shock some. Later she claimed she wouldn’t have made it out alive without security. I don’t know what she expected considering how she was so obviously trying to manufacture just that. She recounted her version of it to buttress her case against the survivors the next day. Talk about phony and insincere!

While Wayne LaPierre is NRA CEO and the primary spokesperson he can only rant so much while he’s basically running the organization for Putin. Newcomer Loesch, first seen in a chilling NRA web ad in April 2017, is the “Kinder, Gentler” NRA spokesperson who is supposed to appeal to moms and guys who notice her looks.

We know all about Wayne LaPierre and his issues from keeping up with the posts here at TheRealMcteag, so let’s get to know not so charming Loesch as quickly as we can, because hey, she’s pretty awful.

Raised by her single mom Gale, she’s from  Missouri. Her home town, Arnold, was founded by a guy with a land grant from, of all people, the King of Spain! Yosemite_Sam.gif Growing up I imagine her favorite Looney Toon would have been Yosemite Sam, but Foghorn Leghorn is probably in the running too.

Dana was born September 28, 1979, a birthday she shares with SICK skateboarder Bam Margera   as well as it being the anniversary of Pompei the Great losing his life to an angry sword owner (to which she’s likely add- ‘due to the absence of a good guy with a sword.’). Her original last name was Eaton.

Like we said, Dana is from the ‘bustling metropolis’ of Arnold, biggest town in the county.  It’s boasted a steady population of just about twenty thousand as far back as 1980 (when I stopped looking, so probably forever) .

Arnold boasts a ‘diverse’ population that’s a whopping  96.3 % white. Just think about it! Why, they’re sure to have all sorts of white people from places as exotic as Ireland and even Germany! I bet they even have an Australian or two.  How white’s this town? For comparison it’s just 0.06% African American; so you could easily say Dana lived a sheltered life in a tiny town where most everyone was the same.

Honestly, it’s a tossup if young Dana so much as saw a non white person of any kind before she ventured to St Louis after getting her driver’s license. We’re talking Nowheres-ville, people! How insignificant is Arnold? Well, its between Dana and NASCAR driver Rusty Wallace for most well-known person from there (same matchup for most famous High School Grad of local Fox High).

Her education consists of graduating Fox High School.

Dana rounded out her ‘education’ by dropping out of not one, but two colleges, which is sort of baffling because for a hot moment she had a journalism scholarship. It’s not too easy finding dates for this. I’m guessing she scrubbed her wiki of them because at almost 40 she wont automatically be getting listened to by every right wing old man much longer. I’m not gonna lie, for a pretty long time she was pretty good looking and I guess would have been one of the best looking woman out of the roughly 300 date-able (or in her case later, MILF-y) women in Arnold. If you like your women with crazy eyes and a cruel mocking smile she’s a real catch! This is the part of the story where she bumps against not bein’ too smart for the first time. Her soon to be husband Chris gets to take the fall when she drops out of school.

Married at home was infinitely preferable to things like fancy book learnin’ and great for selective reading of the Bill of Rights!  Armed only with good looks and the emerging insanity of the Right, Loesch stepped in shit with an early blog site she called “Mamalogues”.  Straight out of the Cult of Domesticity!

She’s sometimes described as the most successful “Mom Blogger”.  I guess “Tiger-Mom” was the other big one from that pre-Pinterest moment?  It’s funny because she might be the last person you’d let watch you kids or ever want to listen to!  Non bruising punishments like hot sauce on the tongue are likely her methods and FORGET her gender views with the way she always finds a way to talk about rape! (and I feel sorry for her 2 sons). I guess it was different and less outright bitingly cruel from her bullshit these days, because somehow it got her enough attention to get her articles published by the St Louis Post-Dispatch. By 2007 she was getting noticed and Mamalogues won some awards.

By 2009 she was hosting nationally syndicated radio show “The Dana Show, A Conservative Alternative.” That same year she gets in on the Tea Party craze, co-founding a St Louis chapter of the Far Right confederation.  Honing her skills, at this point shes chattering all day on TV and radio, you gotta figure it’s when she starts relating all violence to MS 13 and using Straw Man Arguments about Chicago.

DL2Also at this point the doors opened to the Fox News shows and other right wing media appearances. Rest assured she has been on pretty much every Fox News show but is probably the best fit for Morning TV in her NRA role. You figure they sent LaPierre to deal with gropers like Bill O’Reilly, but I’m guessing.

By the time 2010 rolls around she’s an institution on Fox and CNN as a right wing contributor. The awards from Right Wing Groups really start piling up at this time too.

At this moment she could have strategically jettisoned her most awful views and moved closer to the middle and maybe have scared up her own show. It was there for a second, but she didn’t change so it vanished.  Regardless, as 2010 and 2011 roll by she’s got the world at her feet….briefly.

In 2012 she makes her biggest journalistic ‘splash’ defending US Marines who had urinated on dead Taliban. That was fucked up but I forgive the Marines, they were just kids and had just been in battle. Loesch, on the other hand, starts to make a move towards greater notoriety by exploiting the youthful mistakes of others and catering to Islamaphobia. It didn’t go unnoticed. In fact all the wrong people love it and all the right people are a bit alarmed so far as furthering a TV pundit career goes.

And thats when she encountered the physical limits of the role she’s chosen. She was young and attractive and completely Right Wing. She was a far cry from her original guise of “Mom Blogger” Maybe she didn’t realize it, but she’d trended too far to the right.

Of course these views had led her to Breitbart, where she asserts she was never paid and essentially spewed hate for free. (Another example of just not being that smart). Who knows if its true? Breitbart himself is dead before she takes any action on this. Shes in a documentary called “Hating Breitbart” about it. Whatever.

As late as 2015 she’s still with CNN and contributing to coverage of  the Oregon Shooting .  (This might explain why she still was given some quarter by Jake Tapper as he asked the town hall participants, who were just scorched by her callous words, to show her the respect she doesn’t have for anyone else.)

Then money making opportunities suddenly got pretty scarce for the female Ted Nugent that is Loesch.  In fact the original radio station in St Louis where her show began dropped her in 2016 even though at that point Conservative craziness was really IN! The Trump Campaign was around the whole year waging a cynical, gun loving and racist campaign. Possibly that sucked the air out of the right wing hater talk circuit to feed its own insatiable fire of Destruction and Intolerance. One way or another her show goes kaput. I’m guessing  this is when she loses her benefits and stops taking the psych meds she so desperately needs. I dont know what it does to your pundit’s paycheck when you take a backwards step like that. It must have been a scary time.

As we said, she wasn’t always smart enough to actually get paid when she was spewing hate.  For a minute there it looked like she would maybe have to even get a real job! This explains well why she starts living in Dallas in Bankruptcy Friendly, creditor hating, asset protecting Texas. There she probably thought the game was up as she’d accumulated too much of a stink to be more than an occassional Fox News Pundit. I think the desperation still shows in her performances. She KNOWS it’s a Golden Fucking Thing to get paid for this nonsense whether she believes in it or not.  There’s nothing I could find regarding her current NRA compensation, Wayne LaPierre for comparison routinely pulls down 5 million bucks a year. Whatever they’re paying her she’s tooling hard for them.  But it’s also a shifty way to make money. Actually, after her horrible mouth, a perceptible  desperation and being shifty with cash seem to be the things you come across the most when you research Dana Loesch.

Fortunately for Loesch her rhetoric had been so extreme and her looks were still fresh enough that the NRA decided to solve all her problems by giving her a job being extreme and intolerant.  Her debut was the aforementioned April, 2017 completely unhinged NRA Ad (embedded below) It featured her delivering such upbeat dialogue as-

“… They use their movie stars and singers and comedy shows and award shows to repeat their narrative over and over again. And then they use their ex-president to endorse the resistance…. To smash windows, burn cars, shut down interstates and airports, bully and terrorize the law-abiding – until the only option left is for the police to do their jobs and stop the madness…. The only way we stop this, the only way we save our country and our freedom, is to fight this violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth….”

So as you see she’s no shrinking violet in this game. She speaks coldly, arrogantly and disturbingly.  Loesch is brimming over with faux Righteous Indignation toward anyone not currently packing heat. Unabashedly pro Trump (hey they DID give him 30 MILLION Dollars in helpful ads in 2016) and dripping with disdain it really is quite chilling.

Ones left to wonder WHY Loesch thinks the Police would wait til they had “no other option”  to “do their jobs” or why they are apparently so unfit to stop crime. Are Decent Cops not worth the money? It doesn’t matter. Vigilantism is her thing. Like a Jim Crow Lynch Mob would be her preferred form of Justice I guess.

Brittle and angry in her public appearances you would think there was nowhere to go but Up for the actual scripted public speeches. No such luck.

Her entire delivery is desperately aggressive and downright ‘Hitler Raving in The Bunker’ in its  tone. For one thing she wont stand still and simply talk. Shes more a performance artist. Loesch has an unsettling habit of circling the podium with a capricious look on her face jabbing the air with an accusatory finger. Her head is often low to the lectern as she hisses hatefully.  This is sooo creepy you probably need to see it for yourself.

In her most recent hateful rant public appearance, at CPAC of course and the day after the CNN Town Hall no less, she made hay out of her recent experiences.  She mockingly called out the media after making sure to focus the attention of the largely gun owning crowd on them and then pointing, physically and dramatically at them as she called them the worst deathmongers of all. Unveiling her rhetorical flourish about “Legacy Media”, the lines, sounding like they were ripped right out of Mein Kampf, were –

“Many in legacy media love mass shootings,” she then drank in the harsh laughter, applause and catcalls at the media before dropping this beauty, “… you love the ratings. Crying white mothers are ratings gold.” and then a Hitlerian pause to allow the  fuhrer furor to die down. Later she again ridiculed the Police.  I suppose she simply can’t stand trained law enforcement and their tiny pistols with just 16 bullets and measly one gun per cop? I don’t know but my dad was a cop, I find it offensive!

The performances are so over the top and disingenuous that, if you’re not a total nut, it reeks a bit of desperation (there’s that word again). The circling, the hands on the hips striking poses and sweeping arm gestures are obvious and maudlin, especially when minimizing murder and decrying the government.

Gaslighting, moving the goalposts and lots of recycled Nazi “Them-ism” in its many forms make up the majority of her maneuvers. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sick and clothed in the guise of True Americanism, whatever that needs to be at the moment.

Everyone can just decide for themselves if waving your arms in the air while shouting falsehoods really makes someone a ‘good speaker’. The other possibility would be she’s a train-wreck in slow motion that no one can look away from.

If you were to read both their speeches it would take quite awhile to figure out which one was hers and which one was LaPierre’s ( or until one of her frequent allusions to her greatest feat – having two children ). Perhaps their biggest stylistic difference is that LaPierre mostly calls out the government and deals with ideas that border on Treason and Terrorism. Loesch loves this stuff too, but she mostly just likes to draw rape analogies while going after Cops and the media. Arming Teachers is actually one of the tamer things in her milieu.

She’s also brazen and reckless.  She kind of threatened the media gaggle covering her CPAC speech and accused them of loving massacres. She added hers to the fascist  voices implying that violence against the media would be okay. That’s just irresponsible. Surely this must have felt scary for the journalists in that room full of conservative concealed carry lunatics.

So far she’s not directly implicated in any violence against reporters or the like, but if she doesn’t change her tune it will certainly occur.

Since Tomi Lahren is nipping at Loesch’s heels for Designated Unqualified Good Looking Right Wing DL3Hater and is 10 or so years younger I don’t think we’ll have to put up with Loesh a whole lot longer.

She’s I guess made two contributions to Mass Culture. For starters she’s possibly the first person to use the term “Legacy Media”. It was coined to try to elevate stuff like Mamalogues to the level of CNN and the New York Times (and drop those outlets to angry twitter streams in her estimation of their importance). We all know that’s just not true.

Her second contribution to Mass Culture is being the face of the NRA immediately after a tragedy. A time when they used to go silent for about three days. This alone means she will be a lightning rod of anger to many for years to come even if she stops now.  I’m just gonna call her one morbid and horrible monster for making money like that right here and now. It’s desperate, shifty and more cunning than smart. But that’s Dana for you.

You can find the current incarnation of the Dana Loesch show on NRATV, which is exactly what it sounds like; a TV-like streaming content app crazy people put on their Roku’s or Firesticks.

If you like threats of treason and violence check out this web ad where she’s just plain fed up with anyone who disagrees with her, especially THE MEDIA!  She sounds as crazy as ever in it as she counts down to an NRA Fueled Armageddon. They SAY its a commercial for her show. I think its proof she lied to Jake Tapper about being 125 pounds. shes closer to 160 (hey SHE bought it up as part of her argument for gun ownership).

Here she is again spewing hate (paid for a change?). Fair Warning- she’s at her most arrogant and defiant, it’s hard to watch.

Which brings us to now. You’re all caught up and ready to Resist!

The future? Just guessing here-  Look for her to eventually retire to a double-wide in a very white town in an Open Carry State with favorable Bankruptcy laws. She will probably emerge again unexpectedly with a terrible second act, possibly when she


Future Home of Dana Loesch

shoots someone or her kid accidentally shoot themselves or her.  Statistics suggest she’s at high risk for something like that and we already know she’s paranoid, intolerant and packs a gun to buy groceries.

Stay Tuned!

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Loesch trying to intimidate a youthful shooting survivor (it didnt go so well)