Bannon; The Evil Jerk in the Cheap Jacket


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In the last couple of weeks my least favorite Trumpkin, Steve Bannon, has come out of the internet sewer he lives in to take a shot at selling the people of Alabama on electing, of all things, a pedophile to the United States Senate. It didn’t go so well.

When everyone still thought Moore would win Bannon showed up and tried to bully sitting senators, like old Turtle Boy McConnell. He really made a point of praising Moore, a Fragging Candidate during the Vietnam War.  It was really hard to watch. Mostly because Bannon seemed powerful and it was frightening. Would he REALLY cajole these crazy rednecks into voting for a Child Molester? It seemed as though he could.


The man in the 30 dollar jacket

Then he didn’t. Immediately my view of Bannon reverted to what it had been before, minus a lot of anxiety about his so called ‘charisma’.

Still, I got  few problems with Bannon.

First off, whys he gotta be Irish? Seems since JFK any kind of liberal Irish politicians are few and far between.  They’re universally sociopathic Republicans.

Then we have what we could call “A Perpetuation of the Stereotypes” going on. Every Irish person with a conscience tries to COVER for how much they drink, even if it’s not that much in the first place. We’re always put down for that as a race. Weeks past a mandatory haircut, perpetually with 10 o’clock shadow, Bannon looks like Otis the


Otis the Drunk

Drunk from the old Andy Griffith Show plus 10 more years of hard drinking. He’s a walking stereotype of the most intolerant, uneducated cab driver at the lowlife bar. I don’t CARE if he went to Harvard, he managed to avoid learning anything there.

Is he on pills? is THAT why he’s so insensitive? Mottled with Gin Blossoms across his face and with a voice that,yes, absolutely fits. I’m always surprised he’s not slurring. Thanks for disgracing the race, Bannon.

On his soapbox he actually is more at home. Free and easy with awful things that set the nation back every time he opens his whiskey hole, he actually is a competent speaker….if you don’t look at him too long or too closely.

His Charisma, such as it is, is finite, thankfully. His milieu is too incongruous and it only works just so often. Maybe it doesn’t even work at all without outside help, be it from Trump or if the Russians cut out middle man and do business with him directly. Whatever is going on the facade is not the greatest and people do balk.

More Dr Morell than Hitler, he just looks like Hell. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want him to start jogging or dieting! Let high cholesterol carry him away tonight!

He’s a divider, and he’s had his day, but maybe, just maybe reason is returning to America (or arriving for first time) ?

Til now it seemed he was probably a soothsayer of some ability. He had, after all been able to conjure up Presidential support for the candidate he initially picked and who then beat Trump’s guy Luther Strange for the GOP senate nomination.  When he out predicted his old boss it was sort of scary.

No matter what the situation, for instance somehow selling Trump to at least some people and giving him some policy, bad as it was, Bannon had a decent track record. I was starting to think he was the next coming of Hitler.

But he’s merely a good speaker, not one for the ages like Hitler. And we’ve heard this before. And the failures of Trump have sheered off some people whose minds were only partly poisoned and they recovered some dignity.


‘I’m Roy Moore and I own a nickel plated 5 shot. Vote for Me?’

And Bannon Failed Big. The people of Alabama found a way to send the Democrat, Doug Jones, to Washington instead of rotten ol’ Roy Moore. Their first democratic senator in a generation.

Alabama is a ruby red Hater State where a bunch of small minded religious bigots spend their time trying to tell everyone how to live. Their 18th century views are a stain on the national discourse and dammit it took a CHILD MOLESTER to stop them voting republican. Was it hubris on Bannon’s part? I think that’s possible.

Right now Bannon’s looking like a really inept self promoter. It’s gotta a tough sell, his product was, after all, disproven by World War 2!

Bannon’s greasy paw prints are all over this Implosion. There were a few normal people that just got lost in the shuffle once Bannon started carping for Moore to be the guy. And he was good enough at influencing people to get that. It proved a Pyrrhic Victory. If he didn’t have terrible judgement he’d be much more dangerous. He chose the wrong battle and was beaten like the Germans at Stalingrad.

And now, 30 dollar K mart jacket and all, he begins a descent. Will he land in prison? Maybe for a while. Then, if he does get out, I suppose if he’s allowed around computers, he likely ends up a 21st Century Internet version of vintage hater, the Nazi subsidized Father Coughlin , another disgraceful Irish guy.




An Aspiring Gentleman’s Guide to Navigating The Weinstein Effect


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For the last few months there’s been something of a Reckoning going on in America.  In short, woman are (at long last)rebelling against the societal norm that diminished the impact of sexual harassment and abuse on the PERPETRATORS.

The fall of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein amid harrowing tales of sexual misconduct turned whispers to shouts. The best way to sum it up is – After years of terrible treatment our mothers, sisters, nieces and wives just aren’t going to take it anymore.

Sexual Harassment and worse have been rampant but it seems a Page has Turned. Now instead of the victim complying or getting fired its just as likely the cops will show up w_effect2to deal with what can be a crime.

Whats an aspiring gentleman to do? Best guesses and compassion are all we have to go on.

This is what I’ve come up with;  I don’t think we should even try to speak on behalf of women. We’re probably gonna be wrong and its probably presumptuous. Its only gonna sound paternalistic.

Heres my attempt at some schematic guidance for the overwhelmed or unsure.


Holy shit guys, get past any excuses that may come to mind, all these victims can’t be lying. If time reveals some accusers did lie that’s an individual thing and an aberration. It’s probably true that in some cases you have so many accusers that they will run the gamut of personalities. Some people will come off badly, some will be convincing, but all deserve to be believed at least initially.

The most cynical and laughable approach to whats been going on is on the political front.

Currently the people of Shit Hole Alabama are taking insanity, denial and projection to new heights by weighing whether a Republican whose likely a


Roy Moore during a Stump Speech

Child Molester is better than a law-abiding Democrat to make their Senator.  Moore’s defense is as simple as it is laughable, that everyone’s lying but him.

Worse, it’s a bewilderingly, disgustingly close race.  Like there’s anything to even think about? The fact Child Molesting Roy Moore is even in the running is mind-blowing.  Just another awful day to avoid watching the coverage.

Even worse still, throw in the full gospel pseudo intellectual justifications that Moore has taken to using in defending himself.  His rhetoric is right off the ‘Right Wing Crazy Person Media’ that America’s mindless happily allow to pollute their thoughts. It issues forth from internet sewers like Breitbart and AM talk radio stations. Its decades old and recycled. Still, some haters make a living off it.

There’s some bad people out there. Be careful and be informed.

Beware the MRA’s 

So Called ‘Men’s Rights Activists’, also known as simply ‘MRA’s’ such as despicable Rush Limbaugh , Trump himself and Jesus Freak Mike Pence, spin a seductive lie to Men that, in fact, denying these things happened in itself makes them untrue, They will present the men as victims (unless they’re non white). The MRA philosophy has taken hold of


Rush Limbaugh has long been considered an MRA

most right wing people. Take something as crazy as Quivering!  It sounds like a disempowering and futile philosophy. We’re NOT talking families who just have many children, we’re talking about the crazed extremist christian simpletons who feel obligated to repopulate the world. Having children to get in good with god is crazy.

Some people like putting the crass nature of the actions on society via musical or cultural icons. Its to dilute any one persons guilt. “If Jay Z says  ‘Bitch’ why can’t I?” Forgetting for the moment you simply shouldn’t? Next best answer – when you have a gold record you can go ahead and risk your fame doing it.  If you’re not a celebrity you are gonna have a terrible life trying to live by their rules.

Also hanging out near the murky bottom is good ol’ Ted “I”m Not So Great on Guitar No More” Nugent. Ted’s not as refined as some who spin intellectual reasoning for Sexism, he just outright trashes women. It’s an insidious way of thinking, but the part where you get to think no one else is as smart as you and your old-fashioned notions is seductive. It strongly appeals to dumb people and born followers alike.

Don’t be a ‘dumb follower’. It even sounds bad.

Enter the Quislings

Quisling is an interesting term in the sense its a Historical reference to the Fascist Collaborator who ran Norway for Hitler. One day we’ll see something similar with the names Flynn, Trump and Kushner. If you don’t know this term, hey, it’s why I provided a link, just use it.

Breaking My Own Rules a little here, be warned.

I’ve attempted to auger just how the Accused end up having some powerful female allies. I got nothing. It doesn’t make sense to me. Are they just mistaken? Could they be victims too? Maybe one day we’ll know for sure. For now? We just can’t fall in step with them. Just because they are women saying things a caveman would love to hear doesn’t make their statements valid.

It would seem an easy decision to either avoid favorably discussing the perpetrators or to simply put it on the Justice System to sort out, but some choose to do otherwise. In most cases it’s people on the political Right, who as I mentioned are currently making a Virtue of Pedophilia (Roy Moore again), so trashing adult women is probably easy for them now (Did they ever find it difficult?)

There are many collaborators, just try not listening to them. Helping out the “MRA’s” are some totally delusional privileged woman so rich and out of it they throw the blame on the victims and end up merely useful Quislings.

A great example recently would be Lena Dunham defending  a much accused possible rapist. I thought personally it rose to level of Enabling since she’s technically the boss of him. I further felt she was unfair to the victims.

Dunham would seem to me a somewhat toxic enabler.  Fair Disclosure- I’ve long considered her overrated and petty.

TV’s Big Bang Theory star Miam Bialik stumbled into second place in the Enabler Stakes when she wrote, then retracted, an Op-Ed many felt blamed the victims. Like a novice skater slipping on ice she seems to have accidentally recovered, but not before a good deal of backlash for bascially coming off like a 19th Century adherent to the Cult of Domesticity.

Bialik seems to be regarded by most as an Unwitting Enabler and seems to have changed her tune, but the story illustrates how many parochial attitudes remain.

While Bialik seems to have recovered, peoples patience with Dunham seems more frayed. Frutratung this one is she’s not much good at apologizing or explaining things.


Lena Dunham

The Girls TV show creator notably penned a bizarre self aggrandizing autobiography where she made some disturbing claims about what she did to her younger sister.

If you’re already on a bad path and love it, then look to Dunham for your cues. You can claim you were on acid later I guess.

The Intellectual MRA’s, the low brow MRA’s and the Quisling’s are a heady mix.  Rhetorical Fastballs, Curveballs and Spitballs all are served up in a confusing display.  You COULD be tempted to believe them. Hey there’s a whole bunch of loudmouth excuses and lies being put out there all day. In Limbaugh or Alex Jones’ case it’s incentivized on both ends.

The Consumers get to feel like theyre correct and the purveyors make money off it. Don’t buy into it.

Seemingly insane or “In On It” Camile Cosby, Bill’s real life wife, is another kind of


A telling and strange image of Bill and Camille Cosby

Quisling. Whether she’s delusional or In On what Bill does is anyones guess. She’s a seriously stereotypical enabling wife. Perhaps we need look no further than money? Some would throw Hillary Clinton in this category too. Fair or not its a perception she paid for when her historic presidential bid went sideways.

Guys, my advice is again simple- screen out the narrow-minded voices who claim they can explain everything. There’s almost never merely one solution anyway. That’s your first Red Flag  If you took the things the discordant voices of Intolerance say one small piece at a time they implode under analysis anyway.

A New York City Police Department Detective once told me “Anyone who is conned has larceny in their hearts”. He was right and it applies to intellectual cons as well. If you find toxic things convenient or empowering you need to pump yo’ brakes. You’re being primal when its time to be civilized.




Pitching Hate

The fact that some terrible offenders are just getting away with or even rewarded for what they’ve done through what amounts to crass denials are going unpunished just makes the whole Shit Storm more intense. Bill Cosby and Donald Trump are the most prominent of this group.

Some people just never seem to be held accountable. Seeing them is like a punch in the gut to people who’ve been victimized by other scumbags. If a person with an Abusive Past comes to prominence their victims have a new imperative. They want everyone to know how the abuser acted. It seems like a pretty normal cause and effect for me. It’s normal for people to wait until they are confronted with their abuser standing on the brink of power before they act.  It’s too common to call it anything else. To these victims surely it must seem their worst nightmares are coming true.

For the moment the Unpunished Unrepentant are somewhat having their day. Trump of course is president, Cosby is still defiant and a multi, multi millionaire out nothing but legal fees. Awful Roy Moore may just be the next Senator from Alabama.  All have adopted a moralizing attitude and derided their accusers. In Trumps case he goes as far as simply calling his 19 accusers liars. Cosby somehow prevailed in court and was immediately cured of a variety of ills and had enough energy to trash his accuser too.

Moore, who stands accused of the gravest crimes imaginable, has a hybrid Defensive approach. Alternately using a large group of female supporters as surrogates only to reappear and brazenly call his accusers something along the lines of pagan liars. Agents of the media are likened to forces of supernatural darkness. And in the 21st Century  no less. Don’t fall for it.

The overall effect of this simply refreshes the outrage or even re-victimizes some people with every new set of revelations.

These individuals are Straw Men on Steroids. It might actually be part of their appeal.


We simply can’t afford not to take every accusation and every accuser seriously.  Victims and crazy people can be one and the same. People who have an attitude might not be lying either. People with a chip on their shoulder, hey, maybe being a victim is how it got there?


Sometimes There’s No Good Options.

More than anything else we probably have to come to terms with the truths; it happened around us. All the things that we used to think just aren’t true. It’s just the way it is. That doesn’t make everyone a prick who may have thought bad stuff or believed the wrong person, but looking back now things probably weren’t what we thought then.

When we hear a story of abuse, unless we’re in a position of power, have to accept the fact the odds favor the victims. Respect and sympathy seems the only way to go


It’s changed being a guy. We see another icon or celebrity explode into a pervy jackass on a daily basis. How are we supposed to feel? Theres an element of shared guilt.

In my not yet that long life I have seen the world change. I’ve changed. too,  but I definitely never came close to anything that would be called ‘attacking’ someone! I never just pulled out my dick to ‘close the deal’, I can’t even imagine thinking that was a good idea. I didn’t need to “change” like that. Thats years of therapy and medication if not incarceration level thinking. Maybe my strong mom and having a younger sister helped me out, I don’t know why acting Normal is so damn abnormal these days.

The stories about things like Matt Lauers “Door Locking Rape Button” or Harvey Weinstein jerking off into a potted plant absolutely fall into category of “Stuff No One Had To Tell Me Never to Do”, in most cases I knew better before I was in High School! It’s criminal behavior and I’m not aspiring to be a criminal.

When I was young I could sometimes be a dick, and I know there were times I thought shit that I now know was wrong maybe was, I don’t know funny, or


young me (in the middle)

innocent.  I was wrong.

But underage girls? Attacking or drugging people?  Anything against the law was something that even in the depths of my worst booze and drug binge never seem to have happened. I guess I don’t have it in me (and thats a real relief).

On a bad night I probably misread signs and tried to kiss someone only to fail horribly, that’s mildly embarrassing not criminal.  Mostly because I never persecuted anyone for turning me down.  Unbelievably, theres people who attack anyone who rejects them.


The element of power is what the most obvious aspects of the Weinstein Effect separating it from simpler acts of horribleness. Weinstein and the other prominent


Kate Beckinsale brightens up any movie

accused had a LOT of power.

The more the perpetrators prospered the more powerful they became. They could point to the pelts on the wall in the form of destroyed or minimized careers and validate the rumors of vengeance. Weinstein also somehow alluded one of America’s better police departments, seemingly by simply bribing Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance.  He must have felt invulnerable. Thankfully the second approach from the NYPD likely lands him in jail as a convicted rapist.

Weinstein defined the Abuse Matrix as we know it now, that he would murder your career. Many of his victims, like many of Cosby’s, can absolutely point to downturns in their careers.

Some of these downturns are just Inexplicable outside active, powerful forces. Lets


Bill Cosby in his purported “Patchwork Sexual Attack and Drugging Robe”


face it, unless she wanted to stay home no year should have been without several Kate Beckinsale movies. She COULD have been as big as Julia Roberts by now. There’s no turning back the clock. Not to minimize what was done to her, but theres a faceless army of victims of innumerable unpunished abusers who did even worse. And Beckinsale herself had some power and still held off speaking about what heppened to her for years. Maybe she wasn’t scared, but she couldn’t pioneer her careeer on her own terms, that we know. Its just completely unfair.

Cosby, Weinstein, at times Trump and others dangled stuff ( or threatened to take away things) anyone would find tempting – a lucrative contract or a path to celebrity. In some cases they cleverly picked people who just fell between the cracks in society and trusted the public perception they were just lying Gold Diggers to take hold. Til recently it almost always worked.

In a world closer to that of Moore, very strange Michael Jackson, if he WAS abusing people, was something of an evil genius in finding pre-compromised people.  Be they exceedingly poor, in need of life saving medical care or just hung with a bankruptcy and some judgments he knew how to pick people with credibility issues. Like I said a different abuser but enlightening in his methods if he was abusing people. (seems to me he was)

The Weinstein scandal signaled a sea change. Would Be Abusers are in uncharted waters. Technology (every cell phone has the potential to record life destroying images and audio) is probably starting to help catch some abusers, but really its courage and to a lesser extent frustration by the women of America en masse.

The time has come to allow woman to speak for themselves. They seem to have found their voice.

I’m going to try to stay out of the way and learn as much as I can.


A lot of people have shit to answer for. Don’t get yourself mixed up in trying to parse who is worse. Everyone was a scumbag. Criminals we should just leave to the law. If they beat the rap but everythings sealed we know they low roaded their way out at best. We have to shun them.

Theres no real rule of thumb anyway. I don’t know what it says about me that it took me til the third accuser to really dismiss doubts about Al Franken and, years earlier even Bill Cosby. If I had to make an excuse its that I was in really numerous and good company.  Nobody thought America’s Dad was a rapist til we all realized it was just not possible he wasn’t, if not legally certainly morally.

Theres no quick or easy way for this to end, The Fire can’t be Quenched, it can only be allowed to exhaust as much fuel as possible and hopefully when it burns out the new lanscape is friendlier, nicer and less prone to abuse.

Fingers Crossed.


The Mounting Evidence Trump May Just be Functionally Illiterate


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Well we’ve had 100 Days of Fail from no longer all that new President Trump and wow has it ever been a whirlwind. Storming angrily from Failure to Failure and finding new ways to bottom out in Approval Polls, Trump seems dazed and confused most of the time.

Could it be because he can barely read? Podcast Host David Pakman was early to pick up on this. In early February Pakman examined the compelling visual evidence Trump can barely read or comprehend anything. Trumps only added fuel to the fire on this one, but watch the excellent podcast here before i add some of my own thoughts.

Pakman’s theory is backed up by some convincingly presented evidence.

Since the podcast in February, which is his second on the topic, we’ve all seen Trump doing things that suggest he is either functionally illiterate or has a deep reading comprehension problem.

Most obvious to me is the dead and passionless way he reads when he sticks to the teleprompter on the rare occasions he uses one . Droning and devoid of emotion he needs to go off script every few sentences to bash someone or to get a laugh or cheer of approval from the crowd (which he seems to always desperately need and luxuriate in too long).

Then there’s the verbal and visual tells Trump has that again are eerily close to the bullet pointed checklist from the Canadian Police for identifying Illiterate People.

The Canadian Police Publication on How to Identify people with Low Literacy that Pakman references is an enlightening document.  It has numerous checklists and bullet pointed items to help you identify people with low literacy traits uncovered by using Police Science.  That’s a pretty good provenance.  Most people (maybe not Trump) could easily utilize it to make a decent assessment.

Here’s an excerpt – (Forgive the British style spelling, our friends to the north like to use extra letters as often as possible)

People who have difficulty understanding verbal and written information have other tell-tale behaviours. Many people with low literacy:

• give what seem to be indirect, confused, or irrelevant answers to questions

• act confused or ask questions that do not seem to relate to the problem or situation

• not ask any questions at all (rather than reveal they don’t understand what’s going on)

• nod to indicate they agree or understand something, but then not do what you expect

They may also:

• not show up for meetings or hearings (because they did not understand the instructions on a written notice)

• sign statements or legal documents that they do not understand (rather than admit they have a reading problem)

• look dazed or uncomfortable when someone gives them something to read They may show their confusion when they:

• give the impression that they don’t understand the seriousness of their situation

• become frustrated and angry easily; they may storm out, or become physically confrontational  

Is there anything on this list we haven’t seen from Trump in some form? I can’t think of one. certainly “give(s) the impression that they don’t understand the seriousness of their situation’ seems applicable to everything. And getting angry? Remember his meltdown at on the phone with the Prime Minister of Australia when confronted with a complex issue?

I can think of numerous examples of everything on this list right down to storming out of the Oval Office when asked a question he doesn’t like (or comprehend?) and throwing reporters out of abruptly ended press conferences and interviews.

Another standout moment of seeming illiteracy would be when he asked a black


Trump vacantly staring straight through a copy of Variety

reporter if she knew how he could contact members of the Members of the Congressional Black Caucus; members of Congress whose contact information is literally at his fingertips. Everyone knows this.

Lastly we have the presidents baffling and hilariously Historically inaccurate statements about Frederick Douglass and repeated ignorant statements about Andrew Jackson. The Jackson comments are very disturbing as a cursory review of his presidency would present so many frightening and outright brutal actions and policies.

Genocide with WMD’s (anthrax laden blankets) against the Native Americans is just  one aspect of Jackson’s murderous, racist, removal and extermination policies. He literally tried to exterminate all of the Native Americans east of the Appalachian Mountains. He,, like Trump, was a stranger a compromise and tolerance. Follow this link to the awful tale of the Trail of Tears to learn about how he Death Marched entire Indian Tribes, men woman and children, from areas like Florida to places like Michigan, making no allowances for things like feeding them properly on the way.

In his spare time Jackson continually warred politically with Congress and the Supreme Court; expanding his power at every opportunity.  He was particularly out  of touch and bellicose about how to run the nations finances and was considered irresponsible. He presided over a major recession which was partly his own fault and probably was only curtailed by westward expnsion and the free labor from slavery.

With these kinds of violent and anger driven behaviors being pretty much the Top and Bottom lines of the Andrew Jackson Presidential Tale of the Tape its safe to say only an idiot could fail to see him as anything but akin to America’s 19th century version of Hitler. Even in the south Slave Owning lunatics like Andrew Jackson are a political legacy most seem content to avoid.

Mentioning he was deeply moved by a visit to Jackson’s home and grave you would have to assume he lacked the curiosity to look at the dates on it or just doesnt know when the Civil War was. Jackson, dead almost two decades before the Civil War is now credited by Trump as working to prevent it. Any sane person would probably reason that Jackson’s prevention of the Civil war would have been to expand and protect slavery, which he loved.  Is it possible Trump’s fascination with Jackson is that most statues and memorials have just a one line inscription?  Perhaps his most famous and succinct quote was “Our Sacred Union Must be Preserved”. After the War the Union put it on every Statue of him they could find, especially the ones in the Old Confederacy. So Jackson’s whole appeal may be he has a memorable quote. Its almost a tweet.  It fits with the Low Literacy theory well. Jacksons one big quote is about as much information as he can remember on a topic he is actually interested in but clearly has avoided reading about.

In examining  his personal style and his repeated lauding of another terrible role model, General George S Patton, I detailed how Trump had betrayed he had missed the entire point of the eponymous semi biographical movie about the fiery soldier . A very watchable movie which he often references. The movie clearly paints Patton as a mixed bag of contradictions with as many problems as gifts. Trump misses this entirely.

He also is known to frequently blow off important meeting on complex topics.

For good measure I would throw out there that in his hard to follow spoken comments he rarely finishes a sentence, interrupting himself frequently. When all is said and done its hard to auger what he said.

Mangling quotes, some really badly spelled tweets and non stop misstatements of Historical facts have piled up on a near daily basis.

The most frightening part of this is that his illiteracy precludes any historical perspective. So in an analogous situation to say the Cuban Missile Crisis its likely Trump would be freelancing his way through a situation that historical perspective would give him some tried and true options on. The idea he could negotiate his way out of anything seems highly unlikely too. The command of details this demands seems beyond our pitiful So Called Leader.

Eleanor Bigly


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Ah, Look at All the Old Angry White People!

Ah, Look at All the Old Angry White People!

Eleanor Bigly;

Lives in Palace on 5th and stays far from Trump every day.

She’s often his prey;

Watching Don scamming.

He’s wearing a Wig that he keeps in a jar of piss by the door,

That he dumps on a whore.


All the Old White People,

They want to Build a Wall.

 All The Old White People,

What the Hell did they vote for?


Racist Steve Bannon;

Writes an Executive Order that No Court will Hear!

Then hates on queers!

Look at him Drinking

Just a stereotype of a filthy dumb mick

with Whiskey dick

All the Old White People 

None can spell worth a dime

All the Old White People 

Forgiving Trump’s every Crime

Ah, Look at All the Old Angry White People!

Ah, Look at All the Old Angry White People!

Eleanor Bigly;

Wants a divorce and full custody of her son;

It will soon be done.

Stupid Sean Spicer, talking in Russian ’bout shit that’s hard on your Brain!

No Swamp was Drained !

All the Old Angry White People,  (ah! Look at all the Old White People)

All Trump does is Fail.

All the Old Angry White People, (ah! Look at all the Old White People)

Their Hero’s going to Jail.




It is my dream this song parody will one day be the centerpiece of an Off Broadway Play by Performed by An Drag Queen Cast.






IS Trump the Most Unpopular President EVER? Some Elusive Perspective


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Donald Trump is running up to what he now calls the “ridiculous” self-imposed 100 Day Mark of Assessment. The First 100 Days is actually we’ve thrown at every president at least as far back as FDR.  The fact that Trump himself set so many lofty 100 Day Goals (and a bunch of unfulfilled day 1 goals) that had he reached his benchmark we’d be in a totally transformed world.

A simple look around tells us few things are much different outside an On and Off Travel Ban and sporadic ICE Raids that first draw a first splash of publicity and then an open firehouse of flaming kerosene worth of bad backlash.


Mr Charming, Donald Trump.

Trumps petulance, immaturity, apparent ADHD and innumerable gaffes have all been a problem but deep unpopularity is probably what stopped Trump agenda items like The Obamacare Repeal and Replace Disaster that managed only to galvanize the dazed and disparate ranks of Trump Resistance.

The biggest thing stopping The Trump Agenda is probably his lack of popularity.  Let me put that another way – his STUNNING LACK of Popularity is all thats saving us from Trumps Awful Ideas.

As president-elect he was first clueless and then imperious. Breaking rules and ruffling feathers. But none of this translated to momentum. Until he managed to put all future accomplishments in deep jeopardy by altering the rules of the Senate to jam Neil Gorsuch onto the Supreme Court the High Water Mark of the Trump Administration might just have been installing highly unpopular right wing christian ideologue Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.

CNN today reported that 53% of Americans Disapprove of President Trump. There’s few polls with any scientific validity that show him anything but underwater. This awful number is actually the result of a slow upward rally since Trump started piece meal attacking countries his daughter finds objectionable about 2 weeks ago. He was diving below later Watergate Nixon before then


According to Gallup it’s Truman.

Harry S Truman existed at an unbelievable 22% for a chunk of his presidency but was reelected in that time. He remains the president to tally the very lowest approval. Lower than Watergate Era Nixon. It seems inaccurate and likely is.

Truman’s been around over 100 Days when Gallup starts polling.  The Truman number was most likely actually proof of flaws in that era’s polling.  I call it “The Honeymooners Theory”.

The basic assertion is by looking the TV families of the time we can get a clue how life was in the 1950’s and there’s a couple of different classes represented. They show an economically diverse country even within the same city.



The Kramden’s Not So Nice Apartment

The classic show the Honeymooners is from the 50’s and shows 2 working class couples in what was then the not so well off Borough of Brooklyn in New York City. The Kramdens were just scraping by but their friends the Norton’s were doing a bit better.


If you loved the show you will recall that there’s an episode where the Kramdens get a phone.  The phones gone after that episode. The Kramdens made calls (and watched what little TV they could) at the Norton’s apartment upstairs. In other episodes we have Norton climbing through the fire escape window with an occasional message for Ralph or Alice.

The Honeymooners was funny and pertinent because it was pretty realistic. Most related to their lives and many to their circumstances.

So typical Americans had a 50-50 chance of having a phone in what was a believable comedy. Its important to remember that the idea they needed to use the Norton’s phone was never seen as overly strange or cause for shame. The Kramdens were of modest means and who knows, maybe their saving for a baby one day. Well folks, the analogy goes to I Love Lucy now.

The Ricardo’s were geographically close contemporaries of the Kramdens but lived in the Murray Hill section of Manhattan. Still a desirable address. The Ricardo’s have a phone (an awesome princess phone in fact). The Mertz’s probably had one too, I i-love-lucy-phone-call-680x510just don’t remember. Fred was cheap but he also was a landlord and I can’t see how he wouldn’t have needed a phone for his business (which seemed to run itself). I’m writing the Mertz’s off for this example.

Anyway the bottom line is even my mom and dad get to the late 50’s when Eisenhower is president (also living in NYC) before both families manage to have phones and televisions.

So Ralph and Alice Kramden would NEVER have a voice in a poll of their time but the Norton’s would. Lucy and Ricky would. There were just so many people of modest of even entering middle class who couldn’t afford these “Utilities” which were then actually LUXURIES.

Bottom Line- Hey you don’t have to be a pollster to see that the polls on Truman were off. Probably WAY OFF! He was probably close to or above 50% but just never fared well in a ‘random’ sampling of Americans skewed towards the wealthy or at least those entering middle class like the Norton’s.

People with money have generally always tended to be more Conservative and in America that means more likely to be Republicans. After all you have a TV and a phone and half your neighbors didn’t. You actually probably hosted a small gathering so everyone you knew could watch ‘I Love Lucy’ and love YOU for it!


Well the undeniable Fact is ‘There’s no way to know if he’s the most unpopular president ever until he makes it below 22%.”  Since he seems Baked In at about 30% no matter what it’s probably unlikely he will be the holder of any kind of Unified Title of Infamy.

Trends in media and mass culture over about a hundred years are enlightening.

Initially the master of the print interview had the political edge. Newspapers were cheap and very available up until the 1970s.



Kindred Spirits

By the time JFK takes office the phone and TV situation was a complete transformation from 10 years earlier. People watched the Twilight Zone in their own homes with just their families. By the time Star Trek debuts like 70% of America has


Tanking Out on TV

at least 1 TV. About 10% of America is blind and wouldn’t need a TV just for perspective. About 10% more have dementia and wouldn’t know if they had a TV or not. So basically everyone had a TV.


So by about 1960 polling and reality converge as far as Accuracy. We can sort of have more faith in the scientific aspect of these polls.  The opposite of this happens around 2000 when many switch to having only a cell phone with an unlisted number and polling strives to adjust. But we have a huge chunk of time there where we can rely on the polls.

More bad news for Trump is that for the moment it appears the polling methods  have again gotten to a place where they are accurate refelections of the National Zeitgeist.

Wrapping up you know now why they always add “of any modern president” to the super bad approval ratings Trump is garnering. And its probably the polling. The Truman Era Gallup poll is disproved by his re-election. Its interesting that Truman just ignored everything and Whistle Stopped and made a speech EVERYWHERE he could get his train. He obviously swayed the phoneless, TV-less people he spent lots of time talking to.

Could it work again to re-elect Trump? lets see him avoid jail for the next four years but the answer is likely “No”.

I guess we should remember that seeing the president of the United States move and


People were just wild to see Harry

talk was almost exclusively something you had to go to the Movie Theater for when HST just talks to anyone who will listen in PERSON all over the place. I ‘m sure everyone in Duluth, Montana found their way to the train station to see “Give ‘Em Hell Harry”.


Shit’s different now.

Trump is already campaigning openly for re-election. But now everyone has a TV and a phone. Hell, they’re now almost the same damn thing! And Trump pounds that phone with non stop tweeting. Love him or hate him he’s familiar. He boasts Expert TV and social media trolling skills. In fact the election of Trump in 2016 spoke to a theory I had since college – Whoever Dominates and Best Uses the newest form of Mass Culture Media will have an exceptional Ride.

Hitler was maybe the first guy to lie to people’s faces via radio and movie newsreels and later outright State Made Propaganda, he also manages to gain ultimate power (sadly). In America the personable Franklin Roosevelt manages to charm America and win the presidency….four times. He’s noted for being a great personality on Radio, the dominant form of mass culture at the time. Fireside Chats and the Declaration of War on Japan were shining examples.

JFK was a master of television. He changes the face of his election by decimating Dick Nixon in a TV debate that on paper Nixon sort of won. Radio listeners preferred Nixon’s performance too.  But he looked like shit so people tuned him out when they saw him on TV. Kennedy goes on to appear regularly on TV like no president does again until Reagan. Nixon notably NEVER gets TV at all and goes down in a scandal that might have gone away if he cultivated any media friends.

The “Best Candidate on TV” is still a real thing and lets face it Hillary NEVER established anything like the Trump Twitter Storms.  We saw Trump using his Twitter to co-opt the news. As a guy who was illegally using Rolling Stones Music in the campaign and loving it he surely knew the old saying “There’s NO Such Thing as Bad Publicity”. He sort of sucks the air out of all conversation throughout the campaign and benefits from it.

Media and Social Media are changing fast these days. Can angry septuagenarian  Trump continue to stay out ahead of the curve and pre-emptively destroy conversations and derail news with his Twitter? Probably not. TV is somewhat wise to him. Now he can tweet but the media walks and chews gum at the same time.

24 Hour News now can address a brash claim and then still focus on Russia in the same 15 minutes. That 15 minutes is more than HALF of ALL news Americans would get via broadcast TV in 1970.donald-trump-grow-up

So how’s the Future look for Trumps popularity? Probably Not Good. Don’t write off him diving to 30% and just staying there.

Donald Trump has only one plan- That he can easily take more horribleness than anyone else and that Horribleness will likely continue on Full Display.

He is, for now still not the most Unpopular President ever and polling anomalies may be the only reason why.





Hell Awaits – Steve Caracappa, second craziest criminal I ever talked to


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Today I read about Mafia hitman and Super Dirty Cop Steve Caracappa dying. You would have to hope there’s a Hell.

He comprises 50% of the Murderers I know with Spree Murderer Colin Ferguson, who I had a more intense series of encounters with, comprising of the other half.  Is Caracappa a Serial Killer? I would say yes but an unusual one.

He had SEVEN (known) victims, and who knows if he liked doing it? He was obviously a very cold blooded bastard. Like the famous Ice Man, he was essentially a contract killer though. I don’t know if that makes him a TRUE Serial Killer in a pathological sense, but face it he was one cold dangerous motherfucker and I would have run for my life if I had suspected what he was capable of.

I would love for the prison psychologist (and seriously if this guy doesn’t command the time of a prison shrink who does?) to release their findings so I could see if they share my hypothesis- he was able to lie to himself and believed he was actually a good cop and a hero. In other words, he was a sociopath. Probably a lot of other things too, but sociopath seems to be wellspring of all else.

Another thing I would like to know is if the prison shrinks considered Caracappa Schizophrenic. I think he would need a touch of it to function. Heres why- Cop is a stressful job even for honest people doing the right thing. I guess its possible that as a criminal at heart the guy was maybe LESS stressed than an honest cop. After all if a real or imagined issue were to come forth to complicate his career he could simply fall back on dishonesty and criminality to try to remedy the situation and never feel a bit bad. A complicated criminal indeed.

My next thought feeds the ‘double life’ scenario but it is a little questionable because of my bias in favor of my Dad – Caracappa most likely was extremely convinced of himself to be able to fool every single other cop and my father. From what i saw and was told by other cops at work Dad was a cynical and very accurate assessor of character, but he totally blew this one! So did every other cop. These were not dumb guys. These were not prone to flights of fancy or unsound investigative thinking. They had after all caught the Son of Sam! They never suspected. I don’t think any of them, mostly in retirement when the story broke, could really believe it. My Dad’s disbelief continued until the Conviction was handed down. He knew they were well represented and had been duly found guilty and he knew it was a sound verdict.  He was totally floored. I doubt he fully came to terms with all the implications. He never, for instance, stopped to consider how much danger the guy had posed to him. I know why this happened to my dad and ALL the other Good Cops who were  fooled.

It was because of  The Mafia Cops very chilling primary tactic, taking advantage of the natural trust cops generally have for each other. It’s an essential thing cities and  police departments need to function. While there was already Internal Investigations they were likely nascent in their methodology and not yet a real priority. I’d like to think what they did couldn’t work today. I might NEED to think that though just to live in this town.

For the record Caracappa held forth in the face of seven murder convictions and proclaimed his innocence. His family was squarely behind him last I heard. I feel bad for them.

My late father was an honest and very dedicated New York City Detective. He had distinguished himself working on the terrible Son of Sam Case. He was the ideal guy to train aspiring new Detectives, which is what they tasked him with. Hence his coming for a few months to train Caracappa in Criminal Investigations and Detective work.  The man I called Mr Caracappa on the phone could’ve been a much more dangerous cancer had he thought more like a cop in planning his own crimes. So let’s be glad he wasnt the best student because his police procedural ignorance was his eventual undoing.

Caracappa hadn’t become operational as a mobster yet, but the mendacious Quisling kept his friends close and potential enemies, in this case honest cops, closer. Caracappa’s next partner was Lt Louis Eppolito; likely already a mobster when they hooked up.

When they came together it was an Awful moment in New York City Criminal History and certainly the very lowest point for the Greatest Detectives in the World.

They had become the Infamous NYPD Detective Mafia Cops of Brooklyn and Staten Island. Eppolito a Maudlin Quioxte and Carracapa his Sancho; malignant in their delusion and not in any way Just or Admirable. Dreaming horrible dreams and making them real like a horrible Hollywood movie about Bad Cops too gritty and disillusioning too see (very much like Bad Lieutenant but on a 20 year run of criminal luck and no moment doubt, pain or moderate redemption). We can never surely know the extent of their crimes. In many ways they were, for a couple of decades, among New York’s biggest and worst criminal scourges. They deserve a place in Criminal Infamy.  They had perhaps no actual admirable qualities and either one probably would have killed the other if they had to. They were that Awful.

Worse,  Steve Caracappa and Louie Eppolito were crooks amongst heroes as they impersonated dedicated honest cops. Truly despicable. They were fine actors. They were respected. They had decorations from the city. They had Rank. The charismatic Eppolito was presented in court as the more powerful. There was nothing he couldn’t find out, no investigation he couldn’t misdirect, no one who he couldn’t reach and touch with impunity. Caracappa, not to be sold short, was painted as a immoral complete follower and murderer. There’s little reason to argue with the prosecution.

The most frightening thing about the Mafia Cops is that for a city to function a small group of individuals must be trusted as beyond reproach to investigate crimes.  Among this select group are a few who betrayed the city’s trust, standing amongst the ranks of the very worst in New York City history, including the corrupt as far back as the colonial era goons from the early Dutch Government’s corrupt officials and maybe even the least honorable of the  Lenape would be the Mafia Cops.  At some point watching the watchers becomes impossible, these Vampires of Public Trust Knew and Exploited this.  They’re a chilling cautionary tale.

They damn near got away with it! It’s sobering. The most frightening thing about the Mafia Cops is that for a City to function a small group of individuals must be trusted as beyond reproach to investigate crimes.  Among this select group are a few who betrayed the city’s trust. And standing apart, amongst the ranks of the very worst in New York City history, including the corrupt as far back as colonial era goons from the early Dutch Government’s corrupt officials and maybe even the least honorable of the Lenape would be the Mafia Cops. At some point watching the watchers becomes impossible, these Vampires of Public Trust Knew and Exploited this.  They’re a chilling cautionary tale.

I would suppose Caracappa was just making sure to engender himself to my Dad (who was NOT dirty and therefore potentially a liability) and surely other detectives, by maintaining a relationship with as many of them as possible I can’t remember any other cops that were so conspicuous in keeping up relationships. People liked my dad but the cops he was close with happened to also be guys he grew up with and they were conspicuously non Dirty.

In his roughly monthly phone calls Caracappa always knew whether I had just had a recent birthday or religious sacrament as well as  what grade I was in.He knew to call me by the same childhood nickname my Dad used. He had no kind of memorable voice but of course had a New York accent. Thinking back it DID sound like he was reading off an index card. It was thorough.


The Cold Eyed Face of Death with a Gold Shield and an Iron hand

My Dad had a hard time accepting a bad cop could ever slip through the screening process but this guy sure did. My mom and I have marveled at how my Dad didn’t really shirk danger and was kind of known to be a bit tough and worldiy as a cop yet never realized that he was the kind of Boy Scout Carracapa or Lt Louie Eppolito (who I also met once), would have simply wasted without a second thought and then misdirected the Investigation. I could have grown up without a Dad because of this asshole.

Now things just get weird.

So what was it that caught these terrible killers? Just what bought down the two most highly placed Hitters we’ve ever known about? These Super Villains? It was part sheer arrogance and part a mundane but real demand for luxury bath goods. The Mafia Cops for some insane ill-advised reason were happiest using their actual service weapons (fucked up!) to whack people for the Mob. How could they have been so stupid? It had to be arrogance.

And how do Luxury Bath Goods fit in? Glad you asked! – A Suffolk County Long Island Mall expanded in the early 90’s uncovering a corpse rich Mafia Graveyard/ Dumping Ground.

Like a dozen murder cases were reopened and all of them promptly had some real answers.  Answer Number One was to the Question – How the fuck did these bodies of guys from places like Brooklyn end up here? Well; These people were absolutely killed by the Mob. Some were Mobsters themselves. Among the bodies were two men who went missing within days of eachother. They were united by one thing, the same name. Yes, they tracked down and killed the wrong guy and had to go kill again to get the right one. Right out of the Sopranos. The Mafia Cops  weren’t geniuses.

But for the demand for a Bed, Bath and Beyond none of this comes to light! But like Justice,  Progress (or the need for finely made towels) is not to be denied! So Scented Candles should come in ‘Stiff Wind of Justice’ Aroma!

I guess the fact they were both enjoying retirement with no clue what was about to happen when they were unexpectedly arrested is just part of the Irony. After a life of living on the edge and pocketing an extra 50 grand every year (this seems very little for your soul) they must have thought they were set. It also prevented them from say shooting it out when their moment came (unlikely but hey these were violent guys) or just going out on their own terms using their favorite guns on themselves.

Ultimately it turned out some of them were killed by the Mafia Cops. There’s more to it but things moved pretty quickly from there. Mostly it’s because these vicious killers used their own service weapons to kill their victims. They were that fucking arrogant and how the Hell they disregarded the ballistics they used themselves in their guise of cops occasionally solving (pinning?) other you’d suppose real crimes is a great question(They still had a caseload to handle). If you ask me it shows a real lack of vision. ‘Throw Away Burner Gun’ would seem to be at the top of a dirty cops equipment checklist. God knows they came across enough in their day jobs as cops in the 70’s, 80’s and into the opening of the 90s.

Personally I have a hard time believing their guns put so many bullets into so many stiffs without them knowing about it. Thy’re stone cold guilty and stone cold murderers. Everything I know points to a true Double Life. I don’t get how Carracapa was able to not be upfront with himself.  He’s carrying a Gold Detective shield while taking a grand a week from mobsters.  He still went through with  it day after day for decades. This might require some form of insanity, even if its just loss of cintrol to delusions of grandeur. I would have imagine it was deeper though, we’re talking about a Serial Killer.

The level of delusion extends to choosing to be a Dirty Cop instead of a Made Man in jail, though I would love to know what they represented themselves as to their fellow prisoners. Still, even Federal Prison probably is even a little more dangerous of a place for Dirty Cops.

It’s also possible that aside from all they pulled off they were also fucking idiots. After all, one of the people they killed merely had the same name as the person they were after! They had to go back and kill someone again. With their own fucking service revolvers! Did they ever even draw them for real on duty?! Who is so casual with things that lead to Life Prison Terms if found out?  So who fucking knows about these guys? The idea two criminal idiots could raise to high rank in the NYPD really is just too awful to contemplate. Fortunately they seem to be a horrible anomaly.


Young Dirty Detective Epoolito from a Daily News story where for all appearances he was just another cop at the scene.

How fucked up were these guys? They ran with Sammy The Bull Gravano and were chronicled somewhat in Jimmy Breslin’s book “The Good Rat- A True Story

At the end of his life despite pleas to the contrary Dad felt compelled to write to Caracappa. We didn’t find out about this one until after Dad died but I’m positive I know what it said because he often told me what he wanted to tell the guy. To Repent.

I would think it stung the dirty cop rotting in jail bitterly that somewhere, in a comfortable house, the Sucker Boy Scout he would have iced was praying he would have the couage to ask God forgive him for the horrors he had done. While no one was happy about Dad writing a 7 times convicted murderer we felt my fathers need to tell this guy to turn to God was important enough to my him to just not dwell too much on it. As an Atheist I really don’t get it.

Personally I really don’t think a path towards God would have held much appeal to a guy who killed people for the money. I would almost say I hope he didn’t cause thinking he was saved and going to God’s Kingdom like Arthur Seyss-Inguart seems too generous a delusion to give the guy. I guess the prison chaplain made that call. Whatever.

I do know that for quite some time there was no way to stop them from collecting


Louis Eppolito, here convicted and here older, was portrayed as the Alpha Mafia Cop

their NYPD pensions despite conviction. I suppose their families who got that money were victims too so maybe it doesn’t matter how that ended up.


Caracappa never saw the light. He never admitted his guilt and ended his time in a cod dark Federal Prison. Its debatable if he lived like that long enough to call it justice.

Who knows? I would suppose he’s best off if the Atheists are right.

In the end we have to wonder what kind of Criminal Insanity gripped these two men. Clearly they were quite greedy and were stunningly dumb criminals considering the amount of police knowledge they had. They weren’t just arrogant, they were arrogant to the point where they held the investigative abilities of other cops in contempt. Had they used some hot guns and ditched them later they die free men laughing at the other cops they misled. Fortunately fate is funny sometimes. It’s too bad it took so long.

Do they deserve any Sympathy? You can make up your own mind.

“…..and all the sinners saints”

What Better Tribute to the Mafia Cops then a performance of Sympathy for the Devils, warts and all, from Altamont. where nothing ended up being as it seemed as well?

Caracappa was a despicable Super Criminal and I would have to say a higher functioning Maniac than crazy Colin Ferguson. Its kind of messed up I came across two such miserable creatures. Maybe thats out of the way and I’ll only meet nice people from now on.




The Man in the Monitor : My Relationship with Social Media


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I think my relationship with Social Media is an Extension, not a Replacement for Who I am. It’s not much different from the days I would grab my trusty telecaster and rock a room full of people (but a lot more mundane), right?


The Year 30 PI (Pre-Internet)

As a 20th century vintage human I recall the world before the Internet pretty clearly. It’s impossible to overstate how little we missed what we did not yet have.  Cell phones were the props of movie villains and ridiculously non portable.

In some ways we were blissfully ignorant of the nature of the “High Tech” items in late 20th century every day life that seemed amazing. For example-the Fax machine was nothing but a glorified telegraph, it would either print or it wouldn’t. On/Off. Simple. The analog technology argecko_phoneound us occasionally featured maybe a circuit board. At this point we’re still slightly fascinated by monochrome Liquid Crystal Displays. It was not in fact the worst time, unless you were waiting on a phone on a beautiful day, or missed your favorite show. Basically things we’re pretty immune from now.

Then there’s this oddly Rustic aspect of Social Media Now. I never kept a diary of any consequence before Facebook.  It was almost a bygone era thing in general. Well, in a slightly different form its back in a huge way. That alone probably is a good thing despite (and sometimes because of ) some of the stupidity we can occasionally spew. Diaries are among the most important Historical Documents. It will probably seem bizarre to future Historians figuring out just WHY Condescending Willie Wonka had something snarky to say about EVERYTHING.

One thing I’ve noticed is I no longer have as much trouble with people simply not hearing me or not getting most jokes.  The words are there on their own saying what I mean (or showing I can’t express myself for shit) long enough for most people scrolling by to give it a moments thought. Its more than we sometimes gave eachothers words before. I would think thats probably good, right? And its not the worst vehicle for apologues, or the start of an apology,  if you can sound sincere. Despite the lack of a sarcasm Font (thanks Facebook, not even Italics!) the fact it’s there in print means most people could actually get it. So i would say if your delivery on jokes sucked this is probably a godsend.

Back to Me, personally-Not unlike Real World McTeag Internet McTeag is honest. The temptation to get caught up in Fake News just to make a buck was immediately rejected by BOTH! Part of it was I was averse to the blood money it would generate as I would have needed to go Hard Right Sock Puppet Liar to generate cash. The other part would be I felt like there SO MUCH out there summoning my Bigly ability for Fiction I could have out-faked them all.  If you want to say I could have held forth longer and more intensely to build a Market for Left Wing Info I would say ‘Turn on MSNBC (if your

msnbc ratings

one of the many easy to find infographics showing MSNBC has like 10 viewers

carrieir even bothers to offer it). Theyre reportings not bad but until Maddow comes on theres like 3000 people watching and they have a whole advertising Department with a budget. I can amass as many clicks in a few days as an hours worth of MSNBC would be targeted by. Hell it may even take less, maybe 2 days.  I’m NOT the only person telling the truth (cult leaders say that), but I would never knowingly spread lies. Thats why most articles i publish are linked to Hell and back!

If you were replaced by the way you think you present on the Internet would your real world friends still recognize you? The only way tp make sure is to stay authentic and share some of the bad with all the good.  I still feel true to myself.


Is it all a Waste of Time? Probably gonna be up to History to judge. If the servers are preserved this would be the most well documeted period EVER! Its possible History *might* even applaud us. That is if the Historians aren’t Aliens visiting the bla


Take me to your Followers!

sted remnants of the 21st centuries only major conflict on a lifeless Earth. I mention this mostly because the deadliest nuclear arsenals in the world is in the hands of petulant children and China may currently be the least aggressive nuclear nation in its rhetoric.  America’s “president” Trump has the social media habits of 15 year old girl and a temper to match. His buddy Vlad isnt much more stable, but thats a whole other post.

Tweet On!


Welcome to Cold War 2!


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Its been awhile since I felt the urge to share my thoughts. In fact this is my first post of the Trump Era.

We have likely entered a time Historians will call the Second Cold War or Cold War 2. There’s little doubt that the worlds 2 biggest nuclear powers have never had a more strained relationship. Vladimir Putin, who has social engineered the Russian Federation to a standard of living where the average citizen has just over 400 bucks a month to play with, is surely laughing at the unmitigated success of ‘Operation Fuck Up America’. The fact is a corrupt strongman dictator presiding over economic collapse could be the most powerful man in the world is sobering.  His objective being to line his pocket is the only thing mitigating the charge to Armageddon. angry_trumpPutin at least seems to realize for now that Mutually Assured Destruction is a Reality despite frightening words to the contrary starting to slowly leak in reports from both the Kremlin and the White House.

We have likely entered a time Historians will call the Second Cold War or Cold War 2. There’s little doubt that the worlds two biggest nuclear powers have never had a more strained relationship. Vladimir Putin, who has social engineered the Russian Federation to a standard of living where the average citizen has just over 400 bucks a month to play with, is surely laughing at the unmitigated success of ‘Operation Fuck Up America’.

Since the start of their Campaign for President Team Trump was never concerned about appearances, a fact that sometimes benefited and never hurt the Candidate. One allegation of Impropriety after another has come to light since Trump’s jaw dropping “10 for 10 in tossup states” election night Coup victory.

A stranger to Decency and the Truth So Called President Trump has done evrything he can to avoid being a president for all Americans to the point its no longer even important why he does


Look Out Below!

it. A low level of Courtesy toward friend and foe alike have Trump in a Historic Approval Ratings Downfall that only can be compared to the final fleeting weeks of the Watergate Scandal.

Congressional wanna-be Gauleiter’s like Devin Nunes have come out the woodwork to lie, cheat and steal for this president and most of all shield him from the Growing Red Storm above the White House’s latest occupant. While Trump himself laments the failure of predictably dead on arrival Horrible Ideas (like the Obamacare Repeal and Replace Fiasco) that featured a collapse of GOP resolve in the House of Representatives the RussiaGate Scandal only intensifies.


Red Skies loom over the White House

The only thing we know with absolute certainty is Vladimir Putin and his Kremlin Cronies have used money, hacks and media manipulation at the very least to influence the outcome of the election.  Whether they pierced any state voting systems to engineer the mind blowing statistical anomaly that was the Trump Victory (which boils down to a just over half a sold out baseball stadium in most states he won worth of votes, a handful in this nation of millions) is still being investigated.

rather than try to keep score right now here’s a smattering of problems off the top of my head–

  • A Traitor and now possible Triple Agent, Ex-General Mike Flynn whose whole story is such a flaming bag of shit that the White House usually tries to punt all questions. Look for Flynn to testify FOR the Government AGAINST the President when the Impeachment or Worse goes down. (UPDATE- as of about 8 pm Eastern time CNN has begun reporting Flynn is actively SEEKING IMMUNITY
  • A farsical Press Secretary who is now a  Human Cartoon
  • A White House so leaky talk of an unnoticed iceberg strike is now mandatory
  • 2 travel bans shot down as petty and Unamerican
  • Healthcare slapdash con job implodes
  • Constant Blame shifting by the White House
  • A complete inability to let go of any perceived slight
  • Never missing a chance to speak harshly and stridently to women and minorities, especially those in the press
  • A Self Destructive Paranoia ending in baseless accusations that then president Obama was watching the Trump Campaign via arcane methods
  • Revelations that Trump family members and Campaign officials had fallen into the data collection we routinely do to our adversaries
  • That most of data was collected in a way so predictable the level of incompetent arrogant rank dishonesty is stunning. It only makes sense calling the Russian Embassy would raise eyebrows and leave audiofiles
  • Incomplete but dusturbing money trails that are now verified as close as a few (metaphoric) blocks from Trump Tower
  • Ivanka Gets Top Level Security Clearance like she’s the daughter of a Third World Dictator
  • Jared Kushner is now in charge of so many things he just has to fail at most. The tasks are not even realistic. Example- Peace In the Middle East on Americas Terms NOW.
  • The Term ‘Circular Firing Squad’ becoming commonplace in any discussion of current White House methods
  • Two disastrous raids in as many months by the US Military numbering into the hundreds of dead civilians in places like Yemen and Iraq.
  • Military Viewpoints that are increasingly called out as Dark Ages (or on a good day Medieval)
  • A complete tone-deaf reaction to every race or gender issue outside the persecution of the disenfranchised white man
  • A near Boiler Plate Pattern of Squandering away perceived success with increasingly discordant messages via twitter at crazy hours
  • Still more unrelated early early morning Tweet Storms as self-defeating as they are self-serving
  • Regular falsehoods dispensed from day 1 about the size of the crowd at Trumps (modestly attended) inauguration
  • Panic descending on the entire administration starting sundown on Saturday to see whose reputation Saturday Night Live will lay bare next. This is made all the more tragically funny by the immediate angry reactions from a president who faithfully watches a show he once hosted but always trashes as awful.
  • North Koreans on their own Schedule could care less how much Tillerson yells at them
  • Tillerson is apparently either so shady or such an asshole the press aren’t permitted to travel with him
  • Just because you CAN get away with getting elected president without releasing your taxes doesnt mean you should
  • Non Stop Comparisons to worst aspects of former president Richard Nixon
  • Popular Perception of Trump and his Supporters as Small Minded Racists is making even Small Minded Racists feel sort of bad about it
  • A deep longing that this was only as bad as Hillary’s server plus Lewinsky Scandal on Crack by the president
  • An Intelligence Community here and among our allies that simply but justifiably despises Trump and his crew
  • What Hell Is Up With James Comey? Why didn’t he tell America BOTH Campaigns were under Investigation? Why did he only go after Hillary? Is he a Spy? Blackmailed? Just Dumb?
  • An FBI that may just be compromised, especially in New York area.
  • Not being able to return home to New York due to the absolute assurance of a major protest with a 6 figure crowd trapping him in Trump Tower followed by a dangerous and humiliating exit via rooftop helicopter
  • The increasing anger at a president who ran on his work ethic but has already established a pattern of taking 1 out of every 3 days off.

There’s more but the bottom line is I am LUCKY for a couple of reasons –

First of all at this point I’ve had a full life. Next is the fact that being 2 miles from the Freedom Tower puts me solidly inside the Zone of Complete Destruction from a Russian Nuclear attack. There’s no need to stock up food when you are sure to be ionized. Lastly- I have no children.oops

One thing is clear- without a change of leadership (or at the least serious reversal of philosphies)  at the top of BOTH nations the situation will be near Untenable for the foreseeble future.

The United States and the Russian Federation are now facing each other in a Cold War Stance.