Fueled by Hate – Loathsome Dana Loesch of the NRA


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Viewers of the recent CNN Town Hall for the Stoneman-Douglas High School Shooting Survivors and their families were treated to Satans Personal Whore, Dana Loesch of the NRA. With the charm of angry unqualified Substitute Teacher she alternately patronized, chided or even sort of scolded the students and upbraided the hosts while getting gigged for lying, making things up and not doing research. She blamed all her mistakes on Media DL4inaccuracies. I guess the fact she has deep ties to the Main Stream Media would shock some. Later she claimed she wouldnt have made it out alive without security. I don’t know what she expected considering how she was obviously trying to manufacture just that. but she used it to buttress her case against the survivors the next day. Talk about phony and insincere!

While Wayne LaPierre is the primary spokesperson and basically leads the organization for Putin, newcomer Loesch, first seen in a chilling NRA ad in April 2017, is the “Kinder, Gentler” NRA spokesperson who is supposed to appeal to moms and guys who notice her looks.

We know all about Wayne LaPierre and his issues from keeping up with the posts here at TheRealMcteag, so let’s get to know not so charming Loesch as quickly as we can, because hey, she’s pretty awful.

Raised by her single mom Gale, she’s from Arnold, Missouri. The town was founded by a guy with a land grant from, of all people, the King of Spain!  It’s a bustling metropolis with a population steady at just about twenty thousand people as far Yosemite_Sam.gifback as 1980. Growing up I imagine her favorite Looney Toon would have been Yosemite Sam, but Foghorn Leghorn is probably in the running too.

Dana was born September 28, 1979, a birthday she shares with SICK skateboarder Bam Margera   as well as it being the anniversary of Pompei the Great losing his life to an angry sword owner (to which she’s likely add- ‘due to the absence of a good guy with a sword.’). Her original last name was Eaton.

Her education consists of graduating Fox High School in bustling Arnold, Missouri.

Arnold boasts a ‘diverse’ population that’s a whopping  96.3 % white. Why, they’re sure to have all sorts of white people from places as exotic as Ireland and even Germany!  How white’s this town? For comparison its 0.06% African American; so you could easily say Dana lived a sheltered life in a tiny town where most everyone was the same.

Honestly it’s a tossup if she saw a non white person of any kind before she ventured to St Louis after getting a driver’s license. We’re talking Nowheres-ville people! How insignificant is Arnold? Well, its between Dana and NASCAR driver Rusty Wallace for most well-known resident (same matchup for most famous High School Grad of Fox High).

Dana rounded out her ‘education’ by dropping out of not one, but two colleges, which is sort of baffling because for a hot moment she had a journalism scholarship. It’s not too easy finding dates for this. I’m guessing she scrubbed her wiki of them because at almost 40 she soon wont automatically be getting listened to by every right wing old man much longer. I’m not gonna lie, for a pretty long time she was pretty good looking and I guess would have been one of the best looking woman out of the roughly 300 date-able (or in her case later, MILF-y) women in Arnold. If you like your women with crazy eyes and a cruel mocking look sh’s a real catch! This is the part of the story where she bumps against not bein too smart for the first time and  her soon to be husband Chris gets to be attributed as the reason she dropped out of school.

Married at home was infinitely preferable to things like fancy book learnin’ and great for selective reading of the Bill of Rights!  Armed only with good looks and the emerging insanity of the Right Loesch stepped in shit with an early blog site she called “Mamalogues”.  Straight out of the Cult of Domesticity!

She’s sometimes described as the most successful “Mom Blogger”.  I guess “Tiger-Mom” was the other big one from that pre-Pinterest moment?  It’s funny because she might be the last person you’d let watch you kids or ever want to listen to!  Non bruising punishments like hot sauce on the tongue are likely her methods and FORGET her gender views with the way she always finds a way to talk about rape! (and i feel sorry for her 2 sons). I guess it was different and less outright bitingly cruel from her bullshit these days, because somehow it got her enough attention to get her articles published by the St Louis Post-Dispatch. By 2007 she was getting noticed and Mamalogues won some awards.

By 2009 she was hosting nationally syndicated radio show “The Dana Show, A Conservative Alternative.” That same year she gets in on the Tea Party craze, co-founding a St Louis chapter of the Far Right confederation.  Honing her skills, at this point shes chattering all day on TV and radio, you gotta figure it’s when she starts relating all violence to MS 13 and using Straw Man Arguments about Chicago.

DL2Also at this point the doors opened to the Fox News shows and other right wing media appearances. Rest assured she has been on pretty much every Fox News show but is probably the best fit for Morning TV in her NRA role. You figure they sent LaPierre to deal with gropers like Bill O’Reilly, but I’m guessing.

By the time 2010 rolls around she’s an institution on Fox and CNN as a right wing contributor. The awards from Right Wing Groups really starts piling up at this time too.

In 2012 she makes her biggest journalistic ‘splash’ defending US Marines who had urinated on dead Taliban. That was fucked up but I forgive the Marines, they were just kids and had just been in battle. Loesch, on the other hand, starts to make a move towards greater notoriety by exploiting the youthful mistakes of other and catering to Islamaphobia.

Of course these views had led her to Breitbart, where she asserts she was too dumb to get paid and essentially spewed hate for free. Breitbart himself is dead before she takes any action on this. Shes in a documentary called “Hating Breitbart” about it. Whatever.

As late as 2015 she’s still with CNN and contributing to coverage of the Oregon Shooting .  So this would explain why she still was given some quarter by Jake Tapper as he asked the town hall participants, who just scathed at her callous words, to show her the respect she doesn’t have for anyone else.

Money making opportunities have gotten scarce for Loesch, who as we said usually wasn’t smart enough to get paid when she was spewing hate. This probably explains why she starts living in Dallas in Bankruptcy Friendly, creditor hating, asset protecting Texas.  In fact the original radio station in St Louis where her show began dropped her in 2016 as the Trump Campaign ramped up and sucked all the air out of the right wing hate circuit to feed its own insatiable fire of Destruction and Intolerance.

Fortunately for Loesch her rhetoric was so extreme and her looks were still fresh enough for the NRA to solve all her problems by giving her a job being extreme and intolerant.  Her debut was the aforementioned April, 207 completely unhinged NRA Ad (embedded below) that featured her delivering such upbeat dialogue as-

“… They use their movie stars and singers and comedy shows and award shows to repeat their narrative over and over again. And then they use their ex-president to endorse the resistance…. To smash windows, burn cars, shut down interstates and airports, bully and terrorize the law-abiding – until the only option left is for the police to do their jobs and stop the madness…. The only way we stop this, the only way we save our country and our freedom, is to fight this violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth….”

So as you see she’s no shrinking violet in this game. She speaks coldly, arrogantly and disturbingly.  Brimming over with faux Righteous Indignation of anyone not currently packing heat. Unabashedly pro Trump (hey they DID give him 30 MILLION Dollars in helpful ads in 2016) and dripping with disdain it really is quite chilling. Ones left to wonder WHY Loesch thinks the Police would wait til they had no choice to do their jobs or why they are unfit to stop crime.

I don’t get it. I guess here in New York City with the 2 minute Police Response time all I do when I’m threatened by anything is call the cops.  All I can think of to answer her charges would be- if it works here are Decent Cops not worth the money? It doesn’t matter. Vigilantism is her thing. Like a Jim Crow Lynch Mob would be her preferred form of Justice I guess.

Brittle and angry in her public appearances you would think there was nowhere to go but Up for the actual scripted public speeches. No such luck.

Her entire delivery is aggressive and downright ‘Hitler Raving in The Bunker’ in its  tone. For one thing she wont stand still and talk She has an unsettling habit of circling the podium with a capricious look on her face, her head low to the lectern as she, well, lectures; hatefully.  This is sooo creepy you probably need to see it for yourself.

In her most recent hateful rant public appearance, at CPAC of course,  she mockingly called out the media after making sure to draw attention to the to the gun owning crowd and pointing, physically and dramatically at them as she called them the worst deathmongers of all. Unveiled the rhetorical flourish about “Legacy Media” the lines, sounding like they were ripped right out of Mein Kampf, were –

“Many in legacy media love mass shootings,” she then drank in the harsh laughter, applause and catcalls atthe media before dropping this beauty, “… you love the ratings. Crying white mothers are ratings gold.” and then a Hitlerian pause to allow the  fuhrer furor to die down, Later she ridiculed the Police, because I suppose she simply cant stand trained law enforcement and their tiny pistols with just 16 bullets and measly one gun per cop.

If you were to read both their speeches it would take quite awhile to figure out which one was hers and which one was LaPierre’s ( or until one of her frequent allusions to her greatest feat – having two children ). Perhaps their biggest stylistic difference is that LaPierre mostly calls out the government and deals with ideas that border on Treason and Terrorism. Loesch loves this stuff too, but she mostly likes to draw rape analogies while going after Cops and the media. Indeed the day after the disastrous Town Hall appearance Loesch looked directly at the media gaggle covering CPAC and accused them of loving massacres. Surely this must have felt great in a room full of conservative concealed carry lunatics. So far she’s not directly implicated in any violence against reporters and the like, but if she doesn’t change her tune it will certainly occur.

Since Tomi Lahren is nipping at Loesch’s heels for Designated Unqualified Good Looking Right WIng DL3Hater and is 10 or so years younger I don’t think we’ll have to put up with her a whole lot longer.  She’s I guess made two contributions to Mass Culture. Firstly; as possibly the first person to use the term “Legacy Media” to try to elevate stuff like Mamalogues and I guess my blog to the level of CNN and the New York Times (and drop those outlets to angry twitter streams in her estimation of their importance). We all know that’s just not true.  Her second  contribution is now being the face of the NRA immediately after a tragedy. A time when they used to go silent. This alone means she will be a lightning rod of anger to many. I’m just gonna call her one morbid and horrible monster for making money like that right here and now.

Look for her to eventually retire to a double-wide in a mostly white town in an Open Carry State. She will emerge again unexpectedly with a terrible second act, possibly when she shoots someone. Statistics suggest she’s at high risk for all sorts of accidental discharges.

You can find the current incarnation of the Dana Loesh show on NRATV, which is exactly what it says it is, a TV-like streaming content app crazy people put on their Firesticks.


Loesch trying to intimidate a youthful shooting survivor (it didnt go so well)


General Bone Spurs Bigly Military Parade


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Celebrating his recent Total Victory in The War on Christmas, General Bone Spurs has ordered the nations military to parade around saluting him.

So far the parade sounds like a bad mashup of a Nazi Documentary meets HMS Pinafore in an avoidable AMTRAK style train wreck. Who needs crazy social experiments like comrade-napoleon1 Meals on Wheels when life can simply take on somewhat more phony dignity? Certainly feels like the part of Animal Farm where daily, coordinated displays of pride are substituted for things like food and time off to me.

So Comrade Napoleon-I mean Trump, will waste a ton of tax payer cash to stroke his ego and finally (in his mind)  put to rest questions about him being a fuckin coward too scared to fight in Nam.

Look at the man and ask yourself “Did he handle losing his hair well? Better than say, someone I would actually trust with my money? Or my kids?” The answers no. I’m not sure I could so much as rent an apartment from a person with a hair helmet who chose to go out covered in orange body paint. Trump is a man so vain he couldn’t stand the thought of people NOT thinking he spent most of his time lying around in the sun while simultaneously pretending to be a work-a-holic with little time for pleasure. Yes America, you voted in a complete asshole. Probably. Unless it was Putin, who knows? Now he needs to see all his toys at once.

The parade could be even sillier than I’ve so far imagined. For instance, 500 tanks rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue followed by 500 more Missiles all grinding the asphalt into a bunch of hellish slabs for our brave soldiers to stumble through while presumably Seig Heil-ing King Shit (who we already know will set up the reviewing stand in front of his stupid DC hotel). Nko

Trump’s own petulance and lack of any sensitivity towards people will have to be planned around to avoid embarrassng gaffes. Some of the many many problems are easy to foresee. Top of my head? Ok, what of the gay and trans-gendered troops forced march around in this stupid step show? Will our bigot president allow it? Imagine his seething anger if he catches sight of anything that displeases him. He could easily explode in anger if-

  • there’s a large contingent of female Marines.
  •  Or maybe a couple of transgendered Army Doctors.
  • Or should he spot one of the Gold Star Families he so despises.
  • Or if it rains.
  • Or if there’s a protest (there will be a protest).
  • Or worse.

And lets not forget that Trump will, as always, be grinding several axes when the parade goes down. Will he attack NFL players? Or be brooding over election results (it IS in November). Will he make a speech where he directly says that the Democrats are murderers and treasonous again? Rest assured the Divider-In-Chief will find a way to embarrass the military and all of the citizens with any brains.

We have a long, shameful path to walk before this proposed nightmare in November. With any luck someone at the Pentagon will remember its the 100th Anniversary of the End of World War I and provide some cover for this naked celebration of Trump. A tasteful WWI commemoration is a great way out of this mess. Sadly it would end up as a celebration of a Segregated Military and probably a full throated call to militarism in the hands of these jackasses.


Why I Won’t Be Watching Trump’s State of the Union (and you shouldn’t either)


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No_TrumpsWell we’re about 36 hours out from a crazy lie fest in front of most of both houses of Congress. I’m sure it’s going to be a perversion of what we’re used to. Trump has no decency or civility. Perhaps the roughly one third of you who somehow dig him want to admire his hair helmet? For the 60% of us who are sickened by him? There’s good reason NOT to watch.

For starters Trump’s horrible speech will surely be written at least in part by awful Steven Miller, at the moment his most prominent adviser. Miller’s xenophobic and outright nazi-like rants have already played horribly on TV. Trump will drop this turd of divisive rhetoric like an underdeveloped old skool rapper who only THINKS he can rhyme.  How can I be sure? Well for one thing Trump’s latest petulant rant was against sometime rapper and full time billionaire Jay-Z. Seriously.

So what can we do? One thing would be to just not watch him live for now.  Low Ratings will make him crazy and lets face it, you wont miss much. Here’s just a few reasons-

  • Its not like you can believe him or he’s going to come through with the alleged outreach to the other side. As usual he will simply make take it or leave it offers that wont remain valid for even the blink of an eye.
  • It’s pretty safe to say he’s got nothing but broad strokes to offer
  • The Miller authored speech will just be a re-iteration of Mein Kampf.
  • In the wake of whats shaping up into a Monday Morning Massacre of Nixonian proportions its probably important to ignore as much of what Trump says or believes as possible.
  • You will definitely be upset by one of his many falsehoods. Best to wait for the fact checking
  • He wont suddenly develop the ability to make concessions or create compromise.  We’ve seen how he tries to “make deals”. He outlines a brutal and UnAmerican Solution that he wont compromise on. In the end we’ll be worse off just for having anti_trump_yard_him possess the veto power over any legislation, bipartisan or otherwise; that may emerge from Congress.
  • Very few of his ideas come to any sort of Fruition
  • Most likely stays mostly on script in front of an audience that has even a few people who aren’t rabid fans. He’s too emotionally fragile to do more than read and split
  • When he reads off the teleprompter he doesn’t even try and its a monotone blur of syllables and mistakes
  • He will take forever to get to the podium, blowing one handshake after another, snubbing people and maybe pausing to fight verbally with almost anyone.
  • He could easily go on a long frightening screed regarding nuclear war
  • Trump will simply insult world leaders
  • No one in this White House ever bothers to reference the Constitution, some of his assertions will be impossible or simple nonsense.
  • He could easily just helicopter back to address every grievance he has from the last two years
  • It will be very dark in tone
  • It will have several sketchily implied racist aspects that will be as ambiguous as they are divisive
  • His language usage and diction are so bad the text of the speech will need to be released before we know what that fuck he even means anyway
  • He will talk in stark frightening terms to try to intimidate all who oppose any of his scatterbrained ideas
  • You already know he will make veiled calls for violence against at the very least congressional democrats
  • Afterward there will be hourly clarifications as the White House scrambles to try to make Trump’s nonsense line up with his other crazy rants.
  • We already know it will be the worst State of the Union in memory and will present the American future in a less hopeful light than even say FDR 8 weeks after Pearl Harbor!

So spare yourself. Work on that netflix cue or clear off some space on the DVR because there’s just NO POSITIVES to watching the Dear Leader Live.

Donald Trump


Star Trek’s Disappointing Discovery


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UPDATED- I have watched about three (now up to 9) episodes of Star Trek Discovery. I don’t have any passion for this show.  I had mixed feelings going in but its worse than I feared. Not fun and heavily pilfered from a variety of successful sci -fi franchises (NONE of which were Star Trek). They even say “It’s not you, it’s me.” just like in Seinfield! Its harder to watch than the worst episode of Deep Space 9.

Instead of any kind of good or cohesive story its a freakish trip through other successful sci-fi franchises

At its worst, which it re-establishes several times an episode, its as maudlin and self important as the misguided ‘serious’ episodes of M*A*S*H.

Its boring, predictable and derivative. Familiar characters get horrible treatment. The writers research seems very cursory. Its not network quality. Its an even worse show than the shortest lived Law & Order spin-off.

Because I have now PTSD Im going to try to write my way to a place where I can forget the trauma and sleep. Yeah, its THAT bad.

At this point I must trash JJ Abrams greedy merchandise oriented creative decisions he selfishly made in his time at the Helm of the Final Frontier.  We split the timeline so we wouldnt have to revenue share toys and this is what we’re left with. The implications of his Star Trek franchise, which he’s now abandoned to ruin Star Wars, throws all shows out of cannon except PREQUELS of the original 1967 series. In other words, Enterprise and this. I guess the idea of a traditional Star Trek show was never considered. Certainly the writers are a bit handcuffed.

That said they did a shitty job. No respect for the fans or the material was shown. More of the Abrams era “Lets fix that awful Star Trek by killing its charms” approach.  Its not really an excuse. This is still Star Trek and big budget and good script could have come together, because things like the sets are a triumph most of the time. No such luck. They failed deliver a show you would want to watch or any likable characters for that matter. The lead is a Human female Reverse Spock who grew up on Vulcan. And that’s not even the worst or laziest part.

What went wrong? Apparently everything but mostly, in no real order, it’s that the shows few attempts at humor fail miserably. Then tone is self important and overly slick. All CGI special effects stops have been pulled out. You might be dazzled by a near future holographic subspace conference calls and a huge, even Bigly space battle, but you wont have any fun or crack a smile as the show just sort of happens.

Also lacking- Simple compassion. Its stark how little life seems worth to the Federation. We see characters in jeopardy, like a shuttle pilot who i guess dies for no reason except the dialogue was particularly cumbersome and bad for the preceding 5 minutes. You would expect the loss of any Star Fleet officer to deserve at least a remark, like how these awful people werent worth the loss, or that she had been recovered no thanks to them. The show lacks HUMANITY. In a universe of aliens its rudderless.

Here’s an example of how terrible it is- theres an episode called “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for The Lambs Cry”. Think about that! The episode with a Latin title, that i think means ‘seek peace, prepare for war’; seems like a real drag as I ponder pulling the plug on continued viewing. The episode titles are so flamingly bad that I wish they simply had numbered them instead.

In a typical low moment during episode 2 we are subjected to some kind of screaming conference call (via holograms)  between some pretty badly designed Klingon’s, complete with a flashback to a troubled Klingon childhood right out of Blade Runner 2049. It doesnt work at all, especially juxtaposed with an ethical debates amongst the Star Fleet characters.

So Much horrible. In THIS Star Trek show Klingon’s either yell or deliver lines (in Klingon) with Shakespearian stage kind of acting to I guess make the sheer drivel they’re saying seem important? Wait til you get to their enormous flag ship for a discussion of repairs and food! What a treat! Later we get more disrespect as its unveiled some Ronin-like honor-less Klingon’s had broken and rioted over food. Klingon’s TAKE things or die trying. These re-invented Kilingon’s are as bad as their garish costumes. Re-invented and experimentally designed to say the least. They’re Un-frightening total pussies who are easily beaten up by half dead humans.


Some truly unfamiliar and badly designed Klingons

The show, such as it is, limps along depending on special effects and gets hamstrung by some of the worst Techno-Babble ever seen on the Final Frontier. Its not as good as even Voyager. Even worse, it takes itself very seriously (while showing that the writers did only cursory research into Trek Lore.)

Much of the time is taken up by the moralistic scientific subplot. This revolves around an emerging technology that we can easily foresee is sort of wrong and Un-Star Fleet, but hey, we got Klingon’s! So we’ll focus on the tension between the Scientific Explorers and the more military people in Star Fleet I guess?

I’m now on episode 9. Its not gotten any better or developed any sort of energy. The Scientific subplot is where the show goes most wrong and borrows, surprisingly, from Event Horizon, which was an ok movie but makes for TERRIBLE Star Trek! The masochistic “Spore Drive” is a really bad sci-fi barely re-imagined “Dance Dance Revolution”  video game, with screaming people stuck with fondue forks gyrating in a glass booth to flashing lights to control the ship. It’s not fun to watch. Its also merely pixie dust and rainbows and lacks any tactile qualities. Even just an enhanced Warp Drive with the stripper booth controls would have been less preposterous. The shows reach exceeding its grasp is just too generous a way to put it.

The show has no feel of Trek at all. Its not as good as even Babylon 5 (from which it has appropriated some bad ideas). The ship is even kind of boring looking with a better development story than result (long story short- it was rejected in the 70s and looks like a Star Wars Star Destroyer).

Maybe the re-tasked Horta-like “Tardograde”, creature they keep in bondage is supposed to be a bone thrown to the the fans? Because its a lot like a creature from a GOOD trek show? Ok but it actually looks pretty bad when we get a good look at it, and is completely irrelevant, propping up their bad technical experiment story.  This subplot just hangs around to justify the engineer characters reluctance to be a military weapons developer.

I cant blame any actors for lurching and scenery chewing through this mess. I mean, William Shatners pure bluster DOES float a few episodes of the Original Series, so who could blame anyone for tucking in and going with it?

Although it seems like an intervention was trued around episode 7 its taken far too long for us to meet the new crew and see the new ship. To boot its totally underwhelming after the wait.

Oh yeah and Vulcan Logic has become somehow like The Force. Because this is an amalgam of other successful NON STAR TREK Franchises! The end result of this is lots of  unbelievably bad magical communicating between the Spock-like Burnham character and the poor actor who has to play Sarek. Pissing all over the Spock origin story and providing a human sibling comes next and is just not fun to hear about in a mutual outer body experience. It’s that fast and loose with major cannon.

I hope they dont try to keep this idea going. Its Un-Worthy.


some overly Self Important official art

What does Star Trek Discovery deliver? Ok the special effects are awesome. They have some pretty well made aliens among the terribly done Klingons. If you were one of those who hated the show Enterprise for its title sequence have no fear, the title sequence might be the best thing in this wreck.


What they basically confess is a ship inspired by Star Wars

Its Unimaginative, its no fun and it depends on special effects. Some plot devices are plain bad, Beaming from deck to deck is a small issue. The funtioning holodeck 100 years too soon is more troubling. Worse, it was not even needed. It was just to work in more special effects. Engineering features retinal scanner that only scans, I guess eye fluid? It was back in Blade Runner territory on that one.

Boring, disappointing and action packed this stupid show is should be called Star Trek Disappointment. They need everyone to die in a final episode to wash Trek clean. Watch The Orville, its closer to Star Trek than this mess!

Im now up to episode 9 and the heavy handedness is of toxic proportions.

This show is such a disaster I may skip to the last episode just in the hopes they go in a Rogue 1 direction and KILL ALL THESE AWFUL CHARACTERS, SHIPS AND PLOTS!

Do Not Engage with this garbage!

Trump’s One Talent- Coming Up With Great Punk Band Names

Life under Trump is pretty stark and frightening. He tries hard to keep us fixated on him trump_angusand seems to love tormenting the American People. There seems no end to his despicable actions and harsh words.

The one light in the black? You can harvest some of the BEST EVER UNUSED Punk Band Names from his crazy rantings!

Throw in the always jaw dropping headlines Trump’s serial bad behavior and crush on Putin always generate and there’s band names enough for Oprah to have a giveaway! Take one and make some seriously punk music!

Heres some examples of bands I WOULD pay to see if anyone had the initiative to form them-

  • Fire and Fury (I even buy the t shirt no matter how this band sounds)
  • Little Rocket Man
  • House Not Hole
  • Bannon Cried
  • Sloppy Steve
  • Violence On All Sides
  • Very Fine People
  • Extreme Vetting
  • (The) Bad Hombres (thank you readers!)
  • The Steele Dossier (another t-shirt buy)
  • Mexico Will Pay For It
  • Deep State
  • Beautiful Wall
  • Enemy of the People
  • The Fake News
  • Ten Feet Higher
  • The Crooked Media
  • The Liberal Press
  • The Kysliaks
  • Fancy Bear
  • This American Carnage (maybe a bit like Bad Religion?)
  • Crooked Hillary (ok sounds more metal)
  • Lyin’ Ted
  • Gorilla Channel (ok while this ended up not being something he ever said but damn I would see them!)
  • Very Stable Genius (synth punk a la skinny puppy or maybe like Janes Addiction?)
  • Guccifer
  • Bleeding From A Facelift
  • Psycho Joe
  • Divided Crime Scene
  • Pizzagate
  • Little Marco
  • What You Signed Up For
  • They All Have AIDS
  • No Collusion
  • The 25th Amendment
  • Troll Farm
  • The Emoluments Clause
  • Big Water
  • Executive Time
  • Bigly

The list will grow until president shitheel is out of office! Updates will be added when I hear something sufficiently Punk.


  • Meeting of the Secret Society
  • Russian Witch Hunt
  • The Great Sleuth
  • Translator Project (Kremlin Code name for Hacking US Election)
  • Kompromot
  • 13 Indictments
  • Inside the Russian Troll Factory
  • Zombies and a Breakneck Pace
  • Lucky Sperm Club




Feds Investigate Clinton Foundation as Trump Goes Full Third World Dictator


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The biggest story right now isn’t the speculation Trump is suffering from a cognitive disorder (he is) or that he will BLOW OFF HIS MEDICAL EXAM next week (he so will) but that at his behest the Justice Department has, according to CNN just a few minutes ago,  has launched a Criminal Investigation (so maybe at some point even raiding?) the Clinton Foundation. Its a Dictators move and Sessions will, I suppose, have that added to the list of charges he’s confronted with at a future American Nuremburg Trial. For whatever reason the Little Rock location was mentioned conspicuously. Probably just a personal slight.

This frightening move puts him squarely in the corner of other autocrats from Hitler to Idi Amin.

It seem that Money for Access is the purported focus of the probe. It probably turns up nothing. If it does catch even the smallest irregularity trust me SCROTUS trump will let us know. Over and over.

This is much bigger than the indisputable fact that Trump’s got dementia or worse or that he’s Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein rolled up into one.


Separated at birth?

Irrelevant Jeff Sessions has had a banner couple of days. Yesterday he moved to take away the PTSD medicine for every veteran in about 14 states and today he’s attacking a charity.

Why? Because our corrupt presidents charity never remitted and was just a way to enrich himself at the cost of Cancer kids. So of course he’s just sure that the Clinton Foundation is a front as well.



John Adams, who could at least admit he was bald.

Its EASY to believe the president would pass a polygragh regarding his belief that the Clinton Foundation is corrupt. He can look in the mirror and see corruption right there.

So freak out that he’s crazy, I am, but take note that today Trump began persecuting his political enemies with the apparatus of the state.

Liberty has not been so greatly endangered since the Alien & Sedition Acts of 1798 passed by John Fuckin Adams.

Next most disturbing  development of the day (its just about 11 am) would be certified (By Paul Ryan


Dana Rohrabacher works for the Russians

and Steve Scalise) Putin Puppet Dana Rohrabacher in the following segment screaming over poor Ana Cabrera that the entire Mueller Probe is directed by CNN and the media. Freedom was nice while we had it I guess.

Can Trump Even Read? (seriously)


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unflattering-donald-trump-chin-photo-ps-battle-24-583ecc826229a__700Months ago there was a buzz over President Trump’s apparent inability to actually read. It sort of blew over before reemerging today as just one of many explosive or outright frightening revelations about Trump in excerpts from soon to be released book,  Fire and Fury, Inside the Trump White House, by a guy named Michael Wolff, who Trump thought would I guess lionize them all. Instead, faced with a bunch of insane petulant people perpetually in full freak out mode things just changed!

The quote about Trump’s literacy is as follows-

“Here, arguably, was the central issue of the Trump presidency, informing every aspect of Trumpian policy and leadership: He didn’t process information in any conventional sense. He didn’t read. He didn’t really even skim. Some believed that for all practical purposes he was no more than semi-­literate.

With a few key edits and additions here’s the original post —

Well we’ve had 100 Days of Fail from no longer all that new President Trump and wow has it ever been a whirlwind. Storming angrily from Failure to Failure and finding new ways to bottom out in Approval Polls, Trump seems dazed and confused most of the time.

Could it be because he can barely read? Podcast Host David Pakman was early to pick up on this. In early February Pakman examined the compelling visual evidence Trump can barely read or comprehend anything. Trumps only added fuel to the fire on this one, but watch the excellent podcast here before i add some of my own thoughts.

Pakman’s theory is backed up by some convincingly presented evidence.

Since the podcast in February, which is his second on the topic, we’ve all seen Trump doing things that suggest he is either functionally illiterate or has a deep reading comprehension problem.

Most obvious to me is the dead and passionless way he reads when he sticks to the teleprompter on the rare occasions he uses one . Droning and devoid of emotion he needs to go off script every few sentences to bash someone or to get a laugh or cheer of approval from the crowd (which he seems to always desperately need and luxuriate in too long).

Then there’s the verbal and visual tells Trump has that again are eerily close to the bullet pointed checklist from the Canadian Police for identifying Illiterate People.

The Canadian Police Publication on How to Identify people with Low Literacy that Pakman references is an enlightening document.  It has numerous checklists and bullet pointed items to help you identify people with low literacy traits uncovered by using Police Science.  That’s a pretty good provenance.  Most people (maybe not Trump) could easily utilize it to make a decent assessment.

Here’s an excerpt – (Forgive the British style spelling, our friends to the north like to use extra letters as often as possible)

People who have difficulty understanding verbal and written information have other tell-tale behaviours. Many people with low literacy:

• give what seem to be indirect, confused, or irrelevant answers to questions

• act confused or ask questions that do not seem to relate to the problem or situation

• not ask any questions at all (rather than reveal they don’t understand what’s going on)

• nod to indicate they agree or understand something, but then not do what you expect

They may also:

• not show up for meetings or hearings (because they did not understand the instructions on a written notice)

• sign statements or legal documents that they do not understand (rather than admit they have a reading problem)

• look dazed or uncomfortable when someone gives them something to read They may show their confusion when they:

• give the impression that they don’t understand the seriousness of their situation  (We’ve seen plenty of this in Trump’s unnerving tweets about Nuclear War)

• become frustrated and angry easily; they may storm out, or become physically confrontational  (We’ve seen plenty of this with the press)

Is there anything on this list we haven’t seen from Trump in some form? I can’t think of one. certainly “give(s) the impression that they don’t understand the seriousness of their situation’ seems applicable to everything.  Just look at some of the crazy tweets he’s put out there about North Korea. And getting angry? Like anyone hasn’t seen that. Remember his meltdown at on the phone with the Prime Minister of Australia when confronted with a complex issue?

I can think of numerous examples of everything on this list right down to storming out of the Oval Office when asked a question he doesn’t like (or comprehend?) and throwing reporters out of abruptly ended press conferences and interviews.

Another standout moment of seeming illiteracy would be when he asked a black


Trump vacantly staring straight through a copy of Variety

reporter if she knew how he could contact members of the Members of the Congressional Black Caucus; members of Congress whose contact information is literally at his fingertips. Everyone knows this.

Lastly we have the presidents baffling and hilariously Historically inaccurate statements about Frederick Douglass and repeated ignorant statements about Andrew Jackson. The Jackson comments are very disturbing as a cursory review of his presidency would present so many frightening and outright brutal actions and policies.

Genocide with WMD’s (anthrax laden blankets) against the Native Americans is just  one aspect of Jackson’s murderous, racist, removal and extermination policies. He literally tried to exterminate all of the Native Americans east of the Appalachian Mountains. He, like Trump, was a stranger to compromise and tolerance. Follow this link to the awful tale of the Trail of Tears .  Essentially, Jackson Death Marched entire Indian Tribes, men woman and children, from areas like Florida to places like Michigan, making no allowances for things like feeding them properly on the way. If there had been photography at that time endless comparisons to Hitler (rather than Napoleon) would dog Jackson’s memory.

As an administrator of government Jackson was petulant and incompetent with all the wrong priorities. In his spare time Jackson continually warred politically with Congress and the Supreme Court; expanding his power at every opportunity.  He was particularly out  of touch and bellicose about how to run the nations finances and was considered irresponsible. He presided over a major recession which was partly his own fault and probably was only curtailed by westward expansion and the free labor from slavery.  In short, he was just terrible.

With these kinds of violent and anger driven behaviors being pretty much the Top and Bottom lines of the Andrew Jackson Presidential Tale of the Tape its safe to say only an idiot could fail to see him as anything but akin to America’s 19th century version of Hitler. Even in the south Slave Owning lunatics like Andrew Jackson are a political legacy most seem content to avoid.

Mentioning he was deeply moved by a visit to Jackson’s home and grave you would have to assume he lacked the curiosity to look at the dates on it or just doesnt know when the Civil War was.

Jackson, dead almost two decades before the Civil War, is now credited by Trump as working to prevent it. Any sane person would probably reason that Jackson’s prevention of the Civil war would have been to expand and protect slavery, which he loved.  Is it possible Trump’s fascination with Jackson is that most statues and memorials have just a one line inscription?  Perhaps his most famous and succinct quote was “Our Sacred Union Must be Preserved”. After the War the Union put it on every statue of him they could find, especially the ones in the Old Confederacy. So Jackson’s whole appeal may be he has a memorable quote. Its almost a tweet.  It fits with the Low Literacy theory well. Jackson’s one big quote is about as much information as he can remember on a topic he is actually interested in but clearly has avoided reading about.

In examining  his personal style and his repeated lauding of another terrible role model, General George S Patton, I detailed how Trump had missed the entire point of the eponymous semi biographical movie about the fiery soldier.  Masterpiece “Patton” is a very watchable movie which he often references. Unfortunately he failed to grasp any of the movies more subtle points. He misses Patton’s obvious conflicts.


Iconic opening moments of Patton (1970)

The movie clearly paints Patton as a mixed bag of contradictions with as many problems as gifts. Trump simply misses how Patton’s professional training and top notch merit promoted staff  are completely the OPPOSITE of the ‘Dumbest and Dimmest’ collection of Yes-Men the under-educated he’s assembled. Trump misses this entirely. Instead of a cautionary tale of the need to moderate destructive personal traits Trump sees a blueprint for an success through fiery arrogance. Its possible the Dunning-Kruger Effect is operting even in


Where have we seen this before?

something as simple as a relatively straight forward bio-pic.

He also is known to frequently blow off important meetings on complex topics.

For good measure I would throw out there that in his hard to follow spoken comments he rarely finishes a sentence, interrupting himself frequently. When all is said and done its hard to auger what he said.

Mangling quotes, some really badly spelled tweets and non stop misstatements of Historical facts have piled up on a near daily basis.

The most frightening part of this is that his illiteracy precludes any historical perspective. So in an analogous situation to say the Cuban Missile Crisis its likely Trump would be freelancing his way through a situation that historical perspective would give him some tried and true options on. The idea he could negotiate his way out of anything seems highly unlikely too. The command of details this demands seems beyond our pitiful So Called Leader.

2018 Wish List


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Here’s some things I have my fingers crossed for in 2018-

  • Trump catches fire and slowly burns to death on TV trump_hitler_atl_graffitti
  • Or dies in any other way before June
  • Or is Impeached and tossed in jail forever
  • Same for Pence too
  • Ivanka, Jared and scumbag Trump Jr  starting lengthy prison terms
  • “Flynn Flipped” the Musical
  • Knowingly shake hands with a Genetic Relative
  • Fly my nephew to NYC and hit Mets AND Yankees games
  • gain 10 pounds
  • Reversal of Personal Fortune
  • great Free Concerts in Central Park
  • Survive “The Last Jedi”
  • Continue to Hold Out Deep Into the Night Awaiting Freedom and Liberty to return to America
  • Even more guitar playing
  • Support good journalism (the best cure for Trump) by renewing my subscription to the New York Times
  • Lobby for DEVO to play this and every Superbowl
  • Pray the world moves on from AWFUL music-murdering ginger Ed Sheeran. Weren’t the songs he wrote for Taylor Swift enough to convince people he plain ol’ sucks?
  • Tell everyone to read Philip K Dick’s “Clans of the Alphane Moon” because its the best ever dystopia. You can hear it unabridged Free HEREme_travis
  • continue exercising more
  • drink less soda (so far so good for last 4 weeks)
  • Never Miss ‘The President Show”, basically the Daily Show of hating Trump
  • Meet William Shatner
  • Be in a movie (as an extra or better)
  • Hopefully not hear the name “Roy Moore” even one time
  • Or hear much about horrible Alabama in general
  • Submit that script
  • Become Ex-Pat to Canada if America’s Fascist descent continues
  • St Patrick’s Day/Irish Pride Parade NYC 2018
  • Cuban Pride Day NYC 2018
  • Italian American Pride Day 2018
  • British Pride Day 2018
  • Native American Pride Day USA
  • a proper celebration of at least one Jewish Holiday
  • Tweets of Defiance more
  • Facebook Posts of Conformity less




UN Showdown with Skinflint Trump (and What it Means for the Mueller Probe)


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UPDATED 12-31-17

Nikki Haley sounded just like Trump today when she gave a harsh speech that could probably be called “Reverse Blackmail” aimed at the entire world. Some have said this illustrates that Trump wants blind loyalty. Others point to the vote where all but 9 UN member nations decided to condemn the US decision to move its Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a place so safe and non controversial that the Israeli’s themselves do government business a Katyusha Rocket flight (and change) away in Tel Aviv.unflattering-donald-trump-chin-photo-ps-battle-24-583ecc826229a__700

That’s all true about loyalty, but Trump also has a lifelong pattern of simply not paying what he owes.  Probably relates in some way to the inexhaustible reservoir of anger he has and his complete lack of empathy for others. The bottom line is that Trump is not a trustworthy  himself, so he sees everyone as the shifty liar he is. There’s always a reason not to pay, even if it’s just something he thinks up that might happen in the future.

Art of the Deal famously talks about his boilerplate practice of simply refusing to remit. Sometimes he says the work was shoddy.  It basically comes down to- he’s too cheap and petty to have lawyers on retainer and not have them sue back their salaries by using them as legal cannon fodder.  Tying people down in court til there was no point continuing but honor has worked. It’ an awful way to do business and it’s probably the biggest reason he has to get his loans from Russian Mobsters instead of American Banks.

Now Trump’s petulance is US Policy. Don’t expect any concessions from the world.  They’re just fine sucking up the vacuum in global leadership and they’re all having a good laugh. What the fuck do they care if the UN moves to the Hague? Old Amsterdam is even more fum than New Amsterdam, they’ll be fine.

mueller.jpgThe American People are the losers here. The idea we will regain moral leadership of the world when we get a new president is not exactly a foregone conclusion.

And it’s not like Trump has any plans beyond maybe trying to acquire the UN site for luxury hotel space. He’s just doing the only thing he knows, playing to the loudest Right Wing Empty Barrels and attempt to curry favor with petty horrible people like himself. Is it any shock he gravitated to the Right Wing fantasies that regard withholding money?

Nikki Haley should be ashamed.  Has she even considered Life After Trump? Does she really think if she becomes Secretary of State she will not be undermined and bashed by Trump the way he currently goes after Tillerson?

I haven’t said this before because I guess my pride forbid it; but it can’t be denied, Trump, by virtue of everything we see, is a powerful seductive voice. Yes, he mostly appeals to simple, angry people, but there’s a few who damn well should know better sprinkled in.

Trump’s cheap and petty traits are going to drag America through the mud as he uses the (now free) resources he has to soothe his angry ego by just cheating people. I think he gets off on it.

Trump’s predilection to use shifty legal manuevers to simply delay while he creates other fires has scary implications for the Mueller Investigation.

I predict the very idea he can fire Mueller or effectively neuter him with some maneuvering and strategic firing of others (hear that Rosenstein and McCabe?) is too much for Trump’s feeble mind.

Since the time of the Roman’s the best way to destroy a democracy outside outright war has been to simply install and inept leader who spends badly and otherwise stresses the state institutions, like the courts. Trump was appealing to his Russian handlers because anyone thinking about him being president for even a minute would realize he’s incompetent and flagrantly dishonest. He could stress the Institutions of State.

It’s pretty likely we’ll all be out on the streets protesting in the next couple of days. I just don’t see Trump as able to handle the power and hey, he KNOWS he’s guilty, so he’s going to fire Mueller. Probably sooner rather than later.

UPDATE- Mueller somehow came out of Christmas and looks to be ending the Nw Year with a job still. I still think ultimately he will be fired.

If that somehow doesnt happen (or un-happens) look for Trump to just use all tactics available to play for time. He has no problem being president of 35% and falling. He can take more Horrible than us.

His goal wont be to win in this either, just to kick the can every day with no real Frand Strategy outside the usual- some kind of Out fo Court Settlement where he steps away admitting No Guilt. As soon as he leaves office he has 19 or so Sexual Harrassment / Sexual Assault cases againsyt him that will take a lot of effort to avoid paying out in. On this one his strategy will be (unwittingly, of course)  to kick the can til he dies.


















Why I’m Not Seeing Last Jedi (and you shouldn’t either!)


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Not a Review, a warning. (No spoilers)

Well its December and time for another Star Wars movie. This time I’m not plunking down any money for what looks like a giant turd. Here’s why there’s no reason to see it before it hits video

  • The Rotten Tomatoes score is at 56% and falling. 40 points or so below the critic score.
  • Shape of Water looks pretty awesome. Seems like a better investment of 15episode-8-luke-skywalkerdollars.
  • George Lucas has absolutely NOTHING to do with this. In fact, he’s not so sure these new movies will be any good and said so a long time ago. HE WILL get plenty of money though, which is overhead they have to pay for… by selling toys and other stuff that doesn’t help the movie.
  • Star Wars Stockholm Syndrome. Its real, I’ve seen it! It’s like this- You can’t really trust people who saw it and think its was ‘Pretty good” or “Still worth seeing.” They need to see it a second or third time to really believe its mediocre or even bad. This is fine for the Star Wars People. They have the easiest job ever. They CAN’T Fail. The fans just are overwhelmed by the advertising and the years of waiting. Most people’s perspective is shot by the time they walk in to see it. Its something like Stockholm Syndrome. People blame themselves when they don’t enjoy Star Wars movies! Otherwise why would The Phantom Menace be the one that made the MOST MONEY?
  • The initial Episode 8 ad campaign was a threat to ruin the movie with toy commercials! “DON’T LET ANYTHING SPOIL THIS MOVIE”. Pulling that off would be a Sci-Fi movie of its own! Am I supposed to go back in time and kill JJ Abrams to prevent the mediocre set up that was the last movie?
  • If you just go see a mediocre movie cause Disney said you have to, well, what would the Rebels we loved in the original trilogy think of that? DISNEY’S AN EVIL EMPIRE.
  • Luke and Han just won’t be onscreen together
  • Admit it. When you saw Episode 7 the second time you were kinda bored. It was ok the first time but sitting through it the second time with my nephew was awful. And the kid sort of hated it. He was 11. At that age he should have loved it. He loves everything with Harrison!
  • Episode 7 was impossible to watch straight through on video. When it was on Netflix I gave it one more shot. This time I just saw the flaws. Like for instance how Fin and Po form a life bond in a 200 second tie fighter escape and crash. It felt like they didn’t even try to make the characters real.
  • Rogue One was much better than any Star Wars “Episode” movie since maybe super violent ‘Revenge of the Sith” Think that’s a low bar? CNN compared this one to Revenge of the Clones! Chose your poison.
  • You can’t trust reviews that say its good because they could be bought and paid for.
  • The LEGO version will probably be better
  • The Toy commercials have exposed 15% of the plot. EXAMPLE- BB-8 has a rival or buddy robot whose similar but Empire, I mean “First Order” style. Knowing these movies, maybe first a rival than a companion?
  • The last movie was one long beginning teasing this movie the whole time.
  • The Han Solo movie will be better.
  • The Obi Wan movie will be better.
  • Remember the end of LOST? Same people.
  • It’s got long awkward parts JUST to sell toys. In the last few movies it’s been worse and worse.
  • All the Ad Campaigns launched at once with a glut of out of context movie scenes. So its being sold on home video (well in advance). Of course the toys are also being sold, throw in the backpacks and t -shirts and other merchandise being sold and the related stuff like car commercials. For at 4 weeks they will runs non stop. Every week they will debut slightly new commercials for the same stuff. Worse, it intentionally spoils the movie. Punishment for those who hesitated? They’ll know next time! Worse still each commercial s has a slightly different approach and tone, some silly some semi serious, its annoying.
  • The 10 million different licensed products seem to all have gotten there own 2-3 seconds of movie to sell their product with,so- dozens of spoilers.
  • It’s close to three hours long! Come ON! This isn’t Martin Scorcese. Who even wants a 3 hour Star Wars movie? Is it just so it can sell more toys?
  • Do you want to be part of rewarding Disney for making a long mediocre Star Wars movie? When does it end? Remember what i said what I said about Phantom Menace making the most money? Don’t you think that facts been dogging the franchise? If your worst movie is still a huge goldmine and blows up franchise records whats the motivation to EVER make good ones? Take a stand for quality.
  • This last ones Purely Personal- Doesn’t seem a chance in Hell the best character, the Emperor will show for the oh so uncool First Order.  Its just not Star Wars without Ol’ Lightning Hands.

So there you have it. Don’t bother.