VP debate Insights (Before)

Prelude to a kick- Two Bi-Polar Irishmen make cases for their ticket
This evening the nation will be treated to something new and exciting. Two whacky Irish guys engaged in a passionate argument that ISN’T taking place in a pub.
My decades of experience of being Irish American have given me some insight. Surely we will see some blatant anti-hibernianism by supporters of both sides. Anti-hibernians share the trait of being uninformed. Lindsay Lohan reinforces some of this and I will personally pay for her to change her name to something that doesn’t disgrace the race. Still, she is merely fertilizer for existing sterotypes.
On the other hand; look at the logos of Notre Dame “Fighting Irish” and the Boston Celtics. Both show an Irishman in a pugnacious stance. If you google the same logo’s not too many years ago the guys nose is red. The idea of a race being prone to violence would for some seem demeaning. Yet we Irish make no fuss about it. This would mostly be because due to the fact that another, more flattering stereotype IS true; we collectively suffer from an acute sense humor and an abundance of good cheer. To my knowledge no lawsuits have ever been filed against Notre Dame or the Celtics. Hard to imagine a similar situation going unaddressed. Consider a team called the Ohio Clueless Polack’s, there’s just no way. In recent years the Braves and Indians have been justifiably criticized and have attempted to move towards more racially sensitive regalia on the field. Chief Wahoo was given a nip and tuck and make-over and went into semi-retirement. The Braves, who could make a better case about a noble depiction of Native Americans, still did some damage control.
On to the matter at hand- Neither Ryan nor Biden should be taken lightly, neither should they be taken overly seriously. Expect a great degree of puffing. Ancestors and immigrant relatives will figure prominently. Either guy could be so caught up in the moment he may well ascribe the need to learn to speak English as a hindrance. In the pantheon of stereotypical Irishmen, we have the major categories of poets, priests and politicians (to borrow a quote from Sting). In tonight’s debate we will see two politicians making their case that they are also poets and or priests. Hence the bi-polar or even tri-polar nature of this dog fight.
Ryan will most likely go for the role of Poet. He loves Ayn Rand, fancies himself the cock of the walk; confident in his knowledge and ready to show his creativity. The drawback of this approach is that it demands immediate on the spot creative back up. Going this way means a guarantee of a night of ‘pickup basketball’ for both candidates. Obfuscating issues with flowery prose is the ultimate goal for Paul “Rex in Effect” Ryan.
In the other corner, Biden’s best bet is probably to play towards the Priestly stereotype. Somewhat preachy with a flair for the dramatic fits Biden well. He avoids initiating a pickup game and stays within the auspices of his party’s platform/Bible. If effective the result is a passionate eulogy for the ideas of Ryan and his boss Mitt Romney. The Priest persona allows for attacking with a measure of impunity. Lashing out at a man of the cloth is at best unseemly in should Ryan be overly harsh. The danger of the Priestly approach is if pushed to far the stereotype becomes a negative feedback loop. Once painted as a Holier Than Thou blowhard its extremely difficult to maintain this approach. If sufficiently provoked Father Biden can counter attempts to make him seem the aggressor while still throwing some elbows should Ryan be able to control the tone of the debate.
Expect a LOT of double dribble from both Ryan and Biden should pickup basketball ensue. Both have the potential to foam at the mouth. Past evidence has shown each man losing their cool is a distinct possibility.
Let the the jig and reel begin! Step dancing without using ones arms is the rule, neither guy is that graceful. The vice presidential debate tonight will certainly include punches and jabs. The question is who will fight harder and cleaner. A series of below the belt attacks will shift the advantage to the recipient should they manage to recover. After that anyone without a horse in the race already will start to root for the underdog.
No debate in recent memory has the kind of potential for a meltdown and or sustained viciousness as what we will be treated to tonight. Cheers Boys!

By Captain Teag

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