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Queens, NY– A Nassau County3:00 pm EDT police officer was killed today, the killer went on to car jack and murder a motorist. He is currently still at large. Details are sketchy but police dogs are now involved, apparently having acquired the killers scent off some discarded article of clothing. Details are emerging, but I think I know

Accused Cop Killing Carjacker murderer Darrell Fuller is in Police Custody.

how he has managed to elude the police departments of both New York City and Nassau Counties. The lockdown on the area was straight out of a sci fi movie, Close Encounters of the third Kind comes to mind. The TV news showed bands of cops, with machine guns and riot shields roaming the streets looking especially grim.

Update-  1:41 am EDT Darrell Fuller, 33, of Queens has been captured with apparently self inflicted gunshot wounds. He prognosis for recovery was described as “unknown”. No details were provided in any sources i found for the precise location.

Double Murder in the Town I love so well. I grew up walking distance from this area

I grew up here. The median by the underpass of the Cross Island Parkway at Jamaica avenue is where I drink my first beer at the tender age of 13. I routinely walked from the Jamaica  Avenue exit to the Hempstead Turnpike exit.

Belmont Park, acres and acres of it, lies to the east of the North – South Cross island parkway. It’s a perfect place to hide. As a young truant I found out how easy it is to evade detection in there drinking my illegally purchased beer. Even should yo be spotted, I have personally evaded the police there as a kid.

The Jamaica Avenue exit is a bottleneck. You really have to use this point of access to reach Nassau County from Queens due to the parkway running the length of the border. This is where the City and Nassau County merge ambigiously. no one is sure where one ends and the other begins. This is where Darrell Fuller murdered Officer Lopez as Lopez approached his car at a traffic stop. Fuller stepped out and simply shot the cop to death. Like turning off a TV.

I know this area, i even worked a few shifts at the dive bar on the corner looking towards the overpass before it burned down. The area is usually only bad at night. There are crack heads to be seen. I had to kick hookers out of the bar twice and got confronted by an angry pimp once. That was pretty much when i quit. The bottleneck nature of the area filtered all types back and forth. Like a drain, the scum collects at the edges. Many are heading from Nassau County to engage in prostitution or buy crack, especially late at night. This simply DOESN’T happen in broad daylight in Queens Village. Even a 2 minute walk away, where there was a Son of Sam shooting decades ago, it was in the dead of night.

Nassau County Police Officer Artie Lopez was murdered earlier today. He was just 29 years old.

Today, the police in this area are HIGHLY motivated. The Park is somewhat of a maze. Numerous exits offer ways into 2 different counties, Queens and Nassau. Add in the MTA Police who patrol the Long Island railroad tracks that cross the parkway between the exits and the switching yard at Belmont and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This was a major police mobilization like i have never seen before outside riots on TV.

At the Hempstead Turnpike Exit there is an opportunity to continue on towards JFK airport. Or there is a residential area, which disturbingly includes the Old Folks home where my 94 year old Grandmother lives.

Apparently the Hempstead Turnpike exit is where the car driven by Fuller was abandoned, allegedly with 4 blown tires. At this point he carjacked and needlessly murdered some poor guy from Brooklyn who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I know this part of the parkway like the back of my hand.

In the end the murderer, Darrell Fuller, was apprehended after trying to cheat the hangman by killing himself. I am glad he will live to stand trial, be convicted and have the Needle of Justice that is Lethal Injection slipped into his arm. Darrell Fuller is a murderer and cop killer and is a textbook case for capital punishment. New York MUST begin to use its Death Penalty.

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