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The David Petraeus Resignation Scandal is perplexing for a lot of reasons. Right now the affair rumors are centered on Paula Broadwell, a pretty cougar-y brunette based on limited early pictures. The idea a career in espionage could be destroyed by having too much sex with too many women leaves one to ponder how Ian Flemming could have gotten it all so horribly wrong.
The General’s reputation is about to be kicked around quite a bit. Character issues will make him long for the privacy and respect he will get at the closed door Q&A’s with Congress about the disasterous 9-11 Benghazi Attack and its aftermath. By the time this is done you can count on David Petraeus getting it from both sides despite todays apparent gallantry, where he fell on his sword, for lack of a better term, and resigned because he was a bit too much of a philanderer for a guy who might just be susceptible to blackmail.

General Dave and his (soon to be ex?) wife

At the very least it evokes the most disturbing aspects of the excellent Clint Eastwood directed film “J. EDGAR” with Leonardo DiCaprio. Basically it shows the potential for a government agency potentially run by a delusional egomaniac to cause massive damage to the nation. The FBI had decades of misguided craziness under J. Edgar Hoover, who seems to have simply been a mental wreck and somewhat self-hating. This is actually a fact and the nation suffered greatly through side effects like McCarthyism and constantly connecting troublesome people with Communism to the point of the Red Scare.
It gets better. Here’s what the next few days will reveal-
Paula Broadwell is apparently some kind ex-military, self-styled journalist (Ok, I’m just as guilty) and delusional hero worshiper who wrote an EXTREMELY POORLY REGARDED book about the DP called “All In” (seriously, that’s the actual title), described by one reviewer as “fan fiction”. The excerpts I read really were extensive and I can attest to the fact that whatever it is I was reading was more a collection of words than a story.

the very do-able talentless writer Paula Broadwell.

Basically it was a depiction of David Petraeus as the only guy in the entire American Military who could ever do anything right. He was also a walking human anabolic steroid, making everyone else around him smarter! If anyone around him had a good idea, Dave had a super educated Vulcan idea that improved it.

Basically most reviews seem to regard the book as wasted opportunity to observe and report what was going on around a guy who was running two wars. It’s a great opportunity to date your stalker though. Dating your stalker is something I am also guilty of, but I was like 20, she was hot and I wasn’t in charge of two wars. Needless to say it was a messy break up. I am not sure if Broadwell was hacking into his e-mail because she was a jealous bitch off the rails or just a plain old spy, but apparently that’s the action that started things moving quickly. The CIA apparently bought in the FBI to run the investigation, which is stunning because it makes perfect sense. David Petraeus probably didn’t have all that much time to come clean on this and may have had a flip out ready stalker out there ready to lose it in the national press.
The elephant in the room is of course “What did the president know and when did he know it?” It’s a safe bet that Obama had a chance to have an inkling this may have been coming, if not knowing pretty much everything, or not. I would speculate that the most likely scenario is that this was going down but David Petraeus chose to wait a couple of days to save his bosses ass as well as the tattered shreds of his own tarnished legacy before he went to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with his letter of Resignation.
I think by Monday the view of David Petraeus could radically change. He may well be regarded as an ego maniac who cheated on his wife under the guise of having his life documented by his stalker. So basically the only person who loves David Petraeus as much as David Petraeus is this Paula Broadwell chick, who writes nongraphic novels about some guy she may or may not be doing.
The CIA seemed deeply concerned about what Petraeus seems to have been up to.

The biggest WTF of the whole thing – well, to me it’s fucking your stalker, which is somewhere between awesome and self-obsessed depending how hot she is and if you are dating her because you think she looks like you because you’re so damn taken with yourself.
The David Petraeus Resignation Scandal dropped late Friday in what the media mostly refers to as the News Dump Approach. Most people credit it to Pat Buchannan. Basically means you wait til everyone is off to enjoy their weekend to release bad news. The world was less hooked in back then when Pat was tooling for Ronald Reagan and there was barely cable TV. Now we have every newspaper ever available through our smart phones all the time. The best example would be most of America finding out the awesome news of the death of Osama bin Laden while watching the Mets play the Phillies on Sunday Night Baseball because someone in the park was looking at his phone at the right moment and started a chant.
Dumping bad news is no longer a mop up operation of killing off the truth by banking on the likelihood someone would miss that night’s half hour of nightly news and not see a paper til Monday. This is 2012 and the world stays at our fingertips…at least for as long as our cell phones hold a charge.

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