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NOT a CIA Field manual….or is it?

The Petraeus scandal took a bunch of puke-worthy turns very quickly. Here’s what we found out about General Dave and his pals-
– What a sleazy bunch. Petraeus has a list of refugees from Desperate Housewives for friends.

Now what do you think General Dave made her do to earn those Mardi-Gras necklaces??

– “The name’s Petraeus. David Petraeus” cue bond music. Not the “good’ Bond music, use the ‘illegal’ Bond Music from the non-franchise Sean Connery return in the early 80’s gem- “Never Say Never Again”. Clearly General Dave lives by that rule, Never said Never to anyone with female DNA (have you seen his wife?)
– Proves Warfare exists ONLY to impress chicks
– Fucking your Stalker- not the best idea after your about 17
– He enabled thievery victimizing his own soldiers by supporting Jill Kelley’s Sham Charity
– Proves Nice Guys Finish Last- this guy has been riding high for decades. Now we know why- No conscience/ douche
– His wife deserved better. Call me crazy but when I wanted to fuck anyone BUT my wife I divorced her and then did exactly that. For Holly its worse. This may well end her marriage; she would suddenly NOT be a military wife or family member for the first time in her life! This is the only life the poor woman has known.
Holly Petraeus was born into a military family, but let’s not write off loving a liar as “knowing what she signed up for”. Military wife? It’s a rough life. General’s wife? It’s almost a nightmare of responsibilities. Don’t believe me? Watch the excellent “We Were Soldiers” or read the book. Even a Light Colonels wife had heavy responsibility. Movie is great if you can stomach Mel Gibson, remember this is pre his Mad Mel meltdown.

Paula Broadwell is now among the most normal, honest people in this whole mess. This could change by tomorrow.

– The FBI is still a revenge oriented and largely useless organization. J.Edgar Hooverwould be truly proud of the lack of professionalism, morality and scruples. A rogue investigation all revolving around a not so shapely wanna-be socialite thief (Jill Kelley) and an agent so whacked out Fox Mulder would shun him as a conspiracy obsessed nut. This guy needs to be fired; this is NOT something that accomplished anything other than exposing sleazy,

English: J. Edgar Hoover

Blackmailer par excellence, cross dresser, deeply closeted self hating homosexual and long time FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

puffy, self-important lying Jill Kelley as a thieving fraud.
– Tariq Salaahi is now demoted to second biggest asshole in America. It took a lot to drive the White House Party Crasher turned unsympathetic ex-husband to a bimbo who now dates a man who has created nothing of interest in roughly 30 years. A love triangle of delusional idiots. Sounds JUST LIKE PETRAEUS!!
– General Dave perpetuated every stereotype about spies without the part where it’s cool to have a lotta sex with a lotta women. Then again, James Bond is widower and not cheating on anyone. When James Bond gets laid it HELPS him. When General Dave gets laid it shatters the stained glass window image where he was “Captain America” and was reveling in it. (This is called ‘just deserts’).
– Our Heroic American Veteran’s, especially badly injured ones, are being exploited by the likes of Jill Kelley, who merely line their pockets with the donations she bilks from well-intentioned citizens. Money that otherwise would have been spent on a LEGITIMATE charity. Clearly, Jill Kelley had larceny in her heart when she started this, and General Dave couldn’t be bothered to have someone make sure the charity was real? Did this man ever see ANY Tom Clancy movie?? Jill Kelley’s behavior is so disgusting John Wayne would say, “She could walk under a rattlesnakes belly with 6 inch stiletto heels and her high hair”
– No one at the FBI gives a shit about informing the White House.
– FBI STILL uses its power to blackmail, intimidate and push around our elected officials. The FBI is one Government agency that no one would miss. No one.
– Real criminals take 20 years to catch (Whitey Bolger, the Unabomber). Bad FBI agents can send shirtless pics to a puffy wanna-be socialite/thief, conduct a rogue investigation where only Republicans were told and that was just to power along a peeping tom style probe into a meaningless mess of text messages that could have simply been deleted. Who needs the SPAM button when you know an incredibly stupid and horny FBI agent who was all up in General Dave and everyone else’s “Ex-Files”? What a waste of our tax money! This guy gets PAID to do this? He will soon be the security guard at Target (well maybe not, FBI seems to love these kinda guys)
– Paula Broadwell has elevated herself from sleaziest person involved. She’s merely a pseudo-intellectual who is a crazy dick loving stalker. There’s nothing surprising in this crazy bitch’s actions. She had nothing to do with it, she was just out sleazed by the other actors in this Immorality Play.
– Now another General, General John Allen is also involved. Though cleared of wrongdoing the idea a man in charge of America’s longest and arguably most senseless war had the time to send 20,000 PAGES of email to even their own wife would look pretty foolish. Granted a 10 line email has like 2 pages of html script in it, so who knows how many  times he emailed her. General John Allen has another stereotype to deal with-Never trust anyone with 2 first names.
– CIA stands for “Caught in the Act”; or possibly ‘Completely Inept Assholes’. BOY DO THEY LOOK STUPID! They failed to predict the fall of the Soviet Union and it went downhill from there. They got a lot of their own guys unnecessarily killed with flawed tactics in Iraq and Afghanistan. Don’t believe me? Here’s like 700 articles that back me up,;_ylt=A0oG7jrMCKRQkmIATDUQRAUJ;_ylc=X1MDUCMxNTEzNDAwNDgEX3IDMgRhbwNhbwRjc3JjcHZpZAMyYWRhSzBvRzd2NmpWV3h2VHBaa0JBZk9SMzNSVWxDa0NNd0FDcC44BGZyA3l0ZmYxLXR5YwRmcjIDc2J0bgRuX2dwcwMxBG9yaWdpbgN5dGIEcHFzdHIDY2lhIGFnZW50IGtpbGxlZCBpbiBhZmdoYW5pc3RhbgRxdWVyeQNjaWEgYWdlbnQga2lsbGVkIGluIGFmZ2hhbmlzdGFuBHNhbwMxBHZ0ZXN0aWQDQUNCWTAy?p=cia%20agent%20killed%20in%20afghanistan&fr=ytff1-tyc&pqstr=cia%20agent%20killed%20in%20afghanistan
– Tampa “Society” is the Bunny Boiling Wisteria Lane of crazy sluts. Forget about the fact that as a New Yorker I simply can’t stop laughing that someone like Jill Kelley and herself important sister would consider climbing the Social Ladder of Tampa as an accomplishment is absolutely pointlessly ridiculous. Then again the $150K Jill STOLE form Disabled Vet’s and other worthy causes would last 1/3 as long. She’s JUST NOT a smooth enough criminal to swim with the sharks here. Try converting to Scientology, that’ll move ya up in Cultville
– IAVA, Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran Association seems to be the safe charitable donation at this point
– Charity begins at home. In the case of Jill Kelley that is LITERALLY true. This is the most despicable person in this scandal. Running a fake charity is so unbelievably horrible. Jail seems appropriate. Maybe she can cut a deal to be a Weight Watchers Spokesperson… oh wait, Kristie Alley is the high-water mark of Crazy for them, sorry Jill. Losing weight would still prolong your life; you will need every moment you have left on this earth to live down your disgusting thefts.
I don’t like to judge identical twins, but seems like the Sister’s Kelley are, as the old Irish saying goes “As thick as thieves and a disgrace to the Irish.” I RESENT these women besmirching the good name of my Irish American forefathers who built this country AFTER they helped immeasurably in creating it (Washington’s Northern Army was heavily Irish). Give an Irish guy a job where you kill British Lobsterbacks all day was like a working vacation. ‘We get PAID for this? I’m in! Feckin’ tired of shooting at them for free!’
The Kelley sisters AND General Dave should all be forced to be passengers in Lindsay Lohan’s car while she drunkenly retraces Ryan Dunn’s final ride. Much like Dunn, the Sister’s Kelley have basically been complicit in killing American military personnel. How many needy Vet’s took their lives when the money that the Kelley’s were stealing in their name would have changed everything?Ryan Dunn killed Navy Seal in the car wreck, albeit by mistake,  which was SO avoidable. As avoidable as this scandal. General Dave idiotically supported a charity that Steven Baldwin would have been proud of. Perhaps they got the idea from Sean Hannity, who raised $6 million dollars for some worthy cause. He only needed 5.99 million to pull it off. Hey, an entire floor at a 5 star 5 diamond hotel ain’t cheap! However,
Hell hath no fury like a women scorned. General Dave must’ve cut ”Man Class” that day. Which would mean he missed the 1st 30 seconds of “How to Date Any Woman Ever” lecture.
How could Ian Fleming have gotten it all so horribly wrong? Now Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is his most realistic book. What does that say????

Here’s some vid. Kyra Phillips of CNN has General Dave’s side of the story after interviewing him.She is waaaay biased in DP’s favor, repeating over and over how honest and how honorable he is. Well, maye he charmed her into believing him,but i remember the words of Ross Perot-“If your wife can’t trust you how can I?” Take this with a HUGE lump of salt and make of it what you will

AND NOW WE KNOW WHO THE SHIRTLESS (soon  to be former) FBI AGENT IS- Frederick Humphries!–abc-news-topstories.html

To read more– check out Inquistr

3 thoughts on “Petraeus Scandal- Shirtless FBI Agent Identity Revealed; The Disgusting Kelley Sister’s Steal from Wounded Vets

  1. Stephanie Scintilla says:

    You can’t make this stuff up. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so tragic
    How do people so corrupt, venal and incompetent continue to operate without being called on it. During peacetime these people are parasites, during times of war they are MURDERERS!!
    Some of the best of our youth are being sacrificed to their vanity and self delusion. Those who aren’t killed are maimed and damaged often dying by their own hands. (How convenient for the military, less evidence of their shameful folly hanging around.)
    Have any of these clowns ever been prosecuted or at least lost their pensions!
    As for those repulsive harpies the Kelley sisters only those morons would take them for anything but the street walkers aspiring to be call girls they look like. No intelligent person would touch them with someone else dick.
    Welcome to the Emperor’s New Clothes World of the American Semi Demi-monde.
    Sometimes I think the apocalypse can’t get here soon enough.
    Kudo’s for putting this info out there but I’m afraid the Illiterati are too busy following the fake lives of “reality” and sports to pay attention


    1. the lower down guys and the biographer were held to accounts. theres some talk of giving petraeus another gig , though dont count out politics, low bar these days


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