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Next CIA director: General David Petraeus ????
It’s a little scary to see the Republican Cargo Cult ginning up headlines touting the idea that disgraced former CIA

‘Someone tell Petraeus he’s not Sean Connery’

Director; Gen. David Petraeus should have a chance to publicly screw up and have to quit in disgrace again. The idea of recycling the head of the Central Intelligence Agency just FEELS wrong. While his affair could have been survived had he chosen, he at least took the High Road and quit.
I can’t believe that out of nowhere suddenly Barack Obama by implication, had made a hire in the first place that was SO good that a small tempest or a glaring mistake wouldn’t destroy. In fact, people believe Obama should overlook the fact he has a resignation in hand from a spymaster so inept that he was unable to conceal a simple extramarital affair?
This is a ludicrous idea! First of all, the obvious- the man has a very important espionage job and he has terrible judgment and no command of subtlety. Shirley Sherrod was fired and then turned down the re-hire after the

administration balked over a creatively re-edited video where she seemed to make harsh statements. Van Jones was branded an anti-christ. Rahm Emanuel had to go back to run Chi-Town because he cursed too much. The presidents critics and Republican foes have been able to sort of have their way with “All the Presidents Men (and women)”.
Now, David Petraeus, a white male, is the offender and it’s a mistake to

George Lazenby is no longer the biggest joke in the espionage world

accept his letter of resignation? It would make the president look really bad, so of course, it’s being floated. Obama has been a much better political operator than anyone expected, so it’s more than likely he understands that he is being baited. He will appear patently ridiculous if he suddenly made a stand against common sense and made an exception for the first non brown guy who screwed something up.
In the first term this President was not all about loyalty and was careful, even skittish, about choosing his battles. In the last election he received something of a mandate and his flag has never flown higher than it is right now. He has what George W Bush called “political capital”.
The president seems less guns shy. This has been manifested in what has been so far the non-nomination of Doctor Susan Rice, currently the US ambassador to the United Nations. The president has not backed down on this and pointedly told his critics that anyone who he feels unfairly criticizes his people ‘would have a problem’ with him. This is a welcome change for Democrats, many of whom are a tad fed up with their guy getting bashed all the time and under-reacting to it. This was the first time he showed no reluctance to get angry. There was even some good push back against America’s designated angry old man, John McCain.
Even more perplexing then Tea Bagger Republicans fuming over the (currently) Non Nomination of Susan Rice is the obsession with politicizing the Benghazi attacks. Republicans like crazy Senator Lindsey Graham from Teabagistan have been shameless. Mitt Romney screwed the pooch first, nearly exalting over the tragedy even as the people he was mocking were dying for the country. Romney’s energetic, brisk and self-satisfied delivery reeked of ‘I have been praying someone would die horribly so I can exploit it’ sentiment and canned charm. He was exultant. The American people saw right through this and were sickened. It was the starting point of Mitt Romney’s final series of career killing inhuman gaffes that marked his entire failed campaign.
Benghazi is a great topic if you want to create Democrats though. Senator John McCain skips a briefing on the attacks so he can attack the administration for not having a briefing about the attacks. Another fail. It seems no one but the crazies in the non existent but influential astroturfing Tea Party and their “Cylons” in the Republican Party have any problem with the idea that no one could kept safe from an al Qaeda attack, anywhere. Not in New York, not in Benghazi. The American People also seem to understand that confusion ensues after a terrorist attack. In this case the confusion was after the fact, not willful ignorance before the fact, like 9-11. When compared with the only other president to deal with the new post 9-11 landscape, woefully inept George W Bush, the American People were far more satisfied with Obama. Let’s face it, it’s not exactly like following Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock.
The Tea Baggers would LOVE to have Petraeus back. They could lampoon the president for lack of resolve while lauding the great David Petraeus and grooming him and his already sizable ego to maybe be the next losing Republican Candidate. Here’s a guy who thinks he’s Douglas fucking MacArthur already and

the ignominious stalker mistress from Hell- Paula Broadwell

has a “Petraeus Cultin real life and cult leader status in his own mind. Not to mention he also thinks he is Sean Connery despite leaving everyone who saw what has happened more shaken then stirred and disappointing people in a way no spy short of George Lazenby has before. In fact, the only people who love David Petraeus more than David Petraeus are idiot tea baggers hoping to see a white guy get a job he doesn’t deserve or even want like its 1952.

Its almost worth doing to feed their delusion…
It’s hard to believe the Right is so out of touch with America’s massive rejection of their ideas. Apparently they are still a Cargo Cult and have no clue that the 80’s are over, Reagan is not coming back by proxy through Mitt Romney and they aren’t going to bring Cargo from the Sky by doing a rain dance.

Waddya Think? I want to know; Leave your comments here!

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