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Disgusting Kelley Sisters make laughable excuses; US Military Competence In Question. 11-28-12

While most people caught in a scandal that revealed they had stolen money from Wounded American Military personnel and have a shirtless “enforcer” from the FBI would hide their heads in the sand, the Kelley sisters would NOT be among those people. Currently they are ‘mounting'(pun intended) an image renewal campaign destined for the kind of success enjoyed by the one launched by Christine “I’m Not a Witch” O’Donnell.
The plot has thickened faster than Jell-O in the fridge but with none of the

Embezzler, exploiter of wounded soldiers and Tampa’s leading citizen, Jill Kelley. How can a woman this old and faked out be only 37? I initially thought she was 50

charm. Last week I detailed how the Kelley’s had shamelessly stolen $175,000 from their “charity’ for wounded & disabled vets. While it obviously takes money to make money that doesn’t mean it’s ok to TAKE money. Why the Tampa DA isn’t investigating this is beyond me. The lack of public outcry is a stain on the community which naively worshipped two puffy plastic surgery junkies. I guess they’re better than Scientologists (unless it turns out they ARE scientologists, a good chance in Tampa) as the face of your community.
In a truly puke-worthy turn of events it has been revealed that Jill Kelley was given an honorary title as a ‘social ambassador’ of some sort for MacDill Air Force base, thanks of course to the disgraced ex-Cia Chief, David “thinking with my dick’ Petraeus . On top of being an embezzler par excellence, a puffy liar and probably the oldest looking 37 year old, Jill Kelley was also an ‘honorary consul’ for South Korea.  Adam Victor, described as “a businessman” claimed that Jill Kelley was incompetently and dishonestly using her title, since revoked by the Koreans, to broker a deal that would have benefited no one but Jill Kelley, and her sister, two women that look aged well beyond their years. How I wish her husband, who believe it or not is a DOCTOR, had a non-Irish last name. Way to disgrace the race Scott.
The US Military has revoked the Honorary Social Ambassador status, probably because she has disgraced herself and sullied the reputations of 2 of the last 3 guys to command NATO forces in Afghanistan (the third guy, disgraced retired General Stanley McChrystal was able to achieve disgrace

Loud mouth drunk Stanley McChrystal looking quite hungover and angry.

on his own with help of copious amounts of alcohol and a big mouth). Now comes word that Korea revoked her ‘honorary consul’ status for misuse of her powers. To exploit the powers of an honorary title seems to be something you would have to work very hard to do.

At her waterfront mansion, paid for in blood money stolen from our troops Kelley and her clueless soon to be ex-husband (if he has a brain) Scott Kelley, hosted parties and hoodwinked people whose very job descriptions (General, NATO Commander, CIA Chief) MANDATE a more worldly and skeptical approach.
If you were to look at the history of US Commanders in Afghanistan, the last 3 have been mired in scandals that have less to do with their military expertise as it did their huge mouths, enlarged livers and rock star ego’s. Stanley McChrystal disgraced the uniform and the Irish by getting so drunk on a bus filled with reporters he simply had to be fired for stupid career killing comments. Next comes Petraeus, whose disgrace is well known. Currently in command is Marine General John Allen, who sent something like 20,000 emails to Jill Kelley that ‘weren’t flirtatious’. Wikipedia has a brief entry on Allen, who despite joining the USMC in 1976 managed NOT to get invited to the piñata party that was the unnecessary and ill-conceived ass kicking that we call Operation Desert Storm. This is like a 10th grader losing a 2nd grade Spelling Bee. How a man left behind for a cakewalk ended up as top dog in charge of our longest and most meaningless war is cause for speculation on its own. There is no mention of Allen being married or Irish, but he has also perpetuated a stereotype, never trust anyone with two first names.
What does this say? It’s fair to question the competence of the current crop of General officers and the screening done by the US military. Are we promoting people who would never have achieved the ranks they hold in any other situation but a pointless, endless war that no one is really concerned about winning? Are General John Allen and others in lofty positions like George Custer, a brevet general whose rank was reduced in peacetime to colonel? It certainly seems that way. Any reader of military biographies knows promotions come slowly in peace time. After being at war for 12 years (that’s 150% longer than Vietnam, which is now elevated to our 3rd most pointless war) it’s a fair assertion that many of these guys would have retired as majors or less were we at peace.
What evidence do I have that the military is stretched desperately thin and taking all comers? There are numerous ways to back this up. Here’s just three;
We haven’t won.– That’s right, victory can never be achieved. Mission Creep took us past the point of accomplishing anything. Then bin Laden was offed by 2 helicopters worth of US Navy Seals, proving no invasion was

horn dog and prolific emailer General John Allen, who sent 20,000 pages of “non flirtatious’ emails with thief Jill Kelley. I guess he was in love with her mind????? or was he seeking military advice?

ever necessary. Karzai, the corrupt, bi-polar and erratically inept president of Afghanistan is a failure and a thief. Backing him is a pointless gesture. The wellbeing of this regime, which is basically a lifetime dictatorship for a guy who will be toppled 5 minutes after we leave, is not worth one more drop of American Blood.
Major Hasan– the Fort Hood shooter is a disgrace to the uniform. As a doctor he was a failure. He was a coward who self-radicalized in a bid to get out of his military obligations. Re-tasked as a shrink he was condescending to the troubled vets he was supposed to help, offering them nothing but a rebuke and strong condemnation. In classes he would openly denigrate the United States and showed great sympathy to our enemies. There are many documented complaints about the behavior and ideals broadcast by Hasan. Despite all this he still managed

Cowardly murderer Major Nidal Hasan in the only uniform he deserves.

to attain the rather lofty rank of Major. Now awaiting a date with the Needle of Justice, Hasan’s military career should have ended in disgrace with a dishonorable discharge long before he ‘went operational’ and started shooting and killing the people he swore to do no harm to.
Private Bradley Manning Agree or disagree with what he did and

Lady Ga Ga fan, whistle blower and soon to be convicted traitor, Private Bradley Manning

regardless of how you feel about him as a person, Manning was never a good fit for a military career. He may be vindicated, but the fact is he never should have been there. Add to this how inept the security procedures were. Manning was able to attain entrance to a top secret military data base with a re-recordable CD marked “Lady Ga Ga”, despite the fact he held the lowest rank in our military. All in all a very bad romance. The military is still trying to recover from the damage done when Manning exposed things as disturbing as the video of a Reuters News crew being blown to pieces, complete with “I kill people all day” audio from the crew of the attacking helicopter. While these are the realities of war and should surprise no one, the fact is that Manning should NEVER have been allowed anywhere near anything classified. This proves that those in charge of security are naïve and incompetent.

SEE VIDEO- Wikileaks gun cam film from accidental killing of Reuters News Crew
Let’s face it, the longer we stay in Afghanistan the longer the list of US Military Failures will become. This latest scandal is just one example of the undermining of morale. What soldier wouldn’t be disgusted and worried that were he to become disabled people like General Petraeus will not even bother to make sure their donations are properly disbursed? How many soldiers who were wounded under Petraeus’ command fell through the cracks of society at a time where the money that was stolen from them would have made all the difference?
To our non-incompetent members of the military I can only quote Erwin

Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, a man whose book every soldier should read. Apparently its not required reading at West Point or Annapolis.

Rommel;”you have fought like lions but were led by jackasses.” 2014 is too far off. Why not let the people of Afghanistan solve their own problems? Quarantine the country and let us have peace.

UPDATED 1-16-13 — After further developments, unrelated to this scandal but rather the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre, you can read briefly about my current feelings on Stanley McChrystal HERE. I stand by my statements regarding his military effectiveness but expand to his current stand on Gun Laws.