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Executive Vice President of the NRA LaPierre holds a 300 Remington Ultra Mag that was auctioned off after he gave the keynote address at the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah

Massacre enabler Wayne LaPierre is on television spreading the darkness and poison of the National Rifle Association way too often. He is possessed of an acute single-mindedness of purpose; making a case against any and all gun regulations.

He is routinely and justifiably taken to task  for his assertions that our government is an overly powerful, threatening , repressive and evil entity which the average citizen needs military level of personal firepower to be protected from.  He also despises professional Law Enforcement from the FBI to the cop on the street.

{When this originally went live LaPierre was still more laughable than frightening. Since then we’ve experienced every minute of the Trump Campaign (now presidency) and things aren’t so funny anymore.}

Wayne LaPierre’s macabre yet hilarious public appearances would be more frightening were he a better speaker or didn’t increasingly appear like just another crazy old country club republican. None the less he’s too insidious not to be taken seriously. The tone of his rhetoric is always angry and dark.  It’s difficult to come up with anyone outside the old Third Reich guys to compare him too. Gaslighting, moving the goal posts, the ridicule of law enforcement and a generous helping of borderline treason are his tools.

Aside from hating the government LaPierre likes to use plenty of Nazi-style “Them-ism” in every guise he can. Immigrants, muslims, democrats, artists, comedians, actors and more are called out as different and scapegoated in turn. Hypocrisy is big too. For instance despite being the holder of several degrees, LaPierre scoffs at educated people. Its pretty shameless.

Throw in the comic resemblance to the Gestapo officer who stalks Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark and the whole thing is just plain old creepy. In fact it’s pretty easy to think of movie villains who remind you of LaPierre and they all have one thing in alg-resize-red-skull-hugo-weaving-jpgcommon. They’re all violent Nazis. For instance; Hugo Weaving sort of captures a younger LaPierre in Captain America The First Avenger.

LaPierre is the CEO of the NRA and he has stuck with what he knows. Since his first days in the organization hes been spewing the same crazed non-logic. They have become more brazen of late though and added a new face, a former CNN and Fox News pundit; Loathsome Dana Loesch.


from ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’

Presented in the Main Stream Media as a goon and a ghoul, LaPierre makes something like 8 million dollars a year as an Anti-Government firebrand and enabler of spree killings. He knows it’s a Golden Fucking Thing so he doesn’t hold back on the reckless, crazy talk his members love.

Many of his lies revolve around the fact no one is perfect and it’s an imperfect world. Hard to argue that part. Then he ‘cleverly’ alternates between out of context pieces of common sense and complete idiocy.

Basically his argument on any kind of Gun Control can be summed up as thus ‘There’s no one complete solution to stop everything, so why try anything?’ It’s applied to everything and then repeated over and over.

He’s could easily be called a coward who wouldn’t serve his country in time of war. It’s important to remember that when given a chance to serve his country with

Even New Yorkers, used to every form of offensive behavior, are shocked and sickened by LaPierre

The Daily News after the NRA reaction to Sandy Hook Massacre

a gun he refused and avoided the draft.

That’s right – Wayne LaPierre has never served in the Armed Forces in any capacity and he is often criticized as a Draft Dodger. 

In actuality he’s probably better described as a ‘Draft Evader”. If he were anyone else it would be no big deal, But he’s Wayne LaPierre and wants everyone to walk around with military weapons.

Remember this is a guy who has repeatedly said the only world that’s worth working to achieve is one where EVERYONE is ARMED. But he’s considered a Draft Dodger by many for his continual deferments to stay in school. Maybe THAT’S why he’s not overly proud of his advanced education?

Think about the hypocrisy.  His National Rifle Association clearly and loudly says ‘the more guns the better’. By NRA logic with everyone packing the safest country in the world until the early 1970’s could ONLY have been Vietnam! It’s almost an ideal place by NRA standards.

It’s actually very hard to imagine LaPierre serving his country after you’ve heard him speak.  Visualize a young LaPierre smugly sipping his Mr Pibb, bible in hand, indifferently watching the war from home via the news.

I’m sure Veteran’s who have seen LaPierre’s act are glad he’s not one of them (at least the AMERICAN ones, the former Vietcong would probably love him). In fact if LaPierre WERE a combat veteran and talked about violence and the government the way he does he would labelled and dismissed as a PTSD victim. 

How big a deal is not serving? It was pretty big for that generation. Let’s remember – Bill Clinton was scoffed at for the same thing. The criticism was so harsh he mostly eschewed military style salutes during his presidency (Bill  saluted civilian style, with right hand over heart). For context- Bill Clinton’s Republican critics thought it was huge. None the less their GOP successors forgive it of LaPierre. Could it be because the NRA ran 19 million dollars of Anti-Hillary ads and 11 million dollars in Pro Trump Ads in the 2016 Election?

Another accomplishment of LaPierre’s was to write an anti-Government screed so extreme it involved calling FBI Agents “Jackbooted Thugs” for their reaction to the family of armed white nationalists in the Ruby Ridge Incident.  Then President George H Bush was so offended he quit the NRA in disgust saying “Who the Hell Wayne LaPierre anyway?” And George H Bush was a Republican! How times have changed.

So, rounding out getting to know the leader of the NRA here’s some facts about LaPierre as well as some of his most common tactics when pushing his agenda in a handy bullet pointed list –

  •  Up until about 2015 most of his speeches are at lavish fundraiser dinners where the audio includes lots of ‘rich guys eating lobster’ with lots of ambient noise of cutlery and crockery. This is a fitting soundtrack as LaPierre is a true carnivore.
  • He always has Time Sensitive Hate Rants that directly address the latest headlines and spins them as arguments to expand the Second Amendment.  In fact LaPierre always mocks the victims of the most recent gun massacres. Usually he does this  by portraying them as unrealistic gadflies who shared some blame in their own deaths ( by NOT being armed at all times).
  •  He usually takes time to unwittingly underscore his actual irrelevance by pointing out he isn’t saying anything new or original (which is sort of like saying the same thing three different ways in a row).
  • His habit of going silent and waiting about 3 days to mock victims and survivors of the most recent mass shootings now seems quaint and polite. (Immediate mocking of victims now comes from Dana Loesch)
  • Has same ideas of who is old enough and smart enough to carry a machine gun as Hitler in the Battle of Berlin.
  • Blames the same videogames available everywhere for the uniquely American problem of Frequent Mass Shootings
  •  Likens everyone to a criminal and thinks we should all behave like societies lowest common denominator by imitating their behavior (i.e.  own and carry many guns)
  •  LaPierre is creepily inappropriate most of the time. For instance, he easily laughs and cracks jokes while discussing the most horrible and frightening crimes ever committed. It’s unsettling to anyone who doesn’t wish they lived next door to LaPierre.
  • frequently bristles at the words ‘reasonable’, ‘compromise’ and ‘logical’. He will attack anyone using these terms or related lines of reasoning.
  • Continually scoffs at the spirit of things like the Declaration of Independence and every other Government doctrine or law except the Second Amendment.
  • Seemingly LaPierre views the entire history of America simply as a series of justifications for the second Amendment
  •  Accuses minorities of using ugly slurs against him when they say he is an absolutist, a racist and crazy.  In fact these are actually dead on observations of LaPierre’s core traits. He routinely plainly declares he is an absolutist and claims its as a virtue.
  • Often paints non violence as a flawwayne-lapierre-cpac-good-guy-with-a-gun
  • Regularly expresses great anger at the idea people have principles other than Open Carry
  • In a fit of Gaslighting he always calls machine guns ‘100 year old technology’ as though machine guns weren’t the first weapon of mass destruction and debuted in World War 1. He implies they can’t still be lethal and also calls machine guns ‘cherished family heirlooms’. By this logic the North Koreans Nuclear Arsenal is just a bunch of  70 year old ‘Legacy Technology’.
  • Loves to make puzzling simplifications to insist all guns are the same. So automatics, machine guns, revolvers and starters pistols all the same to him. Its stunning this lie works so well.
  • He makes a conflated point by saying most guns are legally purchased. He leaves out that this is because the NRA has worked hard to make sure that there are no laws to regulate the sale of guns. He also doesn’t metion that most killers are legal gun owners til the moment the first bullet strikes flesh (because a miss can sometimes be a Legally allowable “warning shot’)
  • He constantly expresses hatred  of an appeal for “Collective Action”, scoffing at the concept of Collective Action in and of itself.  Then he asks his supporters to collectively march on the FBI or Congress. It’s THAT hypocritical

UPDATE- In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings there has been a steadily rising and occasionally surging tide in favor of reforming the nation’s gun law policies. This is due in no small part to the repulsive nature of the counter arguments presented by Wayne LaPierre.

In 2018 Wikipedia listed LaPierre’s annual salary at just over 5 million dollars annually.

In a classy and appropriate gesture, Major League Baseball’s Opening Day Ceremonies for all teams included a Moment of Silence for the victims of Sandy Hook. Even at the Rangers – Astro’s Game in Houston, which would easily qualify as a hotbed of gun rights advocacy, not one of the fifty thousand or so in attendance made so much a peep during the observance.

The NRA’s reaction, if any, to Major League Baseball honoring the victims, will likely only drive more people from their ranks.

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UPDATED 04/02/13

UPDATED 04/02/13