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NEMO- Live Blog – 100 Days Post Sandy

(Blog entry 1; 7pm; Friday 2-8)  Every time I see an impending disaster like a hurricane or a snowpocalypse I remember what the N’Orleans Chief of Police said 3 days after Katrina- “We have people who have been stoned for decades running around sober and de-toxing in a disaster area.”Nothing sounds worse than confronting my demons while I don’t have an X-Box or even water!!!  So I see my pot guy right before these things set in. Unlike milk and gas, the price of weed stays the same during a disaster.

The Preparations

So since I may end up getting thrown ‘Back to the Future’ like most every person in the tri-state metropolitan area did after Super Storm Sandy I have stocked up on reefer and hard liquor.  I have a full pack of American Spirits, so I can survive up to a week before I need smokes again.

Sandy Hangover-

So here’s the update on Sandy- Non Government Organizations are springing up to make up for the MASSIVE FAIL Congressional Republicans willfully committed in holding up the disaster relief. Bastards. They can’t even read a goddam map; the Jersey Shore and Long Island are the ONLY Republican strongholds in these states. I am seriously one of like 12 liberals in a graduating class of about 120. So they are (predictably) eating their own on that one.

FEMA trailers are on Staten Island. No, there are no ‘secret FEMA prisons’. That said life in a trailer on the lawn of your destroyed home just fucking sucks. Thankfully I was spared that indignity.

How Bad will Mike Bloomberg Fuck This One Up?

Our idiot fucktard Mayor Michael Bloomberg is all over TV trying not to fuck this blizzard up like he does every time we get hit. Seriously, this is a guy who would have destroyed Romney and maybe even beat Obama in a presidential election until the world saw he couldn’t plow out the most important city in America in less than 2 weeks only to get hit again when he FINALLY got our streets cleared. Maybe he will remember this next time he fucks with a union. The Sanitation workers basically staged a work slowdown to protest his shitty treatment of all city workers. Bloomy is so delusional he was going to STILL have the New York City Marathon 16 hours after Sandy! The man is starting to look as clueless and autocratic as his crackpot predecessor Rudy Giuliani. This is something especially heinous because outside New York people consider him a hero whereas here we know he’s an asshole.  The call him ‘The Hero of 9-11. This is only just so true.  It’s important to keep in mind that September 10, 2001 they were calling him “Hitler on the Hudson” and voted in an (immediately repealed when he was gone) term limit for Mayor to get rid of the fucking guy.

Anyway, Bloomberg will clean up Manhattan quick. Its everything else he will completely fuck up. Here’s the link to the live updates from Weather Channel.

As i look out my window now and it’s snowing steadily but only moderately heavy. Like 1/2 inch per hour kind of snowfall as of this minute. Well, here goes nothing! WISH ME LUCK!


UPDATE 8:28pm- snowing steadily, not heavily. Maybe 2 inches. There’s a possibility of the storm retrograding back towards NYC but right now there’s blizzard conditions in Boston and apparently extreme eastern Long Island, likely from Port Jefferson to Orient Point. Orient point is actually quite close to Bean Town if you look at the map, so it usually gets the same weather and is nothing like the weather just 20 miles west.

UPDATE- 9:44pm- Snowing pretty hard. fine granular snow withe 20-30 mile and hour winds. The accumulated snow is much damper than whats falling now. Its like tiny little ice meteors. measuring in my backyard is 2 3/4 inches (8mm) deep.

UPDATE 10:28PM – the snow is intensifying. wind blowing from the Northwest on my block and apparently most if not all of Queens. This is awesome because it means it will only be hitting the BACK of my satellite dish! I am still enjoying all them amenities of 21st Century including HDTV as of now.  I saw a plow go by at 10:17, so at least there out. I really hope they come by in like 5 hours because its seems to be building to something of a crescendo here. I don’t know if this will be the height of it. Its 30 degrees and winds are gusting to 20, but not often. Its a true blizzard now but just barely.

UPDATE 11;29. A plow just went by again. The snow has become intense. Visibility beyond 75 feet is questionable at best

UPDATE- 12:06- continuing snow. NOw heavily intense. stil fine and granular. Tiny little iceballs more than snowflakes. maybe both. In the alley between my house and my neighbor there little wind so the snow has actually accumulated there. Its 6 or more inches deep in the undisturbed area. elsewhere big drifts are forming and yet other spots are merely frosted over and windswept.  Weather.com has the sing up 3 miles per hour and are now sustained at 19 mph. 93% humidity now with dewpoint is 26, so frosty out there. Some assholes are in Rockefeller Center now waiting to get tickets to see Justin Bieber on SNL tomorrow. Forget it! I DID sleep out in weather this bad as a teen, but at least it was for Black Sabbath 0/the bieber fans should be arrested and put in Bellevue for observation because the are forcing homeless into the shelters. Why should these idiots be allowed to  endanger themselves and cops?

UPDATE 1:47 AM- Weather unchanged. Heavy snow, sustained 20 MPH winds. Really starting to drift and accumulate now!

12;47 p, Saturday-

the snow stopped at 4 am and accumulations are about 4-7 inches. NBD in NYC