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UPDATED 10:42 PM 2-17-13  Psych Profile included.

UPDATES- Dorner Terrorist Behavior Paradox-

[As the world awaits DNA confirmation, questions linger. Chris Dorner kidnapped and carjacked people, but after his initial assassinations he only ever attempted to kill police. All victims described him as ‘calm’, and ‘professional’. He was behaving in a perverse soldier-like manner. He may now be more a super violent and capable disgruntled workplace killer more than anything else. Were he truly a domestic terrorist, would he not have killed all he saw? The Paradox is that by actively tracking and killing cops while avoiding non assassination related collateral damage he was still furthering a war upon the Guardians of Society and intended to live so he could further prosecute it. He was a one man ongoing criminal enterprise. He was a de facto Terrorist simply because he was attacking police. He still possesses many traits of Terrorists and other notable spree killers. He may have seen himself as something of a Robin Hood]

You don’t need to be Fox Mulder to see that Cop Killer and Triple Murderer Christopher Dorner, 33, holds a grudge against society, especially the police, and is full of himself. That much is evident just on the surface. The question of what motivates this man however is open to speculation. Here’s my psychological profile sketch of Christopher Jordan Dorner,a man currently on the run, armed and dangerous and waging a violent one man war.

At this point, despite looking like the nicest guy in the world in every single picture, Christopher Dorner has killed 3 people. One attack was a pre planned hit on the daughter of a former colleague who had served as his advocate when he was fired off the LAPD and her fiancé. Then he ambushed 2 cops, killing one. Astoundingly this is one of two attacks on police, Dorner fired at 2 more policeman not long after.  This was unprovoked and Dorner covered a lot of ground, like 100 miles,  even stopping at a Naval base, as he went about his spree. It’s possible that in his state of rage he simply couldn’t resist attacking police officers, but this seems unlikely. He is operating with forethought and planning. He also found time to mail some creepy stuff to Anderson Cooper and ditched his identification and perhaps his badge near LAX.

DJANGO UNBADGED! Revenge Killer Christopher Jordan Dorner

DJANGO UNBADGED! Revenge Killer Christopher Jordan Dorner

Dorner is a Domestic Terrorist. He has declared war on the Government and the society that he swore to protect and is perversely rationalizing it. He has killed and seems eager to do so again. He said in his manifesto he was going to use asymetrical warfare and maybe he is having some success. He may have left that false trail in the woods and managed to somehow double back or make it to his hypothetical stashed vehicle. You need only see a couple of John Wayne movies to know THAT trick. How much more advanced survival and asymetrical warfare knowledge Dorner may have is still unclear. In his Naval career he was trained to survive as something of a counter insurgent. He is highly proficient with firearms. Not quite a SEAL, but still pretty formidable, especially when coupled with the fact he is pretty

Despite appearances the well armed Dorner is capable of extreme violence

Despite appearances the well armed Dorner is capable of extreme violence

intelligent. According to ABC NEWS the arsenal he had access to is quite impressive and includes, and i kid not, a shoulder fired rocket launcher! He is considered a pistol expert and also may have things like semi military grade modified civilian automatic rifle of some sort and a sniper rifle. How well armed he is right now is still an open question.

Now, in the depths of a blizzard, which for Dorner could be a blessing or a curse, SWAT teams and FBI Agents are closing in around an 8 square mile area in California’s Big Bear Park where Dorner MUST be if he didn’t have a vehicle stashed to leave the park. People are spotting him everywhere and there’s a lot of misinformation. He may have tried some kind of nautical carjacking or Yacht Jacking or something, so I suppose he’s a pirate now too. Later on it came to light the torched truck had a broken axle. It seems likely now that this was NOT part of Dorner’s plan. He probably had no get away vehicle stashed, or simply no way to get to it in a blizzard.

Unbelievable. We now have a serial Killer who preys on Cops and is armed, motivated and operational. It exhibits what history will call a sad state of affairs for early 21st century America. He has many traits in common with other prominent killers.

In some ways he is like the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski when you read his internet  rantings, which just reeks of grandiose self importance and a hatred of society in general. He seems something of a Conspiracy Theorist in his worldview. The general tone of the writings is much like the Unabomber.  Both of their manifesto’s exhibit a profound disappointment with where America is right now, feeling it should be more like their own utopian views. They also share the experience of having achieved respectable positions in society and shown an inability to handle them. They both then funneled this into a thoughtful, purposeful rage which he somehow maintained for an extended period of time. At this point “Hyper-enraged” may be the only way to describe this guy other then Domestic Terrorist.


It’s a bit unnerving how amiable and nice he looks here. What happened to this guy?

Dorner is also a Timothy McVey type. He is cagey. He may have a survival hutch OR if he is as smart as he has shown to be so far he is smoking a joint in Tijuana looking for a way to Cuba. Like I said, there’s still no knowing if he is in that area.

What concerns me is that because he was long time military and also a cop he will perpetuate negative stereotypes about cops, African Americans, Veterans and other noble people when this guy is only really one rogue example. He is definitely quite taken with himself and if he doesn’t skip to Cuba or go freeze to death in the woods he will most definitely NOT cap himself until his last round. He will go out shooting should he fail to make good on escape. Though likely not averse to what would be a unique take of suicide bu cop, he is not suicidal in the conventional sense. He has shown no inclination to put himself at a disadvantage to enable “Suicide by Cop” as we know it. He very much wants to stay alive.

UPDATE 2-13-13  Last Stand Theory Proven.

If the body found in the burned out cabin turns out to be Dorner, my prediction he would not commit suicide will have more or less proven true. Though not down to his last round he was most definitely trapped in a very serious structure fire and burning or dying of smoke inhalation and no longer was going to be able to harm anyone else. In his mind he likely felt he had accomplished his mission, which is disturbing evidence of how unfair life is and how twisted Dorner was.  It was said a single gunshot was heard, followed by many shots as Dorners ammunition popped off from the fire. Its possible he was dead from previously received wounds and the single gunshot was simply the first of his ordinance to go off from the heat. An autopsy report is pending.

While he may have taken his own life and cheated the hangman, it came after killing another cop and shooting several others in a series of increasingly one sided engagements where he was at a serious tactical disadvantage. Though unable to evade the authorities any longer he displaced a couple of times with an apparent continued attempt to improve his tactical situation . He continued attack as well as continue trying to escape. He staged a last stand worthy of the final scene of “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid“.  As I predicted he went out shooting for the most part.

CNN said its possible he is very heavily armed with military or near military grade weaponry. I salute the brave Peace Officers who pursue this horrible menace and cancer upon our society. I can only hope he will be captured alive so


Seems so trustworthy. “Sure I’ll help you move! Don’t worry about it!”

that he can be slipped the Needle Of Justice after a fair (and hopefully fiasco free) trial.

Christopher Dorner’s manifesto, truly the diary of a madman, leaves us no doubt he’s a twisted husk of a human being. Broken, evil and willingly harming people. Whatever good man he ever may have been dissolved into a sea of hate. He is not unlike Colin Ferguson, a spree killer I actually met several times, in his self entitled and grandiose view of the world.

A former girlfriend of Dorner’s described him as a self hating black man and pressured her to ‘act more like a white woman’. She also recommended to stay away from Dorner “if you value your sanity”. When the women posted her feelings on Dorner to a website he sought an Order of Protection against her. His worldview is like that of Colin Ferguson in the sense he has an obsession with racce. The biggest difference is that Ferguson was a militant hater of White people and Dorner is apparently struggling with feelings of racial inferiority. Attaining a respected positions in the military and being a police officer would have made most people secure, it seemst his was not the case with Dorner. Dismissed from the Navy earlier this month for failure to advance in rank (and who knows what else), losing the only respected position he had left is a likely catalyst for his rage killings.

It also concerns me that because he distinguished himself at some points in his life, people may try to make him into a robin hood, which he is most definitely not. He is a reprehensible man. I have been through as bad and hurt no one.  He is in no way justified and the LAPD may have made a rare good call in dismissing him.

There is increasing evidence to suggest his firing was justified and that he had made the “False Statements” against his training officer after he had had received a poor rating for his performance as a Police Officer. Among the things that disturbed his training officer, the person against whom he found to have made the false statements about, was Dorner losing it and crying on duty. He had also requested re-integration training and tearfully asked to be taken back to the Police Academy for more training.

As of right now, 11:15pm Pacific Time US Eastern time,  the Manhunt is still working on the theory that Dorner is in an 8 square mile area of Big Bear State Park near where his torched car was found. The likelihood this was a false trail left intentionally is steadily increasing. The media seems increasingly sure that Dorner is very well armed, perhaps even having a .50 caliber Sniper Rifle. If he is still ‘operational’ and looking to kill more cops he HAS succeeded in luring them into an ideal area to snipe them as the terrain is described as relatively rugged with high grounds and shallow valleys. It’s also a brilliant ploy to misdirect manpower and make the search slow, painful and frightening. The FBI & SWAT personnel I saw on TV looked distinctly uncomfortable. This is important because these are the toughest cops available and you can be sure many have been through dangerous situations already, perhaps several times. Most time these elite type cops look cool and professional no matter how bad the situation.

Sadly elsewhere in the blogosphere there has been some sympathy and a romanticizing of this guy as some sort of folk hero. Lets hope it doesn’t perpetuate.

– CNN has just reported that Dorner has some aviation skills and may have the ability to pilot a plane. He may still be able to add skyjacker to his already impressive list of heinous felonies.

– UPDATE 10:14 PM PST-2-11-13 CNN is now describing Django Dorner as a ‘Trained Assassin’. The reward for information leading to his capture has gone from 40,000 USD to a cool $1 Million Dollars

UPDATE- 10:14 am PST 2-11-13—-LAPD has lifted the “Tactical Alert” for Chris Dorner. Schools in the Big Bear Park, where his torched vehicle was found. It’s starting to look like no one has any clue where Django UnBadged is.

Chris Dorner likely died in this structure fire. The manhunt is announced suspended as of 4:14 pm PST

Chris Dorner likely died in this structure fire. The manhunt is announced suspended as of 4:14 pm PST

Update- 10:09 PM Pacific Time- CNN has reported that Dorner’s torched vehicle found in Big Bear Park had a broken axle. Cold weather survival gear and camping equipment as well as some sort of generator were found nearby. This would indicate either the vehicle faiked and gutted Dorner’s plan or he was laying yet another false trail. However the possibility that Dorner has either become lost or froze to death in the woods is increasingly likely. The idea that a heavily armed and motivated killer like Dorner would go 5 days without striking are the best evidence he’s either dead or smoking a joint in Havana.

UPDATED 4:45 pm Pacific Time – 2-12-13-Django Dorner has killed one police officer and wounded another in whats shaping up to be a final conflict. He may have hostages. Remarkably he was still in the area of Big Bear Park. Apparently he attacked rather than try to flee.

UPDATED 1:08 AM  – A body has been recovered from the burned out cabin that the man police believe was Django Dorner was holed up after yet another shootout with members of several different law enforcement agencies who converged upon his location. No positive identification has yet been made. The blood orgy of Chris Dorner is likely over. Early indications was that he took his own life in the flaming cabin

UPDATE- the charred remains found in the cabin have still not been identified. The possibility of him becoming this generations D.B. Cooper on top of everything else is becoming a distinct possibility. This whole story has “Truthing” written all over it. They need to ID those remains fast or, like John Dilllenger, questions about the legitimacy of the corpse will persist. This become someone’s pet conspiracy theory.

UPDATE 4:02 PM PST– Law Enforcement Officials announces Dorner Press Conference will begin in minutes. CNN has reported Dorners wallet was found at the burned out cabin and there will likely be no further evidence of body authenticity such as DNA likely available yet. Details to fillow after press conference

UPDATE 4:02 PM PST- Media openly question police search meathods. Police maintain they made extensive search. The initial speaker refused to answer the question about what looks like a botched search by the local Big Bear Police, whose chief was introduced to answer the question. Reports were that civilians in the search area never saw the authorities at any time. CNN cites local residents as saying no one ever knocked on their door. A complete fiasco that empowered the final killing spree if true. Positive identification was still not made. The search is over per Police. The Police indicated they would know soon, implying they awaited DNA.

CNN Analayst and former NYPD chief William F Bratton characterizes the press conference as ‘strange’ and that it ‘provided very little information.”

Bratton has expressed skepticism of the ‘single shot’ aka suicide shot’ theory. Bratton speculates Dorner was already wounded, probably badly.

UPDATE 2-14-13 5:07 PM PST- Authorities are citing dental records as positive identification of the remains from the burned out cabin as those of Christopher Jordan Dorner. No DNA evidence has been released as of yet. Questions will linger until this is provided. In all likelihood though, Dorner, the Domestic Terrorist they called “Django UnBadged”; is dead.



While there is still no DNA evidence to confirm the body recovered from the burned out cabin is that of Chris Dorner, authorities have confirmed that during much of the manhunt Dorner was hiding in cabin across the street from the Command Post. If there was ever a case where authorities were more inept please leave me a comment. Even Lee Harvey Oswald was captured the same day and he only killed at most 2 people.