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158 thoughts on “Barry University School of Law- Sham Law School Looking to Steal your Money

  1. Al Iccers says:

    How do you bomb your first semester/year…?
    With your educational background you should have knocked it out of the park.
    Your rant is suspect, at the least.

    1. the link to the Wall Street Journal says it all about their lies. thanks for reading and the compliment. I can see why you would feel that way but it’s all true. You can follow the links i provided to back up my assertions. The part where they lied to 10 straight years of graduating classes is backed up as is the schools sub par facilities. I simply realized it wasn’t for me. There’s a mea culpa in there. Maybe i wasn’t clear enough about how I was among the people who never should have been admitted to any law school. the real point is that they would not return my money and were using smoke and mirrors to convince me to stay and then switched to a punitive approach with a 14,000$ fine for dropping out 2 weeks into the 2nd semester. All this without them bothering to to post all my grades. I was forced to make a decision ina vacuum of facts. Caveat- i suck at by rote memorization. killed me

    2. ming says:

      you’re right!. He bombed all his exam, even with all next 5 As will not make a come back. WHY BLAMING ON OTHERS WITH YOUR BAD GRADES! How the heck he bombed all the exam by the way! at least get 1C lol…

      1. The Wall Street Journal calls them liars. my views are well supported. Yet they would NOT allow me to drop out and tried to steal my loan. Other people also did poorly but took the school up on the offer to stay in defience of the laws of math. of course they all failed out and lost 2x the $ i did. Thats the actual point you seem to have missed. Who knows how i would have done if they had complied withe The Americans With Disabilities Act? Thats the real story. you want to read bitterness or something between the lines who knows if your right? Would you feel good after being denied your civil rights and having to go through hell to outmanuver them to get back the 25K in $ they were trying to get me to plunk down? all the while acting like they do not know i’m mathematically prohibited from becoming a 2L. they would not let me withdraw. Thats what this is about

  2. Mark says:

    Sounds to me like you’re bitter because you couldn’t hack law school. I started law school the same year as you. I’ve never had a class end early because the ac didn’t work. We have a brand new state of the art building now. I have never had a problem using my 21st Century laptop on campus.

    By the way, we had the 4th highest bar passage rate in the state last July. We have won 4 national championships in trial team since 2010. We have the top VITA program in the country and were recognized in several categories at this year’s ABA convention in Chicago.

    Don’t be bitter because you couldn’t handle law school. Further, you knock this school and say how terrible it is, but YOU FAILED OUT!!!! After only ONE semester!!! What does that say about you?

    1. Florida sports a chunk of America’s WORST law schools, so the state bar passage should be viewed in that light. (sorry florida). They shouldn’t have discriminated against a disabled person and they should comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act. If they had done that, who knows? could only help their rep.
      Hey, I admit in the article you clearly only scanned that not everyone should be a lawyer. Don’t take my word about their lies, follow the link to the wall st journal or US News & World Report!This is about denying someone their civil rights and trying to swindle away 10’s of 1000’s of $’s. Did they have good reason to think if they treated me like an idiot they would come out on top? well, sure, look at my grades. What i’m talking about is a refusal to allow someone to withdraw from a school that has lowered there standard to wring a couple extra million out of each class. Barry supplies no employment or starting salary figures for their grads. This has been posted on their facebook page, where is the process server to hit me with Slander charges? its all the shameful truth

      1. ming says:

        1.4 then you have roughly 2Ds and 2C- lol…

      2. well, thats the whole point- like 3 low c’s and a d, yet they would not let me withdraw. LOL your way through life w/ 200+K in debt. I promise to be nice when you serve me my starbucks working that off

      3. michael baldwin says:

        yes, I attended Barry in 2004, their first class under provisional aba cert., They screwed me out of 31000.00 and had 48% attrition that year. I started to sue them as their ABA reported rate was 5%. The day after I threatened to file, they updated their ABA profile numbers. They are all crooks and burnouts on top of their incompetence and willful negligence.

      4. I’m so sorry they were able to get over on you. Share your story, it was beneficial to me mentally and theres always a chance you’ll help someone out. I think you still have a shot at a winnibg legal action against them. Cosider starting with small claims one textbook at a time. YOu have actual damages, it would probably work in NY state. Whats the worst that’ll happen? you lose to a Barry Lawyer? pretty hard to do i imagine (you gotta find an employed one to lose to first)

      Florida State won it 2013. Duke won it 2012. UCLA 2011. NYU 2010. The National Mock Trial Championships that actually matter to real law firms, when they want to hire someone.
      Even worse are you Bar Exam pass rates. :
      2013 Grads passing the bar are below state average, ~4%.
      2012 Grads passing the state bar are ~7% below average.
      Boston University school of Law results for 2013: 96.88% passed in MA (state average 89%); NY bar exam: 97% (state average was ~84.9%).
      Sorry, but graduating is one thing, passing the professional exam (Which your future livelihood depends upon) is a better gauge of your school.

      Or just the caliber of your students?
      BTW: Stoneybrook is much harder to get into as a student. Guess McTeague traded up!

      1. Thanks Staci! Stony Brook is one of the best public schools in America. I was lucky to find it.
        Barry is overly proud of their trial team. Its ok i guess, i don’t know how useful it is to be part of it honestly. More than anything it proves you are a human legal clydesdale who can do all that course work and still do that too.
        Barry know they are tier 4. Their bar passage rate can slip and it won’t hurt the schools terrible rep any more. right now they are just trying to amass a war chest by lowering their standards and squeezing an extra semester out of all the people who should rightfully drop out by advising people badly. its like an extra 1/4 million a year per class and they desperately want it. Its this that makes me wonder how solvent they really are if they are willing to screw and stroke so many people for like 750k. It would be really beneficial for their grads if the school folded because then the school could no longer bring enormous shame on itself by lying to major newspapers

      2. Ryan says:

        Staci is misinforming your readers.
        The schools bar passage rate was well above the state average for 2013 graduates- over 10% .
        In 2012 it was 0.3% below the Florida Average.

        You should verify statistics before posting false information.

      3. Thanks for joining the conversation. Theres a LOT of proof in the links that back up Staci’s assertions. Only 1/3 of the previous 3 yrs graduating classes were admitted to the bar per, ( another more direct link to which is near the end of the article. Perhaps staci’s stats are aggregate over the lifespan of the school? 10 yrs of students not being allowed to take the bar will KILL your stats.
        Also, Florida has some of the most POORLY regarded schools in the country. Some lists have 4 or 6 of 10 of the most poorly regarded schools are in Florida. the classes are now almost 50% bigger than when their best case stats have accumulated. Its possible that the future bar admission rate is going to plummet from the 30% neighbborhood into the TEENS!
        The bar passage rate would likely be a joke in most other states. I am guessing there is some accuracy. She’s a lifelong I4 corridor resident and her views are the views of the locals. No one ever praised Barry to me, they snickered and offereds their condolences. There’s PLENTY of unemployed/underemployed Barry grads out there. These people are walking around telling their stories. Since so many ended up as paralegals it goes w/out saying they bashed the school to their lawyer bosses. The school reputation is terrible. As an individual graduate people need to overcome that and they deserve to know. I can understand the school as a means to an end, but Matt is a prime example of a guy who drank all the Kool Aid available. his arguing skills show he would be a terrible litigator; he’s a bigot, an ageist, a liar, intellectually vain and probably destined for failure if he does anything inside the court room. He doesn’t even seem a good candidate to notarize a will!

      4. Staci McClendon says:

        My facts on bar exam passing rates came from the ABA WEBSITE. All ABA accredited schools are listed. This isn’t Fox News, if I post something *I* have verified my facts and yours.

      5. Ryan says:

        Staci is misinforming readers regarding the trial competition too. The mock trial results she posted are for Undergraduate Schools and their students. These are not law school trial competitions so they are irrelevant to this discussion. Checking sources is important.

      6. Staci McClendon says:

        Well, lessee. You didn’t specify, so I went with that contest. Here’s the link for STAC, the law school competition.
        Oh, look, no Barry again. Which competition was it, by name???? Site to the .org that hosts it??
        Do let me know by giving me verifiable facts, please. Otherwise, you are just blowing smoke.

      7. Follow-up: I used the terminology used in the post I replied to, to search “4 national championships in trial team since 2010.” The Trial Competition that comes up for this search is the site I posted. STAC is the highest prestige Graduate competition.

        Top Gun at Baylor? Only in its second year. That’s not Four Years, like Matt claimed. Oh, and UC Berkeley won this year.

        Shall I continue? Again, name me a competition that is nationally recognized. Otherwise, eat my shorts.

      8. Yur going to upset ryan. I have a decent idea who ‘Matt” is. I am ruling out people w/ that actual 1st name, cos he’s a coward. may not even be a guy and certainly whether matt packs the gear or not he’s no man. the email is fake, he’s got an agenda. he is a loyal cylon and is possibly even getting paid by the school.
        The Barry Law Mock Trial team has GOT to have a better rep than the school. It’s never going to extricate the schools terrible rep. The fact is its unbelievably easy to find condemnation of Barry on the internet, but its hard to find anyone praising them. They make up for this by praising themselves and trying to instill cult loyalty in the students. The people i ran with weren’t drinking it and will likely prosper. Matt, however, would fail the US Army Psych exam that Bradley manning passed. Then again, Bradley Manning had the courage to put his name on what he did. Matt is a true coward
        IDK if you’re him but he won’t own his comments so all comments favoring Barry are a little suspect, sorry

      9. Matt says:

        Soooo not only do you use articles that don’t support your arguments, your readers do too!

        I clearly impeached your credibility and showed your bias toward the school. It’s a clear motive to make up your story regarding the Dean and “forcing” you to stay for second semester.

        For instance, the lie about your grades:

        “3 low C’s (those are called C-‘s) and a D” is what you expressly claimed your grades to be. You also made claims that you didn’t fail anything. Well, we know you failed LRWI, which is a pass fail class in which all you have to do is show an effort to do the assignments to pass. You didn’t need to be on the internet during that class so I fail to understand how that had anything to do with your failure.

        You sure dwell a lot on other people lying and don’t seem to notice any of yours.

        Read that article about the US News and World Report further (which you didn’t) and you will find it was actually a pretty common error. They had to send out notices to ALL the schools surveyed to allow a revision because the form could have been interpreted in more than one way. But hey, that’s just according to the “scathing article”

        You sad that you dropped down on google since I stopped using it to get back here?
        What do you even do? Do you have a job? You seem to spend most of your time on the internet evading your past due student loan debt.

        Also I find this line in your article rather amusing “What did I do wrong? Not a whole lot.” – You didn’t do any of your work and you put forth no effort. It had nothing to do with being too tough, you were just lazy. It was apparent in class and both faculty and students alike saw that you just did not put forth any effort, you were a sloth who did nothing more than take up space in class, never adding any insight and failing to be prepared every time you were called on.

      10. you have lied about your very identity. you have no courage. You are bigoted against the handicapped, you have a fake email, come out into the light. everything is true. The Wall Street Journal is gonna lie? US NEWS & REPORT. I may be on the internet, as you said, avoiding my past, but look at YOU, denying the truth about what the future hold for you. You’re totally fine with Barry lying to the tune of 300% about student debt. Some people were counting on that cost of living estimate when they changed their lives to go to Barry, you may be one of them, yet you have a cuktists loyalty? follow the links, open your eyes. I am in distinguished company when i disparage Barry.
        What difference does my grades, intelligence effort or handicapped make when it comes to deserving to be dealt with honestly? With professionalism? I didn’t fail out, though any school with a professional outlook does wash people out with my GPA. They thought i was stupid and tried to play me. i am lucky i was wqorldly enough to avoid it. YOu, however, matt or whatever your name is- you will be kicking yourself in a few years. You will be crushed with debt and the links say omly about 30% of barry grads have any success in the legal field. You can never leave florida, whether or not you carew to, its not gonna be an offer or an option.
        I’ve learned a lot from you, most cherished is that i had a super cool nickname “Ghost”. thats fucking awesome

      11. Matt says:

        LOL… there you go again, making shit up. I’m finishing school in NYC at Cardozo, soooo once again, you’re dumb and leaving Florida shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t have student loan debt because I paid for first semester and got a scholarship from the school as well as outside scholarships to cover the rest.
        I will be in debt from Cardozo (probably around the amount you owe from Barry), but I’m sure I’ll be fine. Thanksssss buddy.

        Just because your life sucks, doesn’t mean everyone elses does too.

      12. so just because you incurred last debt, i suppose being born to some priveledge you little trust fund prick. good for you but it doesn’t mean they should be allowed to violate my civil rights you hateful bastard.
        your sorry to hear my Civil Rights were violated but you say i’m whiny because i stood up for myself. Its as real as my right to vote and is supposed to be able to be taken for granted so people don’t have to be exposed to bullying bigots like you because, as you have shown, you’re truly incapable of understanding that burden (and facts)
        i’m not dumb i am merely not psychic and you have lied all through this. why would you ever tell the truth now? why not make yourself a Colonel in Kony’s Army? Or a millionaire? its just as believable from a lying bigot like you. have some courage ‘matt’. come out into the light, who are you?
        Cardozo’s not bad, still, i doubt you would have gotten into stony brook for any major. my degree is from a school that graduates brain surgeons, engineers, physicists, astronomers, scientists, and nuclear physicists. interestingly though, no lawyers.
        oh and the stony brook Seawolves are an NCAA div 1 team. only our football team is divison 2 and are rivals to UCF, so its a pretty good divison

      13. Matt says:

        WOW you are really cocky, but not rightfully so.

        I went North Eastern and believe it or not I think we have all those professionals too. I’m pretty content with my undergraduate life, which was recent (as I’m 23), unlike yours. Stop living in the past.

        Just know that I was in your classes, I witnessed your slovenly performance and your self pity on here is unbelievable. I still have no idea what your disability was and how your civil rights were violated, but okay, I’ll give it to ya. Sorry that it was hard for you to get around, even though you seemed to be doing just fine. It’s hard to understand what about the campus caused you problems.

        As for the lies from the Dean, your claims are hard to take on faith but whatever, I’ll give that to you too. It doesn’t give you the right to make claims like “the worst student at FAMU will get the job over Barry grads.” That’s just false, everyone knows FAMU is a shithole even worse than Barry.

      14. Being forced to point out to people common courtesy and have to beg for your civil rights to be respected is not whining you fucking bigot. I should never have had to do it.
        Matt, suffice it to say what i went through just dealing with the barriers at that place my cynicism was totally justified. A bigot like you takes his good health for granted and judges people, never giving a thought to how life must be. Its a mixed blessing not to look sick. It exposes bigoted pricks like you when they disparage others in front of me. You’re a horrible person and your opinion of me is of no consequence. Going to get what amounts to a doctorate at 40 is not a sign of failure. Its a sign of resilience and courage. Things you have yet to prove you have. I will NOT be providing details of my personal life to you because you are sort of a stalking troll and might try to get all stabby. anyone who is this cowardly and bigotted simply can’t be trusted
        You have strongly denied you knew me or were affiliated with Barry, i am not sure i give your story much merit. If it is true though, you certainly made sure you didn’t end up with a Barry degree, which is wise.
        FAMU is a better school but not by a whole lot. Its not known to be dishonest. It also has good name recognition

      15. Matt says:

        Jon, you’re delusional, completely. I HAVE NEVER DENIED KNOWING YOU and I HAVE NEVER DENIED BEING AFFILIATED WITH BARRY. Why do you insist on making things up? Please, by all means find somewhere in this post where either one of those things occurred. You have made them up.

      16. you wrote em, you find em. you have used fake emails as Matt, ming and mark. i just can’t take anything you say seriouslyI have replied to both your aliases,”ming”. its hard to keep track with so many fake emails from lying cylons like you. You call me disgusting for the things you saw, like my body language or that maybe i looked tired. well, if Barry respected the Americans With Disability Act none of that happens. sadly, statistics say you may know someone sick like me or even become one, you’re still real young. I was fine til symptoms set in well after 30.
        You’re off to a terrible start as far as your humanity. You’re a complete bigot who thinks people standing up for their civil rights and refusing to be bullied by Barry or you is a sign of weakness. a coward like you would not understand this ‘matt’. come on, you know me, come out of the darkness, bigot.

      17. Mark says:

        Staci, where do you get your information??? For starters, your link for trial teams is for undergrad institutions, not law schools so it is invalid as it does not apply to law schools. Barry has won ABA Chicago National Criminal Justice Trial Advocacy competition twice, ABA Quinnipiac National Trial Advocacy Competition twice, Georgetown White Collar Crime competition, Michigan State National Trial Advocacy competition, Puerto Rico International Trial Advocacy Competiton, won regionals at TYLA, placed in the top 4 out of 228 teams at AAJ, etc. Furthermore, Barry has been invited to the Baylor Top Gun competition every year since its existence. This only goes to the top 15 teams in the country. Also, we beat HARVARD….TWICE….out of 3 times facing them. Your link to The American Mock Trial Association is invalid.

        Secondly, Stonybrook does not have a law school.

        Most important, your bar statistics are skewed. For starters, the Class of 2013 just took the Bar a month ago. Those results do not come out until September 24 so you can’t say that it was below the state average. In February, Barry had a 92.7% pass rate, 3rd in the state (Fla. average was 80.2%). In July 2012, Barry had an 81.7% pass rate, 4th in the state (Fla. average was 80.2%), In February 2012, Barry had a 77.4% pass rate, 6th in the state (Fla. average was 76.2). Notice the trend here? Yeah, didn’t have a great start. However, we are continually getting better and beating the average. I don’t know where you get that we were 7% below the average.

        Barry is one of the most underrated law schools in the country. I am sorry your friend could not hack it. 😉

      18. I was hacking it just fine til my civil rights were denied by a school that lies to everyone about everything and has dumb ass cultists like YOU flying their flag (soon to be at half mast at Starbucks where you will work if you are VERY lucky)
        I will be extra nice to you when you pass the bar but work as a barrista, i promise. Your blind loyalty and contempt for the handicapped should be recognized in your future career…. now get me a fucking frapp, ass monkey

      19. im glad your part of the conversation but i just think the debate team is at best a thin veneer of respectability even IF its all they say it is.
        its like you are trying to say the Barry debate team is like Penn State Football tea? justifies the existance of whats really a failure factory? all of a sudden? It somehow justifies their lies and discrimination? and the fact their best faculty members move on as quickly as possible once the lies they were told become overwhelmingly obvious. I had exactly 2 really good professors and one is already gone.

      20. look at your statement- “We win obscure competitions where a lot of times no one even publishes the results or even keeps score.” Wow, sure sounds prestigious . . . (delusional!)

    3. Orlando says:

      While your blog CLEARLY shows a bias and un-objective appraisal of Barry School of Law, I will give you my take:
      Like you, I was also apart of incoming Fall 2011 class. And, as I sit here and read your blog, Im not sure whether to be angry or laugh at what I’m readying. Your rant is offensive and completely misleads the reader. It seems to me that you are bitter because you failed out of law school. Big deal. Get over it! Its certainly not for everyone–and perhaps, that is the only thing that you mention that has merit.
      However, don’t try to paint a dark picture about MY SCHOOL! I take great pride in Barry. Our law school has some of the best professors in the country in their respective areas of expertise, the administration (although not perfect) has made tremendous strides over the last three years alone for the students and surrounding community. (I.e. a new Law Advocacy Center, Clinical programs,VITA program, a new cafe, chapel, etc.)
      I also have a brand new Macbook, no problems there! My grades were never unreasonably late. In fact, I can recall several times my grades were posted within two weeks after my final. (i.e. PR, Trial Ad, Con Law,) Your blog is riddled with bitterness and malicious lies! Quit relying on other websites to try and drive home your point. It has the opposite affect.
      I’m sorry that you’re disabled and things didnt work out for you in law school however, that doesn’t give you the license to defame my law school. Dean Diaz is a pillar in the Orlando community. She has done more for people of lower socioeconomic status than you could do in two lifetimes.
      In short, Barry School of Law gave me some the best years of my life. I graduate next month. And, you can be damn sure I am proud to be apart of this institution.

      1. Were it truly biased how would i be able to back it up with over a half dozen links to reputable publications like the Wall Street Journal? The ABA? Is EVERYONE wrong but you, Cylon?? I wish you luck but you really don’t know whether you should be angry laugh or cry until a year from now when you find out if you can get a job in the legal field. I honestly wish you luck. You have no idea what the world holds for you yet and you shouldn’t be too confident considering the success of previous barry graduates. You think the orlando legal community matters much? Its the Detroit of the East Coast! Dean Diaz has no credibility other than being among rthe larger fish in a tiny pond. She’s corrupt and malevolent. also- nice fake name coward.

  3. Matt says:

    You are an absolute idiot. Read the student handbook next time you want to bitch and moan about failing out of a shitty law school. I know people who graduated from this law school that are a shade above retarded. You shouldn’t be proud that you failed, you obviously can barely read.

    1. Follow the link to the Wall Street Journal, my views on their honesty are verified there. your just a sycophant with a fake email tooling for them. The student handbook was CHANGED WITHOUT NOTICE IN MID SEMESTER, lowering minimum GPA to avoid semestrer 1 expulsion to a rate so low a;ll A’s won’t get you back to a level where you can stay past semester 2. Explain how this is ethical? explain how its an ideal of Catholic education. – so much for that. I understand why you are upset for your “friends” (i understand why you won’t admit you went there, you could learn something about humility from me)1- your friends are more likely practicing as barrista’s the practicing the bar & i am 175K less stupid for saving my money.
      2- I didn’t fail out i left with what they considered passing grades. I was an early start student, there weren’t enough second semester classes tyo get a passing GPA with all A’s you ignorant ass. It’s in the article you obviously only skimmed. The story is about the fact that they take poor candidates (like ME) and blow smoke up their ass. Also- though my grades were passing it was mathematically impossible to attain a passing GPA for the year, so, my question to you would be- how are they acting in the best interests of students who are effectively walking dead? Should i have spent anither 30K proving to myself math somehow ISN’T an exact science? There are people that were below #’s that could get them a passing GPA who were convinced to stay and all failed out. So, the story here, asshole, would be that they manipulate people to keep their money and lie. Sure, i will never be a lwyer, but there’s plenty of people who will graduate Barry a1/4 million in the hole and also will NEVER be lawyers.
      this post has 1000’s of views and like 3 dissenters. says it all. In fact it sat on the Official Barry Facebook page for WEEKS and never was taken down, so they aren’t challenging it.

      1. Matt says:

        Re-read your first paragraph, proves my point that you can barely read. Slow down before you respond with such anger, it makes your reply completely unreadable. Everyone passes the bar who studies, that’s what BarBri is for. Just because you couldn’t cut a 2.0 in the first semester doesn’t mean you should be bitter. Everyone at Barry gets scholarships, unless they can’t grasp the material, like at all. Obviously you just couldn’t make the cut because it was too difficult for you, or you lacked discipline to read anything other than the babbling bullshit you write for yourself.

      2. Mark says:

        Judging from your spelling and poor punctuation throughout this thread, it is no wonder you failed out of law school!

      3. follow the link the guys at the WSJ spell it all out in the Queens English. BARRY ENGAGES IN DECEITFUL BUSINESS PRACTICES!
        YOU ARE A BLIND CULT MEMBER HEADING TOWARDS UNDEREMPLOYMENT, DEBT AND MISERY. seriously you are trying so hard to validate the school and yourself i hope you can forgo taking your own life when y ou come face to face with the reality of what a stupid bigot you are
        as for spelling, fuck you, its a blog post and you are being allowed to have your say despite being a bigot and a proud discriminator against the handicapped

  4. Everything is accurate. If i were to lie why would i then only be truthful about my grades? i could have said i transferred to a place with some measure of prestige. They have self serving and deceptive business and academic practices like denying Civil Rights and are blackmailing people for their loan $.
    Barry has a terrible rep, follow the links to confirm that. I am in good company criticizing them
    You are for sure connected to the school, no one else would have any passion for what they call ‘the obscure, overflowing toilet’ that IS Barry (not my words, follow the links). I sort of pity you for your lack of perception. I would say no one has less respect for the work it takes to do it than you.
    I have only (justifiable) bitterness at the financial games they played, not that i tried and failed. Your parents should have taught you that years ago. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    read the article and you will see i admit my shortcomings, glad i tried to find out but i should NOT have had my civil rights violated or had advice that was against my best interest broadcast at me for weeks while i am trying to withdraw.
    this is a story about 2 things- 1-discriminating against my rights as prescribed by the fucking Constitution & Americans with Disabilities Act, no telling how i would have done if they had removed simple barriers and 2- when i tried to drop out, with grades that were passing but too low to save you from a 2nd semester death sentence they ran me around and tried to steal my loan. For all the sins you are accusing me of your overlooking the fact that there is no case to be made hoodwinking people into thinking they can somehow overcome the rules of math. It was done to bilk more loan money from the student and is NOT in the students best interest.
    They claim to be compassionate but they discriminate against the handicapped and they try to take advantage of people they perceive as stupid.
    The part where they try to drain 10’s of 1000’s of $’s from me is reprehensible. long story short- they thought i was stupid, perhaps justifiably, and tried to hoodwink me. It was only my life experience that saved me. others refused to see the writing on the wall and they lost twice the money.

    My ‘pathetic grades’ prove it was unfair to pressure me into staying. It also supports my assertion they took me lightly because they thought i was stupid, which also shows my veracity and their unethical approach to EVERYTHING
    They are the professionals, i was the novice, where was the compassion or even professionalism? debunk that Matt. IDK your situation but maybe your in good health and just aren’t able to understand the way these seemingly mundane and easily fixed issues could really affect someone.

    1. Matt says:

      It’s also amazing to me that someone who doesn’t know the distinction between “your” and “you’re” would think they should pursue law school.

      1. Ok first of all even if I’m dumb as a bag of rocks they shouldn’t have given me advice that was contrary to my best interests. You also won’t admit that its pretty fucked up to violate peoples civil rights.
        – most writers would not have continued to engage with you because YOU’RE so fucking rude. I took the time to COMMUNICATE with you, not write you a treatise, so save the grammar nazi shit for your friends on facebook. you’ve vented enough and i really WILL let the people at Barry know what a great little Cylon you are, but * YOU’RE a dick and i will now be deleting your comments unread. There IS some good news though- you CAN get Healthcare coverage from Starbucks, talk to YOUR manager
        this post is approaching 1700 views and has been widely reblogged. Yes… YOUR schools reputation will always be what the links in the article confirm– the school has zero prestige. Maybe it will when YOUR grandkids attend, that is if they don’t mismanage themselves out of biz or get their asses successfully sued for violating peoples Civil Rights. The link to the Wall Street Journal article i quote proves my case.

      2. amoosefloats says:

        Wow so your argument is that you are a grammer nazi? So fucking bush league, enjoy your career as a barista or folding shirts at the gap after you graduate from Barry.

  5. Matt says:

    Hey, Moron. Yah that’s your name. This will be my last post. I just want you to know that “Sister”‘Dean Diaz is now aware of your defamatory article and she will be pursuing its removal and civil damages. You should look up deformation, libel, and slander… Because you are undeniably guilty of all. You fail to address my valid comments about how you blatantly lie, make up things and publish the, as fact, and provide zero basis of what really happened. You received under a 1.50 first semester and were not allowed to return… Boo hoo.
    You’re proud of this post because of the amount of hits it has but that’s because Barry University is a well known school, that people are interested in. You are a sad person. Also 3rd highest bar passage rate in FL, out of 12 that ain’t bad. You should stop by the campus, it’s super nice. New buildings, parking lot, the whole deal. I wish you nothing but the best, but also you should know that you will get nowhere in life by lying, publishing it on the Internet and failing to realize that all of your lies are easily fact checked and dismissed. Get a life.

    1. No, i had that GPA and was being FORCED TO RETURN. READ THE ARTICLE FOR CHRSTS SAKE! The links, esp the one to Wall St Journal or the one to US News and world report support ALL my assertions. you have never botheres to react to those sources.
      You’re a delusional idiot and i am allowing this piece of nonsense on this thread just to show how little i fear the school and how confident i am you and Dean Leticia will get nowhere with your frivolous lawsuit. All facts and assertions in this article are true and are supported by links. You serve your masters well. Bring her on, let’s see how she does against the 1st Amendment. I guess flouting peoples rights gets easier and more appealing the longer you do it, huh? If she hasn’t known about this until now it’s willful ignorance. If you don’t think it’s hilarious a law school dean has to go after a simple blog post you need oxygen, this proves your schools a joke. Your comments and visits keep driving this post up higher and higher in the search results. You should try reading the article instead of skimming one paragraph at a time to fuel baseless attacks. Deformation? WTF are you talking about? Maybe you should try reading a different post, this one seems too challenging for you. Or maybe you can start your own blog to extoll the virtues of Barry. Ok seriously this time, i await the Cease Desist Order (that will never come) and will now be much more firm in keeping your cult member nonsense off the site. Keep coming back though! the post performed very well all week, guess it’s LSAT time or something

  6. Matt says:


    1. You madam, are the pussy. State your case for why it’s ok to violate peoples CiviL Rights. Explain why they shouldn’t voluntarily adhere to the Americans With Disabilities Act, which is doubtless the right thing for “Catholic/Christian” school to do? address why it’s ok to have a minimum GPA that is below the # it takes to ever have any chance of passing and going on to 2L even with straight A’s? Explain why the MacBook Air did not work there. IT told me it was a non conservative computer and they shouldn’t be expected to notify people or update their wi-fi, which is unprofessional considering they have no other tasks.

  7. The campus is NOT compliant with the Americans With Disability Act. Anyone who doubts this should call the school at (321) 206-5600 and just ask. They will not be able to say yes. YOU’RE NOT GOING TO TELL YOUR LIES AND BLOVIATE ON HERE. COME BACK WITH ACTUAL ANSWERS. THERE ARE NO LIES OR DISTORTIONS OF ANY KIND IN THE POST. FOLLOW ALL THE LINKS THAT PROVE MY CASE

    1. Matt says:

      Second time test takers chances of passing goes down to somewhere near 36%, but OK! You’re really fact intensive I can see that. The truth is you’re just a dipshit that failed out of a law school with NO PRESTIGE, and you don’t have to worry about the bar pass rate because you’ll never have the honor of passing or failing it.

      1. again, you have a fake email and are blowing smoke. Your agenda to protect your employer is obvious.
        My intelligence is not at issue. At no point do i say i was intellectually cheated. My point is they violate peoples Civil Rights and have self serving policies that are destructive to their students best interests. The campus is in a dangerous neighborhood and is under code and disgusting. If Dean Leticia has not had a nose job she can come on here and say it. sure looks like it to me and everyone else i know who has met her.

      2. Matt says:

        Well that’s just mean spirited. Adios partner. It’s been fun arguing with ya.

      3. if you call destroying your anonymously posted, cowardly lies an argument ok, i guess. Your agenda is obvious and your frantic and untrue assertions, right from a Barry employee, go a long way to prove what i say about their lack of reputation and refusal to do business in the light of day is true. Look at all the trouble you have gone to to try to undermine a simple blog post. Inventing a fake identity and fake email, engaging in pointless personal attacks and basically emabarrassing yourself while empowering me is pathetic. Barry will never have any prestige no matter how many fake emails you invent for yourself

      4. amoosefloats says:

        So how much is <Barry paying you to attack a disabled person Matt? Why don't you crawl out of the dark and show yourself? Way too easy to hide on the internet and be a bully huh? Go eat a bag of dicks or kick a baby which I assume because you are trolling a disabled man you probably already do.

  8. Matt says:

    Wow keep deleting the truth. The GPA is a fact, and you are lying about that. 100% lying. You have no links that prove any of your story either. Just links to law school review sites that don’t have anything to do with your personal experience. Dumbass.

    1. the fact that the links lead to other sites as well as newspaper articles by people other than myself are proof. You have criticized this article sharply. Everything you have said regarding the facts in this live blog post has been investigated and amended where necessary as facts were verified. You had one minor point that panned out and was fixed. This article is 100% accurate. You have contributed greatly to the scope and popularity of this still exploding blog past. Its my second best ever performing post.
      This is a live Blog post and is par for this medium. When you have been succinct and rational your comments have been posted unedited and answered. If you simply attack and curse a blue streak you add nothing and those comments go in the trash where they belong

      1. Matt says:

        1. Macs work anywhere on Barry’s campus. That’s a fact, go there and check it out.
        2. You fail to provide any intelligible facts that support your claim of a civil rights violation. You cannot make claims like this without sufficient circumstantial evidence, or at least provide some details as to what you’re talking about.
        3. Barry University School of Law had the 3rd highest bar passage rate (out of 12 Florida Law Schools) in the state for February 2013. 92.7% of Barry students to take the bar passed.

        That’s all. Hopefully you won’t delete this one too.

      2. First- You have an obviously fake email and are operating on behalf of Barry without the guts to be even use your actual email or any form of identity or accountability. is obviously a cowardly front, useless in real life, created to attack this thread email address.
        you are affiliated with the school and looking to lead me into a place where i may give you idiots some basis to try to hassle me legally. Months after this posting went live and placed on the Barry Facebook page no legal action has been taken. This proves i am being truthful. Follow the links, everything is true. I’m not going to play your game by posting irrelevant comments that are simply an entreaty for me to make a misstep. I stand by everything I wrote
        (321) 206-5600 is the schools # and anyone can call there to ask about any of the problems. They will NOT be able to say they comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The wif-fi is very unreliable and they are not in any way ‘out in front’ of changes. Get IT on the phone and ask about Mac Book Air.
        The Civil Rights violations are the fact that the campus is inaccessible to many people, i cited lack of AC and under code buildings and sweltering metal trailers as violations. Bar Passage- It’s called “Teaching Towards The Test/ Washing out the people who you only took in to line their coffers”. They can groom good test takers and eliminate people who may pass on a second try, which is very common, never giving them a chance to flourish. The policy is self serving, not student sensitive. Barry Provides no job placement or starting salary stats. THE SCHOOL HAS NO PRESTIGE AND CAN ONLY GAIN IT WITH A HIGH BAR PASSAGE RATE. They need the students and the loan money more than anyone needs them.

    2. amoosefloats says:

      Fuck you Matt, for one thing the real mcteag is honest as the day is long in the summer, and just because you are at this shit law school and are worried you will never get a legal job means all you will do it what you are doing now trolling you fuck.

      1. always can count on my fellow bloggers to have my back and tell it like it is! WE WILL BE HEARD! people can make their own decisions but my voice WILL NOT BE SILENCED by baseless laughable threats of legal action!

      2. Don says:

        ” for February 2013. 92.7% of Barry students to take the bar passed.” (Matt June 4, 2013). If that were true then Barry’s sitting July 2013 would (assuming same # of sitters) have earned a pass rate of 65.84% in order to make the published results combined 2013 pass rate 79.27%.
        So if claimed rate was 92.7% Feb, then July was 65.85% =26.85% drop from sitting to next sitting. Thanks for the exposure to the varied opinions in this blog. Facts not in question which provide justification for a closer look at Barry’s practices is the arrest in July 2015

      3. 97% of the 45% who were left after failing once? not very impressive

  9. Mary says:

    Maybe if you had put half the amount of time you spent on this article into your first semester of law school, you would have gotten a grade higher than an F. I just finished my first year at Barry, and any intelligent person who reads this article will be quick to realize it is a bitter rant filled with misrepresentations and defamatory statements about the school. If you’re 40 and you have yet to take responsability for yourself, you have a dim future. I did very well my first year because I had respect for the amount of work this profession would require. The facilities are nice, the school is still growing. Finally, Barry just had a bar pass rate of 92.7%, the third best in the state, seems like the school has no idea what they are doing huh?? Grow up and be accountable for your actions that led you to this point.

    1. I have posted links IN THE POST from MANY prestigious publications showing Barry’s Bar Passage is actually much lower and only about half the grads end up working in a job requiring a JD. ALSO-what about the school lying to the tune of 300% to get on the US NEWS & World Report’s Top 10 School list? Did i make that up? follow the links my assertions are all supported its the sad truth0. look, your a better law student than i was but they shouldn’t have tried to lie to me and take my $. i proved in the links they lie about money in other matters, so why is it so hard to believe they would treat me any different than an entire nation led to by way of somehow being only law school in America to screw up that survey? and screwed it up by 300% IN THEIR OWN FAVOR? than thay admit they did this but claim incompetence, not dishonesty. either one proves my story is true. and , wow, who still uses hotmail?

      1. Matt says:

        Jon McTeag’s short lived reputation as a Barry student: He was known by his classmates as a ghost, as he rarely attended class. He had NO readily apparent disability. He never participated in class discussion and seemingly did none of the work assigned. Especially poor performance in Legal Writing.

      2. 1- you have been lying about your affiliation with Barry, i can understand your shame about it. 2- you seem to know me personally, BFD but you’re no doctor, so fuck you. You live long enough you’ll end up with health probs too. You are a cowardly son of a bitch with a fake email. What do you fear? come out into the light you bigoted fuck, guess you never met anyone who was sick but didn’t really look it. Your school is SO POORLY REGARDED this post has become an SEO nightmare to your schools already useless reputation. Its the 1st thing people see in a search and they are reading it. you should try reading the post. your input really helped it become iron clad. Because of your attacks i have done morte research & found even more sad lies and BS by your school (which you STILL will not admit you are affiliated with) You’re kicking you’re own ass with your stupidity and cowardly accusations

      3. Matt says:

        The post will fall back once I stop ripping the shit out of you. I have read your fucking post, it’s a babbling rant. It seems like you haven’t read it. How the fuck can you claim your civil rights were violated over and over and not say how? It’s ridiculous. The reason it’s so high on google is because of me coming back to see if you spewed any new garbage lies. I’ll have to delete it from my search history. It’s just too tempting to come back and shit on a loser like you.

      4. LOLOL my readers have made this post #1 and it will stay that way because the blog in general gets a lot of hits. My most common search term is “Barry Tier 4”, second is Barry Official. Its picking up plenty of hits on its own, though i thank you for reading and your lame arguments and cowardly attacks only serve to make my point clearer, cultist. You deny it but you work or go there. I had enough friends around to 1- show you’re a liar, i never missed a class 2- ask anyone who knew me, I’m disabled you bigoted fuck. The campus does NOT comply with federal law, hiding behind ‘private school’ status. You have never checked that out, just upbraided me for a low (but passing in the world of Barry) GPA, which apparently means open season to rob me. THERE IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE A CEASE & DESIST ORDER like you threatened over a week ago. this is because they know they can not overcome the 1st Amendment.
        All you did was accelerate the upward movement. You are a coward and a liar. The post clearly traces the dickery of Barry and has LINKS which you have NEVER followed, that prove everything. You seem to think PROOF of lying somehow isn’t relevant and you are scoffing at the Wall Street Journal & US NEWS & WORLD REPORT, both of whom back up my assertions. i hope for the sake of your potential future clients you are going into probate law or something because your argument sucks. Its just a refusal to accept facts. You’re a good little cylon & serve your masters well.

      5. Matt says:

        I just keep pointing out how your story is all lies. For example: ” This in spite if their knowing it was absolutely impossible to attain a passing GPA even if I scored 5 A’s out of 5 classes.”

        You start out with this lie. Even if you had a 1.0 gpa (you have claimed to have somewhere around 1.5 on here), 5 A’s would habe averaged it out to a 2.0. So that’s a lie Jon, your own lie.

        You go on to make claims about Barry being insolvent? And saying Florida A&M grads are better off… Dude you’re just a bitter old fuck who failed out. You have no disability, other than a mental one, and your civil rights were in no way violated. You LIE throughout your entire post. Just explain your lies and then make me understand how other people’s writings validate YOUR personal lies.

      6. Barry is such a sham that a mere blog post is a serious threat to the school. That speaks volumes. Professors who have left Barry friended me on facebook and backed up many of my assertions, who would know better? there are no lies, follow the links. You are in fact a delusional idiot who has lied until now about your affiliation with the school. You know & hate me personally but were not willing to admit it til your argument was scuttled. Most of your accusations nothing but personal attacks. The links show Barry lied to get on the US NEWS & WORLD REPORT TOP 10 List of best values, a mistake they admit and claim not lying, just incompetent. Your schools rep SUCKS and this post is always going to be right under “barry Official” in all search results, a sign post that Barry is 9 Miles of bad Road and is run by liars who can not even overcome a simple (self created ) SEO problem. The school has no internet footprint, many computers do NOT work there. Which Matt are you? the douche disgracing his Yankee gear or the Super Christian from Legal Writing who wants to graduate and tyhen go preach in North Korea?

      7. Matt says:

        Your READERS???? You have ONE fucking comment in which some fat fuck with a cigarette in his mouth accuses me of “trolling”, which isn’t a fucking thing btw. Everyone else who has taken the time to comment has just shit on all your assertions and pointed out that someone who failed out of the law school has no place to be bashing it. You couldn’t even cut it dumbass. Have fun paying back whatever loans you did take out because you’re clearly an unemployable fuck which is why you went to Barry at 40.

      8. ONLY PEOPLE PERSONALLY AFFILIATED WITH BARRY HAVE MADE ANY POSITIVE COMMENTS ABOUT YOUR CULT SCHOOL. None, including you, willingly admit they go there. they obviously feel as threatened as you. This blog post heading towards 2500 views, your just one of many people. You seem to like the blog, i would again suggest you read some other post as this one is beyond your ability to comprehend. As far as criticism, well, no matter how badly i did they should NOT have tried to rob me. No matter how much of a private school it is if they want to fly the American flag they should comply w/ American laws. As far as my personal details- again, proving its personal and have not a leg to stand on. Barry paid back much of my loan when i confronted them with proof of their lies. They tried every lie they could and i STILL prevailed. You STILL won’t admit who you are or even use your real email. you’re a fraud just like Barry
        You still won’t admit who you are and your attempt at math sucks. There was no way in Hell any C & D student would turn it around for 5 A’s, something you probably haven’t done even though you have called your schools grads “nearly retarded (your words)” and acknowledged it was a shit school early on in your laughable comments.
        Its funny you bring up employment considering that Barry provides NO INFORMATION beyond bar passage. Real law schools do not have to hide the starting salaries and initial employment of its grads. Barry will not EVER supply these stats because most of their grads, as you will find out, especially w/ your dick personality, DO NOT END UP IN THE FIELD OF LAW! they are merely the most overeducated greeters at Walmart

    2. Matt says:

      It’s pointless. Your words fall on deaf ears here. Nothing but belligerent rants and links that don’t prove any part of his story, because they have absolutely nothing to do with anything he’s claiming. He’s already changed his story to fit the lies that I pointed out, such as just making up that Dean Diaz is a nun and has gotten a bunch of plastic surgery. He fails to provide ANY proof of his “story”. If he had MP3’s recording the Dean during meetings, lets hear them? If the handbook was changed, let’s see the proof, if he didn’t fail out let’s see the transcript. Let’s see something concrete. But we never will… just a sad old man.
      He also fails to see the iron that he failed out of the law school, yet he defiles the prestige of it. He’s no longer located in Orlando and wasn’t here long enough to realize that the courts are filled with Barry grads. He also fails to say how his civil rights were violated. I mean, there are professors at the school who are fully disabled, wheelchair bound, who are adjuncts with prestigious careers who teach at Barry because they love it. I fail to see any merit in his words, and his fellow bloggers are idiots who, like therealmcdbag, cant spel or form a coherent thought vi their words.

      1. oh Matt, so glad you found time to put more hits and comments onto this post. You could follow any of the links for “Proof”, a word you are a stranger to. Tell your employers that this post is now the #2 result for all searches for Barry. You were a big part of making that happen. Thank you!
        By now i would think you would be flattered as you inspired more research and more horrible findings. Thanks to you i found the article about the school ‘accidentally’ lying to US News & World Report, reporting student debt that was 1/3 the actual costs of going there. So follow that link and then tell me i have no grounds to say they are dishonest about money. I have all sorts of proof. You should actually read the post

      2. Matt says:

        You my friend, are delusional. What do you not understand about proving your own story? You say ” I have all sorts of proof. You should actually read the post.” You have not once adressed HOW you are disabled and were unable to manuever around campus. If you have tape recordings LETS HEAR THEM. Let’s see the transcript.
        Even if you had a 1.0 first semester, if you got all A’s, the 4.0 would balance it out to a 2.0. You are so dumb it is amazing.

        The other links HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR STORY. You once again, fail to adress anything my comment points out though. Shocking.

        The only thing your post has actually provided us concrete proof of is that you are an idiot.

      3. i have proved it and you are being willfully ignorant. you work for the school, of COURSE you see it their way. There is proof of them being liars with links to local papers, the Wall Street Journal and US News & World Report. If thats not good enough for you i would say take a drive to Clearwater, you would make an excellent Scientologist! Tapes? care to clarify? You seem to be implying that the Barry rep is so bad that I should have gone there preparing for a lawsuit for discrimination? Who would suspect their Civil Rights would be violated in those hallowed, lizard covered stucco walls that make up your disgusting campus. Hire 1- a landscaper and 2- an SEO guy. They run about 150k/yr and MAYBE after a couple of years they could find a way to unfuck the image of the school in new media. Barry is stuck in the 20th Century as are you. Tapes? who uses tapes in the 21st Century? WTF are you even talking about? I have long suspected you never read the post and now you’re proving it. KEEP COMING BACK!
        Readers- Note that Matt’s Email ( is completely fake and is useless for anything other than attacking this thread. He proves the school is underhanded with his underhanded and cowardly anonymous falsehoods. seriously has anyone ever met someone this dedicated NOT getting paid?
        saying things “10 tens’? you broke your own Grammar Nazi rules Matt

      4. Matt says:

        Okay, I don’t work for fuckin Barry, so you’re dumb for saying that like 10 tens. Listen dipshit, I don’t even give a shit about Barry all that much, I just can’t stand to see a dumb liar thinking he is right.

        Dude, those links don’t have a fucking thing to do with what you claims. .

        As for the “tapes”, I’m talking about this: “If you go to Barry School of Law I have one very very serious piece of advice- master the MP3 maker on your cell phone. This is the ONLY reason I escaped with my portion of the loan money and actually got them to return the money they had already gotten.” The fucking belligerent bullshit you wrote to imply that you recorded some conversation.


        Basically, I’m just saying you are full of shit. You still can’t tell us how your civil rights were violated either, you just keeping saying “civil rights” because you think it makes you sound credible. In fact, you’re just a STUPID FUCK WHO FAILED THE FUCK OUT.
        PEACE BITCH.

      5. nonsense. I left with grades that were passing, only a legitimate law school would have called my grades passing . Barry wanted me to invest another 25k and fail out on their terms. I left on MY terms. you are fighting a pitched battle with a fake email to defend your employer. I addressed my grades over & over. They were bad. I should have been allowed to drop out and not gotten lied to and harassed for a month while they tried to steal my loan. Even the dumbest person doesn’t deserve to be lied to and stolen from. Address that. You can say I’m full of shit all day here. every comment drives me higher up in the search results.
        Simply put your employer is barely solvent, the school may not last 5 years, they are a laughing stock and you couldn’t find a job anywhere else. Barry will never send me a Cease & Desist letter because its all true. You are consumed with being right or something. Nothing you do will change my opinion, the hard facts about their dickery or polish up Barry’s already useless reputation.
        Any ‘tapes’ i may or may not have will be played in a court of law when they sue me (in other words, never)

      6. Matt says:

        Just said I dont work for Barry you dipshit. This isn’t about Barry or its shitty reputation, FUCK BARRY for I all I care. It’s about you making shit up then failing to adress it when I call you out. YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

        I am right. You have dodged my direct questions over and over, proving that you are full of shit. Look at your response to my immediate last post. Your opinion doesn’t matter because you’re an old, dumb, ugly fuck who failed out of a shitty law school. The fact that pissed me off is that you lie and actually believe your own bullshit lies.


      7. ok, first of all you would be making more sense if you read the post. Secondly, the Wall Street Journal, ABA and US News & World report were all LIED TO BY BARRY about the cost of attending, its proven. You conveniently ignore that. No one but you would be so stupid as to think i somehow was able to manipulate the Wall Street Journal to fit my blog post. The story was published for all to see, it proves they are incompetent liars. You DO work for Barry. 18 comments proves it. THIS IS about their rep, look how much bloviating about it you have done. you’re selling HARD. Its laughable. They violated my Civil Rights, they tried to steal my loan and you somehow think my low GPA means i deserve it. Well, i have never argued that i should have done better or that the academics were unfair. Look at the section “what did i do wrong?” where i admit it all. I have nothing to hide. I am not the one with a fake email (same to you BTW) who is too much of a coward to come out into the light. This is also something Barry would do. Google “Barry Law” and see where this post comes up. You can call me a liar all you want but this is all the sad truth. 1000’s of readers have come to this post and it’s the most popular item on the entire internet about the school, hence your attempt at damage control. It just keeps making the post more popular and i welcome a faculty member or whatever you are on here to advocate for Barry. Its easily disproven

      8. Matt says:

        OKAY, Here’s one more example for the books of you LYING. The Orlando Sentiel Article, which was written in 2001, does not say ANYWHERE IN IT that Barry Grads weren’t allowed to sit for the Bar for the first decade. Barry didn’t even buy the school until 1999, so that’s 3 years between Barry owning the school and article. How could it possibly prove that the first 10 years of classes weren’t allowed to take the bar? So you’re claiming that until 2009 Barry Law students weren’t allowed to sit for the Florida Bar. READ YOUR OWN “SOURCES” BEFORE MAKING ACCUSATIONS THAT I DONT. THAT ARTICLE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR STORY AGAIN AND IT IS OVER 12 YEARS OLD!

        ANOTHER LIE- Dispelled. Yet somehow I’m a liar in a sea of “facts”? or whatever dumb shit you said.

        So That’s
        1. Dean Diaz Being a Nun.
        2. The “impossibility” of achieving the GPA.
        3. That the first 10 years of students weren’t allowed to sit for the bar.

        Anymore bullshit lies you want to make up?

      9. Matt- your input actually HAS improved this blog post and though you have been a total cowardly bigoted dick i have allowed many many comments and addressed your points. I have researched the things you say and you were like 1 for 15. I ran everything you said down.
        1- You were right. the post was amended as soon as i verified what you said. An understandable mistake considering her position. Look at the many times i have said i re-verified what you have said & updated. This is old news you keep overlooking the answer
        2- I was an early start student and had already gotten a mere C in crim law. there was not enough classes in second semester to make up for the grades, it was mathematically impossible. What’s more-Your definition of impossible is just plain ol’ wrong. Perception= reality. No one transforms from a C & D student to an all straight A student due to a pep talk from a dean who is being self serving. Their extolling me to stay wasn’t gonna make me any smarter. Its unethical Matt. No one has pulled it off and the math leaves no margin for error. It’s impossible The offer was made to several people i kept in touch with and sadly they didn’t make it. They lost a lot of $ trying to disprove a negative. I stand by my statement
        3- Matt theres no need for the article to say what everyone knows- if your school has no ABA certification you can’t sit for the bar, come on, you can thread that needle. you’re kinda blinded by hate and anger. I feel like we’re frenemies now, so i will give you credit for some brains. In 2001 they had been around 10 yrs, perhaps they only graduated 6-7 classes, so who knows? 10 yrs of 1l’s were told they could sit for the bar who never had that chance, many if not most after 1998. If you want to view it as they perpetuated a fraud for many years but were not original enough to initially create that fraud so be it. They are 100% guilty of lying for years to their student. They also lied to US NEWS & WORLD REPORT and claimed incompetence. This is a major lie that is purely self serving and way too egregious and profitable to be a mistake. No other law school made such a stupid error, so liars or incompetent is really splitting hairs when you realize either one amounts to publicly disgracing themselves in a huge forum. Speaks to honesty & school’s rep which are critical to your future job. There’s nothing from you to refute this. back up your talk with links like i have. How many more years after 2001 did it take?
        The school is only as good as it’s rep and D.O. Andreas/ now dwayne o andreas by Barry, lied to their students and i showed proof. It’s the same school.
        Thats the ugly truth Matt. It’s not like I wrote this for any reason than to relate my own experiences. Its Barry’s bad rep which has caused so much success for this blog post. I am higher on the search results than the Wall Street Journal article. This subject is compelling. It amasses many hits. Personally i think my Wayne LaPierre post is better and certainly my post on Ancient Rome is much funnier. I had no agenda when i wrote this and i honestly can’t tell you why its caught fire the way it has. Best Guess= people are considering law schools and Barry is available to far more people because its standards aren’t that high. Like i say in the article- only YOU know whats best for you, but everyone, even a dick like you, deserves to be dealt with fairly and not be urged towards courses of action that are doomed and costly. Thats wrong, Matt. You were fortunate enough not to have to deal with it, but for a dozen or so of your colleges we really weren’t cut out for it. We didn’t have the talent. Fair enough, but we shouldn’t have been deceived with cult talk, threats and lies. Its just wrong and I PROVE they lie. The Wall Street Journal article is damning and you say it doesn’t speak to Barry’s honesty. Most will feel different

      10. Matt says:

        It took 1 more year for it to get provisional accreditation in 2002. You can’t claim they are the same school either. That’s just dumb. It was a different administration and run by a different university at the time of purchase. Anyone who went to the school before it was ABA approved risked that it wouldn’t be Accredited at the time of their graduation. It was a risk, no one was lied to. You need to actually read the article.

        You make things up then say I am the liar? I haven’t lied about anything but you constantly put words in my mouth. I never said anything about the US World report article reflecting in their honesty in that particular situation. They lied, it was clearly a lie, I even remember being pissed about that when i first read it. That lie however doesn’t give you per se proof that they lied to you.

        I know for a fact you failed LRW, you were the only one and the grade distribution doesn’t lie. Only you lie. Have a nice life being a loser, just remember that just because you couldn’t cut it doesn’t mean it was the schools fault. Pay your child support you miserable bum.

      11. Ok well at least you had the small amount of integrity to admit this is nothing more than a personal vendetta and you have lied repeatedly about knowing me and about the fact you are affiliated with Barry. You are a coward, a bigot and a liar
        you want to speculate whether it was a straight up lie or a lie of omission fine. I read the article. They changed part of their name, big deal, its the same school. same shameful buildings, same low standards.You have not been honest at all. You have strongly denied being associated with Barry, then when its convenient you admit it.
        Now you admit you know me personally but are too cowardly identify yourself, well your a dick. If you were there you will recall me telling the professor in front of everyone that i had a specific health problem and needed simple accomodation. She refused it anyway. its a fact, that class was my biggest failure, but who knows how i would have done if they had acomodated my very simple need? Proving my point for me.
        That same professor personally stated that the administration advice was a very bad idea and i should drop out. She, at least, was honest even if her lack of compassion compounded my problems. You may also remember my MacBook Air could NOT log onto the internet, which, despite a note from IT verifying it was because of Barry’s antiquated and overburdened wi-fi, still cost me a pivotal class in for very very difficult Legal Writing. Nothing could have put me at more of a disadvantage that teacher perpetuated on me every class. She’s a cruel bitch but she has notging to do with the school lying to me and trying to steal my $ by dropping their minimum GPA to keep me there for no good reason
        I have no fucking children you idiot. I am sure you will pick up the slack and produce a litter of lying bigots like yourself to help maintain Florida’s classy rep. Your at the 3rd worst law school in a state known for bad law schools.
        Those are the facts you fucking coward. Identify yourself and show the courage of your convictions, at least as far as i can know who you are

    3. Matt says:

      Ok Jon, you’re fuckin hopeless. You fail to understand that unrelated stories about Barry lying have nothing to do with your story. Sure, they show Barry has a shitty reputation and a shitty administration. But they do not make your story true. Especially the GPA being impossible to attain. That’s you making up an excuse for not being able to have the discipline to do your assignments. You’re a LAZY person.

      1. no, i am disabled and you are a BIGOT.
        You say that Barry lying to everyone under the sun does not speak to their honesty? Now your admitting that they ARE liars and saying its not important. My personal story is backed up with PLENTY OF PROOF, like 10 yrs of grads not being allowed to sit for the bar (follow the link). I know for a fact you are not following the links by looking at my analytics. The Barry post isn’t even my best performing post, every hit to any story assures i stay on top of the search results. The average visitor here read over 3 articles before they leave, this post will haunt you and your useless school for a loooong time to come
        You lack the courage of your convictions by hiding behind a false email. YOur story keeps changing, you said no affiliation, now you say you are. Who would be so naive as to take your cult talk seriously?

      2. Matt says:

        First of all, you need to get your fucking facts straight. There were not 10 years of grads not allowed to sit for the bar. But that’s besides the point, BECAUSE THAT STORY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. IT IS NOT PROOF OF YOUR STORY. My story has remained the same, I’ve been calling you out in the following two points the entire time:

        1. How the fuck is the campus not in compliance with Federal Law? You never after 40 posts back and forth addressed HOW your disability wasn’t accommodated, and HOW the school violated your civil rights.

        2. You can’t say it was “absolutely impossible” to make the gpa when it was clearly fucking possible, my math isn’t wrong, yours is. Unlikely, yes, impossible, technically and in a perfect world; no.

        I never said I was affiliated or not with Barry because my affiliation with anything is immaterial to your claims. It has nothing to do with you claiming your civil rights were violated or that you were forced to stay in school in the face of impossible odds. I don’t work for Barry though, so that was a dumb fucking assumption which you tried to state as fact, seems to be your M.O.

        Your PERSONAL story has nothing to do with Articles about Barry in US News and World Report, or some other 4 year old Blog about shitty law schools.

        No one is arguing the reputation of Barry is good, however, people who go there pass the bar, become lawyers, and make up the majority of the Orange County Courthouse’s docket. Shitty or not, it’s ABA approved and growing like a mother fucker. I doubt they are hardly solvent, if anything the school makes bank. The administration sucks, everyone knows that, but the professors are legit and the legal education is also pretty fuckin standard across the board for law schools. It’s the same fuckin material from the same books. Idiot.

      3. LOL you have repeatedly gotten answers and facts. YOu’re willfully ignorant. You simply deny that proof of their dishonesty means anything despite impeccable sources. When it became obvious to your feeble brain that you were clearly wrong you just changed your position and claimed that just because the lie to everyone else they must have been straightforward with me. Ridiculous. You will never win any argument in court with your contempt for facts
        You don’t even have the courage to use a real email. You’re a bigot who has contempt for handicapped people. Your parents are total failures.
        No one who took the ‘below the point where you can pass” GPA deal made it to yr 2, so my decision was correct. You finally grudgingly admit its unlikely, i’m saying no one has EVER pulled it off. You ignore the Pas/No Pass situation for some classes. The math is impossible to overcome but you just keep pretending, well fine. I assure you it is absolutely crazy to encourage the walking dead to pay more $ to fail out.
        Dean Diaz herself, your lord & master, told me that the school does not comply w/ Americans w/ Disability Act. Now that you’re done DENYING (understandably) that you are affiliated with the school fucking look around, asshole. Anyone who doesn’t believe me should call the campus at 321-206-5600, a number i have provided over & over. They will NOT be able to say that they are in compliance with the ADA. so thats simply proven true and you’re ignoring it every day. YOu SO care about Barry’s rep look at all your lies and mistaken idiotic comments on a blog post you barely bothered to read. Inaccurracies that you bought up were researched and all facts were verified. As for you, i think you’re in for a tough slog as a Barry Law Grad. The links show the school is poorly regarded. You hide behind a fake email. meanwhile i have not censored you at all even to the point of letting you identify me. I have nothing to fear, its Barry that fears the truth. YOur opinion of your future- well for your sake i hope your right but get back to me in a couple of years and prove it. You’re speculatring, i have provided facts
        You have never, ever addressed the fact that they tried to rob me, you just dwell on the fact you are a better law student then i. Never had i said differently. If you read the article i am candid about being a bad candidate. Now tell me how you feel that my poor (but passing at Barry sham law school) GPA makes it ok to lie to and defraud me.
        You refuse to open your eyes, fine. I think your total asshole but i wish you luck, not that it will help. You will never get a job that pays like the grads at Florida A&M will, your degree will rightfully scoffed at no matter where you go.

      4. Matt says:

        “You will never get a job that pays like the grads at Florida A&M will, your degree will rightfully scoffed at no matter where you go.”
        Florida A&M has an even worse reputation than Barry. They are currently under scrutiny from the ABA regarding their ABA Accreditation. I will provide a link that provides PROOF of this:
        And as someone who has experience in the Orlando Legal community, unlike you who has absolutely NONE, I can say it is well known that Barry Students get better opportunities than Fam U, soooo once again you’re a fucking idiot.

        You keep saying I’m lying, but not once have I lied or made anything up, you are the one who does that.

        Dude, someone needs to direct me to where you have explained your disability and how it was not accommodated. Because if I’m ignorant, it is not willful. You have not ONCE described the part of campus that caused your rights to be violated. NOT ANYWHERE IN YOUR STUPID FUCKING BLOG POST THAT I READ, and I’ve watched you change over and over according to my corrections. KEEP IGNORING THIS YOU JUST SOUND DUMB.

        I don’t know what you’re talking about regarding other people not making it back, because the truth is you don’t know anyone else’s grades so you’re making things up and reporting them as fact ONCE AGAIN.

        The fact is, it was possible. There were no Pass/Fail classes second semester you stupid fuck. SO STOP MAKING SHIT UP!

        You my friend a liar, who states lies as fact. Not me.

      5. you ignorant ass, the grades from the pass/fail classes in semester 1 are the killer, you’re just clinging to your foolish cult-love for your school. Nothing is made up. It’s all the sad truth. You have reversed yourself so many times, you’re a coward hiding behind a fake email. I have provided proof via links that you have never followed. You admit they have lied to many but insist they were honest with me. ridiculous. There will never be a cease and desist order from Barry because theres no law against the truth. They also NEVER want the conversations they had, where they waived their rightsd, to be made public because they behaved disgracefully
        The idea people would share their private business with you is an entitled and idiotic comment. I know these people. As you verified i WENT to the sham law school and i know several others who were naive enough to take the deal they offered me. None of them made it. You scoff at the idea law school is difficult, so be it. That doesn’t mean people dropping out should be lied to.
        I am not about to divulge my disability and all its details on this blog for your amusement. You will simply say i made it up because youre a bigot. I detail the lack of amenities and basic shit they do not provide, people in my position can read it and judge themselves, just like i say in the post, only YOU know whats right for you. Sad you have such a petty hateful outlook and a contempt for facts. Everything is true and verified by links you wont follow, including the Orlando Sentinel article verifying no one was able to take the Bar test from their first decade of existence despite the assurances they would

      6. Matt says:

        How the FUCK does a pass/fail class from first semester kill you? You are a dumb shit, you failed out, get over it.

        Stop hating on a school in a legal community that you clearly very unfamiliar with. Your comments about FamU show your true ignorance on the subject.

        You could have provided detail like “The bathroom stalls did not comply with handicap specifications” or something. Instead you just make vague accusations.

        Say you were lied to, boo hoo. It doesn’t make any senese, as there are provisions in the fucking handbook, and were then, that would allow for a full refund of your unearned loan money. I wish they got all of your money, because you’re a dumbass dude who was too lazy to do his fucking homework. Bitching about how it was too much work and the assignments were too hard. You should have some shame and just fail out quietly instead of lying and lying and lying some more on the internet like a little bitch.

        Don’t try and flip this and make this about me having a problem with disabled people. I have a problem with YOU, not because you’re disabled, but because you’re a fucking LIAR and a LOSER.

      7. ok douchebag who refuses to come out in the light of day with so much as a real e-mail- i am not gonna debate the rules of Math with you. You’re a bigot. YOu exposed yourself as a bigot and have stood by it until now even though you are attacking anonymously out of shame over being a Barry Law student. You claim to have nothing to do with school yet you know all about it and my first name. I think its obvious who the liar is here “matt”.
        Show me some links about the average starting salary of a Barry Grad. Show me proof that even half of you end up practicing law. Its the only school in that field being secretive about that. They lied to the tune of 300% in an article to Wall St Journal and US NEWS & WORLD REPORT and after finally acknowledging that you say it doesn’t speak to their honesty. You are a blind cultist in a vacuum of facts. i have facts proven by links, you have crazy cult talk

    4. Mary says:

      Ok. First of all, I still use hotmail, why the hell not? Good argument, probably why you made it through law school. Also, even if what half of what your saying is true, why take the time to make all these rants about it? I love Barry. I did VERY well my first three semesters, and I know, I used hotmail, I cannot believe it. I just fail to understand your anger and hatred for the school. They gave you a great opportunity and you obviously did not put in the effort to achieve it. Do not use being disabled as an excuse, I have plently classmates that are disabled and do just fine. Your article would be much more believable if you were just honest and admitted you were not capable of being an attorney. Its ok, I know I would never be able to be a doctor, I just cannot do it. But to spread hate and lies about the school is disheartening and only reflects poorly on yourself.

      1. UNDERRATED ? You’re on CRACK! ok, lets do it your way and increase the schools reputation by 100%, now its the 6th worst school in all America, how much more ‘underrated’ is the school in your cultists opinion? 300%? 500%? none of those will even get the school out of the BOTTOM 20! so ok, if you really think its underrated perhaps its only 15th most poorly regarded law school IN ALL OF AMERICA!
        you don’t think discriminating against my civil rights is reason enough to be angry? you think it was easy to deal woth their refusal to adhere to the Americans With Disabilities Act? you really don’t understand why we even have laws you entitled bitch

  10. It is well past the time for the Dept of Education to step in, and I do hope that you have reported this thief of a school to DoEd, McTeag.

    1. sadly they are a privayte school and answer to no real governing body other than the American bar Association, who is def pissed at them for lying to the Wall Street Journal

  11. Sudamani says:

    Matt’s comments are kind of confusing. I don’t really understand what his point is. Mr. McTeag made it clear what his accusation is about. He realized he wouldn’t make it and decided to not continue the studies at Barry’s. Troubles started when he wanted to leave as he was threatened with large payments although it was quite clear to him as well as to the school that he wouldn’t be able to graduate. Mr McTeag’s intellectual and orthographic abilities aren’t really the point in this discussion and I find it quite bizar that Matt repeatedly bashes on him in a quite derogative way. I am well aware that the American education system is quite different to what we have in Europe but the ways of Barry’s are indeed very strange even for the US. This stangeness is the focus of Mr McTeag’s blog and judging from the points Matt is making in this discussion I can’t help to suspect that he is somehow intimately related to Barry’s.

    1. Sudmani; Your rational addition to this conversation has made my day! matts comments have been hard to read sometimes but i have fully indulged him. he sort of proves my assertion that Barry uses Cult tactics on their students. Most students feel the same way about their school as a wage earner feels about their boss, not a huge fan & could always be better. Some people, not all, but some, have drank the poison Kool Aid. It might be the right choice for some people. I knew a lot of great classmates. I don’t want to name them here. Most of my classmates were personable, some were brilliant and destined to prosper, all were interesting. I wish them luck. As far as the behavior of the school it’s technically legal butthere’s concrete examples of unethical behavior. Matt SHOULD be pissed he went to a school that told him he would only spend 37k on living expenses rather than almost 140k.

  12. Lizzie says:

    As a long time Central Florida resident, I remember all too well the scandal that broke regarding Barry Law School’s lack of accreditation and the pack of lies that it fed to it’s students. It really is shocking that they were not shut down at that time for fraud.

    If a school was so comfortable lying to it’s students for 10 years, why on earth would anyone trust them now?

    It is mortifying to me as someone that also has a disability that a school would ignore your needs. One would think that a school that states they are capable of teaching the law would have an interest in following them.

    1. T/Y Lizzie. its nice to have someone rational from the area who isn’t affiliated with the school comment. The school is a disgrace and the point of this post is so people who opt for Barry simply know how corruptly and dishonestly the school does business. How they can sit there and advise you to defy the laws of math just to get the second semester loan $ is just shocking. No professionalism. Their idea of ‘guidance’ is trying to re-program the students to be soulless Cylons. Sometimes it works. I really consider the continued existance of Barry, at least as an accredited law school is an open question. I am sure the ABA is pissed the school lied to them, the Wall Street Journal and US NEWS & WORLD REPORT. Its a pathetic public display of complete dishonesty.
      anyway i hope you get a chance to look at some of the other posts, your contribution to this discussion is very much appreciated!

  13. Lizzie says:

    It is one thing if someone decides they’ll put up with the less than stellar conditions because it is a means to and end BUT only if they are fully aware of the debt ramifications down the line and their true prospects for finding employment afterwards.

    1. yes, you get it. I just want to throw some light on Barry’s deliberate darkness. They provide NO stats for the success of their grads. I met many people who were there during the unaccredited phase, which lasted longer than the school ever let on. They are the worlds most educated paralegals and Starbucks employees just trying to handle HUGE debts. I say in the post people need to make their ow decision and many will go anyway, but maybe the people on the cusp can make a better decision when they start getting played. If i was still 23 i would have bought it hook, line & sinker. It WAS tempting to stay in school, even if just to escape the reality of failing for another 4 months. It would have done no good and i would be out 2x the money. Some staff will honestly tell you to get out, but only if you know who to trust and what to ask.

  14. Lizzie says:

    Out of curiosity I started looking at some things on my own too. The school is listed among the worst by some and not even ranked by other major sources.

    This one I found most disturbing for those of you spending tens of thousands of dollars and years working towards your degree with Barry.

    1. Thank you for finding even more proof Barry will saddle you in debt, not get you a job and only reports Bar Passage rates for a reason. Over 1 in 3 do not get ANY job!

  15. Matt says:

    I think this quote from McTeag sums up this post and his entire argument pretty well:
    “What’s more-Your definition of impossible is just plain ol’ wrong. Perception= reality. No one transforms from a C & D student to an all straight A student due to a pep talk from a dean who is being self serving. ”

    Unfortunately for you that’s not how the world works. Reality is reality, and you simply refuse to accept it. The word impossible doesn’t go hand-in-hand with the word impractical, as much as you wish it did. In fact, they are two completely opposing legally theories, but you didn’t get that far.

    You attack my litigating skills when you don’t even understand the basics, boy. You don’t get to make false statements regarding the impossibility of something in court. Claiming something is impossible, when it is actually only improbable is lying. Especially when it is something so crucial to your story.

    You refuse to accept the fact that you lying about your grades, which you expressly did by denying ‘failing’ anything, is relevant to the conversation. It goes right to your character for truthfulness. You lied about that, what’s to say you aren’t lying about everything else?

    You harbor on this 300% “lie” that Barry made but fail to recognize that Rutgers, Kansas and other reputable law schools made the same mistake and the ABA sent out notices to ALL schools to revise, because the survey was susceptible to different interpretation.

    Also, your “friend” Staci is full of shit (but she’s probably you judging by the way she talks), and her stats are from no ABA website regarding bar pass rates.

    One last thing, the way you throw the word cylon as if it is part of everyday vernacular is laughable. You my friend are to be pitied.

    Now watch his response everyone:
    1. He will dodge the issue about lying and tell me I have lied about things that I haven’t (such as being affiliated with Barry, not once have I denied affiliation with it, or knowing him- not once have I said that either, he just likes to make things up as we can see).
    2. He will not address the rest of the article regarding the US News and how it goes on to state that it was an error that was addressed nationwide, because he didn’t read the entire thing.

    1. you missed the part where I pointed out, that as an early start student i had already taken one of the classes that would be available to raise the average of someone in the sutuation you described. There were not enough classes to survive if you took crim law in the summer. So understanding that maybe you will get that point. your completely wrong. considering the NO PASS you know i got in lega;l writing would have become an F its crazy and the math doesn’t work.
      staci ain’t me. theres a lot of people who come here to read other posts too. i have loyal readers is all.
      litigating skills- hey man, you’re not that inventive an arguer. you demonize me for having less money than you, being older than you and i have never denied being an inferior legal mind, big deal. i tried. You have a gift, good for you. get over yourself though. you’re a right bastard
      . I think you are a bigot against the handicapped in denial.You ridicule people for daring and laudible pursuits, like going to try after different career at 40. you’re an agesits. Your a cowardly anonymous, entitled trust fund asshole. You admit you saw some of the symptoms i manifested, my lack of energy, etc. you have never had to deal woth something like this. It was a much more difficult environment for me than you. get over it. I would cite for example that i did well in property, which was early and in a room that was still habitable because it was 1st class of day and the AC had built up. you can’t imagine my burdens when you’re able bodied. You lack compassion. you should stick with prosecution, you have no empathy.
      -US NEWS ERROR- they were given a chance to correct the error and did not. They did the ABA minimum and false stats were published. this shows they were either incompetent or lying becuase they KNEW a clarification was needed and didn’t bother. The article says only 6 of 400 accredited schools made that mistake. they knew it went from a mistake to a lie when they knowingly let it out there after being rquested a correction. it was lies & incompetence. read the article.
      dodging issues- this has been a crazy thread and i have enjoyed engaging. Its made for a better blog. you hate me personally. nbd. I have probably confused you with others from time to time and that is my fault, but everyone adverserial has similar names and it could all be you.

      1. Matt says:

        Again, you fail to see the reality of your situation. If you were in the early start that simply means that you had 5 classes instead of 6 to take second semester. Again, if your GPA was a 1.4, as you said, it was POSSIBLE to raise to a 2.0 (you wouldn’t have even needed straight A’s) You could have taken an elective 3 cred class. It was possible. Reality is reality. Not your skewed perception.
        And maybe you are disabled, but you are not 100% DISABLED as you claim. You are able bodied, I saw you get around fine and smoke cigs all the time, I’m sure they really help your “disability”. You have a serious victim complex, it’s sad that you can’t take responsibility for your actions.

        Throw the word bigot around all you want, it doesn’t negate the fact that I effectively pointed out your true bias and the holes in your story.

      2. you DO have something against handicapped people. your a bigot with no empathy. your nasty patronizing comments show that. i pity you and your intolerance

      3. Matt says:

        You also keep saying that I have something against handicapped people, a bigot against handicapped people, you just sound like an idiot. I have as much compassion for those who have true disabilities as anyone else. But I also don’t believe that you have any disabilities. Somehow you have turned the fact that I don’t believe YOU, personally, into an attack on all people with handicaps, which is truly a bizarre step. I can’t really fathom how you took it there, but rationale is lost on you. There is absolutely nothing that I have said that offends those with handicaps. It’s really a bizarre accusation.

        Even if you do have a disability, it wasn’t the cause of your poor performance. You didn’t read the books. On campus or off, you just didn’t read the books.

      4. Matt says:

        You my friend, are catching yourself up in your own lies. OKAY, considering you got and ‘F’ in legal writing, your GPA wasn’t changing, 1.4 is what it was at the end of the semester. You could have taken TWO other classes (considering LRWII wouldn’t be available to you until retaking LRW), amounting to 15 credits, and if you did well enough, your GPA would have been high enough. You didn’t register for classes, because if you had you would have found all this out on your own, so they didn’t charge you for tuition, and didn’t attempt to keep shit.

      5. they tried to keep the money. the math was impossible and your hypothetical was not offered in their options matt. moot point.
        there are no lies.
        Matt, you are blind to your bigotry. You don’t confront people with legit civil rights issues by brushing it off like nbd. Its major, its a civil right. to expect me to divulge medical speifics is beyond what you or anyone else could do. I cite bad AC as just on frustrating factor. Imagine someone with a medical condition dealing with that crazy heat while still learninig some pretty complex shit. then you go home all fucked up from jumping barriers all day and you work as hard as you can but your already FUCKED from preventable stuff that should be taken for granted. when i say the facilities were inadequate they didn’t deny it, they said they didn’t have to comply w/ Americans with Disability Act. Do you at least have the dignity or shame to humanize yourself just a a little and admit compliance with the ADA is for sure the right thing to do? would render my argument void too

      6. Matt says:

        Listen to yourself. The AC worked. It was a LITTLE hot for 2 or 3 classes TOPS. You can’t keep living your life a victim. I have never heard of a disability set off by not being in a room that is kept at 73 degrees at all times. AND you were outside in the HEAT smoking cigs a good amount of the time.

        Classic victim complex, blaming everyone but yourself.

      7. now you really sound like a stabby stalker and should really say who the fuck you are. You have no idea how bad it would be to deal with that if you had certain disabilities. What difference does it make if i was outside? it was cooler outside in the shade than it ever was in those stuffy prison-like steel containers or any building on campus. Your just a bigot in denial.
        You yourself in one of your comments admit i take ownership of my mistakes (what did i do wrong) and i also advise people ONLY THEY know whats good for them. in a way, thats the whole point you are missing. That when some of the people in the classes, which are 40% larger, find themselves in my position, and some will, they oughta know they will be dealt with in the most cynical, cult like and unprofessional way. How about grades coming in AFTER the loans were dispursed and school was into its 2nd week semester 2? like telling me my grades at that late date was professional or tha denying me an immediate drop was anything they even had a right to do? your a dick and a coward and a bigot and yo keep avoiding the point. You don’t even take the chance to admit its the right thing for a school to comply with the ADA. and you still have NO justification on how Barry didn’t lie to US NEWS & WORLD REPORT. ignoring a clarification is a lie of ommission. only 5 other schools of 400 didn’t get it right. It doesn;t say they avoided correcting things though. Looks to me like only Barry found a way to let that go unaddressed.its their rep and they are terrible stewards to it. they are a farce, just like phony’s who launch personal attacks from fake emails “matt”. come out in the light of day? what are yo afraid of ? there will be no reprcussions, have some courage for all those strong convictions. or just keep on being a pussy

      8. Matt says:

        No, I didnt. I never said that you take ownership of your mistakes. (editors note: the admission and ownership of my mistakes is addressed in the article itself under the heading “What did i do wrong?)You keep making shit up, ironically you make claims that I say something I did not. I explicitly pointed out that you start off by saying “What I did wrong? Not a whole lot.” Then go on to point out that you did everything wrong. Not believing YOU has nothing to do with the entire class of handicapped people, you cant take specific comments about YOU and generalize them. It’s insane.

        It’s pointless to argue against someone who has no attention to detail and makes things up when convenient for him.

      9. you have insulted and denigrated me and said i am running away from responsibility. You have denigrated what symptoms i have offered up and ignored the things i have shared about how you can not possibly understand the stress and strain of dealing with their easily removed barriers. You only know what its like to be healthy (so far, your still young) You won’t even say that complying with the Americans W/ Disability Act is just the right thing to do. You’re actually a real bastard
        also you’re lying right now by hiding behind your fake email.
        if you read the last response i concede its hard to keep three completely diff people w/ similar name and views separate, but there’s no saying its not all you, your email is fake, matt. your honesty is suspect beyond the fact you know me.
        Everything i say is backed up with links upon links from people like US NEWS & Wall Street Journal, you chose to dismiss them

      10. Matt says:

        Here’s what it comes down to. You put yourself out there by posting this on the internet. I didn’t. My identity is COMPLETELY irrelevant to your bogus claims.
        The fact is, I know people who are actually disabled that go about their business on campus without issue. I’m talking about Professors who are also State Prosecutors with seriously disabling handicaps, wheelchair bound, that CHOOSE to work here.

        The Americans with Disabilities Act has nothing to do with your story. And like I said, I was in your class, the AC worked. You just make things up because you hate the school, because you couldn’t hack it. Whatever disability you’re claiming wasn’t the cause of your downfall, your laziness was.


        Also, StonyBrook is a middle of the road college, SAT scores of 1170-1310. It’s not too impressive. It’s not like you went to Yale, Harvard, or even BC or BU. Plus you probably went when standards were even lower.

        You have a victim complex Jon. Barry wasn’t against YOU and it is not against the handicapped, at all. There are good amount of people with actual disabilities that go there and enjoy you. You take zero responsibility for your actions. Blaming your fail in LRW on the teacher, calling her a bitch. Grow up, you didn’t do the assignments, didn’t make an effort, and don’t deserve to criticize a school you failed out of.

      11. you would have to be lying because the door was closed and the AC closed out in LRW. Your more likely some douche who works for the school and certainly one of their cylons. You refuse to acknowlege the Americans With Disabilities act ac the right thing to comply with, you sidestep the fact they lied to me no matter what my grades are. You ignore tha fact that state of the art equipment is too advanced for the Barry Wi-fi. I put myself out there as a blogger. I didn’t NEED to let you identify me, i just know i have nothing to fear. you have nothing to fear either but youre a little bitch who can only make stupid assertions that you never back up, refuse to acknowledge that Civil Rights violations serious. You call symptoms ‘complaining’ even though the person is looking sick and unwell. Your an asshole and probably not a real perso. at leasy i hope not because you’re a sad example of humanity but a PERFECT fit as an unsucessful lawyer, which you will soon be

    2. Matt, is my reference for the ABA stats. Obviously you didn’t go looking, or do not know how to do a search for information- wait, you don’t care if perhaps I am correct.

      No, I am not Mr. McTeag. Wrong gender, I’m older besides.

      I am, however, a person who has extensive research skills (definitely beyond your ability, apparently). I also have a greater respect for debate, which apparently you have not yet learned. First, you create your argument, then you use facts to support the argument. You have not provided any evidence to support your claims, your argument devolves into rhetoric and personal attacks upon Mr. McTeag. To put in the words my teenage nephews use, which perhaps you might better understand “Quit being a pussy.”
      If you cannot debate as an adult, without name calling, I wonder if you intend to become a politician… because you have the mud-slinging down pat.

      1. couldn’t have said it better!

      2. Matt says:

        Staci, You are just as delusional as McTeag. But since you claim to be of extensive research skills, I will prove you wrong. The link you provided directly above is from 2010, or earlier, I can’t tell for sure because it has no year on it and his a PDF from LSAC, who archives their PDFs, so how you could comment on the 2012 and 2013 passings rates is beyond me.

        I would also like to point out that despite being at least 3 years old, the link you provided says that Barry performed 4.19% HIGHER than the State Average pass rate. Great reading comprehension skills.

        You made the following false statements and presented them as fact:
        “2013 Grads passing the bar are below state average, ~4%.
        2012 Grads passing the state bar are ~7% below average.”

        Until you can back up your blatant lies about statistics that are easily disproen (see link below, or just google “Barry Law Pass Rates”) you have zero credibility and should stay out of the debate, as you add nothing because you, like McTeag, make things up.

        Stick to the one I provided:, it’s the actual results. Also, the LSAC is not the ABA’s website. So again, you spread misinformation.

      3. Before i answer you lets make it known you scoff at the Wall Street Journal and provide an unheard of website for proof and asserting because you found it it must be true. The Journal has a reputation thats the opposite of Barry, truthful and venerable. So your sources SUCK by comparison. That is a recent article, so’s US News. At this point your spinnig your wheels and just having a bit of a tantrum cos your so off base and such a programmed cylon.
        the only article thats in any way old is the one that details Barry’s disgraceful failure to get ABA certified because its contemporary to that event. They didn’t gain certification til 06. God only knows what that meant for people in year 2 or 3. I guess they were simply denied a chance to take the bar and given a spiel abouty repeating it all and paying even more for a diploma with no prestige. I QUOTED and paraphrased the legitimate assertions of the ABA, WSJ & US NEWS & WORLD REPORT. If you have factual problems, including the quote call the and request a correction like Barry never did when they faked their cost of living expenses. I will NOT be sticking with your one link that is affilaited with a website w/ no prestige or name recognition. Its so poorly put together it reeks of a Barry ‘False Flag” site where they talk shit to back up their lies. Even were i to accept it (its suspect, your source sucks) having 3rd highest bar passage in a state w/ 4 – 6 of the worst law schools in America (depends who you ask) is not really impressive. Lets see how that number (if its real) holds up now that the school has its largest classes ever by as much as 50%. what happened to me will become common place.
        Most are late 2012. Theres SO MANY DAMNNIG LINKS try following them. The Wall Street Journal was fall 2012. So is US NEWS & WORLD REPORT. thats their biggest lie, double verified and recent. Anything you consider ‘old’ (2010 STILL relevnt, only 2 academic years ago & the bogus figures cover the time you were there. they lied to you. You want to stand on ceremony fine, but even you say you don’t want a Barry Diploma, you voted with your feet when you transferred. Its all TRUE.
        You’re hiding behind a fake email. what are you afraid of? there will be no reprcussions, so just ID yourself, at least enough to let me know who i am dealing with. You transferred so i guess i can rule out the genius who attacked the baby bull.
        Whwere’s the Cease & Desist letter you threatened when you bought the article to Dean Leticia’s attention, which i guess you did on the phone because you’re in NYC area (so you say) and no longer go to Barry (so you say)/ She’s not gonna be able to get rid of this post or change the truth even id weak minded fools like you are willfully blind. You serve your masters well.
        the links are there so people can follow them and make up their own minds. You were right to dig and i applaud you, however theres a justification of the #’s and everyone gives their methods for getting their #’s. Read the whole article. Just like here the authors explain and expand in the comments. Theres many links that all say same thing. The whole world v you and Barry. The world is not wrong, you and Barry stand alone in your opinions

      4. Matt says:

        How am I off base? That is NOT a recent description of Barry. Google Barry’s bar passage rates, it’s not that difficult. You are pathetic and cannot accept the fact that you were too lazy to make it in a school where thousands have already gone on to become employed attorneys. You’re such a loser it’s sad. I’m absolutely done with this conversation, as you insist on lying.

      5. 1- The Bar passage rate is admittedly good (going by what Barry told me) and thats IN the actual post (you really SHOULD read it one of these days).
        2-How is august 2012 NOT recent? How am I lying when i simply quote Wall Street Journal? Did THEY make up Amy Lefkowitz’s lame ‘excuse’? If you are right about the great employment prospects of Baryy why does the school not get that out there on their own site instead of hiding it? There’s all sorts of negative information on the web about them and no positives outside Barry’s cult talk pages. Look how indoctrinated you are. What you call lazy doctors call symptoms bought on by the stress of overcoming Barry’s easily (but never despite begging) removed obstacles. Your Bigotry is on full display again.
        you also seem LOST in this medium and have no clue about how bad you look in this conversatio, YOu have some many things you said you should be ashamed of regarding your hatred of the handicapped

      6. Matt says:

        You should have some shame my friend, accept that you failed out and that nothing about Barry had anything to do with that. There was nothing about the school that stopped you from doing your homework.

        You’re an idiot. Not believing you about being disabled has NOTHING to do with anyone but YOU. But you make these inferences that make no logical sense all the time. The truth is you don’t have a disability, and you’re an idiot. Get a life, get a job, and shut the fuck up already.

        –Never made one comment about handicapped people. Just called you out on making up being 100% disabled. Which you are not. You aren’t, that’s a fact. You can breathe well enough to smoke cigs all day, so I doubt the fact that the AC was down once or twice had any adverse effect on you.

      7. None of what you say has any bearing on the facts that were proven in the links to prestigious publications like the Wall Street Journal. The WSJ article proves that they are either liars or incompetent. I am in distinguished company calling the Barry Admin suspect to say the least.
        None of what you said disproves or justifies them trying to convince me to stay after i asked to drop out. Nothing justifies saying i couldn’t pay the GOV back rather than them (the Gov seems happy w/ getting the $ so far) They threatened to try to have me arrested for cashing my own student loan check. Nothing you say justifies their lies and strong arming. Why would they refuse to process a drop fpr a month? How is it ethical? You say over and over i am a complete idiot, so, for the sake of argument say its ANYONE with grades and prospects like mine were-WHY is it ethical to cajol them with lies into staying?
        demanding proof from people is part of your bigotry. You saw me displaying symptoms (lethargy, hiding from the heat in the buildings by hanging out outside in the shade. You’re asking me to put in more detasils that will only be publicly revealed if Barry takes me to a court of law, which will never happen. Thats part of your Bigotry. No one aspires to have a handicap, so instead of judging people like you’re a doctor accept when they say iy. Thats a real problem. Look how little the :RW teacher did when told. Its not supposed to be incumbent on me to request my Civil Rights be respected and its wrong for the school to refuse to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. You won’t even say the ADA is the right thing to do. you could dispel some opf your bigotry by at least making that concession to reality.
        You’re crazy to say the AC worked. We had professors bagging off the end of class all thge time because of it. Torts ended early EVERY day and the AC was SHUT OUT of the Legal Writing classroom.

      8. Oh, good grief. You are lazy besides.
        Where the link says 2010, replace with 2012 and 2013. Links provided FOR YOUR EDIFICATION.

        Click to access aba5830.pdf

        Click to access aba5830.pdf

        I use the ABA results because they are consistent across the spectrum for every law school, so it is easier to compare.
        These figures are the ones that statisticians will use, for the same reasons.

        If the figures are wrong, then it is because the SCHOOL SUPPLIED information is wrong, which then proves McTeag’s point that Barry is full of crap when it comes to accuracy.
        Or are you saying that the ABA is providing inaccurate information now?

        Bottom line, is that McTeag wanted to withdraw, Instead of saying ok, see ya, Barry delayed as much as possible in order to keep tuition funds to which they were not entitled.

        Another similar complaint:

        LEt’s dive into another blog, shall we?

        Even better:
        The WIkipedia page for Barry reads like an ad, according to WIki.
        I just love that!

  16. David says:

    Wow McTeag sure is a bitter, bitter person. Success in Law School is like success in life, you are either born into it or you have to work hard to get it. If you failed out of 1L year then you do not deserve to be an attorney. You can choose to hide behind a disability or an administrator but it all comes down to your failure. There are plenty of successful attorneys, business people, and human beings who have graduated from Barry Law school. Thankfully you are not one of them.

    1. Wow, your beyond bigoted, Nobody is talking about having a disability meaning they should not be dealt with honestly. what about where i had failing grades but wasn’t allowed to drop out? How do bad grades make someone fair game for completely unethical conduct by a school that lies to the Wall Street Journal & US News and World Report. So the links that prove that are all just a bunch of coincidences? Or they just lie to everyone but me? Fuck You

  17. BadMotherFucker says:

    Why are you so angry bro? It’s just law school!!!! Lol.

    1. LOL im just glad you took time to read! this isn’t so much about anger (even though i am surely a bit annoyed by what they did). the true purpose of this is to caution those who may want to go there and to help those who may nd up in a similar situation at Barry

  18. theman says:

    Your a idiot only reason you failed out. Get a life you 40 year old virgin

    1. untrue. I left with PASSING GRADES. if you want to say i would have failed out of a Reputable Law School you might have a point. They were more than willing to take more of my $. A weak minded fool like you willNEVER negotiate for 24K of your own money (until you go bankrupt paying for your useless degree from a school so bad even i was passing. Virgin? thats hilarious and the first time i’ve been accused of that. You should get a shrink now so you do not take your own life when it all blows up on you a few months by now

    2. You’re sentence calling me “a idiot” has grade school level grammatical errors. You’re too stupid to call someone stupid in a coherent way. I can tell you will fail quickly as an attorney

  19. Nice post. I learn something totally new and challenging on sites I stumbleupon every
    day. It’s always interesting to read through articles from other writers and practice something from their websites.

  20. barry law student says:

    You are just plain dumb for failing out. I attend this law school and none of the things you have said are true.


      1. I knew this Jerkoff says:

        Stop pretending you didn’t fail out dumbass, everyone in our class knew you failed the FUCK out. Just because you “passed” doesn’t mean you met the GPA requirement.
        Take responsibility for not being able to hack it at a “sham” law school.

      2. I want to thank you for validating what i said. You can have a GPA soooo low that theres no recovering, but they WILL let you stay, knowing theres no way to overcome the math. I left with passing grades yet woukd have paid 25k to ‘officially” fail. so why would i stay? as for you – you didn’t really pass so much as you “failed your way to the top”. the ride ends here. YOur job prospects are poor and you are in a terrible city flooded with cranked out law students. Your school won’t tell you the #’s of their grads getting legal jobs because they would have to lie like they did to the ABA & the Wall Street Journal. You paid 3x what you were told you would have to pay yet you think you are smart….ALSO- you will be CRUSHED by debt, ok? have fun with over 25ok in inescapable federal debt. Its 500/mo just to pay my way out of 1/3 of the debt. so roughly, if you try to get out from under the loans you will need like 3k/mo or you’ll get left behind. Theres no bankruptcy on this FEDERAL DEBT. you would need to be a HUGE earner, completely out of proportion for that region, or relocate to where your degree means even less (read-anywhere but orlando)

      3. i know who you are, you know who i am. Go on my facebook page, look at my friends, find a couple of your professors and know that they DID read the article & didn’t dispute this. in fact,they became my friends. its one benefit of being older. you will probably not command much respect anyway,erik you fucking coward, but i have some gravitas and some grace & 1/6th your debt. Im in NYC and i’m making it here. I have already succeeded in environments much harsher than Barry, try being an NYC teacher! I had equal life experience to some of these people. and then theres the part where our grades were so late professor leahcock (who is an ok guy) was fined 1k/day

  21. says:

    Excellent post! Continue the good work.

  22. RDS says:

    Wow, so I don’t know anyone here and I stumbled here from googling “Barry law” and “MacBook pro”

    However, I am prelaw and have applied and been accepted to Barry (with a generous scholarship) as well as New York Law School, UF, and American University (all with scholarship) but have not made a decision yet. I toured Barry Law campus and went to an open house event, The faculty and administration are very friendly, The campus is very nice and the students all seem incredibly happy. What OP says is a bizarre, rambling, self indulgent mess.

    1. I’m glad you saw it. They are friendly. Some are really nice. I would advise against going there though.

    2. Derek says:

      The law school itself (and that dean) are a bizarre, rambling, self-indulgent mess. Especially the dean. They put on a great show to lure you in. Then it’s your worst nightmare. Go to UF. No one will take you serious with a Barry “degree.” Look at their employment stats and pathetic bar passage rate. Buy a MacBook yourself. It is not worth the trade off.

      1. lol sorry it took so long to get back to you but WOW! 50% of my class FAILED THAT BAR the first time! Everyone elses degree takes another hit! Then the CEO outright steals a scat of cash, showing they cant even hire people right! I thought the convict labor was construction only! I cant believe how many of these cylon losers told me how much of a fuck i was for leaving (with passing grades). Now if the past stats hold 1/3 of the 50% who passed will work in law AT SOME POINT** meaning people will give up and become cops or legal secretaries or perhaps bill collectors at a law firm, they over over a quarter million in the poorest state on the East coast BUT THEY THOUGHT I WAS THE IDIOT! Whose laughing now???

    1. omg thanks for this gem!

  23. Kerri says:

    McTeag – the same EXACT thing is happening to me. WHAT SHOULD I DO?!

    1. OK first of all i advise you AGAINST letting them charm you into starting over. YOu STILL have little chance of getting a job and even more debt. Keep the money you have, make arrangements WITH THE F+GOVERNMENT! do not try to keep the money forever, you can make payments like everyone else. Just do not give ANY money back to them. I will be checking the comments to see if i can help you further. They WILL lie and try to manipulate and peer pressure you. Only you can know whats in your best interest, my experience was they were out for themsekves. Its okay to leave that place and just not be a lawyer. 45% or more of their recent class failed the bar, the diploma is useless. Im very sorry this happened to you

      1. Kerri says:

        I know this part of your life is behind you but I would really appreciate another cent of your advice! I don’t want to post too much on this blog and I’m unable to find a way to message/contact you privately. Can you please email me? Thx!

      2. i sent you an email. let me know here if you dont get it. ill try to answer your questions based on my experience and research

      3. Kerri says:

        RM: No I didn’t get your email. Please try again … thanks!

      4. AOL? couldn’t you get a Compuserve address still? ill email you

    2. run your GPA and then have someone else do it to be sure. DO NOT GO BACK IF YOUR GPA IS TOO LOW TO STAY even if you get all A’s. Also, consider dropping out if you have to more than solid B’s. Youre already unfoertunately not killingf it there. that probably wont change. they will try to convince you to take a super expensive long shot. Would you bet that kind of money in vegas? theres probably card games with a better chance than being among 1/3 of 55% who get a job in legal field

      1. Kerri says:

        I didn’t get an email from you yet 😦

      2. i def emailed you. i dont see why discussing it here would hurt you. how’d things turn out?

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