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Updated 4/02/13.

The Real McTeag

Almost daily we see madman massacre enabler Wayne LaPierre on television spreading the darkness and poison of the National Rifle Association. He is possessed of  an acute single mindedness of purpose; making a case against all gun regulations. He is routinely and justifiably taken to task  for his consistent assertions that our government is an overly powerful, threatening and evil entity and that the average citizen needs military level of personal firepower to be protected from it. This is one of the most extreme, self contradicting and unfounded form of tin foil hat reasoning imaginable.

Wayne LaPierre’s macabre yet hilarious testimony before Congress on January 21 and in statements continuing to this day are merely extensions of the arguments and logic I outline below.

Wayne LaPierre has an undeniably creepy countenance and is a dead ringer for evil Nazi Gestapo Agent Major Toth from Raiders of the Lost Ark.


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