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2 thoughts on “Snowden; as in Odin- The Man Who Would Play God

  1. Jeffrey Halvorsen says:

    Wow, Thanks! I thought I was the only one thinking Snowden to be bipolar. Besides being manic myself for 10 years, here is why I think he is so (with help from Wikipedia)
    frenzied state (traveling the world, applying for asylum in 20 + countries.
    Behaving erratically and impulsively.
    Making poor decisions due to unrealistic ideas of the future.
    Pressured speech, racing thoughts, leading to extreem sleep deprivation
    Risky behavior
    If not treated, he may become psychotic.

    1. Thanks so much for reading. it was the pressured speech that made me think about it. he certainly has many symptoms of bipolar behavior

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