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UPDATE-8:37PM- CNN has definitively stated other shooters have been ruled out. The Real McTeag Theory that workplace killer was most likely holds up proving the statistics are true. I don’t know if theres any comfort in that. In my next post i think i will delve into whether or not this guy was a James Gilkerson or Chris “Django” Dorner type. A Pyscho Pseudo Commando who became a default terrorist by his actions and his contempt for society. Right now I am not sure.

UPDATE 5:16pm Fire Alarm detail is on Huffpost live. May be true

UPDATE 5:09 PM- sources are saying that Alexis pulled a fire alarm to empty the building. This is unconfirmed. This would indicate no Exit Plan.


Aaron Alexis, 34, from Fort Worth Texas has been identified as the dead gunman

UPDATE 3:54 PM – The dead shooter has been identified by several media outlets as being the man on the badge used to access the facility, Aaron Alexis of Fort Worth, Texas. The FBI says his place of birth is Queens, New York, not far from where i write this. While not the first or last killer from my town it’s still chilling to think this guy walked among us with his enormous darkness festering inside him.

He is somewhat younger than the description that pegged him as between 40 and 50. This leaves the possibility of an accomplice open but most media outlets are moving towards a Lone Gunman Scenario.

UPDATE 3:07-Per CNN the white male suspect has been identified and is not a threat or an accomplice. This leaves only the Black Suspect whose description is a good match for the dead gunman.

Gunman Aaron Alexis was 34

Gunman Aaron Alexis was 34

UPDATE 2:46 PM- The dead gunman had the Naval ID of a recently terminated employee, identified as 34 year old Aaron Alexis of Fort Worth Texas. The scene at the Navy Yard is calming down.

UPDATE 2:07 Washington DC Police Chief says twelve dead total and the investigation will be handed off to the FBI and urged those with information to contact the Federal Bureau of Investigations. She repeated the look out for 2 males, one white, one black, both older in semi military looking uniforms was STILL going on and additional suspects had not been ruled out completely.

When questioned the Chief Cathy Lanier of the DC Police said there were ‘Multiple Pieces of Information on others we believe were involved in some way’.

UPDATE 2:03 PM – repeated reports on MSNBC are downplaying the additional shooters scenario, driving the best guess of this back to Disgruntled Employee. MSNBC is saying the African American Suspect initially being sought is in fact the dead gunman.

Casualties currently stand at 8 dead and 16 wounded.

UPDATE 12:32 PM- President Obama addressed the media regarding the Financial Crisis but opened remarking on the developing situation. He called for a seamless investigation. He promised to hold those responsible ‘for this cowardly act,’ indicating that conspirators may yet come to light,

UPDATE 12:17 AM- DC Mayor Vincent Gray refused to rule out Terrorism

UPDATE 12:12 PM- DC Police say they are continuing to seek 2 more possible shooters. They were described as a White Man wearing a military style uniform last seen at about 8:30 AM with a handgun. The third shooter is described as Black ‘with a long gun’

UPDATE 11:53 AM MSNBC says the dead gunman appears to have been the only shooter. Described as a man in his 50’s with ‘some connection to the base’. This would tip the scales back in favor of a Lone Nut With a Grudge/Disgruntled Employee

UPDATE 11:45 AM- MSNBC describes one shooter confirmed dead and a second shooter is still being sought.

UPDATE 11:30 AM- MSNBC reports “dozens” being triaged at the Navy Yard and that 1 Gunman is dead or captured

UPDATE 11:11 AM- MSNBC is now reporting Law Enforcement is converging on a second location in Washington Navy Yard. This is in conjunction with reports saying that one gunman had been cornered and possibly wounded.

UPDATE 11:07 AM- More reports of continuing, recent gunfire at the Navy Yard are now being reported on MSNBC

UPDATE- As of 10:15 a dozen had been shot, 4 were dead and the gunman (singular) is now cornered

Multiple people were shot beginning about 8:20 am EDT at DC’s Washington Navy Yard. Initial reports say the attacker was armed with an AR-15. No other details or descriptions currently available. Some reports have as many as 10 people shot so far by the still at large gunman. At 10:13 AM EDT MSNBC has intimated that some reports indicating as many as 3 gunman.



This seems to have some aspects of a Lone Wolf al Qaeda attack. A true al Qaeda attack would most likely have consisted of multiple shooters and more than one target. Shades of Major Hasan? It’s too soon to tell.

Obviously if there really are three shooters this scenario is finished. It would now be more of a “Traditional” al Qaeda attack.


The early morning attack time points to at the very least some guidance and inspiration. Most al Qaeda attacks are timed to be early morning and early in the week to dominate as much of the news cycle as possible. Still, lack of additional shooters and targets would seem to undercut this theory

UPDATE – If there are actually 3 shooters this has several earmarks of an actual ‘classic’ al Qaeda attack


This is the Real McTeag Theory early on–

Statistics say this is most likely scenario. (TRM NOTE- On September 20, 2013 in the wake of the shooting the Washington Post seems to confirm “workplace Shooter” Theory) Someone was let go or passed over for promotion and lost it. They are spree killing their co-workers over perceived slights and grudges.

Also, a conspiracy theorist or mentally ill person may have simply bought a

Massive Law Enforcement Response consisting of several Agencies converge on the US Navy Base in Washington DC earlier this morning

Massive Law Enforcement Response consisting of several Agencies converge on the US Navy Base in Washington DC earlier this morning

powerful weapon without a background check and turned it on the innocent. Statistics would say that this is the second most likely scenario.

LIVE UPDATES  as this story develops.


Per Wikipedia– ‘The Yard currently serves as a ceremonial and administrative center for the U.S. Navy, home to the Chief of Naval Operations, and is headquarters for the Naval Sea Systems Command, Naval Historical Center, the Department of Naval History, the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps, Naval Reactors, Marine Corps Institute, the United States Navy Band, and other more classified facilities.’

The Navy Yard would seem to be a serious symbol of the United States and the US Navy. This tips the scales slightly towards some sort of Terrorism.

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