What Did the Inscriptions on Aaron Alexis’ Weapon Mean?

CNN and everyone else reported a strange pair of inscriptions on Navy Yard Killer Aaron Alexis’ weapon, presumably the shotgun he began the attack with. Why did he carve strange phrases into his rifle?

Without saying where on the guns the inscriptions were it was revealed what they said-

“Better Off This Way” and the second read “My ELF Weapon”.

What Does it Mean?

In Alexis’ mind you would have to imagine this was an important statement. “Better off this Way” seems pretty self explanatory. He had determined to become a mass killer and his only exit plan was suicide by cop.  This would certainly reflect a fatalist mindset (No big surprise there).

“My ELF Weapon”  is more cryptic by far. What was this guy trying to say?

Possibility 1- It’s from Online Gaming

My gut feeling is he may have been manifesting his online video game obsession. Could he have been doing this with the same outlook which lead our ancestors to etch their swords?

“My ELF Weapon” was reported with the same case emphasis on all networks with ELF in all caps. This was too consistent to be a mistake in reporting. Assuming it is fact and not some mass mistake i am pretty sure he was trying to empower his weapon the same way a Warcraft or similar online gamer’s avatars would somehow obtain or create a bonus weapon or ‘level up’ to a more powerful weapon. I think my ELF weapon may be just what it sounds like. He thought he was either some sort of Warrior Elf (I know how it sounds but hey, he WAS crazy) or ELF is an acronym for some real or imagined organization.

Possibility 2- It Describes the Weapons Abilities as Alexis Saw Them

It could be an acronym for something in head. However; here’s 2 possibilities

Extremely Low Frequency – This turned out to be the correct theory. Perhaps he was distinguishing it from other weapons or thought it could kill people/distort signals from the microwave emitters he expressed concern about to Police in Rhode Island during a prolonged instance of delusional behavior where he himself had called police. Alexis had called authorities to complain about hearing voices. (In the future I will address how the HELL the Navy managed to somehow ignore a warning from the Police who dealt with Alexis).

While it may not exactly be “Extremely Low Frequency”; his reasoning to get the ELF acronym, if an acronym it in fact is, may lay along these lines.

Earth Liberation Front–  Yes, there was in fact a Terrorist Group called ELF. Their hey-day was the mid to late 1990’s.

The ELF Terrorists, who were not really violent, burned real estate developments and committed other acts of vandalism in a misguided attempt to avenge Nature against the wrongs of society as they saw it. They were barely terrorists and seemingly are long defunct. Highly Unlikely.

Possibly, it may be some group of activists or soldiers who existed only in Alexis diseased mind.

Executable and Linkable Format– Alexis programmed computers. He may have been using this or another similar term of art from the IT field. I’m not saying this one was, but maybe the phrase has some technical meaning in some obscure field.

This is DAY 1 of speculation on the new information regarding the inscriptions. Hopefully we can learn more in the near future to clarify this aspect of this tragic affair.

Dear Readers-

if you think you have some insight as to what “My ELF Weapon may mean please, leave a comment!

By Captain Teag

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  1. Looking on urbandictionary I found one possible meaning.
    ELF means.
    a person who plays computer games to the extend that they cannot distinguish between reality and the game and cannot function properly in the real world.


    1. wow, thank you for your insight. there are so few answers this early on.
      It adds up. My thought on that is that he would need to know the difference between reality and fantasy and realize fantasy was taking over.
      He would have had to be more self aware than i thought if he were somehow realizing he was extending the games into real life. It a great contribution to the article, thanks


  2. stop QUOTING URBAN DISTIONARY, it’s more mailable than Wikipedia!!!

    this is a cop-out explanation. stop fruitlessly attacking video games.

    start looking at the subjects complaints to police weeks before.

    I cant believe people are ACTUALLY QUOTING URBAN DICTIONARY.

    URBAN DICTIONARY definition of a CHURRO: when you insert your sand covered penis into a woman’s vagina… really,??? some asshole is going to try to use the urban dictionary as a fact checker???



    1. he played the video games because he was crazy, not crazy because he plays the games. trust me, i own an x-box. there are other explanations there. i don’t think urban dictionary is the worst place to check for something like this. not as a fact checker but to see if theres an obvious explanation. reading your interesting MEDUSA theory now. will be examined in the follow up. it doesn’t seem capable of transmitting a voice, more like a blaring noise that would be like using a water cannon on a crowd type thing


  3. I have no doubt that the ELF is for Extra Low Frequency. I recently figured out that I have neighbors who are connected to OSI Systems Inc., the Scroggins Family and after catching them pointing listening devices at my home (plus repeating the dialog on their Facebook page), I started researching what was happening to me heavily.
    I can tell you first hand that what these people do to people is a sadistic torture like nothing seen since the fall of the Nazi party. Better This Way meant it was better to not hear them anymore. The ELF Microwave Brainwave Entrainment is something I do not fully understand but using an oscilloscope I have been able to tell that when they set the frequency to under 7, 6.66 is a favorite, then rage is sure to come. When they set it up around 8.34 you get happy.
    I have little doubt that this is what he was referring to. I have been made to listen to them non stop from 7/21/2013 through today although it is much quieter. Without a second of peace and at times it was as if 15 people were swirling around my head. Yes, my first choice was get meds but nothing really made a difference.
    Then they started hacking my web server and leaving all kinds of evidence behind. The computer that hacked my business web server was called Sacred-Morals (I named my blog after this).
    I know the knee jerk is to say anyone saying this is nuts but I assure you that I am a regular guy that would have never believed anything like this even possible. I have some recordings and other stuff at the blog.



    Important information on active shooter campaign using satellite technology and nanotechnology currently taking place. See my letter to the DOD and the FBI Tampa Field office below.
    Department of Defense contractor TASC Inc. (parent company Engility Inc.) is currently using GeoSpatial Intelligence equipment with Satellite driven Nanotechnology for terroristic threats and illegal 24 hour surveillance in Orlando Florida at my business and private residence.
    I would like to bring this to your attention and have someone from the FBI or the DOD pick up this equipment that is in my possession. I am reporting a severe abuse of Nanotechnology and this is a copy of my letter to the DOD from August regarding this Geospatial surveillance nanotechnology being misused on me since March of 2015.

    I am currently under satellite surveillance by TASC Inc., this was started by TASC Inc. employee Michael Harrar (Top Secret Security Clearance) in October when he brought the device to Orlando while visiting his daughter (he is father of my former girlfriend). He stayed at The Castle Hotel on International Drive and left the piece of Nanotechnology in Orlando for surveillance purposes at that time.

    The surveillance is taking place at my home address of 1650 N. Mills Ave #160 Orlando, Florida 32803 – coordinates 28° 34′ 031 N / 81° 21′ 933 W. The satellite transmission and surveillance is still active 24 hours a day and at the same coordinates and can be easily detected and traced. Three methods of detection are:
    1. Satellite signal detection / signal being used is a X-band pulse signal.
    2. Electromagnetic field detection, used in combination with the nanotechnology and can be measured anywhere I am located. The mircoTESLA units range from 12,000 to 75,000 microTESLA units.
    3. Frequency detection, rapid frequency fluctuations are used to evade detection the range is from 20 to 20,000 Hz for inner ear harassment / communication.

    I am a US Army Veteran with a background in communication and encryption which helped me discover and locate these devices. This surveillance is in the form of a Satellite driven X-band pulse frequency and a Nano Drone technology Program. I have contacted the FBI via the phone and online complaint forms, CIA, Federal Judges, TASC Inc. and multiple other agencies. My attorney has called TASC Inc. and the secretary stated that Michael Harrar does no longer works there, he left in March as part of a cover up for the surveillance campaign that is still taking place. We have also contacted Anthony Smeraglinolo, CEO of TASC Inc. via telephone and US mail with no response. This torture / harassment and interrogation style surveillance continues day in and day out 24 hours a day with inner ear pulse communication and daily death threats. This method of transmitted threats and interrogation style treatment is the same as used in Guantanamo Bay Cuba, same equipment and same operators.

    Here is a complete description of the equipment and the method being used.

    2mm sphere – this sphere is Omni-directional and is remotely controlled via satellite. I have determined that the satellite system being used may be C4ISR. The device can be remotely controled at speeds of up to 200 mph.

    Light bending technology – Enables the nano drone to bend light, this effect makes the sphere almost unrecognizable or what the scientific mind would call the use of invisibility technology (light bending) . It can only be noticed by the naked eye if it is a trained eye. See sample of technology at this link – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xnIdJAk7ro

    Nano Camera – This camera is equipped for surveillance purposes which transmits real time back to TASC Inc. Geospatial operators.

    Electromagnetic wave field – The Nano Drones mark a target for focused satellite generated electromagnetic wave fields. The nano drones send pulses for communication purposes or inner ear harassment. These units can be put together in multiples and work in unison to create a more intense and focused wave for harassment and or sleep deprivation. The electromagnetic field also can create a field much like a MRI for Geospatial data & intelligence gathering from the human mind and body. This is exactly what is used in Guantanamo Bay Cuba for interrogations.

    Three dimensional body data analyzer – This equipment is used for body scans in a three dimensional format including scans of the human brain. The capabilities of this specific piece of the technology has much greater capabilities that include full readings of vital signs and real time information on brain activity. Patent number US 5531520 A – TASC Inc.

    Frequency range – Using a satellite X band this company uses continuous wave and pulsed wave frequencies. The method used is: the left ear and right ear have two different frequencies. In the left ear the range of pulse there are words / sentences designed to interrupt normal brain activity. The right ear has words and sentences that are a level that can only be detected with ear plugs at a much lower frequency level. The technique used is most often with the lower tone mentioning something just at the audible level and then the left ear has another message at a higher frequency that is much more distinguishable.

    Neuromorphic Engineering / computing – I can provide a full description of how TASC Inc. is using Neuromorphic computing which is used in tandem with these devices and their satellite when the devices are picked up. I can provide a full explanation of the method used to extract metadata from individuals via satellite and how it is being used on US soil outside the parameters of its intended purpose.

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    Federal Courthouse in Orlando,
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    Windermere Country club,
    Deland Airport,
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    It has been used in the following attorneys’ offices in Orlando.
    Mark Omara
    Danny Tumarkin

    The company responsible for this technology is TASC Inc and the party responsible for delivering the devices is Michael Harrar who has a Top secret security clearance. There is a group of operators who work around the clock making threats. They threat are based on intimidation for disclosing this technology and warning me that they will take action against my family for doing so.

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    DOI – Online and via Email
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    Army Command
    Air Force Command
    Marine Command
    Every major News channel and paper in America
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    *This is the exact activity reported by Aaron Alexis prior to his Washington Navy Yard shooting. His heinous crimes were committed at his former workplace, Washington Navy Yard Bldg. 197. TASC Inc. was also one of the contractors in the building. I suspect this Nanotechnology was used to harass him in order to drive him to commit crimes. It is my assumption that they may be using this technology to create domestic terror events for profit. Engility Inc. was also ordered by the courts to pay out over 5 million dollars for the mistreatment of prisoners at Abu Ghraib in Jan of 2013, the company has a history of employing unethical intelligence personnel, in this case they have used the equipment as a personal favor for Michael Harrar to harass me and attempt to cause me financial and personal harm. The operators on their Geospatial Nano Drone and Neuromorphic computing program are nothing more than loose cannons / Domestic Terrorists with Top Secret Security clearances. I have information and evidence (written, recorded and documentation including MRI evidence) to bring this corrupt DOD contractor to justice for using this equipment on private citizens on US soil.

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    1650 N. Mills Ave #160
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    Scotty Bumbalough


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