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CNN and everyone else reported a strange pair of inscriptions on Navy Yard Killer Aaron Alexis’ weapon, presumably the shotgun he began the attack with. Why did he carve strange phrases into his rifle?

Without saying where on the guns the inscriptions were it was revealed what they said-

“Better Off This Way” and the second read “My ELF Weapon”.

What Does it Mean?

In Alexis’ mind you would have to imagine this was an important statement. “Better off this Way” seems pretty self explanatory. He had determined to become a mass killer and his only exit plan was suicide by cop.  This would certainly reflect a fatalist mindset (No big surprise there).

“My ELF Weapon”  is more cryptic by far. What was this guy trying to say?

Possibility 1- It’s from Online Gaming

My gut feeling is he may have been manifesting his online video game obsession. Could he have been doing this with the same outlook which lead our ancestors to etch their swords?

“My ELF Weapon” was reported with the same case emphasis on all networks with ELF in all caps. This was too consistent to be a mistake in reporting. Assuming it is fact and not some mass mistake i am pretty sure he was trying to empower his weapon the same way a Warcraft or similar online gamer’s avatars would somehow obtain or create a bonus weapon or ‘level up’ to a more powerful weapon. I think my ELF weapon may be just what it sounds like. He thought he was either some sort of Warrior Elf (I know how it sounds but hey, he WAS crazy) or ELF is an acronym for some real or imagined organization.

Possibility 2- It Describes the Weapons Abilities as Alexis Saw Them

It could be an acronym for something in head. However; here’s 2 possibilities

Extremely Low Frequency – This turned out to be the correct theory. Perhaps he was distinguishing it from other weapons or thought it could kill people/distort signals from the microwave emitters he expressed concern about to Police in Rhode Island during a prolonged instance of delusional behavior where he himself had called police. Alexis had called authorities to complain about hearing voices. (In the future I will address how the HELL the Navy managed to somehow ignore a warning from the Police who dealt with Alexis).

While it may not exactly be “Extremely Low Frequency”; his reasoning to get the ELF acronym, if an acronym it in fact is, may lay along these lines.

Earth Liberation Front–  Yes, there was in fact a Terrorist Group called ELF. Their hey-day was the mid to late 1990’s.

The ELF Terrorists, who were not really violent, burned real estate developments and committed other acts of vandalism in a misguided attempt to avenge Nature against the wrongs of society as they saw it. They were barely terrorists and seemingly are long defunct. Highly Unlikely.

Possibly, it may be some group of activists or soldiers who existed only in Alexis diseased mind.

Executable and Linkable Format– Alexis programmed computers. He may have been using this or another similar term of art from the IT field. I’m not saying this one was, but maybe the phrase has some technical meaning in some obscure field.

This is DAY 1 of speculation on the new information regarding the inscriptions. Hopefully we can learn more in the near future to clarify this aspect of this tragic affair.

Dear Readers-

if you think you have some insight as to what “My ELF Weapon may mean please, leave a comment!