A Bridge Too Far- Why Chris Christie can NEVER be President

We all know the deal, Jersey governor Chris Christie decided to close the busiest bridge in the world with a punitive traffic jam loosely described as traffic survey. He had a million reasons NOT to do this, but it can’t be undone now.

Chris Christie has lost a great deal in the last few weeks. The angry Bully of Trenton is an image that just doesn’t translate into President of the United States. His image is in complete tatters.

Dishonest, petty, out of touch and bad manager are the terms being used to describe Christie, who is known for his bluster. That bluster can NEVER show its face again.

Like Rumple Stiltskin when he becomes angry he breaks himself in half. This leads to a Bi-Polar public image to say the least. In the last few moths Christie has stomped his feet a great deal, and he’s more divided against himself than ever.  Here’s a brief summary of how things have changed for Christie.

– From District Attorney to Racketeer-

Chris Christie could easily be charged under RICO laws for running a protection racket.

Here’s how Christie extorted payments- He sold “Protection” from a threat he himself created and enriched himself with the Political Endorsements he demanded. This is what they call “An Ongoing Criminal Enterprise” or in lay mans terms “Organized Crime”.

Making accusations that Christie is a gangster of poor character and worse judgement will surely rattle his cage but now are legitimate assertions.

– From Tough Talking Executive to Out of Touch Bully-

Christie would have you believe he knew nothing of the political retribution his minions were exacting. In fact taking Christie at his word is a great case AGAINST voting for him. If Christie is to be believed he can no longer portray himself as a Hands On leader. He merely sets things in motion that he should know are better left alone. Once a project begins Christie intentionally disassociates himself completely so that his people can go Off the Reservation in a way that provides him with “Plausible Deniability”.

Basically Christie’s self description is that he is removed and distant from his completely unsupervised aids. Imagine what this guy would do withe the FBI?

-From Hero to Glory Hounding Fame Addict-

Chris Chistie is his own biggest fan. He LOVED being on TV until about a week ago. Now he is saddled with his greatest accomplishment, managing Sandy Recovery, being seen as nothing but self important chest thumping.

The Hero of Sandy in his own mind Christie has failed to disburse much of the money. He also manipulated the ad campaign to promote post Sandy tourism into airing what amounted to Reelect Chris Christie ads. Production costs were more than doubled so the governor could punish everyone with the ear scalding “Stronger than the Storm” commercials featuring the Christies frolicking on the beach like so many confused belugas.

Like Rudy Guiliani continually patting himself on the back as the Hero of 9-11, its become laughable. Christie comes across as self important now when discussing Sandy.

-His Starters are off the Field-

They’re all gone. In this case “They” are the members of Christie’s Inner Circle. Christie BODY SLAMMED the people he fired. These were his first choices for key positions. They can be replaced in name but will the replacements be team players like the ones he just destroyed professionally? More likely they will be selfish transient players looking to pad their numbers and avoid injury.

The Original Inner Circle are never going to be able to really help him much again. They are also ruined and may decide to get a little payback once they snap out of the cult mentality Christie has cultivated… or are they afraid? Its an open question given the governors angry bluster.

Who will break legs for him now? He has a newly acquired bad reputation and is sacrificing his minions. Who wants to be the last person to die in a pointless war? Right now most Christie aides are wishing for the simpler days of analog when a few strategic burning and shredding orgies could have killed this scandal in the womb.

-Brand New Mr Nice Guy-

The Damage Control, if he is even capable of any, amounted to taking his starting team off the field of play. His relationship with his staff and caustic nature need to change. THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, or if it does it will be short lived.

Christie is an Anger Addict. There’s so much video of Christie blowing up at citizens asking completely acceptable questions. He is incapable of ever coming across as rational again if he shows any hint of the scathing and mean tempered nature that has made him notable in the first place.

Eviscerated,self abused and hurting, Chris Christie will eventually revert to the brash and horrible traits that dominate him. He is controlled by his emotions and can easily be unhorsed by simply making him angry.

By Captain Teag

Welcome Aboard! The Captain logs reviews of Pop Culture, movies and TV, Disney, MCU, DCEU, Star Trek, Star Wars, War Movies and MORE! Feel free follow and join my motley crew! Today the we Sail the Ship into History! After 10 years I think I'm finally getting the hang of this! Likes GREATLY Appreciated! CHEERS!

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