Why Philip Seymour Hoffman was ALWAYS going to OD

Lets face it, people love to get high and Philip Seymour Hoffman was no exception. Now he’s a cautionary tale and little more. Yes, he left behind a huge body of great work but he threw it all away for  about 70 bags of heroin.

Did anyone seee it coming? Well some are now trying to say Hoffman was seen a couple of times walking around looking mightily stoned. Others are

The Late Philip Seymour Hoffman looking every bit the junkie
The Late Philip Seymour Hoffman looking every bit the junkie

claiming he thought he was flirting with an Over Dose, even to the point of having something of a Death Wish. Why was he so doomed? The simple truth hits harder than steel- Demon Heroin kills all it entraps.

Once a junkie always a junkie? YES. Living in the New York City area I have seen a disturbing rise in the amount of junkies i see as well as the wakes and funerals for young users who weren’t lucky enough to make 46.  I have known many junkies and only one has quit. How he did it I will never really know. He lives in fear of a relapse and maintains his sobriety only by fully engaging in Narcotics Anonymous. Thats a heavy burden most couldn’t handle.

Philip Seymour Hoffman danced with the Devil as a young man. MOst people say he’s been sober as the day is long for nearly two decades. You almost DON’T want this to be true because it means there’s NO ESCAPE and time doesn’t assuage the wounds and longing,

Its the sad truth. For once “Just Say No” is probably the only way to avoid this evil drug taking your life.


By Captain Teag

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