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Lets face it, the candidates in the Mississippi GOP Senate Race are total jerks with zero appeal. That said the GOP nom will be the guy to likely win the job at the end of the day.  McDaniel is just a disgrace to the Irish but hey, way to fucking go breaking into a nursing home to get political dirt!

Cochran, the “Non Tea Bagger” Republican is a knuckle dragging cro mag who would not be near the front of any Darwinian Line. Good thing he’s a Creationist!

So, just two dicks dicking it out for the poorest state in America, right? No, not really. This was a big time shit show.

The whole campaign has been like a * huge * hit of crack for political junkies like me. Google some of the exploits in this race. This is the run off. Stage 1 ended with some erstwhile McDaniel Campaign workers getting locked inside the local courthouse with all the ballots. How embarrassing! Maybe tonight’s flop is a sign they weren’t just lost?

McDaniel ran a brazen campaign where he promised to do NOTHING for the people of his hard to spell state. This would make him the only person to ever lose an election but still accomplish all their legislative goals!

Bottom Line Tea Bagger Down!

UPDATE 6-25-17 6:04 am EDT- Cochrans lead is up to 6000 votes. McDaniel disgraced himself as he kept up the Tea Party Tradition of never conceding and claiming voter fraud every time they lose. These guys are so opposed to being civil and pander to such an angry base they would likely lose credibility if they just behaved like a normal pol in a loss.

With 96% of the vote counted its Cochran actually finally walking fully erect and out in front by 3995 votes. Who knew this many people would even care?