The Barry Fiasco 3 Years Later

Do am Image Search for Barry Law School. They know not to show you too much of their campus and that their buildings look best from a distance

I think the most important thing in this post of the revelation of  the paltry number of people who I attended Barry with who actually PASSED the Bar on their first try, a vital measure of the value of the school as far as becoming an attorney. It was only about half. Like possibly below 50% or a number in spitting distance of it. This is DISMAL! Think about it like this 75% first time passage rate is a little shaky, so Barry is like 25-30 points off what a Tier One school would offer.

I guess the Barry people figure enough of their grads will bumble into non Bar legal jobs like legal secretary? cause this sees more like a money grab than ever!

The Barry Law School Bar Exam Disaster – Half Flunk

This is validation of my post about the scam that is Barry School of law .  It started out as just a rant and to make myself feel better.  I was shocked it drew so much reaction. The first push back was the removal from youtube of some pretty unflattering MP3’s they strong armed the provider into taking down. people heard it, mission accomplished.

Then the post here that started out simple and brief and grew into a monster with links and undeniable facts as i weathered an onslaught of attacks from the people still there mortgaging their financial futures forever, in a poor state, in the belief they would prevail. Some surely will, but nowhere near enough and most for reasons that have nothing to do with Barry at all, in fact it would be in spite of going there.

Do am Image Search for Barry Law School. They know not to show you too much of their campus and that their buildings look best from a distance
Do an Image Search for Barry Law School. They know not to show you too much of their campus and that their buildings look best from a distance

I liked most of my colleagues. Sadly, the odds are against them.My group graduated in increments over the sprng and summer. One very sweet girl is now working for a DA’s office and i couldn’t be happier for her. She was already in the field for a while as a legal secretary and had in state legal connections. Shes also quite bright. She  will be fine and is definitely a perfect person to go to a place like Barry because she merely needed that certification. She already knew legal writing. Way to go!

One other friend is inheriting some work and a partnership and is also the best kind of person too go there, he had in state connections too. He also would have prospered anywhere.

This concludes the list of gainfully employed grads about 3 months out. The rest? Well even those who hate me (and you can see the comments on the original posts that some surely do) have my best wishes. Its early yet, i suppose, but those loans are 8 months away. (NOTE- Now they have been paying about a thousand a month for about four years. That’s RENT in Orlando and then some! Its rent in some parts of New York! Does the school provide employment stats for these people this far out? How many work in any legal field? These Federal Student loans are FOREVER!)

Maybe when the loans come due those who were the most vocal in the comments will have an ugly realization. That maybe they should be mad the school under reported the level of debt they will be saddled with. 800 bucks a month sounds about right if they are going with a middle of the road repayment plan. I fucking hate when that bill comes. I walk around my shitty neighborhood and wish i had 300 more to spend on my place. I go out a lot less. Its not awful but its an impact. I had to put off buying madden 15 for a while and that hurt.  At least I live in New York City and have a police force I am not afraid of and some safety. In Florida it would surely be worse. The idea you would get to live on Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando or beautiful Sanford, known for its vigilantism and intolerance is just a fucking downer! I would never leave my apartment, which would be cool in a way because I would be that fucking broke. I am not wishing this on anyone, i am just being sort of realistic. Theres no way its not gonna happen to someone. You can FORGET that new car and probabnly even kids. Its no longer a possibility if you end up like the average Barry Grad, which is to say NOT practicing law in any meaningful way.

I escaped after Summer School plus one semester, so it only cost about the price of 3 new cars. One day it may even be paid off! I would suppose they are in for about 6 times more. (Four Years after this post, so about 7 years on, its almost paid off, I can move to a better apartment soon if I want. I had less than 1/3 full debt).

The Barry Class of 2014 will probably not have many people making much more than i do in the legal field ($0). Then they probably will be forced to admit that the school hides the graduates salaries for a reason. Its gonna suck for many. Theres just no way it wont.

As far as the school? Reports i get are mixed. the new buildings are a step up from the welded iron trailers, but only the fact its florida allows people to occupy them. To be sure substandard materials and the use of convict labor will rear their ugly heads soon enough. Look for a never admitted sick building syndrome problem down the road.

The new Students? Well it was the biggest class ever last year and from all reports there were quite a few flakes including a security incident in the Library where some freaked out and had a meltdown. Thank God they weren’t violent. Hey, my car got keyed there, it already wasn’t all that genteel.

Googling “For Profit Law Schools Reviews” will bring back sobering results for those who are already chained to their debt, debt they can never go bankrupt on. debt that will keep them from getting into the better apartments and communities. If your still on the fence, maybe think again. If you are determined to make a go of it you need to be really in the top of the class to have much chance because the schools reputation is sullied and will take years to unfuck after they lied to the Wall Street Journal and US News & World Report to the tune of a 300% understatement on their costs. They never retracted this, they had to be called out. This is what you get with Barry.

20,000 hits later the original post remains a thorn in their side that they will always have to deal with and look what that says about their fragile rep. I would hope that some people escaped their clutches early with minimal damage. Thats all i ever tried to do when the post went from catharsis to a piece of real journalism I am quite proud of. It is 100% accurate, links to reputable sites to prove all points and is a godsend to anyone who is offered their crazy double secret probation deals. Not one person that was offered to (about a dozen) survived that devils bargain.

Surely Pope Francis would be mortified to see how petty, dishonest, vain, arrogant and avaricious his servants at the most holy Roman Catholic Law School across from Home Depot do business in his name.

By Captain Teag

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  1. Cool bra, still trying to get readers off of the school you failed out of. Plenty of Barry grads are practicing law and are just fine, you’re such a bitch. Just making shit up and stating it as fact. Get a Linked In and check out the thousands of Barry graduates that are lawyers practicing in Orlando, and driving pretty decent cars too! You’re dumb.


    1. You’re a pussy, you’re dumb, and you suck at writing. NO ONE reads your blog. And you’re a fucking broke bitch now and always will be. At least Barry GRADUATES are employed all over Orlando. You’re just a loser who couldn’t teach his way out of a paper bag. You haven’t made it anywhere and never will be successful or have ANY type of meaningful impact. Meanwhile there are Barry grads that are judges, politicians, and work for BigLaw. You big mac eating cheese dick.


      1. LOL 55% of you failed the bar. ALL your diplomas are tarnished and the schools in the paper again. What are you doing with your life? BTW we have surprising amount of views. hitting 20k on the original post.


      2. name some influential alumni. all over orlando, wow, what great accolade. guess thered enough street crime to keep you only slightly behind on those loans. Enjoy them and know my payment is 1/6th


      1. i bet your still not working in the Legal Field. You get the notifications for this. I guess the silence speaks volumes about how huge a failure you are. You owe 8 times more than me, dumbass


    1. Paula I’m real sorry they got you but they are pretty decent con-men and theres no shame.the purpose of this post is to spare people my pain and financial problams that i will have for a decade or more from going there. I just wanted to warn people. They are NOT gonna be around in 5 more years without a MAJOR change. The whole blogpost is true and following the links proves what i say. I feel terrible for my fellow students, its a CON! They basically ONLY teach towards passing the Bar exam and STILL Half of the class failed the Bar. That diminishes everyone else. They are a sad reflection on the Church.


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