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Pot….it’s what’s for dinner …or just smoke it, not utilizing this medicine is a legacy of J Edgar Hoover, what’s that tell ya?

The Rain City Cannabist


I recently was diagnosed with stage 4 lung and bone cancer. Besides the pain and chemo side effects which are beating me like a 70’s circus monkey, cancer is also isolating. Most people know that cannabis helps with all the nasty side effects of cancer treatment from the seemingly endless nausea, the fucked up Neuropathy which leaves me and other only able to type or walk for short periods without my digits catching nerve pain fire and the actual in my case endless bone pain which feels like invisible assholes are breaking my bones. For this I smoke, vape, dab, and eat as much cannabis as I can. From super heavy Indica strains like , Muerte, El Heffe and all the beautiful kushes. Fuck if it is a heavy hitting indica I will get as much of it in me as possible short of hooping it up my ass.


Some days…

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