donald-trump-grow-upThis Includes Commercials




Wine rack 1 //.  1st airs c 730 pm


Linzess for IBS (extra weird commercial for opiate addicts based on year 1 MTV ads)

Mobile Strike phone game

Leesa mattress (also slightly creepy)


Main Event

740 pm

Ugly USA chant dome with great spite

Audi (German)

Aleve patch (pharma based Dr avoidance product)

Progressiver (warren Buffet owned)

23 & Me FDA approved dna scan

CNN self promo

MSC Cruises

Some university

CNN self promo dem conv


–rick scott speaks, least popular governor in USA

No mention of his home state. Says yr fired a lot. Lots of sick trump chants. Guiliani 2.0

Sustained hate, fear, isis 3x & counting. Bashes hilarry. More lock her up chants.



Alka setlzer


Progressive Flo


CNN Promo

Ring Alarm

Rapid advance


Ivanka interview

Analysis by panel


CNN app commercial

CA Technologies

Koch Enviro friendly commercial

BP (court mandated thru settlement commercial?)

Dollar Shave

Brookdale Old Folks Homes

Rapid Advance

This IS CNN promo

— back to convention

cnn stays analysis w/ wolf and jake

Short Film–History of NASA (which theyve alays voted to defund)  narrated by Reagan voice clone on valium focuses on col aileen collins. Concludes we have fallen behind in space exploration, making us weak.

Collins speaks. Claims we went to the moon in peace??


Wolf & Jake again

—–Break—– glasses

Angies list

Vote 4 energy voters

Ring doorbell

Rapid Advance

CNN promo

__back to convention___

Wolf & Jake

Wolf sets up ted cruz

Sets upcoming 3rd appearance after pence accepts,, sets up Eric Trump to be ‘high point’


Speaker State Sen Ralph Alvarado,KY failed doctor, 1st latino elected to KY senate, what a bunch of bigots.seems to try to be saying they arent racists cause they voted for a latino. American Dream speech just like little marco’s. Says all hispanics are republicans and just dont know it. No mention of a wall. Heavy emphasis on ‘legal immigrants’ Hillary hater. Obama hater. Benghazi nut. Very pro trump

A few words in spanish 101

Calls out hillary as hispanic hater.

_Anderson & david axelrod in booth, they note no one will really talk about trump. They agree it’s “Odd”

Speaker Pastor Darrell Scott, Prosperity Minister(?) of Cleveland. Says he talks about discussing military matters with Trump (YIKES!). Didn’t bother to wear a fucking tie. Hates Liberals. Used to do drugs before god grift, now he doesnt want anyone to have fun. Screamed like George C Scott in Patton  or maybe wrestling promoter Jim McMahon. Maybe the first person all night to talk about trump at length, says trump believes in bible,Swerves into the supernatural, speaks on behald of god yet somehow no lightning bolt.

Second straight night the supernatural speech brings house down

Panel Analysis

SE Cupp calls out Prosperity Ministers as awful spokesperson


Speaker – Gov Scott Walker, WI. zzzzzzzz Radical ISlam! AHHHH! AAAHHH! Thanks our vets, no mention of help  Lines out ‘america deserves better’ throughout specch. Very anti hillary, suggests prison for hilary, lock her up chant again. Urges crowd not to vote 3rd party and scotus fears. Mentions reagan and scalia inn one sentence (DRINK!) Benghazi! E Mails! Never stops shouting . Anti Union Hate Speech.


Mobile Strike

CNN promo

Southern NH University, online school


Cnn promo


Video Narrated by Trump Employee

VP of Eric Trump Foundation & Sr Family Asst Lyn Patton. Looks like CNN says shes just their personal asst’s.  Speaks like pro Wrestler on behalf of Orlando’s LGBT people,, then minimizes it and says its attacks on America, not gay community. Speaks on behalf of BLM as a non member who hates them. Says she has to support Trump because shes black. Invokes god


Video- Rigged Political System with Little Marco Rubio attacking Hillary. FEAR! BENGHAZI! (DRINK)


Speaker- Sen Ted Cruz ® Tex

Starts with god of course. RTL then States Rights. Lotsa inaccurate statements,esp re: education

ISIS refugee fears. Down ballot plea, “Vote your conscience” gets raucous applause, we want trump starts up too

Trump cheer takes hold for awhile but he holds forth despite hostility, clearly unwanted there. DOES NOT ENDORSE, suggested maybe vote for someone very unlike Trump. NY GOP heckled him badly. Got his digs in. Booed off stage with his manhood intact for once

__back to Wolf & Jake narrate Trumps entrance  Trump looks straight up pissed when not flashing the phony smile.

Panel Discussion hosted by anderson

__Speaker = Trumps son, Eric Trump just a lot aggrandizing of his dad. Kind of looks like the bully from Karate Kid

___back to the booth


__SPEAKER_ Moon Governor Newt Gingrich- praises wifes various direct mail businesses –  pushes back on Cruz ‘vote your conscience” thing “our enemies are determined to kill us’ FEAR! Focuses on ISIS attacks, nuclear fear. Says all of America can be lost under Hilary. Really fearful

Back to Anchors CNN no Commercial
Reports of deep ugly fight backstage with Cruz and Trump supporters, Cruz wife escorted out

Paul Ryan comes out to the Who’s Eminence Front (about cocaine) and talks up Mike Pence

SPEAKER-___ Mike Pence, VP Candidate. Looks like a cialis or viagra spokesman.  His dad owned gas stations and Mikes all about Jesus. He has an awful homophobic record and has never fared well in interviews . Keeps it safe praises his wife & kids, one of whom is a Marine.

he has moved on to extolling Trump as a good man.

NOTE – Pence was once a Catholic Democrat but is now an Evangelical Republican.

Vows hillary will never be president

We Want Trump chant starts to become ongoing while Pence speaks meekly about how tough they will be

Pence alludes to the land of the free and the home of the brave and a USA chant breaks out

Praises cops in a sort of divisive way. Praises Trumps kids.    Goes after Hillary , Make America Great again, claims to represent change, HUGE change. ( Crowd chants “Huge”??) border fears. Vets get screwed but no answers or ideas except ‘we’ll be smarter’ Attacks Hillary. claims to be pro union in coal industry

Speaks on behalf of minorities despite being the whitest man alive . Says election will define scotus for 40 years. Promises under hilary judges wont get approved

makes right to life and second amendment plea very nakedly after all the talk of orlando massacre. Talks about his marine kid more and uses that as justification of his ability to judge character. More terrorist attack stuff but nothing about guns. Calls Obama a weak apologist. “DONALD TRUMP WILL DESTROY THE ENEMIES OF FREEDOM! AMERICA STANDS WITH ISRAEL” ok. Mentions Obama’s term ends in precisely 6 months (fact check) Now theyre chanting “we like mike” cause he’s been hateful and fearful for a long while.

He seems to have no eyebrows. He goes into the second supernatural invocation of better times ahead if we make the Trump choice. he extolls trump again in a longwinded way. knowing Trump will appear has people impatient.

he thanks god and asks for blessings.

WALKOUT BY TRUMP, he doesnt appear to be about to speak

Anderson notes its 3rd appearance in 3 nights

My Question- when is Trump guy studying and writing his big speech for tomorrow??

Looks like CNN blew off a lot of commercials time that probably was result of all the anti trump boycotts. as you can see very few prestigous companies bought air time and the Koch Brothers notably bought just one spot

this has benn an awful bore, i hope you spare yourself the viewing by reading this. i consider it a public service

mcteag out

UPDATE 7-21-

Ted Cruz is still attacking Trump and ‘refuses to be his lap dog’. he finally has a hint of gallantry for defending his family


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    1. no, its all accurate or has been amended. if you can prove somethings wrong it will be noted. Meanwhile you could always just start you’re own blog if you feel like you can do it better…


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