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est 2012

It was a nightmare everyone thought would end with a diminished Donald Trump losing the election and bringing down the Worst and Wildest Elements of the Right with him.  nazi_pig_trumpInstead a Celebration of Ignorance and an arcane Electoral System conspired into the most unlikely of events – An Electoral College landslide for Billionaire Donald Trump.

Despite losing the popular vote by something like two and a half million votes to Hillary Clinton, or perhaps because of it, Trump as misrepresented his win as a landslide and has sometimes even implied he won the popular vote, an utter falsehood.

Suddenly a completely intolerant and egotistical man is about to take the Oath of Office and become president, something most Americans couldn’t fathom as late as Election Day.

Trump’s apparent fascination with and documented allegiance from the Alt-Right  is maybe the most unsettling aspect of his millieu.

A prime voice of this group is court documented wife beater, all but admitted White Supremacist and Creature from The Breitbart Lagoon-  Steve Bannon. A man as removed from civility as he is from his last shower Bannon is an unsightly mess inside and out. He would be repulsive enough without adding in his position as the Trump campaign manager and Show Runner. His prominance in Trump’s terrible coven of advisers is truly disturbing as he has proudly and purposely been as Machiavellian as possible. An outright flake like General Flynn is scary enough, but Bannon has all the hallmarks of a dedicated straight up Nazi.

Trump chums the waters with meaningless personal conflicts the media rushes to cover to try to change the scene. He may yet pull this off too. Part of his success is the broken nature of America’s media and even more deeply its flawed (and soon to be gone?) public education system.   

All of Trumps Cabinet picks are head scratchers, but its Bannon most of all; conspicuously disheveled, weeks past a haircut and days removed from his last shave;  who is the most revealing member of the Inner Circle. As mentioned earlier he is a leading figure in the American Nazi Movement, or as they call themselves in 21st century Weimar America, the Alt-Right. These guys are cleaned up Klansmen with a pseudo intellectual updated and Americanized version of the old Nazi “Stab in the Back Myth” and all the familiar ideas regarding racial superiority.

The idea that Bannon has a non deniable job (he’s a personal adviser to the president) in the White House is way more legitimacy than Bannon or his ‘Philosophy’ deserve. Congress can hate on him all they want should they choose to, there’s no stopping his being a member of Trump’s inner circle. This is made only slightly less infuriating by the sobering fact the Democrats are basically classified as an ‘At Risk Species’ in Washington, toothless and declawed like never before. Thanks to that it’s not like Bannon or any other sociopath Trump decides to add to his cabal will have that much trouble getting confirmed by the very friendly and very Republican congress if their position should call for it.

Don’t worry, it gets even worse.

Unpleasant people litter Trumps inner circle. An Inner Circe that might include Vladimir Putin. No one but Donald Trump and his lackeys seem to have any confusion about the 20-trump-dumpster-fireFACT that Russia tried or maybe even succeeded in tampering with the vote and vote totals. They were clearly shown by their actions to be biased toward Trump. Trump chums the waters with meaningless personal conflicts the media rushes to cover to try to change the scene. He may yet pull this off too. Part of his success is the broken nature of America’s media and even more deeply its flawed (and soon to be gone?) public education system. Many graduate with no analytical skills and a penchant to believe anything they hear so long as its lurid enough to hold their attention.

Some of the problems  Trump’s heading for result from his own double talk and double standards. For instance, scoffing at Immigrants makes it sort of difficult for him to use his actual wife as First Lady. He’s totally cool with it though as he has a maudlin back up plan. Instead of a First Lady we will trump_wizard_of_ozget a Mount Rushmore of Arrogance in the form of his adult children, each less likable than the last. Throw in adolescent Cyber Security Expert Barron for good measure. Somehow they’re gonna run his businesses too. The Press Conference to explain how that would happen just never took place though, much like the press conference where he was going to release his taxes failed to materialize. Look for these two events to remain perpetually ‘about two weeks’ into the future.

Like a Cult Leader Trump has been aggressively gas lighting and misrepresenting things at the same rate as he did during the campaign. Lying liberally and claiming to ‘know things other people don’t’. The inside information is a little more imminent than the press conferences. You can count on the release of this information remaining perpetually ‘three or four days’ into the future.

The Age of Reason seems to be in its final days. Then apparently we launch into the sort of world we have only heard described in the most dire of Black Sabbath songs.

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