A Black Sabbath Fans Open Letter to Donald Trump


[Update- This obviously went Unheeded]

Dear President-elect Trump;

I was in no way surprised to find out that you were a fan of Black Sabbath. What I am puzzled by is whether or not you understand the context of the lyrics. Visualizing a young Trump blasting rails of high quality cocaine off his desk cranking ‘Snowblind” on an awesome 8 track stereo system is unfortunately  as amusing as it gets


Before I get into the reasons I’m concerned by your interest in my favorite band let me just say how proud I am of the members of Black Sabbath for finding an excuse NOT to meet you. You don’t deserve that honor. You’re crazier than Ozzy and never shown the personal character of someone like Tony Iommi. You could learn a lot from Geezer Butlers humility and you’ll always be baffled by the talent of Bill Ward. Even the genius of Dio is something that you could be humbled by, but you’re not a humble man and that’s what frightens me.

Songs like “After Forever” are ALLEGORIES speaking to the powerful, whose ranks you will soon join, warning them to temper their actions or risk a destroyed post apocalyptic world that’s only supposed to exist in their lyrics.

I’m sure you relate to when they sing directly about Mental Illness. Try to understand they are suggesting the troubled seek counseling rather than embrace their Insanity. They may be focusing on a tragic side-note, but don’t miss the overall point- If you’re Crazy admit it and get Help. I don’t think you will do that.

I see you laughing at the Resolute Desk, where great men who mostly tried to avoid War and Strife have sat, belittling the handicapped or women while listening to ‘War Pigs’ and seeing it as an ASPIRATIONAL song rather than a condemnation of people who act the way you usually do. You WILL HIDE YOURSELF away after starting a war.  You will never send anyone you care about ‘out to fight’. You’ll leave peril to the poor.

I see a world resembling that described in “Children of the Grave” should you give in to your darker instincts. You worship a ‘Computer God’ in your use of Twitter and every single appearance you make on television could be described as a “TV Crime”.

If you’re not cautious you will be the Fool who brings on Mob Rule. Disturbingly, this seems like something you’d enjoy.

When you won the election, showing there’s certainly are plenty of ignorant people in this country it was politically the Bloodiest of Sabbath’s for our Republic.

I would urge you to listen to the music of Black Sabbath with fresh ears. You’ll find the lyrics to be compassionate and humane and yes, angry and frustrated.

Black Sabbath  channeled their anger and frustration into changing the face of Rock n Roll forever. Please, heed the warnings of their music and try to be as compassionate and positively constructive as they are.

Time for some ‘Changes” Donald. You’d be surprised just how different Black Sabbath is than we may think at first listen.

-the real mcteag, live and sincere from Queens

By Captain Teag

Welcome Aboard! The Captain logs reviews of Pop Culture, movies and TV, Disney, MCU, DCEU, Star Trek, Star Wars, War Movies and MORE! Feel free follow and join my motley crew! Today the we Sail the Ship into History! After 10 years I think I'm finally getting the hang of this! Likes GREATLY Appreciated! CHEERS!

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