Welcome to Cold War 2!

Its been awhile since I felt the urge to share my thoughts. In fact this is my first post of the Trump Era.

We have likely entered a time Historians will call the Second Cold War or Cold War 2. There’s little doubt that the worlds 2 biggest nuclear powers have never had a more strained relationship. Vladimir Putin, who has social engineered the Russian Federation to a standard of living where the average citizen has just over 400 bucks a month to play with, is surely laughing at the unmitigated success of ‘Operation Fuck Up America’. The fact is a corrupt strongman dictator presiding over economic collapse could be the most powerful man in the world is sobering.  His objective being to line his pocket is the only thing mitigating the charge to Armageddon. angry_trumpPutin at least seems to realize for now that Mutually Assured Destruction is a Reality despite frightening words to the contrary starting to slowly leak in reports from both the Kremlin and the White House.

We have likely entered a time Historians will call the Second Cold War or Cold War 2. There’s little doubt that the worlds two biggest nuclear powers have never had a more strained relationship. Vladimir Putin, who has social engineered the Russian Federation to a standard of living where the average citizen has just over 400 bucks a month to play with, is surely laughing at the unmitigated success of ‘Operation Fuck Up America’.

Since the start of their Campaign for President Team Trump was never concerned about appearances, a fact that sometimes benefited and never hurt the Candidate. One allegation of Impropriety after another has come to light since Trump’s jaw dropping “10 for 10 in tossup states” election night Coup victory.

A stranger to Decency and the Truth So Called President Trump has done evrything he can to avoid being a president for all Americans to the point its no longer even important why he does

Look Out Below!

it. A low level of Courtesy toward friend and foe alike have Trump in a Historic Approval Ratings Downfall that only can be compared to the final fleeting weeks of the Watergate Scandal.

Congressional wanna-be Gauleiter’s like Devin Nunes have come out the woodwork to lie, cheat and steal for this president and most of all shield him from the Growing Red Storm above the White House’s latest occupant. While Trump himself laments the failure of predictably dead on arrival Horrible Ideas (like the Obamacare Repeal and Replace Fiasco) that featured a collapse of GOP resolve in the House of Representatives the RussiaGate Scandal only intensifies.

Red Skies loom over the White House

The only thing we know with absolute certainty is Vladimir Putin and his Kremlin Cronies have used money, hacks and media manipulation at the very least to influence the outcome of the election.  Whether they pierced any state voting systems to engineer the mind blowing statistical anomaly that was the Trump Victory (which boils down to a just over half a sold out baseball stadium in most states he won worth of votes, a handful in this nation of millions) is still being investigated.

rather than try to keep score right now here’s a smattering of problems off the top of my head–

  • A Traitor and now possible Triple Agent, Ex-General Mike Flynn whose whole story is such a flaming bag of shit that the White House usually tries to punt all questions. Look for Flynn to testify FOR the Government AGAINST the President when the Impeachment or Worse goes down. (UPDATE- as of about 8 pm Eastern time CNN has begun reporting Flynn is actively SEEKING IMMUNITY
  • A farsical Press Secretary who is now a  Human Cartoon
  • A White House so leaky talk of an unnoticed iceberg strike is now mandatory
  • 2 travel bans shot down as petty and Unamerican
  • Healthcare slapdash con job implodes
  • Constant Blame shifting by the White House
  • A complete inability to let go of any perceived slight
  • Never missing a chance to speak harshly and stridently to women and minorities, especially those in the press
  • A Self Destructive Paranoia ending in baseless accusations that then president Obama was watching the Trump Campaign via arcane methods
  • Revelations that Trump family members and Campaign officials had fallen into the data collection we routinely do to our adversaries
  • That most of data was collected in a way so predictable the level of incompetent arrogant rank dishonesty is stunning. It only makes sense calling the Russian Embassy would raise eyebrows and leave audiofiles
  • Incomplete but dusturbing money trails that are now verified as close as a few (metaphoric) blocks from Trump Tower
  • Ivanka Gets Top Level Security Clearance like she’s the daughter of a Third World Dictator
  • Jared Kushner is now in charge of so many things he just has to fail at most. The tasks are not even realistic. Example- Peace In the Middle East on Americas Terms NOW.
  • The Term ‘Circular Firing Squad’ becoming commonplace in any discussion of current White House methods
  • Two disastrous raids in as many months by the US Military numbering into the hundreds of dead civilians in places like Yemen and Iraq.
  • Military Viewpoints that are increasingly called out as Dark Ages (or on a good day Medieval)
  • A complete tone-deaf reaction to every race or gender issue outside the persecution of the disenfranchised white man
  • A near Boiler Plate Pattern of Squandering away perceived success with increasingly discordant messages via twitter at crazy hours
  • Still more unrelated early early morning Tweet Storms as self-defeating as they are self-serving
  • Regular falsehoods dispensed from day 1 about the size of the crowd at Trumps (modestly attended) inauguration
  • Panic descending on the entire administration starting sundown on Saturday to see whose reputation Saturday Night Live will lay bare next. This is made all the more tragically funny by the immediate angry reactions from a president who faithfully watches a show he once hosted but always trashes as awful.
  • North Koreans on their own Schedule could care less how much Tillerson yells at them
  • Tillerson is apparently either so shady or such an asshole the press aren’t permitted to travel with him
  • Just because you CAN get away with getting elected president without releasing your taxes doesnt mean you should
  • Non Stop Comparisons to worst aspects of former president Richard Nixon
  • Popular Perception of Trump and his Supporters as Small Minded Racists is making even Small Minded Racists feel sort of bad about it
  • A deep longing that this was only as bad as Hillary’s server plus Lewinsky Scandal on Crack by the president
  • An Intelligence Community here and among our allies that simply but justifiably despises Trump and his crew
  • What Hell Is Up With James Comey? Why didn’t he tell America BOTH Campaigns were under Investigation? Why did he only go after Hillary? Is he a Spy? Blackmailed? Just Dumb?
  • An FBI that may just be compromised, especially in New York area.
  • Not being able to return home to New York due to the absolute assurance of a major protest with a 6 figure crowd trapping him in Trump Tower followed by a dangerous and humiliating exit via rooftop helicopter
  • The increasing anger at a president who ran on his work ethic but has already established a pattern of taking 1 out of every 3 days off.

There’s more but the bottom line is I am LUCKY for a couple of reasons –

First of all at this point I’ve had a full life. Next is the fact that being 2 miles from the Freedom Tower puts me solidly inside the Zone of Complete Destruction from a Russian Nuclear attack. There’s no need to stock up food when you are sure to be ionized. Lastly- I have no children.oops

One thing is clear- without a change of leadership (or at the least serious reversal of philosphies)  at the top of BOTH nations the situation will be near Untenable for the foreseeble future.

The United States and the Russian Federation are now facing each other in a Cold War Stance.



By Captain Teag

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