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In the last couple of weeks my least favorite Trumpkin, Steve Bannon, has come out of the internet sewer he lives in to take a shot at selling the people of Alabama on electing, of all things, a pedophile to the United States Senate. It didn’t go so well.

When everyone still thought Moore would win Bannon showed up and tried to bully sitting senators, like old Turtle Boy McConnell. He really made a point of praising Moore, a Fragging Candidate during the Vietnam War.  It was really hard to watch. Mostly because Bannon seemed powerful and it was frightening. Would he REALLY cajole these crazy rednecks into voting for a Child Molester? It seemed as though he could.


The man in the 30 dollar jacket

Then he didn’t. Immediately my view of Bannon reverted to what it had been before, minus a lot of anxiety about his so called ‘charisma’.

Still, I got  few problems with Bannon.

First off, whys he gotta be Irish? Seems since JFK any kind of liberal Irish politicians are few and far between.  They’re universally sociopathic Republicans.

Then we have what we could call “A Perpetuation of the Stereotypes” going on. Every Irish person with a conscience tries to COVER for how much they drink, even if it’s not that much in the first place. We’re always put down for that as a race. Weeks past a mandatory haircut, perpetually with 10 o’clock shadow, Bannon looks like Otis the


Otis the Drunk

Drunk from the old Andy Griffith Show plus 10 more years of hard drinking. He’s a walking stereotype of the most intolerant, uneducated cab driver at the lowlife bar. I don’t CARE if he went to Harvard, he managed to avoid learning anything there.

Is he on pills? is THAT why he’s so insensitive? Mottled with Gin Blossoms across his face and with a voice that,yes, absolutely fits. I’m always surprised he’s not slurring. Thanks for disgracing the race, Bannon.

On his soapbox he actually is more at home. Free and easy with awful things that set the nation back every time he opens his whiskey hole, he actually is a competent speaker….if you don’t look at him too long or too closely.

His Charisma, such as it is, is finite, thankfully. His milieu is too incongruous and it only works just so often. Maybe it doesn’t even work at all without outside help, be it from Trump or if the Russians cut out middle man and do business with him directly. Whatever is going on the facade is not the greatest and people do balk.

More Dr Morell than Hitler, he just looks like Hell. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want him to start jogging or dieting! Let high cholesterol carry him away tonight!

He’s a divider, and he’s had his day, but maybe, just maybe reason is returning to America (or arriving for first time) ?

Til now it seemed he was probably a soothsayer of some ability. He had, after all been able to conjure up Presidential support for the candidate he initially picked and who then beat Trump’s guy Luther Strange for the GOP senate nomination.  When he out predicted his old boss it was sort of scary.

No matter what the situation, for instance somehow selling Trump to at least some people and giving him some policy, bad as it was, Bannon had a decent track record. I was starting to think he was the next coming of Hitler.

But he’s merely a good speaker, not one for the ages like Hitler. And we’ve heard this before. And the failures of Trump have sheered off some people whose minds were only partly poisoned and they recovered some dignity.


‘I’m Roy Moore and I own a nickel plated 5 shot. Vote for Me?’

And Bannon Failed Big. The people of Alabama found a way to send the Democrat, Doug Jones, to Washington instead of rotten ol’ Roy Moore. Their first democratic senator in a generation.

Alabama is a ruby red Hater State where a bunch of small minded religious bigots spend their time trying to tell everyone how to live. Their 18th century views are a stain on the national discourse and dammit it took a CHILD MOLESTER to stop them voting republican. Was it hubris on Bannon’s part? I think that’s possible.

Right now Bannon’s looking like a really inept self promoter. It’s gotta a tough sell, his product was, after all, disproven by World War 2!

Bannon’s greasy paw prints are all over this Implosion. There were a few normal people that just got lost in the shuffle once Bannon started carping for Moore to be the guy. And he was good enough at influencing people to get that. It proved a Pyrrhic Victory. If he didn’t have terrible judgement he’d be much more dangerous. He chose the wrong battle and was beaten like the Germans at Stalingrad.

And now, 30 dollar K mart jacket and all, he begins a descent. Will he land in prison? Maybe for a while. Then, if he does get out, I suppose if he’s allowed around computers, he likely ends up a 21st Century Internet version of vintage hater, the Nazi subsidized Father Coughlin , another disgraceful Irish guy.



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