2018 Wish List

Here’s some things I have my fingers crossed for in 2018-

  • Trump catches fire and slowly burns to death on TV trump_hitler_atl_graffitti
  • Or dies in any other way before June
  • Or is Impeached and tossed in jail forever
  • Same for Pence too
  • Ivanka, Jared and scumbag Trump Jr  starting lengthy prison terms
  • “Flynn Flipped” the Musical
  • Knowingly shake hands with a Genetic Relative
  • Fly my nephew to NYC and hit Mets AND Yankees games
  • gain 10 pounds
  • Reversal of Personal Fortune
  • great Free Concerts in Central Park
  • Survive “The Last Jedi”
  • Continue to Hold Out Deep Into the Night Awaiting Freedom and Liberty to return to America
  • Even more guitar playing
  • Support good journalism (the best cure for Trump) by renewing my subscription to the New York Times
  • Lobby for DEVO to play this and every Superbowl
  • Pray the world moves on from AWFUL music-murdering ginger Ed Sheeran. Weren’t the songs he wrote for Taylor Swift enough to convince people he plain ol’ sucks?
  • Tell everyone to read Philip K Dick’s “Clans of the Alphane Moon” because its the best ever dystopia. You can hear it unabridged Free HEREme_travis
  • continue exercising more
  • drink less soda (so far so good for last 4 weeks)
  • Never Miss ‘The President Show”, basically the Daily Show of hating Trump
  • Meet William Shatner
  • Be in a movie (as an extra or better)
  • Hopefully not hear the name “Roy Moore” even one time
  • Or hear much about horrible Alabama in general
  • Submit that script
  • Become Ex-Pat to Canada if America’s Fascist descent continues
  • St Patrick’s Day/Irish Pride Parade NYC 2018
  • Cuban Pride Day NYC 2018
  • Italian American Pride Day 2018
  • British Pride Day 2018
  • Native American Pride Day USA
  • a proper celebration of at least one Jewish Holiday
  • Tweets of Defiance more
  • Facebook Posts of Conformity less




By Captain Teag

Welcome Aboard! The Captain logs reviews of Pop Culture, movies and TV, Disney, MCU, DCEU, Star Trek, Star Wars, War Movies and MORE! Feel free follow and join my motley crew! Today the we Sail the Ship into History! After 10 years I think I'm finally getting the hang of this! Likes GREATLY Appreciated! CHEERS!


  1. Great stuff, man. And Happy New Year to you. Let’s hope the Dems get their act together in 2018 and take back Congress and most state houses. And Mueller nails at least Trump, Jr. and Pretty Boy Jared Kushner. That would be worth all the effort.
    FYI, Canada is much harder to emigrate to than you might think. My wife and I have looked into it. Not impossible. Just not at all easy. But I guess we could always take an extended “vacation” up there.
    I also have no plans to see the Last Jedi.


    1. Happy New Year! Maybe we get America back by spring? i once again feel like baseballs opening day will be about the end. By that time last year he had sown all the seeds that will likely end his regime. I know canada can be tough to get into, they DO have sweetheart / marriage exception though, so theres hope!


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