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Here’s some things I have my fingers crossed for in 2018-

  • Trump catches fire and slowly burns to death on TV trump_hitler_atl_graffitti
  • Or dies in any other way before June
  • Or is Impeached and tossed in jail forever
  • Same for Pence too
  • Ivanka, Jared and scumbag Trump Jr  starting lengthy prison terms
  • “Flynn Flipped” the Musical
  • Knowingly shake hands with a Genetic Relative
  • Fly my nephew to NYC and hit Mets AND Yankees games
  • gain 10 pounds
  • Reversal of Personal Fortune
  • great Free Concerts in Central Park
  • Survive “The Last Jedi”
  • Continue to Hold Out Deep Into the Night Awaiting Freedom and Liberty to return to America
  • Even more guitar playing
  • Support good journalism (the best cure for Trump) by renewing my subscription to the New York Times
  • Lobby for DEVO to play this and every Superbowl
  • Pray the world moves on from AWFUL music-murdering ginger Ed Sheeran. Weren’t the songs he wrote for Taylor Swift enough to convince people he plain ol’ sucks?
  • Tell everyone to read Philip K Dick’s “Clans of the Alphane Moon” because its the best ever dystopia. You can hear it unabridged Free HEREme_travis
  • continue exercising more
  • drink less soda (so far so good for last 4 weeks)
  • Never Miss ‘The President Show”, basically the Daily Show of hating Trump
  • Meet William Shatner
  • Be in a movie (as an extra or better)
  • Hopefully not hear the name “Roy Moore” even one time
  • Or hear much about horrible Alabama in general
  • Submit that script
  • Become Ex-Pat to Canada if America’s Fascist descent continues
  • St Patrick’s Day/Irish Pride Parade NYC 2018
  • Cuban Pride Day NYC 2018
  • Italian American Pride Day 2018
  • British Pride Day 2018
  • Native American Pride Day USA
  • a proper celebration of at least one Jewish Holiday
  • Tweets of Defiance more
  • Facebook Posts of Conformity less