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The biggest story right now isn’t the speculation Trump is suffering from a cognitive disorder (he is) or that he will BLOW OFF HIS MEDICAL EXAM next week (he so will) but that at his behest the Justice Department has, according to CNN just a few minutes ago,  has launched a Criminal Investigation (so maybe at some point even raiding?) the Clinton Foundation. Its a Dictators move and Sessions will, I suppose, have that added to the list of charges he’s confronted with at a future American Nuremburg Trial. For whatever reason the Little Rock location was mentioned conspicuously. Probably just a personal slight.

This frightening move puts him squarely in the corner of other autocrats from Hitler to Idi Amin.

It seem that Money for Access is the purported focus of the probe. It probably turns up nothing. If it does catch even the smallest irregularity trust me SCROTUS trump will let us know. Over and over.

This is much bigger than the indisputable fact that Trump’s got dementia or worse or that he’s Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein rolled up into one.


Separated at birth?

Irrelevant Jeff Sessions has had a banner couple of days. Yesterday he moved to take away the PTSD medicine for every veteran in about 14 states and today he’s attacking a charity.

Why? Because our corrupt presidents charity never remitted and was just a way to enrich himself at the cost of Cancer kids. So of course he’s just sure that the Clinton Foundation is a front as well.



John Adams, who could at least admit he was bald.

Its EASY to believe the president would pass a polygragh regarding his belief that the Clinton Foundation is corrupt. He can look in the mirror and see corruption right there.

So freak out that he’s crazy, I am, but take note that today Trump began persecuting his political enemies with the apparatus of the state.

Liberty has not been so greatly endangered since the Alien & Sedition Acts of 1798 passed by John Fuckin Adams.

Next most disturbing  development of the day (its just about 11 am) would be certified (By Paul Ryan


Dana Rohrabacher works for the Russians

and Steve Scalise) Putin Puppet Dana Rohrabacher in the following segment screaming over poor Ana Cabrera that the entire Mueller Probe is directed by CNN and the media. Freedom was nice while we had it I guess.

2 thoughts on “Feds Investigate Clinton Foundation as Trump Goes Full Third World Dictator

  1. Perhaps I should be shocked at how many Americans seem fine, even appear to welcome, our descent into fascism. But I guess it doesn’t really surprise me after all.
    All we can do is stand up to it as best we can. Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.


    1. damn it you couldnt have said it better. I have no idea whats going to happen next


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