Life under Trump is pretty stark and frightening. He tries hard to keep us fixated on him trump_angusand seems to love tormenting the American People. There seems no end to his despicable actions and harsh words.

The one light in the black? You can harvest some of the BEST EVER UNUSED Punk Band Names from his crazy rantings!

Throw in the always jaw dropping headlines Trump’s serial bad behavior and crush on Putin always generate and there’s band names enough for Oprah to have a giveaway! Take one and make some seriously punk music!

Heres some examples of bands I WOULD pay to see if anyone had the initiative to form them-

  • Fire and Fury (I even buy the t shirt no matter how this band sounds)
  • Little Rocket Man
  • House Not Hole
  • Bannon Cried
  • Sloppy Steve
  • Violence On All Sides
  • Very Fine People
  • Extreme Vetting
  • (The) Bad Hombres (thank you readers!)
  • The Steele Dossier (another t-shirt buy)
  • Mexico Will Pay For It
  • Deep State
  • Beautiful Wall
  • Enemy of the People
  • The Fake News
  • Ten Feet Higher
  • The Crooked Media
  • The Liberal Press
  • The Kysliaks
  • Fancy Bear
  • This American Carnage (maybe a bit like Bad Religion?)
  • Crooked Hillary (ok sounds more metal)
  • Lyin’ Ted
  • Gorilla Channel (ok while this ended up not being something he ever said but damn I would see them!)
  • Very Stable Genius (synth punk a la skinny puppy or maybe like Janes Addiction?)
  • Guccifer
  • Bleeding From A Facelift
  • Psycho Joe
  • Divided Crime Scene
  • Pizzagate
  • Little Marco
  • What You Signed Up For
  • They All Have AIDS
  • No Collusion
  • The 25th Amendment
  • Troll Farm
  • The Emoluments Clause
  • Big Water
  • Executive Time
  • Bigly

The list will grow until president shitheel is out of office! Updates will be added when I hear something sufficiently Punk.


  • Meeting of the Secret Society
  • Russian Witch Hunt
  • The Great Sleuth
  • Translator Project (Kremlin Code name for Hacking US Election)
  • Kompromot
  • 13 Indictments
  • Inside the Russian Troll Factory
  • Zombies and a Breakneck Pace
  • Lucky Sperm Club