The Bigly List of Trump Era Band Names

{This post remains LIVE and will be updated as needed}


This list of Trump-related band names are mostly taken from his rhetoric, policy ideas and verbal implosions. This list has been curated since he took office and has been updated regularly. 

One thing that keeps proving true over and over is that Trump blurts out great band names all the time. Or he generates a great band names out of the confused pundits comments discussing his latest hard to auger rant. 

The only possible positive from  the Pandemic is that the amount of beginner musicians is at an all time high as are equipment sales. There’s more people playing music and therefore there will be more bands and some good music is on the way.

Trump has continued to be a veritable band name generator since leaving office, so this post is still live and will remain so. After all, it’s a shame to waste good band names.

So if you’re band needs a name- here’s a few suggestions!

Most of the band names on this list work whether you like Trump or hate him. 

  • Fire and Fury  (buy the t shirt even if they suck)
  • Little Rocket Man
  • House Not Hole
  • Bannon Cried
  • Sloppy Steve
  • Violence On All Sides
  • Very Fine People
  • Extreme Vetting
  • (The) Bad Hombres (thank you readers!)
  • The Steele Dossier (another t-shirt buy)
  • Mexico Will Pay For It
  • Deep State
  • Beautiful Wall
  • Enemy of the People
  • The Fake News
  • Ten Feet Higher
  • The Crooked Media
  • The Liberal Press
  • The Kysliaks
  • KISS-liak
  • Fancy Bear
  • This American Carnage (maybe a bit like Bad Religion?)
  • Crooked Hillary (ok sounds more metal)
  • Lyin’ Ted
  • Gorilla Channel (ok while this ended up not being something he ever said but damn I would see them!)
  • Very Stable Genius (synth punk a la skinny puppy or maybe like Janes Addiction?)
  • Guccifer
  • Bleeding From A Facelift
  • Rex-T
  • Psycho Joe
  • Divided Crime Scene
  • Pizzagate
  • Little Marco
  • What You Signed Up For
  • They All Have AIDS
  • No Collusion
  • The 25th Amendment
  • Troll Farm
  • The Emoluments Clause
  • Big Water
  • Executive Time
  • Bigly


  • Meeting of the Secret Society
  • Russian Witch Hunt
  • The Great Sleuth
  • Translator Project (Kremlin Code name for Hacking US Election)
  • Kompromot
  • 13 Indictments
  • Inside the Russian Troll Factory
  • Zombies and a Breakneck Pace
  • Lucky Sperm Club
  • Arm The Teachers
  • Love The Children
  • Teachers with Guns
  • Guns n Teachers
  • The Tears of Tillerson
  • Fired and Furious
  • Taint Squad
  • Taint Team
  • Client Number Three
  • Special Master
  • Tiny Little Fraction
  • The Crazy Stormy Daniels Deal
  • Too Many Exits – could be taken a couple of ways.
  • The Southern District of New York
  • Sign Language to Putin
  • Enemies List
  • Giant Merkel Scaring Dog
  • Truth’s Not Truth
  • Angry Democrat Thugs
  • Ungratfeul Dead (of Puerto Rico)
  • The Presidents Dangerous Impulses
  • Kavanaugh’s Accuser
  • Lingering Stench
  • Flat Denial
  • Rogue Killers
  • Bad Forest Management
  • Individual One
  • Caravan of Diseases
  • Dumb As A Rock & Lazy As Hell – ( I’m imagining a rap duo on this one but works as a metal band name too)
  • The Target Letter
  • Shocking Pattern of Illegality
  • Steel Slats
  • Sand and Death
  • Incredible Drug Finding Machinery
  • Presidential Harassment
  • The Worst Spy Ever
  • Process Crimes
  • The Worst Human Beings on Earth
  • Fire Hose of Falsehoods
  • Hate-Tweet
  • Hope Hicks Through Hell
  • Private Equity Vampires
  • The Squad
  • A Perfect Phone Call
  • Bomb Your Own Bases
  • Trump Virus
  • The New Democratic Hoax
  • To Take Trump Down
  • A Nasty Question
  • The Test Kit Failures
  • Incorrect and Grossly Uninformed
  • Two Way Street
  • Trump Plague
  • MAGA-Death
  • Crash Van der Trump
  • Science Denier
  • Vote Twice
  • Losers and Suckers
  • Unsurvivable
  • My Generals are Pussies
  • Praying at the National Cathedral
  • Sleeping in My Clothes
  • Superspreader Event
  • Lying Greedy Doctors
  • Stand down and Stand by
  • Protecting the Bus
  • Aggressive Boat Parade
  • Stop the Count
  • Red Mirage
  • Stop The Count
  • Refusal to Concede 
  • False Claim of Victory
  • Stop the Steal
  • Illegal Ballots
  • Massive Fraud
  • Homicidal Negligence 
  • Sedition Rally
  • Cash for Pardons
  • The Greatest Hoax of All Time
  • Dominion Machines
  • Poison Underwear
  • Russian Underwear
  • Refusal to Attribute
  • The Faithless Electors 
  • For 1400 Dollars More
  • (End) The Dark Charade
  • Many Calls & Many Meetings (two rappers maybe?) 
  • Trial By Combat
  • Call to Violence
  • 10,000 Actual Maniacs
  • The Capitol Riots
  • The First Sedition

Post Presidency

  • The President’s Shocking Inaction
  • Trope Central
  • Panicked Calls to Loved Ones


By Captain Teag

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    1. it really DOES like they would be in the same musical vein as DK’s! i think what shocked me most is that once you consider them as band names most work & you realize he’s a treasure trove of punk rock sounding statements. like i could sort of see some of the ban flyers!


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