Why I Won’t Be Watching Trump’s State of the Union (and you shouldn’t either)

No_TrumpsWell we’re about 36 hours out from a crazy lie fest in front of most of both houses of Congress. I’m sure it’s going to be a perversion of what we’re used to. Trump has no decency or civility. Perhaps the roughly one third of you who somehow dig him want to admire his hair helmet? For the 60% of us who are sickened by him? There’s good reason NOT to watch.

For starters Trump’s horrible speech will surely be written at least in part by awful Steven Miller, at the moment his most prominent adviser. Miller’s xenophobic and outright nazi-like rants have already played horribly on TV. Trump will drop this turd of divisive rhetoric like an underdeveloped old skool rapper who only THINKS he can rhyme.  How can I be sure? Well for one thing Trump’s latest petulant rant was against sometime rapper and full time billionaire Jay-Z. Seriously.

So what can we do? One thing would be to just not watch him live for now.  Low Ratings will make him crazy and lets face it, you wont miss much. Here’s just a few reasons-

  • Its not like you can believe him or he’s going to come through with the alleged outreach to the other side. As usual he will simply make take it or leave it offers that wont remain valid for even the blink of an eye.
  • It’s pretty safe to say he’s got nothing but broad strokes to offer
  • The Miller authored speech will just be a re-iteration of Mein Kampf.
  • In the wake of whats shaping up into a Monday Morning Massacre of Nixonian proportions its probably important to ignore as much of what Trump says or believes as possible.
  • You will definitely be upset by one of his many falsehoods. Best to wait for the fact checking
  • He wont suddenly develop the ability to make concessions or create compromise.  We’ve seen how he tries to “make deals”. He outlines a brutal and UnAmerican Solution that he wont compromise on. In the end we’ll be worse off just for having anti_trump_yard_him possess the veto power over any legislation, bipartisan or otherwise; that may emerge from Congress.
  • Very few of his ideas come to any sort of Fruition
  • Most likely stays mostly on script in front of an audience that has even a few people who aren’t rabid fans. He’s too emotionally fragile to do more than read and split
  • When he reads off the teleprompter he doesn’t even try and its a monotone blur of syllables and mistakes
  • He will take forever to get to the podium, blowing one handshake after another, snubbing people and maybe pausing to fight verbally with almost anyone.
  • He could easily go on a long frightening screed regarding nuclear war
  • Trump will simply insult world leaders
  • No one in this White House ever bothers to reference the Constitution, some of his assertions will be impossible or simple nonsense.
  • He could easily just helicopter back to address every grievance he has from the last two years
  • It will be very dark in tone
  • It will have several sketchily implied racist aspects that will be as ambiguous as they are divisive
  • His language usage and diction are so bad the text of the speech will need to be released before we know what that fuck he even means anyway
  • He will talk in stark frightening terms to try to intimidate all who oppose any of his scatterbrained ideas
  • You already know he will make veiled calls for violence against at the very least congressional democrats
  • Afterward there will be hourly clarifications as the White House scrambles to try to make Trump’s nonsense line up with his other crazy rants.
  • We already know it will be the worst State of the Union in memory and will present the American future in a less hopeful light than even say FDR 8 weeks after Pearl Harbor!

So spare yourself. Work on that netflix cue or clear off some space on the DVR because there’s just NO POSITIVES to watching the Dear Leader Live.

Donald Trump


By Captain Teag

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  1. Completely with you on this one. Other than facts/the truth, low ratings are his worst enemy. I wonder if any Congressional Democrat will have the balls to shout out, “You Lie!” as Joe Wilson did to Obama several years ago. Nah, Dems are always too nice.


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