Ex NFL Player Jonathon Martin is (Maybe) in a lot of Trouble with the LAPD

Jonathon Martin, troubled former Miami Dolphin, was feeling pretty riled up Friday by NRA rhetoric or something. The one time rising star has some kind of chilling legal problems clouding his immediate future.

Basically the authorities are trying to figure out of he was threatening violence against his former High School.

Martin as a San Francisco 49’er in 2014

Whatever else may happen we know for sure the posting caused private Harvard-Westlake High School, which Martin graduated from in 2007, to be closed at some point Friday.  After you see the post you’ll probably agree they had to do it.

The LAPD is not technically detaining him, he is getting treated at a Los Angeles Hospital and not likely to go anywhere except court anytime soon. The lately much mentioned Baker Act, which allows for involuntary treatment at a Metal facility, seems to be in effect. That would mean maybe Monday he could be cleared to at least leave the hospital to face whatever charges are then pending. He doesn’t seem to have a lawyer right now.

So is he under arrest? Well the cops wont say.

It might be best if he simply gets help. At the end of the day it will probably end up being taken seriously and Martin just might end up at best on probation.  At least he didn’t threaten his college, Stanford, too. In fact when you see the posting Stanford is the only chapter of his life left out.

School Violence, Gun Rights and The Baker Act have been at the front of the national discussion since the Parkland Massacre just 2 weeks ago. Wayne LaPierre or Dana Loesch would probably have been proud of the unhinged and scary instagram posting.

The post itself is sort of confusing and shows some weapons with mentions of the school. It’s definitely disturbing and constitutes a real risk if not an outright threat.  The only chance he gets off lightly is if it’s a garbled cry for help. In his favor – the post doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Heres his post below.  It says “When you’re a bully victim & a coward, your options are suicide or revenge,”  It’s difficult to tell if the person who wrote this was in their right mind.


Some may remember Martin accusing then Dolphins teammate Richie Incognito of bullying him and there’s Incognito tagged in the post.

The So -Called Bullying Incident was Incognito disrespecting Martin and sending some gross and personal text messages where Incognito basically called him a feminine, submissive gay guy. The incident got Incognito a lengthy suspension and a settlement for Martin. The whole thing was just weird.

Now it looks like Martin may be more than just a prima donna athlete. He may be among Americas many mentally ill, or worse still, a criminal. It up in the air.

Martin, who was drafted in 2012 as a gifted Offensive Tackle, has long been dogged with accusations of bad behavior and being a cancer in the locker room.

Bullying, Gun Violence, frightening social media posts, Mental Illness, the rocky road after the game and the fear of CTE;  Jonathon Martin is in the middle of a lot of things and much of it in the front of America’s most difficult and pressing conversations.

By Captain Teag

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