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Like everyone else I’ve just had it with lying White Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the daily assault civility and reality that is her White House Press Conferences. ew.jpg

I admit it, I feel like Trump sends her out there for a bunch of reasons all of which are best summed up by just calling her “really hard to take”.

Unafraid to brazenly lie and shame any member of the press who dares to ask a relevant question. SHS is quick to blame reporters the disgusting nature of Trump’s behavior and the questions it begs in the person forced to ask it.

Never shy about adding several pejoratives to any statement she might have a high “Insult IQ” and an inexhaustible reservoir of bile and faux disgust. “I think the question’s offensive” she often slurs in her Old Confederacy accent.

Sean Spicer at least had some shame. Not Huckabee- Sanders. Lying, gaslighting, moving the goal posts and good old Nazi “Them-ism” are favorite tactics.

Does anyone really think her brisk angry nature, her lack of civility and the ease with which she insults reporters aren’t the very reason she as given this job? Let’s  be honest the SHS Presser is an assault on all senses.

Starting no less than 15 minutes late every day (as per Mein Kampf) usually there’s a ‘Special Guest’ who totally doesn’t need to be there. Usually a deputy cabinet minister


typical SHS outfit that just enhances every bad thing

who will jump right in to a very abstract but lengthy story of some sort of prosperity scheme, usually enabled through taking things away from the poorest most vulnerable Americans. This is like watching the trailer for a movie that never should have been made. In other words, it lowers expectations.

Then Sarah herself takes the stage. Its difficult not just to go after her in the way her boss Trump goes after women, because someone that crass could have a field day. She would deserve it for enabling Trump. I don’t need to go there.  Instead I’ll stick with the things she controls that make her horrible. Like lying.


You could easily see SHS in this exact outfit

Most days Sarah comes to the White House Press Room podium dressed like a villainness from an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. There’s no telling which dysfunctional planet she’ll be dressed like on any given day but certainly we’ve seen Klingon and Romulan inspired outfits. Sometimes she likes a short leather skirt and Go-Go boots with off the shoulder flowing black garments inspired by ancient Greece. Other times she’s dressed like the Quaker Oats guy’s daughter or something. Another recurring look is something along the lines of Glen Close from Guardians of the Galaxy.

We all know Sara is right-handed based on her completely asymmetric eyebrow tweezing. She looks like 2 different people depending when she turns profile one way or the other. This probably helps keep people’s expectations low as she verbally assaults the White House Press Corpse, belaboring a point like an angry grammar school ew_2principal scolding the wild kids in the lunchroom. “Fake News” and “Enemy of the State” are terms we’ve all heard her use again and again.

So at the end of the day if Trump is held legally accountable for all his dickish acts and criminality; will Sarah Huckabee Sanders end up in jail too? It’s not impossible.

With Hope Hicks appearing sort of prison-bound and gone from the White House Communications office what SHS says now is more on SHS that ever before. While Hope Hicks had her job she simply sat off to the side, phone in hand, glaring at Spicer and later Huckabee Sanders as they dealt with the press. Seemed like Hope Hicks was in very much in charge. Until we hear different it’s a safe bet that the job of ginning up that days lies is Sanders gig now. Sure it still all comes from Trump, but he has some very real problems of his own.

What kind of problems could SHS have? For starters she’s kind of slandered the 19 accusers who claim Trump sexually assaulted them. Yup, she said the words “They’re all lying.” She may have furthered some lies about Stormy Daniels aka Stephanie Clifford a few times in the couple of weeks.

And then there’s stuff much closer to Treason. Like when she knowingly deceives the American people on behalf of Trummp.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders accepts a tax payer paid salary to deliver lies on behalf of a criminal. possibly treasonous president. I for one hope when all this shakes out and people get tossed in jail we get to see SHS showing off the newest Trump fashion jewelry – HANDCUFFS.

We all know Trump is lying. Can anyone doubt Huckabee-Sanders knows that too? How hard could it be to convict her right now of furthering a criminal enterprise? And how much deeper is the hole she’s digging herself into going to be now that she’s that much more responsible for what she says?

I really hope she spends a few years in jail.

Lock her up.


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