Why I Hate Sarah Huckabee Sanders (and hope she goes to jail)

Like everyone else I’ve just had it with lying White Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the (at best) semi-weekly assault on civility and reality that are her White House Press Conferences.


The Terrible Reason She’s Out There in the First Place

I admit it, I feel like Trump sends her out there for a bunch of reasons all of which are best summed up by just calling her “really hard to take”.

It’s become something of  a part time job trying to essentially Live-Blog her outrages. Throughout 2018 I had to keep updating this post due every few days due to Sarah’s steady pattern of Reaching New Lows.

These last few months its been a tough guess as to whether Sanders or Brad Pitt showers less! Forget soap dodging, that’s long in the past. Her hair is often matted down and greasy. She just looks unwashed! It may be petty, but like Trump’s orange body paint, it’s a choice and therefore fair game.

Sarah storms to the podium on whatever day sounding just like the overprotective wife of a violent alcoholic. Trump’s not mean and stupid, we just don’t know him the way she does! He’s not ignorant, he’s resolute. And he’s not a liar! He’s just an optimist and its offensive to her we don’t see it that way.


As winter slowly gave way to spring calls for Sarah to resign start to get discussed on cable news. Never knowing many facts, bluster and uncivil behavior were grinding on the media and the public.

In the wake the protracted, completely uninformed and briskly angry Stormy Daniels disaster the drumbeat for Sarah to resign was steady and driving.  To be clear I mean specifically the Stormy Daniels disaster where Sarah seems to have just knowingly and repeatedly lied. She seemed completely out of the loop (or more likely part of the lie-crafting) and of course was openly angry at legitimate questions as to whether she was just, you know, lying.

And then quickly thereafter later the ghoulish Public Relations disaster of refusing to apologize for staffers gleefully but prematurely dancing on John McCain’s grave happens (there was never a real apology).

This time rather than out of the loop or “In On It” SHS seemed to be part of an Uncoordinated Refusal of Common Decency. She she focused on the fact the meeting details were leaked. So total fail for her there. The Hits keep comin’. Again people said it was past time for Sarah to go. She now they were adding that she has no integrity. It’s a fair assessment.

All that was just foreshadowing of how petty and stupid the response from the White House was when McCain DID actually pass in August. The death of McCain came as Pressers at the White House became a seriously endangered species.

Unifying speeches by Obama and George W Bush really cast the Dear Leader in a bad light. Ucomfortable and angry there was a long period where there were no press conferences at all.

But no one’s resigning or getting fired anymore in Trump World, at least not without a major series of scandals like Scott Pruitt. There’s been so much turnover SHS is needed just for a thin veneer of continuity. So Sarah will probably be out there for the duration of the administration. Shes just okay with lying and simply hates the press so shes good with it.

In the last days of July Huckabee-Sanders finally really lost the room addresing the White House Press Corps. At issue? She refused to push back on her boss Trump’s repeatedly calling the media “The Enemy of the People”, a leftover term from Stalinist times.

It would seem this was just a bridge too far for what was already a terrible relationship. Reporters, now openly disdainful, have galvanized against her. If she refuses a question or dodges and refuses to follow up the next reporter she called on mostly took up the cut off lines of questioning.

After Trump, I really dont see things looking so great for Sarah. Who would want her repp-ing their company or brand? She could maybe read Bible Verses for people who are in jail and deserve to hear it in her voice.

At the Treason Summit she’s at Trumps side in a few too many pictures to think that wont add to her already very possible and bigly dangerous legal problems. She’s just around a few too many times when a few too many weird lies got birthed. I think she’s got Mueller Issues in the not too distant future to be honest. So maybe she wont have any problems except just being a Federal Prisoner for furthering a plot against the United States. Why am I so sure her husband will PASS om conjugal visits (theres no way he will be allowed to bring cialis to jail!).
Other Milestones – Faux Outrage, Denigrating the Media, a dash of Fascism and Outright Lies

The June 14, 2018 presser was a new low. After using the Bible as a justification to separate children from their parents at the southern border she went low and personal. She denigrated one reporter, CNN’s Jim Acosta, saying; “I realize it’s hard for you to understand…..even short sentences.” This drew some grumbling from the press and someone replied “That’s a cheap shot Sarah” Of course it was. So now personal insults have started to creep in to the ever more rare and ever shorter pressers.

Sarah really made some news in mid June Sarah when she was asked to leave a Virginia eatery called called “The Red Hen”. It was because the staff and management wanted to use their First Amendment Rights to refuse to serve her on the grounds she’s a hateful lying bigot. Who could argue? Sarah did!

In a particularly delusional tweet where she bashed the small business on her government twitter (in itself questionable) and claimed “she tries to treat all with respect”. Yeah, right. Tell that to CNN’s Jim Acosta whose intelligence she derided rather than answer a question about Trumps insane and cruel policies on the US Southern Border!

Then we finally had a reporter lose their composure and demand Sanders answer a question about the incarceration of children separated from their parents by ICE over alleged immigration violations. Rather than respond Huckabee-Sanders simply accused the reporter of simply wanting more TV time and again refused to address the thrice asked question.

Of late the pressers are shorter and more infrequent than ever. In fact “We’re really tight in time” is the first thing Sarah Huckabee Sanders says when she finishes her scathing and untrue opening remarks (on the days she actually goes out there).

The presser we were graced with on August 15 was nothing more than hot garbage. Sarah announced they were revoking some peoples security clearances in what amounted to an Enemies List. The authoritarian nature of the decree was sort of overshadowed by the level of incompetence with which it was executed. Most of the people on the list didn’t have clearances to take away in the first place. She just looked stupid trying to defend that one.

When scolding down from her high horse she’s never shy about adding several pejoratives to any statement she might have a high “Insult IQ” and an inexhaustible reservoir of bile and faux disgust. “I think the question’s offensive” she often slurs in her Old Confederacy accent. This sounds even worse when she shifts blame to former President Obama for obvious reasons.

Sean Spicer at least had some shame. Not Huckabee- Sanders. Lying, gaslighting, moving the goal posts and good old Nazi “Them-ism” are favorite tactics.

Does anyone really think her brisk angry nature, her lack of civility and the ease with which she insults reporters aren’t the very reason she was given this job? Let’s be honest the SHS Presser is an assault on all senses.

Sometimes there’s a ‘Special Guest’ who totally doesn’t need to be there. Usually a deputy cabinet minister. On especially truthless days we get a letter written by a child who admires the president and whose ”going to meet the president”. No pictures ever emerge and no one seems to want to ask why these admiring children sound just like Trump himself. So her opening act is bullshit followed by pure lies.

As of early October when there was a presser it was openly combative with the rancor coming FROM the podium.

The flaming wreck of the Kavanaugh nomination led to a contentious presser just days after the president had savaged Kavanaugh sexul assault accuser in a way that was evocative of a caveman. Sarah Didn’t back down or show any mercy either. Could she finally have bottomed out?

typical SHS outfit that just enhances every bad thing

A Failure to Communicate 

The pressers, when they do happen, are an open  firehose of lies, gaslighting, scapegoating and verbal abuse.

No reason is ever given for why the Presser is always at least 15 minutes late (I think they got it from Mein Kampf) or why the Press Secretary is always “very pressed for time” when the press conference is her actual job.

Many pressers involve completely off topic special guests introduced by Sarah along with a mention of the fact there’s very little time. Of course this is an artificial deadline just to create chaos and complicate the job of the press.

If any given Presser features someone like a Mnuchin they will jump right in to a very abstract but lengthy story of some sort of prosperity scheme, usually enabled through taking things away from the poorest most vulnerable Americans. This is like watching the trailer for a movie that never should have been made. In other words, it lowers expectations.

Then Sarah herself re-takes the stage. Its difficult not just to go after her in the way her boss Trump goes after women, because someone that crass could have a field day. She would deserve it for enabling Trump. I don’t need to go there. Instead I’ll stick with the things she controls that make her horrible. Like lying.

You could easily see SHS in this exact outfit

Most days Sarah comes to the White House Press Room podium dressed like a villainess from an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. There’s no telling which dysfunctional planet she’ll be dressed like on any given day but certainly we’ve seen Klingon and Romulan inspired outfits. Sometimes she likes a short leather skirt and Go-Go boots with off the shoulder flowing black garments inspired by ancient Greece, which is ironic as the Ancient Greeks had a democracy.

Other times she’s dressed like the Quaker Oats guy’s daughter or something. Another recurring look is something along the lines of Glen Close from Guardians of the Galaxy.

We all know Sara is right-handed based on her completely asymmetric eyebrow tweezing. She looks like 2 different people depending when she turns profile one way or the other. This probably helps keep people’s expectations low as she verbally assaults the White House Press Corps, belaboring a point like an angry grammar school


principal scolding the wild kids in the lunchroom. “Fake News” and “Enemy of the State” are terms we’ve all heard her use again and again.

So at the end of the day if Trump is held legally accountable for all his dickish acts and criminality; will Sarah Huckabee Sanders end up in jail too? It’s not impossible.

With Hope Hicks appearing sort of prison-bound and now long gone from the White House Communications office, what SHS says is more on HER that ever before. Hope Hicks is long gone. Until we hear different it’s a safe bet that the job of ginning up that days lies is Sanders gig now. Sure it still all comes from Trump, but he has some very real problems of his own. Ome things for sure, shes mastered mimicking Trumps tone and indignace.

Spinning Down With No Bottom in Sight

September 2018 started a whole new chapter in the Trump White House Implosion. In rapid succession esteemed journalist Robert Woodward dropped his book “Fear : Trump in the White House” on us. It was a blow by blow of the administrations criminal ineptitude and chronic dysfunction. Sarah swatted this down as lies by a journalist who was a known democratic operator. A total lie. Before the dust had settled the Mind Blowing Anonymous New York Times Op Ed from INSIDE the White House senior staff more or less confirmed everything Woodward had said. In something of a failed bid for revenge Sarah used her official White House Press Secretary Twitter account to try to harass the paper by printing the Times office number and urging people to call. And they did. To THANK the paper for exposing the corruption. She wasn’t getting that Trumpian reaction she could once count on.

Screenshot 2018-09-07 at 3.35.10 PM.png

It seems critics are her current audience. The Trumpists are still there loving her bullshit, but there’s a lot less of them. The majority of people are critical and sarcastic in their remarks and assessments of the SHS and her constant lies.

What kind of problems could SHS have? For starters she’s kind of slandered the 19 accusers who claim Trump sexually assaulted them. Yup, she said the words “They’re all lying.” She may have furthered some lies about Stormy Daniels aka Stephanie Clifford a few times in the couple of weeks.

And then there’s stuff much closer to Treason. Like when she knowingly deceives the American people on behalf of Trump.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders accepts a tax payer paid salary to deliver lies on behalf of a criminal. possibly treasonous president. I for one hope when all this shakes out and people get tossed in jail we get to see SHS showing off the newest Trump fashion jewelry – HANDCUFFS.

We all know Trump is lying. Can anyone doubt Huckabee-Sanders knows that too? How hard could it be to convict her right now of furthering a criminal enterprise? And how much deeper is the hole she’s digging herself into going to be now that she’s that much more responsible for what she says?

Then at least in October she had to pretend to like Kanye and we got this classic pic –


The 25 minute late 23 minute long October 29 presser, the first in 26 days, of course started off with SHS arbitrarily declaring they were really pressed for time.

What SHS served up, angrily mind you,  was one long offensive blame-shifting mess. after a supporter of the President went on an anti press anti – Democratic Party package bomb spree that earned him earned the moniker ‘#MAGABomber and a massacre at a Pittsburgh Synagogue that seemed to find some root in the presidents endless race baiting comments, SHS falsely blamed the media for all of it in a series of self serving lies.

Deeply frustrated reporters got the usual word salad and of course the real victim, to Huckabee-Sanders, was her personal hero president Trump.

As Fall turned to winter the Administration and the Communications office had devolved into endless chaos. Insanity was starting to become normal.

The #MAGABomber, Synagogue Massacre and “Caravan” Presser was a singular horror with its very own post.

Midterms Video Slander

In the November Midterm elections the GOP suffered pretty serious setbacks in the House of Representatives. In the run-up and aftermath Trump seemed in a Bi-Polar High. He was lying and acting out on an even more grandiose manner.

The Post Midterm presser featured Trump himself, seething and beyond combative. He scoffed at most of the questions, mostly turning them back on the reporters.

He saved most of his ire for Jim Acosta. In a detached meltdown Trump called him horrible and rude. He made a point of saying he was rude to Sarah too, which won Jim a place in my heart despite it being false. Then Acosta lost his White Press credential simply for asking Trump a question …. at a press conference.

It was only a day later Sarah released some obviously altered images and video to make it appear Acosta had grabbed aggressively for mic and roughed up a White House intern. It wasnt true at all and unaltered feeds of the presser exist everywhere. It was a simple Misinformation Campaign to satisfy her revenge driven boss, not that she minded. This might be the only slam dunk case of slander ever. Acosta should sue.

Early December saw Sarah slated to leave at the end of the year, no one was that bummed. She was rightly bombarded with ridicule for imagining out loud her legacy was Transparency. No White Press Secretary has lied more or longer than Sarah.

The middle of December saw a Sarah siting and the 14 minutes of blather was worse than usual and the timeframe made discerning much pretty impossible. Mike Flynn = Good Mike Cohen + Rat, and a mic drop. I don’t think she took a single follow up question.

Hopefully it’s her farewell appearance. Doesn’t seem like December will be a big month of transparency.

As the months have passed by the idea Sarah may just be exposing herself to serious legal jeopardy from the Mueller Probe seems more than just feasible. It’s an open question whether she’ll be cited or indicted in any aspects of the massive fast moving probe. The constant lying to the American People could just be a problem. Shes been around to help brew up some blatantly Orwellian lies. It doesn’t seem like she can just move on to some other non Trump Gig.

Winter & Spring 2019

With press conferences all but a thing of the past in 2019 we barely see Sarah in that setting. She’s more just a seconding voice for Trump’s fantasy of the moment.

The story last Thanksgiving was she was due to leave the White House “in the New Year.”  We’ve now made it to April and she’s still there. 

Could it be no one wants to hire her? Shes the face of dishonesty. We just weren’t aware of HOW dishonest til –

The Mueller Report – The Lies of Sister Sarah

We all knew that eventually proximity to Trump was going to cause her some problems. While I speculate one day the criminality she’s been part of will come back to haunt her I didn’t think she’d figure deeply into the Mueller Report, and she didn’t. None the less, her talking out of both sides of her mouth was one of the first stories to ruminate through the headlines. Seems Sarah’s christian values don’t include even the slightest guilt about lying unless there’s jailtime involved.

And her lies werent to mitigate Trump’s insanity, she was burnishing it.

The Mueller Report showed her to be an Enabler rather than any of  the authors of the Anonymous New York Times “White House Resistor” article, where the idea was to stick around at the expense to your own dignity just to keep Trump from blowing up the world.

When James Comey was fired for not dropping the Flynn Investigation Sarah had a series of May 2017 pressers (remember when we had pressers?) where she simply lied to the American People. Her repeated lie, which she’s since told some more lies about, was that her phone was ringing off the hook with grateful FBI Agents thanking her for Trump’s firing of  Comey. I’m not sure why they thought she would want to hear it. I guess she took the (fictional) calls in between high 5-ing all the other FBI Agents she claimed stopped her to tell her how glad they were their boss had been fired amid a torrent of abusive comments about the Bureau itself.

When in front of Mueller Sarah actually told the truth. These were pure lies made up from whole cloth. Obviously she was parroting her boss.

Cries she be fired are now pretty universal. The Fox White House guy may even be on board with that one, he has to listen to the lies too, right?  But this is how Trump likes it.

By the third week of April we’ve had 4 Pressers all year, in no regular order. This begs the question – what exactly does Sarah do these days?

Updated 5-17, 5-18, 6-15, 6-17, 6-25. 9-6, 10-3, 10-29,

20189 updates 4-15,  4-22,

A popular anti Sanders Meme right off Twitter

By Captain Teag

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  1. Dang that First Amendment! It’s for losers! Well, Trump openly admires dictators and autocrats all over the world, and they each have their cowering, sniveling, lying little toadies. It seems some percentage of humans everywhere can be counted on to enable the worst people among us. They are miserable little people who understand that if not for the autocrat they serve, they would be completely anonymous and irrelevant. Instead, they get to be reprehensible, dishonest and disagreeable, but on a big stage.
    Yeah, lock her up. Mueller’s biggest problem at this point is probably narrowing down from a long list of people and transgressions within this administration. Where to start?


    1. right on. she’s enabling a traitor. I really think her unpleasantness was why she got the job. If not jail i would at least hope having this job will keep her from ever holding elected office


    2. I Will Follow on Everything that You have Said The White House is in Dis Orea Due to None Other Than The Idiot at The Helm and Then You Have his Monkeys that Work For Him and Really They Stand Up For Him .. !! I bet If There Were to Be A Raid on That Place it Would Be Just Like Iraq All Over Again and They Would All Throw The White Flag What a Bunch of Jokers . And Don’t Get Me Started On Sarah Stupid She is Just Like Monkey See Monkey Do . She Reminds Me Of The Media Guy That Always Backed Sadam Hussain and Then Gave Himself When When We Invaded It Would Be Nice If She Did Not Always Take The Presidents Side In Everything Being We All Know He Is Wrong Most of The Time .. !!


  2. It’s funny how you wouldn’t allow my post to be placed on your crappy site. I guess the truth really hurts. What are you afraid of? I guess having all the same viewpoints is easy when you cherry pick the ones you like. You’re laughable! I’ve said this for years and it’s true now more than ever, liberalism is a mental disorder.


    1. Your comments can be on here but you can start your own blog buddy. I’m not the one that’s mental! You’re the one who is so grandiose you think I should just hand you the keys to my blog. You’re getting your say. I notice you can’t address a single point & its just an ad hominem attack.


      1. Trump supporters have no use for logic and reason. Whatever Hannity/Trump tells them is true is good enough for them. Up is down, and black is, well, bad. Nearly as bad as brown. Many people are saying. Believe me.


      2. This guy acts like he even offered anything up for consideration. I mean, it’s MY blog, I wouldn’t allow him to write a post on my blog under my name & that’s unfair? comments are enabled, he’s not shut off from opinionatiing. He really didn’t elaborate much in his angry comment about how he’s unable to comment. Weird guy, fake name


  3. Sarah Huckabee Sanders hit a new low..showing a doctored video of Jim Acosta supposedly assaulting a white house aide.. um.. excuse me.. in both versions.. SHE touched him FIRST.. All he did was push her hand away as she tried to grab the microphone… Sanders is and always will be a slime. I dont wish evil on her. but she is going to get it anyway.. so we just wait.. and laugh. NO doubt she will try and lie her way out. but too late Sarah darlin.. we already KNOW what you are made of.


  4. I am convinced Sarah Sanders knew about the bounties placed on our troops. And like Trump, she said nothing to anybody. She needs to be in prison when this is all over with. There is no way she should have been allowed to head home to Arkansas to sit on her dad and forget about all the lying, the dangerous information she hid, and who knows what else she was a part of in this administration. Every time Trump went somewhere she was right next to him. There’s no way she didn’t know these things.

    She needs to be on trial.


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