Katy Perry Kills a Nun

Well, I never thought I would say “Ozzy Osbourne would be proud” when talking about Katy Perry, but I was wrong.

Sister Catherine Rose Holzman, who was 89, dropped dead in court years into a legal battle over a one time LA convent the pop star bought from the Church.

Katy Perry gets the last laugh

It was simple greed, not some X-File or demonic force that had the old lady drop dead during the pointless court battle she shouldnt have bothered with in the first place. Pride Goeth Before the Fall! When I’m 89 I will want to be okay, but I dont know if I would insist that I only live in a mansion to the point it killed me anyway, but that’s me. I can’t speak for the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (though I may have seen them at MSG with the Jesus and Marychain in the early 90s.)

It would never have happened if the Archdiocese had let the nuns sell off the convent for 15 million bucks to some restaurant owner a couple of years back. But they stopped that in its tracks and at some point they sell it to Katy Perry.

So lets face it, the property is Katy Perry’s. They took her money.  The Church even wanted these old battleaxes to just drop it. I guess they’re exactly like the pissed off violent nuns at Our Lady Victory in the 80s when i did 8 of my Catholic school nightmare years.

This isn’t Katy Perry’s fault. It IS kind of hysterical though. Here’s this woman of god dropping dead fighting over a material possession she wasn’t willing to give up. Nice vow of charity.

At this point you gotta ask- what kind of lowlife lawyer would ever take these crazy old bats baseless property case?

I guess Sister Catherine got her wish. She only wanted to live in a 15 million dollar mansion convent and played the Jesus Card to no avail. She’s probably also pretty surprised that there’s no god and shes just dead.  Tough fucking day.

My advice for Katy Perry? Maybe see if the Osbourne’s want to buy that place OR take your music in an occult new direction. Either way, fuck it, this wasn’t your fault.

Sister Rita Callanan and one or two other unrealistic goddies are still looking to keep their sweet digs despite losing over and over. So maybe theres another nun dropping dead in court soon.

Well Played, Satan! File this X-File under LOL!

Sister Catherine Rose Holzman


By Captain Teag

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