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Shut the fuck up while I introduce myself I’m a man of bigly wealth and taste

I think I look younger than I am and my clown hair is sprayed in place

I was round to watch when Roy Cohn had his moment of glory and fame

Made damn sure that Vladimir got away with his election game

Pleased to Meet Me, Don’t forget my fucking name

and whats puzzling you is my grammar is so lame

I walk around 5th Avenue where I could shoot someone and its okay

Fired Tillerson and all my cabinet ministers, Melania Screamed in pain!

I drove a truck and got mocked as fuck while Miller raged and Bannon Drank

Pleased to meet you, Have you Got My Bribe?! And whats puzzling you is how I’m still alive

Im soaked in pee while Putin films me But I had the bigly-est inauguration in History

Shouted out “Who Killed the Kennedy’s?” When after all it was Lyin’ Teds Dad and me!

I think every cop should act like a criminal but Robert Mueller is too clean

And Im president thanks to Guccifer so I’ve put Liberty under restraint

I dont drink or smoke, just chug diet cokes and have 2 scoops for your one

So if you meet me expect no courtesy, no sympathy and no grace

and All my poorly learned politics will lay America to Waste

Hey Baby, trump’s my name! hey Baby Putin’s to blame!


For anti-Melania Song Parody ‘Eleanor Bigly” click here    

this song parody is my fucking payback to scumbag Trump for destroying my enjoyment of ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’. He plays that one without permission and has really sort of misappropriated the meaning in a way that makes me fucking sick