Mr Putin Goes to Washington


Well we all knew that Trump was gonna keep on sucking up to Putin but inviting Vlad the Poisoner come to the White House is just a slap in the face to the American People.

I guess he needs to get instructions from his boss? Or Trump somehow beat out Netanyahu for Kremlin Employee of the Month? Or make a payment on the Pee-Pee Tapes?

Whatever the reason our wanna-be dictator will of course lie to us and then Putin will punk him hours later by releasing details of a meeting that will be misrepresented by this White House just like they misrepresent everything.

I think Trump just needs to talk to Putin to beg in person for help and hacks in the upcoming 2018 Midterm Elections.

Here’s some predictions- one prediction has come true already, hours ago the Russians let go that Trump had been the one to suggest the meeting take place at the White House, where he hasn’t been in 13 years.

  • The meeting will have Putin lounging in the Oval Office with his little bitch Trump
  • Trump will try to avoid the press and lie about the meetings and everything that is discussed
  • Putin WILL Punk Him like he Punks everyone. Probably by releasing some embarrassing pictures or audio to directly contradict what Trump’s assertions
  • Suddenly there will be a new strategy for re-election and the mid terms- Stick to your Guns and wait for the fix is the best description
  • Treason stays in season
  • The meeting will immediately begin a new erosion of Trumps numbers (if he doesn’t start it sooner with a whack statement). Its really offensive and was probably Putin’s idea.
  • When Trump’s impeachment goes down this meeting will be the source of at least one charge in the Indictment

By Captain Teag

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