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UPDATED- While I never thought it was going to work out in the first place I was wrong. Now though; after putting in a few tumultuous months; John Bolton is OUT at the White House.

So while the original prediction was a bad call the things that ended him are right there in this post.

When we backed off the conflict with Iran I think we all knew is days were numbered.

So here’s what I thought going in, below is the original post

While John Bolton might be the worst influence possible on the new truly unrestrained Trump there’s still 48 hours before he starts. In that time he has a couple of mountains to climb. The whole thing so far has been about as stable and well thought out as a Meth Binge. So what’s hanging over Bolton’s head?


For starters? Cambridge Analytica. This perfect storm of “the story is breaking now” and “Every day Bolton seems to have been more deeply involved” is still intensifying.

The Cambridge Analytica people were apparently crazy low lives running their own “For Hire” political punking operation. And every day that goes by it looks a little more like Bolton knew that and loved it when he hires them.

The Cambridge Analytica story is not controllable by anyone at this point. Most of the investigating is being done by the British, who are pissed as could be at the Cambridge people. Throw in that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg will be testifying before congress later this month about how Cambridge punked Facebook out of 80 million peoples data and counting (thats not gonna go well at all)  the story becomes a bunch of flaming bags of shit that have to be stomped on over and over. The latest development was last night when  Rachel Maddow reported Cambridge Analytica is coming up as an issue with getting Bolton the security clearance he needs to get this job. This probably won’t get better

The next issue? People are justifiably SCARED of John Bolton’s ideas. Thats right, the fact he’s probably crazy is not even the biggest problem. Truth is he’s a complete hawk on everything. You can just google it. A Pre-Emptive war against North Korea (or Iran) is just one crazy idea. Lets face it, it doesn’t sound good. You can’t hear it and think “This guy should be in the president’s ear.”

Then there’s the fact that John Bolton has been an Anti-Russia Hawk too. There’s no problem finding info that backs that up either. I just can’t see Trump liking this once someone finally tells him.


Plus after about a decade on TV puffing about this and that he’s on the record with ideas that are better suited to Fox News Zombies than any sort of National Security Adviser role.  His past fire-breathing statements are going to come up and will just be one more thing Sarah Huckabee Sanders will have to get irritated over when she answers questions over it with lies.

Last but not least Trump’s less resolute than ever. He just hired and let go of a pair of Mueller Probe Defense lawyers before their start date ( though they’re on Fox News of late saying they’re still on the case). And of course we all remember Anthony Scaramucci never making it to his start date.

No two ways about it Bolton’s no sure thing…. and I never even bought up that mustache they say Trump hates. If he does get hired he will shave it off right before he gets fired. Trump wont miss the chance to humiliate him and tell him he’ll keep him if he shaves it then fire him on Twitter.

Waddya Think? I want to know; Leave your comments here!

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