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It was last winter I first encountered people looking to get me to vote for Social Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I’m pretty sure I signed the petition to allow her run in the first place last fall. While I ended up supporting her until the numbers were shown on CNN i never thought she’d unseat Joe Crowley. As it turned out she easily defeated the re-districted 10 term incumbent.


How’d she do it? Simple, she was in the district every day campaigning. Her people were at the Woodside Train Station daily talking to anyone who would listen about Ocasio-Cortez and her even further than Crowley Left Views.  Adding to the confusion, Woodside was about the only neighborhood left in Crowley’s re-drawn District. He was a bit of a stranger looking for his secnd term with the new boundaries. He failed to adjust.

For me, when the Ocasio-Cortez door-knocker came by he told me the impeachment of Trump was something his candidate was all for and looking to even perhaps initiate. That was it for me. Crowley hates Trump but he wasn’t looking to Impeach. I just detest Trump and think Impeachment is the way to go, especially if it starts with the Rep’s from Queens, where the bigot is from.

Throw in she’s got more or less the same views a Bernie Sanders and that’s how she won. Free public college or vocational school, Housing as a Right, Medicare for All.  She has all the right ideas that resonate in THIS neighborhood. The abolition of ICE should not be underestimated as a plank in her platform. I liked the sound of it, even if it may not happen its a worthy goal.

Im pretty sure we were all okay with Joe Crowley, but where was he? Did he sleep on this challenge? While he was in the local neighborhood papers for a guitar playing gig at a local pub and burger joint and was in a couple of civic parades I never saw him out shaking hands. It wouldnt have killed him to be outside CitiField begging for votes, Cortez did it.


Photo Mural at Woodside 7 Train & Long Island Railroad staion

In the end it was possibly simple laziness and lack of connection to the district that ended Crowley. He’s still well liked. No one says anything bad about him but Ocasio-Cortez just outflanked him on the left and leaves me living in a town everyone is America is talking about.

Im thinking this is a sign more strong very left women will be winning their races. Woodside and the Mighty 14th District is where the End of Trump begins.


my actual Ocasio-Cortez handbill that changed my mind