The NRA are Russias Hired Guns

Since the inception of this blog I have referred to the NRA as a Russian Front. I have called Putin the ‘actual leader’ of the NRA and I have pointed out that their rhetoric is Anti-American. Yesterday I got a whole lot of backup on that in the form of Maria Butina, a Russian spy and weirdo who you may have noticed on the peripheral of right wing activism.


The National Rifle Association has been on a Treasonous Path at least since the Ruby Ridge Incident in 1992. Thats when then NRA Wayne LaPierre called the government agents acting on a duly sworn search warrant “Jack Booted Thugs”. This was so out of line then president George HW Bush purportedly said “Who the Hell is Wayne LaPierre anyway?” and quit the organization out of disgust.

And its been easy to connect the dots since then. If they weren’t already getting money to undermine the government at that point they had started broadcasting a desire for it.

How to Train Your Traitor

Essentially the world is full of horrible people who will do anything for money. The more money you throw in the mix the more horrible people are willing to act. Its McTeag’s Law.

Wayne LaPierre got over 15 MILLION DOLLARS for 3 years helming the NRA before treasonous loser Ollie North replaced him in May of 2018.  Where’s that kind of money come from? Looks to me like it’s coming from Putin and his oligarch’s.

Loathsome Dana Loesch, enigmatic Colion Noir and North are part of a three headed treasonous monster fed by the Kremlin and controlled by Putin directly.  They eat Bitcoin and Putin feeds them well. Why else would they hatefully attack schoolchildren for having the temerity to survive an Active Shooter? The shady secret all the NRA ‘faces’ have in common is that they care nothing for their nation or their fellow citizens, not even the children. Just listen to a few seconds of anything Ted Nugent says and its clear these people are NOT about America at all.

All for money.  RT aka Russia TV and NRA-TV have the same message all the time. Its a pro Kremlin Message that is hateful and UnAmerican. The uniformity of the messages is undeniable.
There’s other Gun Rights Groups out there if you just cant live without being part of a gun agitation group. The National Rifle Association doesnt need your money and doesnt care what you think. They’re pawns of Putin and an extension of the Kremlin

Russian Spy and Right Wing darling Maria Butina has been down with them for 4 years and has rated them ripe for mobilization as a Treasonous Organization for the Kremlin. They were already completely against America and Civility. They just needed an injection of cash, which the Kremlin was happy to provide.  They also threw in a few style tips that culminate in the guise of NRA TV’s crazy messages and propaganda. The real question is if the NRA was in with the Russians before all this. My guess is- Probably.  The Anti-Government and Anti-Law Enforcement Statements have been their true north for more than a decade (at least).

Trump and the NRA were a natural match. It was like setting up two people with the same strain of herpes. They were already toxic and a breeding ground for new diseases. The NRA ploughed MILLIONS of dollars into pro-Trump, Anti-Hillary Ads. In an election as fluke-ish as 2016 it was enough to be one of several reasons Trump overcame the odds and somehow won.

Resist the NRA. They are in fact nothing more than a Treasonous Terrorist Anti-Police Organization.


By Captain Teag

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