Maria Butina Boyfriend Paul Allen Erickson AKA US Person 1


Well, I guess a guy who looks remarkably like the boss character from the Dilbert cartoons doesn’t think too hard about just HOW he landed a girlfriend half his age. Fortunately, we don’t need to read Paul Allen Erickson or Maria Butina’s minds. We have their words and deeds to go on.



As far as words; well who the Hell writes a hypothetical note to themselves (in their own hand) “How to Respond to FSB offer of Employment” ? Well  that would be Erickson, who everyone is pretty sure is the only person to fit the description of  the Butina Spy Ring member legally identified only as “US Person 1”

Just to catch you up Butina’s in jail, Erickson’s missing (and presumed alive) but sadly, they aren’t together anymore.  Turns out loathing him was just too big a hurdle for Butina. Im guessing this is recent as Erickson was part of her story about moving to live with him again. The Fed’s have this crazy idea it wasn’t love and she was more likely going to split to Russia and there’s lots of reasons to believe they are right.

In Update news the July 25 Rachel Maddow show featured bombshell facts like that Butina had been approached in March about cooperating in an investigation into US Person 1 himself, our pal Erickson.

Erickson, 56 years young, would have us believe he’s a simple kind of guy who sincerely hopes that bankruptcy court lets him keep his 1992 Ford Mustang in the face of a looming $37,000 judgment on his Platinum Delta Skymiles Card. That’s a lot of fraud right there on just one credit card.

How does a South Dakotan whose hoopty has a “RTWING” vanity plate and is maybe being repossessed get into the position to even have 37,000 dollars in credit to begin with? Well turns out if court papers and things like legal judgments are any indication he simply lied.


Spinning yarns of an Incredible Medical Invention, specifically a Super Wheelchair; which was bringing back returns of 75%, (or roughly 300% what Bernie Maddoff claimed to be able to deliver) was just what his Right Wing friends loved to hear. He was a salt of the earth middle america guy who was outperforming the East Coast Elites at their own game! So of course they threw their money to him! At least that’s what he claimed when he took 30,000 smackeroo’s off a father-son business team which the court very much thinks he needs to return. I’m assuming he parked in back so they wouldn’t have the quandary of ‘why would a millionaire drive an 800 dollar quarter century old car?’ to shock them into reality. Or maybe Butina helped them see it his way? She does trade in sex.

The 30k he just took of course turd-blossomed into a court case. So when this happened of course Erickson got a lawyer. And when that lawyer never got paid and quit Erickson got himself another (who also quit due to non-payment). It’s unclear if he’s currently represented. So it’s likely all he has for a lawyer going in is a Public Defender…..against the Mueller Team. So in other words we will have an In Court recreation of the On the Court performance of the 1993 USA Olympic Basketball Dream Team  vs China. In other words, a horrible legal slaughter featuring dizzying running up of the score to the point Erickson may never walk free again.

So, being hard up against the prospect of living in public park somewhere in Sioux Falls once that mustang gets seized by Marshals is one of the charming aspects of this handsome fellow who has a 28-year-old Live-In girlfriend (that apparently he wasn’t allowed to call ‘girlfriend’ in public).  Her leading traits? She loved Putin and guns in that order. She also magically had just enough difference making cash whenever it needed to appear. I wonder why those cynics at the FBI don’t think this is love?

In some ways Erickson is sort of for real. He was almost a part of the Transition. We know now that means he was totally a part of the Transition and talked informally to Trump all the time. His assessment of the picks as bad and the rejects as worse seems to verify he had knowledge. Just ask the neighbor he boasted to for 5 years in the building Erickson’s been in since he was only a few years older than Butina is now. The neighbor told CNN all sorts of stuff. Like that Butina was always pining to go back to Russia.

When he did work it was as a Right Wing dirty tricks guy (per the same CNN article and other sources). His specialty? Well that just happens to be Negative Information on Democrats. Wonder who was feeding him that?

He also had a stellar rep with and emerging ties to, of course, the NRA. That helped his Right Wing Hater Rep and enabled him to steal even more.

The preposterous nature of this guys crazy grifting somehow made him an influential guy and pals with Trump and his buddies. In a way it makes sense.  Erickson used the Trump University model to get his money. He lied to people about having a Golden Goose and a way to clone it for yourself.

Aside from a talent to spend money he didn’t have and lie this guy doesn’t seen to have anything going for him. He’s just one of those people who get a few years of fun out of conning people and then spends forever paying for it.

For Erickson being a chump and a loser whose spy girlfriend just wanted away from him is the first dose of ComeUppance. Theres sure to be many more before this guy ultimately goes to a Supermax forever.

Update – On the December 5 Rachel Maddow Show it was reported that Erickson has received a “Target Letter” from the FBI that maybe they’re looking to charge him with what amounts to spying. This as the NRA is looking to be under suspicion of being a tool of the Kremlin and as Butina seems to be trying to make some sort of deal.

UPDATE 2-7 Paul Erickson is now under indictment for Wire Fraud and some other financial cons, some including his ‘Girlfriend’ , Maria Butina, who seems to have started cooperating aginst poor Erickson before she was even formally charged herself, Jil seems imminent.

A Facebook message to Erickson has not been returned (kidding)


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