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It’s like this – Trump’s just said the election WILL BE HACKED IN FAVOR OF THE DEMOCRATS. It’s NOT true, the Hackers are the Russians who want him to win. While I think he and Putin discussed a second coordinated election hack to again help him and the unpopular Right Wing Agenda in Helsinki, the Russians haven’t revealed that yet and of course Trump’s Administration is not telling the American People a damn thing 8 days later. We have Putin’s own words from just days ago to show us he loves Trump as US President and has NO buyers remorse about his puppet-boy POTUS.

As Reuters points out Trump offers no proof the Russians will hack the election. Its also a real stretch to believe Putin’s changed his mind about Trump in the 8 days since they connived in Finland.

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin

One thing you can be sure of is that in the over 2 hour one on one with no American’s present to tell us what really went down the two dictators discussed the strategy of misinformation and lies they would use to Nullify the Midterm Elections should either Trump or Putin not like the results.

Sit back and wait, and STILL VOTE, but be ready for Benedict Donald to try to Nullify the 2018 midterm election results. I think that would probably count as a coup and certainly it would be time to take to the streets with pitchforks and torches


2 thoughts on “Prediction – Trump Will Nullify the Midterm Elections if They Don’t Go His Way

  1. What Trump and Putin are both after isn’t so much to help either the Democrats or the Republicans win this November, it is to try to undermine the very concept of the existence of truly fair and free elections in the U.S. They are targeting the very concept of democracy itself. They want to create so much suspicion and cynicism in the minds of American voters that this will have the effect of people wondering if democracy maybe isn’t so great after all, and, therefore, a “stable” authoritarian system will look more attractive to many people by comparison.
    Either way, Trump/Putin are extremely dangerous to the fabric of our democracy.

    1. couldnt agree more!

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