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Last nights special election in Ohio if not for the Green Party’s whacked out candidate, Joe Manchik. I watched  video of the guy and it was like an Un-Funny Seth Rogen Bit. He definitely owns a dry herb vaporizer and is the most stoned person currently on earth if you’ve seen him try to express himself. Useless as a politician, but probably an unwitting pawn of Putin. I say unwitting because I think Putin’s too professional to let this flake know anything.  I mean- look at the guy! He claims to speak 19 languages including Esperanto and Sheet Music! COME ON! If you voted for this guy its time to think over your views. Did you see him at all? He’s nuts.

In an official campaign skype conference with some sort of ‘media’ in a supposed bid to be a congressman? This HAS to be Putin Punk-ing us!


Unwitting Kremlin asset Joe Manchik

The Ohio 12th Congressional, ruby-red for all but 4 years since 1935, is too close to call a full day out. The Republican guy, Balderson, ran as a Trumpist and even said some stupid stuff about the character of people from a part of his own district.  One of the most disturbing Trump rallies yet was even in play to help Balderson out but he couldn’t put it away.  He currently has a lead about 1,700 votes over my fellow Irish American Democrat, Danny O’Connor.

Quick cultural note-  Dont look for O’Connor to back off on a recount.  When Irish people get angry or lose in a competition we feel slighted in; we fight back, hard. The pipes havent played for Danny Boy O’Connor yet. He may still prevail. 

The Green Party- Sketchy Spoilers

Unqualified Green Party weirdo flake and dab enthusiast Commie Joe Manchik picked up 1,127 votes

In a race separated so the few votes siphoned off by the Green Party are probably gonna end up determining what happens, really hurting the Left again. It’s a consistent pattern since they gave us George W Bush, the loser of the actual election and started to make this dangerous stuff look normal. It’s not normal. The Green candidate proves that in this election more than ever.

We Can’t allow these flakey likely traitors play spoiler anymore. I’ve rescued one Green already. He’s happy with The Working Families Party and doesn’t miss sketchy Jill Stein’s weird ideas.

The Green Party’s been looking sketch for some time. I think they’re probably as bad for America as the NRA.

To those still voting Green I say- What The Hell? This party has lost its way long ago and is most likely a Left Wing arm of Putin’s campaign to divide America. Please, you need to just stop blowing up elections and getting half assed semi illegitimate presidents elected by splitting the Left

To all on the political Left I urge you- vote Democrat in 2018 and we’ll run these fascists out of out government and impeach Trump

As evidence I have only the entirety of everything Jill Stein says, seemingly purposely divisive. She’s only hanging out with what we can call a pretty much admitted Kremlin spy, Flynn , at the infamous dinner where Flynn led the standing ovation, in his general’s uniform, for Putin.

Jill Stein is possibly a Russian asset and a traitor. It’s hard for me to believe anything else, really

Oh and seriously, don’t donate any money to these clowns. It’s basically like giving it to Putin. Another alternative Left party with some better ideas, like the Social Democrats or the Working Families Party, which seem much more authentic, will fill the void.  They also play much nicer and work with the actual Democrats, pulling the whole party in a progressive direction. The Greens just want to pull us apart.

We don’t need these sketchy maybe traitors stirring the pot anymore.  Personally I agree with the German Film Look Who’s Back in the assertion that were Hitler to somehow come back he’d like the Green Party right off the bat.


Waddya Think? I want to know; Leave your comments here!

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