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est 2012

For the first time since 1948 we have a new branch of the Military- Space Force! But what is it, really?



At the very least its a pure Work Around to avoid the real scientists and pacifists at NASA, who probably balked at some crazy plan months ago and triggered this whack idea. John F Kennedy’s NASA Mission was supposed to be peaceful and non military.

If this was 1942 Germany they’d call this concept the NASAWaffen , or  “Weaponized NASA”, or the SpaceWaffe, which is what this nonsense is aspiring to be.

Department of Redundancies Department

What exactly was wrong with NASA and the conventional military coordinating? Weve had navy missile destroyer’s blow up bad satellites on a treacherous re-entry path, we’ve put a bunch of people on the moon. We ran a largely successful shuttle program for decades. There’s a real record of achievement there.

Throw in the fact that every branch of the military has space assets and Space Force is more than just arguably unneeded. It’s outright redundant.

Starfleet Command was Taken

Oh yeah, they’re going to use Naval ranks like Star Trek!  So “Space Ranger Rick” will sadly never be a reality. Oh well, at least the idea of an actual spacefaring Captain Kirk is alive and well!

Space Force is the most blatant and stupid attempt to wag the dog in history, don’t get too distracted by it. There’s daily criminality from the Trump Administration,  which has certainly surpassed two incompetently corrupt terms of Grant in less than 2 years.

Its a Black Hole for Cash for Corruption and Contracts to Gift Up Defense Contractors.  

Come on, whatever money Trump can get his hands on for this will first find its way into the Cabinets and his own pockets. Next they will stash some away to fund dirty tricks and bribe people. Finally they will try to get some sort of contracts approved for people like Northrop Grumman.

There’s not much more than that to this dysfunctional administration.



2 thoughts on “The Space Force Farce

  1. With no mention, of course, of how we’re supposed to pay for it. All the conservatives that use exactly that line of criticism of any proposed national healthcare system, “Who’s going to pay for it!” never seem to bat an eye when it comes to adding literally trillions of dollars of new debt when it comes to “defense” spending.
    Democrats should weaponize this issue come fall: Do you want to militarize space, or do you want healthcare for every American family?


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