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UPDATED-  I’m still pretty shocked I was wrong about this. A delay of even one more day probably would have killed all chance. It’s still hard to believe they didnt just find someone else. Here is the original post, which can still get shoved back into being more correct than it is right now

UWith four women (and growing) accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of inappropriate sexual behavior that’s starting to look like a pattern of disrespect there’s almost no way he makes it to the Supreme Court. The question being begged now is “Can this guy sit in legal Judgement of ANYONE?!”


I’m predicting that Kavanaugh is removed from the bench he currently sits on in DC by the end of the year.

For starters today’s chaotic and confusing press conference by a lying, self-pitying Trump, coming hours after Bill Cosby was sentenced to 3-10 years in prison and lifetime violent sex predator status, wasn’t really an all out push for the Caveman. Trump was hedging his bet ever so slightly, but  we all know that that simply means he will ruminate on Kavanaugh being a pain in the ass and eventually just ditch him. We’ve seen Trump damn people with faint praise before. They never seem to last after that. It may take a week, but no longer.

Then you can be sure the Hearing will be an outright disaster for the Republican’s. If anyone sees a path to victory for them as far as not looking like total creeps tell me, comments are enabled, cause I can’t see it.  Even the use of a female lawyer to ask questions for them seems dicey. Will they miscalculate and accidentally bash her? I’m pretty sure they will. “We can have a woman ask it” will likely be the concept that dooms Kavanaugh. These are still a bunch of male GOP senators as crazy as John Kennedy and John Cornyn.

The Democrats wont be able to do a whole lot, so look for them to try to punch in a running TD with getting a real FBI investigation OR a second hearing for other accusers. Either will end Kavanaugh.

Then Disgraced further by either falling short on a vote or being removed from consideration by another sex predator (Trump) the calls, already out there, to remove Kavanaugh from the DC Circuit Bench will grow, and as his stock falls it will come down to simply quit or be removed. It’s that or face recusal request for any case involving women’s issues or any attack against a woman. Even in Civil litigation he seems like he’d be biased and lack respect for women.

I’m not ready to say he’ll lose his law license yet, but don’t count it out. Looking at how things went for Michael Cohen as he hurtled out of Trump’s orbit I would not rule out anything.




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