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UPDATE- Trump’s unstable presidency only got worse as it went on. This post was about one low day, but so many more followed. There seemed to be no moral basement. The 1-6 Capitol Riots are far, far worse.

Here Now The Original Post –

As protestors flood DC screaming and chanting against the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court we’re at Rock Bottom as a Nation.

Our flag has never flown so low or under such troubled, Kremlin Red Skies.

Twilight’s Last Gleaming

October 6th, 2018. A day that will live in infamy. The day America reached it’s deepest low since pre civil war congressional fights that fail to end slavery.

The new GOP tactic of having its few women in power say the awful slut shaming things that the GOP men script for them (because are too smart to say them themselves) is likely dooming us all to decades of Kavanaughian misery.

Our national prospects have never been worse. We’ve now got a caveman on the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh’s approval ratings are roughly the same as the amount of Americans who Opposed Winning World War II,  about one-third of everyone. The other two-thirds passionately hate and fear Kavanaugh.

Screams and protests from the Senate Gallery, the sort unheard in decades of divisive legislating, is quite simply heartbreaking.

A grim, angry and entitled man on the SCOTUS bench is just another example of Donald Trump’s 2 Super Powers- To make people walk away more divided than they were before he spoke and, worse; an ability Constantly Reach New Lows through the utter lack of a moral basement.

Never forget Susan Collins, Senator from Maine, who lead the charge among women on the right to pretty much be Rape Cheerleaders for an angry drunken frat boy, so long as that frat boy is a conservative.

The Two Front War Against The Truth and of course Women and Minorities seems to be consequence free for now. It’s hard to say ‘Vote “em Out” when I’m pretty sure the GOP will try to fix the election with help from Putin again and this time the backlash will be greater and more immediate.

As his wife cavorts around Africa without him dressed in cast off movie villain outfits, the Social War at home remains a baffling example of failed indirect democracy. Since the 2nd election in less than 20 years to make the (huge) loser of the popular vote president the will of the American People is simply being ignored on many fronts.


Super Popular measures on Gun Control and the Affordable Care Acts are ignored or even attacked as a minority agenda slowly advances.

Then to top it all off we have a terrible possible predator  who seems likely open to blackmail going to a lifetime job telling the rest of us how to live.

What Next?

Sure looks like this coming midterm is going to have Three main features.

First; the Democrats will likely win all over the map.

Second; there will be many states who fail to protect their Voting Process and a bunch of contested results where the GOP wins in a fishy way.

Third; BLOTUS Trump will absolutely claim every democratic win is a fraud and probably try to get the FBI to investigate the Democrats ONLY and find a way to NOT seat the new congress at all.

Trump WILL try to nullify the midterms.  Caveman Kavanaugh is about to beat the odds and become a Supreme Court Justice. The checks and balances meant to florence_flagconstrain incompetent or corrupt presidents will be severely inhibited and rigged to favor our criminal billionaire heir who hasnt made a dime on his own of a president.

It’s a sad day for decency.

50 Little Fiefdoms or Several Regional Republics?

This is what Putin wanted and its becoming sort of likely. Every time Trump stretches the rubber band of national morality to near snapping point the less and less it is able to return to its original shape. He’s deeply damaging all our institutions all the time.

The stakes of this election are really high. The people of any given region will not sit by and live their lives according to another regions morality. Any hint of Hacking in the election has the potential of having breaking into several regional republics.

The funny part about this, is, if it happens it would actually makes Trump the first president NOT born in the United States since the guys who were born when we were British Colonies. Talk about “what comes around goes around.”



2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Most Disgraceful Day in American History

  1. I’d put the odds at 60-40 in favor of us losing our democracy over the next few years, replaced with something closer to what we’ve seen happen to Hungary, Turkey and Poland recently. And around 40-45% of American appear fine with that outcome, if they believe it means they’ll be top dog.

    Meanwhile, I also believe we are going to drift into a war with someone (probably Iran) within the next year. This will have the double-benefit for Trump of being a great distraction away from the Mueller investigation, which should wrap up at about the same time, and it’ll be a way for him to rally his mob going into the 2020 presidential election.

    He’ll cast the election as the patriotic Americans fighting evil Iran vs. the traitors within who are undermining our war effort. Look for a new Alien and Sedition Act to be passed, and to be ruled Constitutional by this Supreme Court.
    I have little optimism for our future, even if the Democrats take back The House.

    Having said that, I am helping registering people to vote, putting up yard signs, donating money and, of course, I will be voting Democrat a month from now. I hope we can at least slow this down, if not turn it around.


    1. Im afraid youre probably 100% correct


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