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The Trump Crime Family;  Part 1 – Don on Fire


For the White House its been an autumn of  falling off the charts in terms of  decency and civility and mostly just about reaching new lows daily.  Trump remains double digits under water approval-wise just to top it all off.

What little policy we’ve actually seen could best be summed up like this – Childish angry actions and revenge on a petty scale are the main pillars of Trumpian Governing. Most everything else springs from those 2 motivations.

Storm of his Own Making

Right now the president seems to be completely on fire from a blaze that first started in his pants, in a couple of ways. Specifically the payments right before the election to women he’d had sex with while he wife was pregnant with his son to keep them quiet. That would seem bland as the hits kept comin’

Take the Canoli

Trump’s blaming EVERYONE non stop. In frantic media availabilities hes  insulted and denigrated reporters; basically sounding a lot like an actual nazi a few times. He blames the Democrats, imaginary people who voted several times and probably most of his family and staff for this mess.

UPDATE – 12-9 – The president’s crazy tweeting has increased; as has his public use of vulgarity and profanity.  This Theory is STILL ageing well.

FEAR since September

Ever since the initial stories and outtakes from Bob Woodward’s book FEAR shed light on an infantilized, idiot president being undermined by terrified henchmen. From stealing memos off his desk to filtering the news he gets to keep him happy one things obvious – they just can’t abide by the presidents dangerous and uninformed  impulses.  Even more convincingly, it fit in with everything we’d seen from this administration.


That was September (though it seems 3 years ago) and of course it launched Trump on a Scorched Earth Mole Hunt within his Administration.  While it never produced any moles, (unlike the “Mueller Witch Hunt” that’s bagged a bunch of real, pointy hat wearing witches) and faded from the headlines I don’t think it really ever ended.

This source of rage will show up regularly. In fact all sources of rage surface continually. Persecuting reporters, vicious personal attacks all around and a complete inability to handle frustration make you wonder why we even have the 25th Amendment.

If the president’s not overwrought with anxiety its only because his non stop venting and tantrums keep stress from building up. So in effect if he stops screaming and yelling he’ll become catatonic or maybe die.  Not the most impressive coping method to be sure.

Don’t make the mistake the journalists seem to mostly fall into; that is- to think of this a series of singular events that are unrelated. The truth is that Trump absolutely keeps score and will grind axes past the point whee things like dignity stops other people.


An Administration of Fredo’s

Recent questions surfacing in the last week include whether or not Trump had any knowledge of the person he appointed to head the Justice Department and whether or not Vice President Pence might not be disloyal and therefore on his way out of the administration.

While Trump’s no Michael Corleone he does have an equally contentious relationship with Congress and may find himself in Godfather 2-like contentious hearings with congress. On this one Michael Corleone wins all day as far as witness for oneself. Calm and rationale he pointed to his status as a war hero and a tax payer, two things Trump isn’t known for being able to back up.

Surrounded by simpletons and second-rate intellects members of the Administration simply are suffering Stockholm Syndrome as they wait to see who will next be sent out fishing that day to sleep with the fishes forever.

And Trump’s no Michael. He’s much more like Sonny, Fredo and Connie Corleone all rolled into one. Angry, dumb, vain, oversexed and saddled with unbridled aggression.

Mueller is Coming

Mueller could easily use these traits against Trump and lure him to the Phantom Toll-Booth of (Political) Death.

The plan to have Lex Luther Look-alike Whitaker hamstring Mueller is more sinister than dangerous as cutting off funds ir shit talking seems to be too little too late. The report’s mostly done from what we hear.  On top of that theres a bunch of revenue streams Mueller may just find a way to tap via all the Ill Gotten Gain confiscated from Manafort and others. So starving cash seems pointless and the idea the Whitaker isn’t a legitimate Attorney General, acting or otherwise. It wont matter what the longterm results will be.

This president is now just obstinately pushing back on reality a few hours at a time. A great example of this would be his ongoing series of outright lies about how Finland rakes it’s forests clean, something Finland and it’s leaders were baffled to hear. The internet reacted with mocking laughter across all social media calling Trump an idiot or liar or both depending on the tweet. #RAKEAmericaGreatAgain trended for awhile as a hashtag.

In fact in California he was distracted he couldn’t even the names of the towns he’d been in just a few hours earlier.  I’m sure its the least  of the problems for the former residents that Trump couldn’t recall the town’s name. His assertion they bought this on themselves by not raking the forests clean to the point he threatened to cut off Federal money to the state may not sit well though.

We’re probably just days from the Mueller Report dropping. My guess is best case would be only a couple of his children will be indicted. And to be honest I’m not so sure that the wouldn’t let any of them outside Ivanka just rot there because lets face it- hes a shitty father and will only go out-of-the-way for his favorite.

I think its possible the Don(ald) could sacrifice his son just to stay in business…. just like Vito Corleone.






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