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Remember that debate performance where Trump was wildly snorting and yelling? Okay, trick question, its most every time he talks in public. After that first debate though, even Carrie Fisher, who knew what she was talking about, said she was sure that Trump had been snorting drugs. Assessing it all with her usual “Takes one to know one” honesty.

While she guessed it was coke, and that still could’ve been in the mix, it was likely Adderall that had Trump speeding out based on new information.

1_Vm72wlcyGCPBmGqXsNPUyARecent accusations that he snorts adderall “because he can’t read” fall in line with other questions about Trump’s literacy that we’ve delved into at length here.

Botching the Response to Dayton and El Paso Shootings in an Adderall Trance

Despite being an older post, this exploded organically from the bizarre way Trump acted after the El Paso and Dayton Massacres.

He flubbed the address to the nation by being in “Teleprompter Mode” aka “distant and semi incoherent”. Marked by mumbling, the only thing singled out for sympathy by Trump was the guns used, which were “never” to blame.

While things could have gone better in Dayton, they couldn’t have been worse when Trump got to El Paso.  The only survivor who he met was an infant whose MAGA loving uncle bought needlessly back to the hospital to meet his hero despite how unseemly it looked. And it looked like THIS-


This is one horrifically bad picture. A leering Trump is in full campaign mode for a picture with an orphan his words helped create. Trump is all sorts of inappropriate, it looks outright bad.

It’s like he’s on drugs.

Other Accusations of Drug Abuse

Another person to add fuel to the fire on this one is a former Apprentice Production Assistant turned comic Noel Casler. His accusation? That Trump is semi-illiterate and the idea of reading the cue cards terrifies him. We’ve heard exactly this before from the SNL people who endured a walk on by Trump.  So what’s Don’s coping method? Snorting a few rails of amphetamine, of course!

Casler’s pretty funny, but the Trump riff starts at about 3:30

Noel correctly points out that Trump’s doing a drug invented by the Nazi’s to make people meaner and hyperalert.

Adderall is Really Powerful and Damaging

After breezing over the wikipedia entry for Adderall  I can tell you it absolutely IS  considered a form of methamphetamine and is supposed to be used for people with ADHD, a concentration deficit. You may wanna steer clear of this even if its one of your options. It’s tricky stuff.  It tends to get abused.

The really interesting parts were the effects of overdosing or just messing around with it the wrong way.  Increased Apprehension? Sounds like Trump. Psychosis is in there too. We’ve seen like 3 psychotic breaks from reality from this president just this week on Twitter.

And as far as not being able to read? Too many people are saying it now. Maybe he can’t concentrate to read? It looks like a good bet right now.

Seeing as how it’s now well-known Hitler was also a huge fan of  the methamphetamines (and Trump’s a huge fan of Hitler), it’s even more likely that Trump simply does a few blasts before a rally.

Thinking its likely he uses a different dosage when he’s reading off the teleprompter at other, usually official events (rather than rallies). Is he emotionless and monotone cause he’s so high or is it from withdrawal from the meth? In the teleprompter moments he’s just distant and emotionless. Hard to tell where his mind is a lot of the time when he’s doing inappropriate things, like treating a soldier like a butler throwing his coat at him at the National Cathedral when he arrived at the George HW Bush state funeral (where he was asked not to speak).

If he were high sometimes it sure would explain a lot.

Another interesting thing associated with abusing the stuff is it messes up your circulation. Especially the extremities. This brings to mind how it took about 5 minutes for Macron’s thumbprint on the back of Trump’s hand to go away. Remember that? It’s a good bet French Intel services told Macron to crush Trump’s bigly hand a little so they could see if this happened. And as you can see the media caught on right away (or got tipped off by the French) and got this great, revealing picture.


I’m guessing most foreign governments are operating under the assumption the presidents on drugs.


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