Don’t Trust Sketchy Tulsi Gabbard

Having a weird name and coming from Hawaii is not an obstacle to the presidency. Hatespeech, on the other hand? That might be enough. Today Tulsi Gabbard’s needless campaign for president rocked into day 2 by putting all Gabbards flaws on display. Rather than own, explain and apologize Gabbard simply showed how two-faced she is. She regrets what she said but retains the Intolerant beliefs.

Tulsi Gabbard is the kind of person you would call “Sketchy” if you had to work with her. She’s expressed a lot of bad-hearted opinions with one common thread – everything she’s saying she regrets saying (notice I’m not saying ‘regrets believing’) is outright Intolerant.


Be it who you should love or what to do with lady-parts, Tulsi Gabbard had ideas that are way out in the woods by Democratic standards. You could make a decent case she should probably be kicked out of the party.

She’s Weak on Genocidal Regimes 

Who likes Assad and doesn’t have a weird tie to Putin? Just sayin’….

Don’t feel bad, she’s fooled a lot of people, but the lights getting brighter and people are catching on.

Screenshot 2019-01-18 at 1.26.29 PM.png

She’s In This For the Long Run, But Not to Win

Tulsi Gabbard is like a pro-wrestler. It’s in keeping with our president, who is in the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame.

One day Tulsi Gabbard might just have trouble explaining just how a conservative republican claiming to be a Democrat generates enough campaign money to fly this Spruce Goose of a political career.  Who wants to give money to a Democrat who  doesn’t support fully a woman’s right to choose and is on the Outs with her states LGBT Community in a Big Way?

I think she’s in it with the Russians. It really makes more sense than “Anti-Abortion Anti-Gay Democrat keeps getting Elected”

It’s more likely people who see her will google something like “Whats up with sketchy Tulsi Gabbard” than will go to donate.

My Theory- She’s a Kremlin Pawn

Shes only in this to bring discourse down. One of the few people I try to actively ignore (and will return to doing so after I finish this post).  She’s often in line with Putin. She might just not be on the side of Uncle Sam, the USA and what’s right.  That’s right folks. That’s what I’m saying. If she’s so poorly spoken she has to excuse a bunch of intolerant down-punching hatespeech things aren’t going to get better….ever.

And she’s in no way a Democrat. Joe Manchin has more left wing integrity. I basically comes down to this- If you had the enthusiasm to go out making stupid statements about who makes wedding cakes for who and why only some people should get married you’re just not a Democrat. You weren’t 12 years ago and you’re not now. I wish I could say “nice try,” but that’s too generous. Just watch her unspool Kremlin propaganda like its true on Russia TV, the only media outlet that really covers her, and you’ll know she should never be president.

Her Kremlin mission is to hijack debates and keep the conversation as stupid and angry as possible.

Tulsi Gabbard’s Strange Take On Apologies

She regrets speaking Hatefully about Gays but makes sure to tell us that her personal views have not changed. That’s a Non Apology and an attempt to have it both ways. And as far as the topic of Abortion? Again her personal feelings remain unchanged, but she regrets speaking hatefully about it.

Todays news brings us news unlikable and hard to figure Tulsi Gabbard continues to strive for ‘Worst Candidate Since Christine O’Donnell” territory by having a presser that could be described as “Trumpian” in its hypocrisy.

Why did Tulsi Gabbard apologize to the LGBTQ (& whatever I missed) community? The answer is “to divide us”

Quite simply because Tulsi’s core beliefs are conservative republican. Born to a conservative GOP wheel shes hated on women and gays but couldn’t strike enough hateful notes to make it in the Republican Party.

An early fan of Trump who never slams him and almost joined the administration (I’m sure the party intervened) Gabbard’s record on how she feels about how you’re born remains somewhat Third Reich-ian.

While she understands you may need that abortion her personal has always been pretty close to ‘Its murder’.

Shes Woefully Short on Qualifications

Because the idea of spending more than a few sentences explaining just how unqualified Tulsi Gabbard is to be president I’m just going to say she’s a mere member of the House of Representatives, not a state governor or US Senator. It would be unheard of to put her in the Oval Office.

How unqualified is Tulsi Gabbard for the presidency? Despite 6 years in office in the House of Reps she’s absolutely less qualified than even the right wings favorite person to hate- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, to sit in the Oval Office.  Ocasio-Cortez for her part has more policy nd better ides as well nothing to apologize for. And she’s not trying to do anything but represent her district well. Tulsi Gabbard should do the same.

Tulsi Gabbard is a fake Democrat and bad politician who should 1- cease running for president 2- stay off Russia TV 3- should strongly consider resigning

UPDATE-  Tulsi Gabbard is now endorsed by David Duke, former KKK Grand Wizard.

I again call upon her to quit.

By Captain Teag

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