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Well I didn’t really ever foresee myself being in any way excited by the  E Warren rollout, but I was just a little inspired for minute here and there.

Going in I was prepared to be let down or even annoyed because Elizabeth Warren has a mixed public speaking record in my eyes. This was less bad. ewarren1

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Her tone and cadence were actually better than usual. She didn’t degenerate into the screamy-ness we occasionally see when she gets worked up speaking live.  Simply said she doesn’t have the best yelling voice but her calmer speaking tones are fine. In that sense she’s the EXACT opposite of Trump.

Warren has been paying attention to the news and was seemed to be associating herself with some of the views of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in energy policy.  That’s right, some of my representative to Congresses from here in Queens ideas were on display, most notably, a search for a sustainable, cleaner energy for the future.

She also touched on election reform, fairness and equality before the law and generally sounded like a solid and practical Democrat and a little bit like, yes, a president.  She sounded, a couple of times, a whole lot like AOC.

The meat of her rhetoric comprised of fairly viable reliably Democratic ideas and assertions about Labor policy, education, the rigged economic situation in America, the favoritism towards the rich and even hints of election reform, Campaign Financing transparency and killing Citizens United were all in there. I also felt like they were all given the right amount of time by the candidate.

She only mentioned Trump’s name twice but managed to say she thought racism and corruption are the administration’s hall marks enough. The call that all candidates in 2020 be required to post their tax returns online was surely aimed at wrecking up the Trump Campaign (and would if enacted).

I wanted to personally start a “BOSTON SUCKS” chant listening to the New England accents of her crowd, but that’s just me. Her supporters were definitely worked up for the speech and absolutely liked everything they heard. Whether she’s got their long term support in rapidly broadening field will be the real question.

It was a good launch event considering I kind of thought it could be an outright disaster. Whether or not it “Un-does” some the self-inflicted damage from the earlier gaffes and people wondering what the deal is with her heritage is still to be seen. A lot of people still want to know what the deal with her native american dna fiasco is. [UPDATE- well while She DOES seem to have some Native DNA its hard to say. Its outside the margin of error probably, but was really small. l thnk Im 900 times higher at something like 1% on 23%Me. None of the spins she put on it really ever overcame this issue].

Most notably, while still not my favorite candidate this was her best public speech that I’ve personally watched.  It’s possible she’s upped her game. I need to see her sustain it before I stop worrying about what I perceive as her negatives; which are sounding elitist and degenerating into sustained shouting at live events. neither of these things reeled their ugly heads.

It’s probably NOT a coincidence this refreshingly good speech had NO MENTION OF HER DNA OR ANCESTRY.

Weirdly but predictably the White House gave the rollout a free boost by reacting to it while it was still underway in the same predictable racist and mean terms.

The biggest issue Warren may have to face is that she’s Trump’s preferred opponent. Its possible that de-motivates people from her camp, but she’s definitely already stomping Tulsi Gabbard and a couple of others.

This week’s polls will tell a lot but I predict that Biden will still have a majority of support in 7 days, next Sunday, February 16.

While I didn’t catch her using the exact phrase Green New Deal” it was immediately spoken by CNN anchor covering it. Pure AOC right there.

you can watch the whole thing by clicking this link.

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