The NFL Owners are Some of the Worst People in the World

Whether its lying about being a charity or using charity laws to defraud their fans, issuing phony stock for real money or just plain old supporting human trafficking the 32 NFL owners are pretty much a Who’s Who of the Worst People in the World.

For awhile there the league kept up the charade it was a charity and dodged a lot of responsibilities. They try to get as many people as possible to work for free and hold onto money with both fists.

Teams like the Green Bay Packers. who infamously issued ‘novelty’ phony stock to pretend to be fan owned, took it a step further for awhile and essentially enslaved the parents of high school football players at their concession stands. The Faustian Bargain?  Free football equipment for their kids school teams in exchange for labor. In the freezing cold. Without being able to see the game, throughout the season…..and for every potential game if they made the playoffs. In frigid Greenbay where its awful starting in October, or week 4 by NFL count. I’d so be rooting for then to go 3 and 13 no matter how much I loved them after an experience like that! When they worked that frigid January playoff game for unpaid overtime essentially outdoors they must surely have hated the team. Some Vikings fans were created that day. Imagine the joy at the concession stands if theyre eliminated at home with that deal? Show THAT on TV!

The New England Patriots Robert Kraft boasts Six Superbowl Rings, and more notably, One Prostitution Ring, This MAGA-hat wearing scumbag may lead the pack. nn_ksa_robert_kraft_latest_190225_1920x1080.jpg Pictures him as an ugly and irredeemable version of the Hooker loving corporate criminal Richard Gere played in Pretty Woman, but he probably isn’t ever that nice to the hookers. Whats worse than a guy getting sex from a slave paid for with retirement fund money pilfered from the working man? A horrible man.

Right behind him is Krafts fellow MAGA scumbags Johnson & Johnson, owners of the Jets. No more tears? Tell that to ME, one of your fans and I’ll educate you on how unbelievably frustrating watching them fail has been through their regime. Fuck those fan hating jerks!

The Steelers and Giants ownership is mingled through Rooney Mara and Kate Mara. You gotta wonder if they argue over who gets which team. Theyre okay though, its not about them.

The Steelers QB is ‘accidentally’ roughed up how many woman how many times? I couldn’t employ a guy they call Rapistburger.

The Giants are snobs who basically get by simply by not being quite as bad as the Jets. Eli Manning isn’t  bad guy, but time to hang it up! Please! Dont make me watch anymore of that!

The Cowboys owner is saint among them. He’s merely sort of a degenerate alcoholic who loves having 19-year-old girlfriends. You cant truly hate him but its a little weird. Compared to Kraft he’s a white Knight though. So what if he covered up the criminal antics of the team throughout the entire 90s Superbowl run?jones1.jpg

The Ravens only exist because the Colts left town in the middle of the night and so traumatized the fans they were in the CBA for a while before welcoming the Ravens,who were a legally mandated re-named re-location of the then Cleveland Browns that came at the end of a humiliating series of losing law suits by the the Cleveland team and the league against the city of Cleveland and the fans. The poor people of Baltimore may get screwed again but at least they won a couple of Superbowls.

Legendary and dead owner of the Raiders Al Davis was a scumbag who would have been a dark ages warlord in a previous life.

The Chargers ownership are freebooting around from arena to arena like they don’t need a city to have fans.

The Rams have played in then burned every city west of the Mississippi.

It goes on and on

So when you find out they wouldn’t have Donald Trump part of their club, you gotta wonder, “Is it cause they know a rich awful crazy person when they see one?” and that even they wouldn’t permit him to join their ranks?

It explains the National Anthem Controversy well too if you think about it.

Trumps bid was rejected in 2014



By Captain Teag

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