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If there ever was a man so dumb and vain he could be an unwitting traitor its Donald Trump. At the same time no more dishonest a person than Trump has ever walked this earth. Throw in that the president is socially awkward on his best day and outright inappropriate the rest of the time and you’ve got a Nutty Wanna-Be Dictator who can’t stop venting destroying America from the top down.


Be it tossing paper towels to dazed hurricane survivors in Puerto Rico or lying right to the Parkland survivors; it’s a triumph for Putin and Russia every time the Flag-Hugger-In-Chief does something disgraceful.

Trashing a dead American War Hero isn’t any kind of new trick for Trump, who lied to stay out of the military. The target is new though. The only reason it took this long is that John McCain didn’t die til about 6 months ago.

Trump the Typecast Tyrant 

This assertion has something going for it, that is – If the Kremlin could pick the United States president they would want someone just like Donald Trump. Belligerent, bloviating, thin-skinned, brittle and endlessly venting about imaginary grievances. He’s never graceful and frequently highly inappropriate.  If you wanted to destroy the United States putting a fat, stupid version of Richard Nixon in charge would be a great way to start.

From a Hitler-like speech that traumatized thousands of Boy Scouts, to simply blowing off a World War One Centennial Ceremony attended by the leaders of all other participants, including the losing Germans, because of a little rain in Paris, its like he’s looking for ways to be a disgrace. He’s good at it.  He simply follows his own lazy self centered inclinations and Mission Accomplished as far as the Kremlin is concerned.

The disgraceful Kavanaugh hearing and investigation, where things were clearly worse than we were allowed to know, is a great example of needlessly disgracing America.

There was surely another Rubber-Stamp Trumpist out there who hadn’t been such a creep. In defiance of all common sense and goodwill the investigation of Caveman Kavanaugh was so narrow and stilted it made everyone sick. Kavanaugh got the gig, but is so damaged its up in the air if he stays on the bench if a Democratic president is elected. He may get fired and replaced.                             trumpidiot

Too Many Coincidences

It’s not an unbroken series of coincidences. Trump is a disgraceful man. Putin type-cast him as a douchebag and, I think, had a hand in whatever manufactured Trump’s analysis-defying election victory.

We’ve seen how Trump coordinates with Putin when they were together unsupervised in Helsinki. Trump joined the Russians in bashing America all around and sounding like a brain-dead sucka.

Trump absolutely watches Russia TV. Why else is he always saying what they say? He follows all the wrong people on Twitter. His actual reading and comprehension abilities have justifiably been questioned. He seems not to comprehend simple things. Anything scientific results in a blazing display of ignorance, like scolding California for not raking out its vast Federally Administered forests in the midst of destructive wildfires. His aides have said he’s easily deceived and can’t remember more than a few out of context falsehoods on any given topic. He’s a tailor-made pawn for Putin (or really anyone).

He finds enough opportunities to meet, sans translator and accountability free, with Putin to stay well-instructed.  It’s helpful, but it’s not vital. Trump’s perfect for the role of Destructively Incompetent President right out of the box.

A Very Public Life Lived Horribly for Decades

Go back over Page 6 of the Trump-lovin’ New York Post and you’ll see he’s shown up for every who’s who in New York History with some poor woman literally in tow for decades. It was later revealed he never made any charitable donations at any of the charity events he made sure to show up at.

Look at the Justice Department and you see a man who openly discriminated against all minorities as a landlord, got caught and paid for it over and over while making up the difference by cheating all the other tenants with artificially inflated rents.

Look in the New York Times and you’ll see his paid ‘Op-Ed’ ad from the mid eighties where he patronizes law enforcement and calls for the execution of some innocent black teenagers (who he still slanders from time to time). It’s not a mixed bag, it’s a bag of really disgusting personal garbage shoved into public view by a guy too dumb to be ashamed of himself.

The pattern has gone on unbroken since the 1970s. Acquiring, trashing and then throwing away wives, development deals, casinos, buildings and hundreds of millions of dollars. Trump’s self destructed over and over and yet somehow he’s never gone broke. Isn’t this the kind of thing that should raise serious questions in a world where it’s really hard to make even 50 thousand bucks a year?

How can a man we see revealed as a complete idiot NOT have self sabotaged himself into the poorhouse, if not prison? The easiest guess is the Russians and maybe earlier the old school Italian Mafia helped him out in exchange for some money laundering.

With ‘John Miller’ and ‘John Baron’ calling the city’s papers to seed favorable stories since the 1980s, and the National Enquirer to bolster false claims of wealth Trump had as many inexplicable angel investors who love to take a beating as he’s had fraud related scandals where he just conned people (Trump University)

The bankruptcies piled up. He became radioactive to everyone but Deutsche Bank. Somehow he still failed his way up. And along the way he never missed a chance to commit a petty or grandiose crime.

He craved the spotlight and sometimes commanded it. This is not because people found him fascinating, quite the opposite. He was a freak show. Howard Stern knew it. You can just watch any appearance Trump made on David Letterman’s show over the years and you see him mercilessly bashed as the butt of endless jokes without even realizing it. Then he was banished from the show for racist statements anyway along with an apology to the shows fans from Letterman himself where America’s favorite late night commentator called Trump a bigot and a jerk.

Trump had just simply wasted all his money on bad deals. Three times.  The only investments that paid off were personal connections like David Pecker over at the Enquirer lying about the Trump being brilliant.  This  probably was what got him the Apprentice and remade his destroyed reputation (outside New York and US Banking circles where people knew better).

If you think about it when “The Apprentice” starts he’s thrice broke old news with only this carefully created but still shoddy facade of “Great Deal Maker’ propping him up.  The idea he survived so many bad deals and so much bad judgement without criminal help and criminal actions seems hard to fathom. I don’t think he pulled this off honestly.

Here’s a man who pays cash for sex (and so do his friends). Most of us are able to get this for free. So he’s obviously worse at cutting even that deal than average people.

He talks just like Hitler far too often and gets off at hate fests as well. Who can forget his praise of an Anti-Semitic, anti-Black Confederate torchlight parade? When he said the anti-Nazis were just as bad and claimed the chanting torchbearers included “Very fine people”? His Charlottesville reactions were a good indicator Trump is looking to divide Americans against each other. Putin, of course, LOVES this.

Armed with zero foreknowledge and zero preparation when engaging on any topic, the president’s a quote machine of America-hating, divisive comments. Making the White House a factory of Filthy Lies is damage that won’t just ‘buff right out.’

This is in fact his mission. To damage the office of president and the credibility of the United States above all other things all the time, and he was Born to Do It.

Trump has the perfect combination of traits. Like being exceedingly wealthy while still needing like a year-long payment plan on the 300 thousand dollars in bribes to try to silence his former paid sex partners. This move was so predictably dangerous it just makes no sense. In the end it had Michael Cohen throwing himself to the wolves to cover his bosses bad action by committing Bank Fraud, Wire Fraud as well as a Federal Elections Campaign Law violations, all at once.All this over like one pillowcase full of hundreds that Trump just claims to have.

Chances to minimize the risk and reduce the sum total of criminality were overlooked despite their obvious nature. It’s inexplicably stupid. Why parlay one criminal act into a half-dozen? I don’t think they taught that at short-lived University of Pennsylvania School Of Real Estate at the Wharton Campus where Trump falsely claims to have gone to the School of Business. As a brief aside; I can’t find evidence of a completed degree for Trump anywhere, not Baruch, not U Penn.

Think about the amazing stupidity. If he had just simply handed semi-untraceable cash over to Stormy Daniels and others he’d have about half as many problems right now. It’s that scandal alone that has ex Trump “Fixer” and criminal collaborator Michael Cohen staring down a three-year prison bid. And of course that’s just one scandal among dozens.

It would seem to show a complete lack of vision and a slavish addiction to hoarding cash alone that had Trump shafting his own lawyer and forcing Cohen into committing easy to trace (and easy to prosecute) bank fraud. It would seem like a billionaire would have that kind of money lying around. Again; it doesn’t add up.

Trump is probably taking instruction from the Kremlin, but in many ways he doesn’t need to. His first instincts are always in line with what the serves the Kremlin best. So he starts his days by rage tweeting and then loafing around until the prime time Fox opinion entertainment shows he gets his information from come on, all the while carefully preserving his ignorance in an active way.



2 thoughts on “Trump’s Destructive Kremlin Mission- Being Himself

  1. dblentini says:

    Very true, all of it. It’s astounding. We all knew since the 80s that he was an absolute asshole, dimwit, tax cheat, self-promoting, not to be taken seriously blowhard. People like him are usually called out, publicly humiliated, and ostracized by society. Yet he somehow slipped through the cracks and was allowed to continue to hang around the fringes of celebrity.
    My point is, as you said, he’s too stupid to be embarrassed. He doesn’t feel ashamed, he has no self-doubts, no inner voice screaming stop it and apologize. And that’s his strength—balls. Not in a complementary way. In the way that you’d say, “you’ve got some set of balls dude.” If only the powers that be had kicked him in his dangling sack while they had the chance, this could have all gone down a lot differently.


    1. yup, in New York he was largely unwelcome by the time Giuiliani was done. He’s clearly led a life of fraud and crime. The only good news is the times we have been ashamed of ourselves were of value and we learned to be decent. More than having its that he lacks all decency


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